A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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PostSubject: Ustmayreians   Wed Mar 07, 2012 1:48 am

Ustmayreians: The Hidden revealed

Unlike their tall and fair, cousins the Ustmayreians do not exceed a height of 6 foot and are possessed of lean, graceful frames designed for speed and stealth. Their skin is as black as coal, the soft flesh of their mouths and eyes a deep purple. Their hair is likewise, jet black, commonly possessing a blueish sheen, although some still carry the lighter gene color of blonde and red.

The eyes of a Ustmayreians are entirely black, but were one able to inspect them in the light they would be able to discern a very faint charcoal coloured iris floating in those black pools; nestled in eyes not unlike those Humans of Asian descent. In fact the features of the Ustmayreians are not unlike those of Indians or people specifically of Chinese heritage, the dark skin, eyes and pointed ears naturally differentiating them.


The Ustmayreians are extremely long lived, in fact they do not die, but pass on when it is deemed their time. If they do not succumb to a violent end they can go on for several hundred years, but during this time they will enter many dormant states not unlike long periods of hibernation.

They have their own style of cuneiform writing, far more ornate than that of the elves, but in ancient texts and engravings their ancestors did use the old runes as well. Their tongue, while similar to elven, is far more akin to Finnish, but they also speak a form a sign language, which has two dialects: Common and Warrior.

They dwell in subterranean halls, not unlike the Dwarves but no sunlight ever touches their stone. All is illuminated by the soft violet glow of enchanted lanterns and orbs, and their world, while medieval also possesses a technology combining invention with magic.

Only the Light Elves rival their architecture, but the Dark Elves are unsurpassed in their gothic mastery and intricate sculptures.


The Ustmayreian is a species that cannot breed outside of it's own group. This means that it is not possible for hybrids to occur biologically (or magically). They are simply not compatible and offspring can only be produced with their own kind.


Once the elves were driven from their homes, they were forced to create communities. While some adapted to this new life, some did not and sought revenge against their oppressors. One such elf was named Ko'ir, who did not believe that they should be forced to live a life of shame. Ko'ir lead a group of rebellious friends against the elven leaders but were too small in numbers to succeed. Exiled from the community, Ko'ir and his faithful retreated to the mountains but could not find rest within the stone walls. Instead, they built from what they knew of the elven kind, to what they knew of the dwarves. Their home began under the watch of the Evelen community… directly under it, hidden buy the soil of the forest floor.

Underground, these elves began to adapt and evolve to fit their nature. The pale glow of their skin turned darker, eyes grew grey to adjust in the darkness, and they learned to survive on little water. The crown was passed from Ko'ir upon his retirement to his eldest child, who passed it to her eldest, and so is the way of the Ustmayreians. The line of Ko'ir still rallies in the darkness, and the spirit of the Ustmayreians is stronger than ever. Below the surface a new breed of elves has been born. They are strong, cunning, swift, and above all, ruthless in a fight. Their system treats males and females equally, gender matters not in authority, nor does heritage, aside from the line of Ko'ir. Each Ustmayreian has the chance to rise or fall depending on their military and academic actions. Reward is great in the Ustmayreian community, but so is punishment. They consider all who live above an enemy of their blood.

Ustmayreians do travel to the surface to hunt riftbeast and animals to eat. If an Ustmayreian is above ground during the day they are an exile or one of high importance. Either way they are considered armed and very dangerous. Magic can be used by them, but it is the dark magic from the forbidden books.

Their hierarchy is very much like the elves, aside that they have a Ra'vak (Ra'va) to rule over all.
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