A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Jamila Ibubesi

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PostSubject: Jamila Ibubesi   Wed Sep 19, 2012 12:23 am

• Jamila • Zaire • Ibubesi •

Name: Jamila Zaire Ibubesi
Nickname: Jamila
Age: 30yrs
Weight: 130lbs
Height: 5’9”

Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Race: Human
Residence: Kwazulu, Zulu Nation
Nationality: Zulu (African)
Affiliation: Sangoma; Order of the Summoners
Occupation: Sangoma (Summoner) of the Mvikile Gwazi Ibubesi

Face Claim: Roselyn Sanchez

• all in the details •

Born in Central Africa, she is not the beautiful dark ebony of her brethren, but instead, Jamila is of an even golden complexion with large coffee brown eyes and long dark brown hair. Her physique is curvaceous and muscular, due to both great genetics as well as a regime of vigorous exercise. Running the length of her spine from the nape of her neck to the small of her back is a tribal tattoo made up of intricate interlocking designs.

Her attire consist of handmade clothing and armor. She has very little in the way of battle markings besides a few scrapes upon her arms and back. She wears very little jewelry, mostly earrings and hand carved pendant given to her by her father made from a Mopane tree.

Jamila is of a neutral nature. She is not overly concerned with worries that do not directly involve her and she does not invite trouble or drama where it is not needed or sought. Her general disposition is pleasant enough and she enjoys spending time with others. She entrust only her Mvikile, Gwazi Ibubesi, with her life and most important secrets. She dislikes people of a frivolous nature, dark magic, and over arrogant personalities.

Summoning: The summoning school of magic is a rare art that lends credibility to the theories that Mana flows through this world and extends out into other realms of existence. A practitioner, called a Sangoma, will use the arcane tools to shape mana into a Rift Vessel. This Rift Vessel temporarily pulls the essence of a creature from another realm into the world of the caster. The Vessel takes the shape of that creature, binding it to the will of the Sangoma, and provides the physical substance and energy necessary for the creature to affect our world. For example, Sangoma may summon a giant bird to fly from one place to another, or fire breathing creature to burn away a threat or obstacle. In any instance, the more powerful a creature being summoned is, or the longer a creature is kept determines how draining the experience is on the Sangoma. When the duration of a summons ends, the Rift Vessel dissipates and the essence returns from whence it came. While it is possible to use Summoning magic to open a rift and bring a creature from one realm to another in true physical form, such practices are highly dangerous, almost fatally taxing, and forbidden.

    Easily Controlled
  • Minonyte: A small creature, cylindrical in shape and 3cm in length with wings spanning 5 cm tip to tip. This tiny rift beast does it's damage by burrowing into it's victims brain by way of the ear canal. It slowly eats away at the organ.

  • Spyder: Not your typical eight-legged fiend. These rift beast have great similarities to spiders but grow up to the size of a soccer ball. They can leap distances of 3-5 feet with ease and have a paralyzing venom they can spit up to 8 feet; the paralysis last up to 1 hour and only needs to come in contact with someone or something to take effect, does not need to be ingested or injected into the body. To reproduce they lay their eggs inside their victims once the prey is paralyzed so their offspring will have food when they hatch.

  • Kobrae: A serpent-like creature; 15 feet long with armor piercing fangs. The Kobrae are very similar to snakes in both appearance and fighting skill. They like to constrict their victims into unconsciousness and then swallow them whole. Their scaly exterior acts as a natural armor against blunt objects and projectiles.

    Moderate Control
  • Morrlyngs: A six-legged beast that stands at 6 foot with an average length of 10 feet from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail; they can move up to speeds of 120 mph (193.121 kph). The two extensions from its shoulder blades are tipped by poisonous barbs that detach from the Morrlyngs once it has made impact with flesh; the poison enters the victim’s bloodstream and transforms the white blood cells into cancerous cells that attack the victim’s major organs. Their claws are made of a material that is similar to tungsten and are retractable. Their skin is a silvery, metallic armor that has a higher density than Kevlar, making it more durable during attacks though not indestructible.

  • Skor: This beast is similar to many insects found upon Terra. They are protected by an exoskeleton that covers their unusual body and are closely related to Scorpions. They are no larger than a Great Dane and can move up to speeds of 20 mph (32.1 kph). The 4 foot spears that jut from their curved tails have a needle-fine point capable of piercing through most forms of armor and can grow an extra 2 feet.

    Difficult Control
  • Haagryng: Bipedal or quadrupedal, this beast stands up to 10 feet tall and weighs 500 lbs. They are covered in a thick layer of bone that protects their vulnerable body. Their strength is unmatched; being able to lift from a deadweight upwards of 5000lbs. While they are extremely strong, they are very slow, running only between 15 mph. Their tails are used to constrict their victim once they are caught. Restraining them while the Haagryng starts the slow process of disemboweling. Should a being be so lucky to escape total maiming, beware the bite of a Haagryng; their saliva is alive with microscopic organism that attack the parts of the brain controlling a person’s mental domain. 24 hours after being infected results in complete Psychosis of the victim. The antidote to the Psychosis can be created by distilling the Haagryng saliva and administering it within 48 hours of being infected.

Zulu Tribal Tattoo: The link between a Mvikeli and their Sangoma is strong and that connection is further honed by the matching tattoos they are given after the Sangoma chooses their Mvikeli. These tattoos allow them to feel if the other is in any sort of trouble and acts as an inherent GPS; no matter how great their distance is from one another, the Sangoma can always find his/her Mvikeli and vice versa.

Ancestral Evocation: A user will contact a being who lived in the past; whether it be a deceased member of their tribe that they have previously had an emotional connection to, or a deceased family member. This is not like a modern-day “medium” who claims to see spirits. Jamila has moments of cognition when these “Ancestors” that provide her with guidance through life and rare occasion provides vital bits of information that they possessed during life.

Lightning Locusts: This summons calls forth a swarm of five hundred to one thousand, one inch long locust like insects. This swarm functions in a hive mind and can be controlled by the Summoner as one single creature. Like locusts these insects have razor sharp maws that can be used to devour organic material. These insects are more than meets the eye. They possess an innate magic that produces an electric charge that they give off to stun or kill their prey. When in a swarm the electric charge bounces from one insect to another being amplified and augmented by their individual charge, creating an isolated Lightning storm.

Flame Serpent: A serpent comprised of living flame that comes into existence measuring only six foot long and four inches thick. As it consumes fuel it grows quickly in length, width, and strength. It can swallow anything it can fit into its mouth, trapping it in a burning prison until it is either incinerated or can escape. The serpent can also breath a cone of fire that is proportional to its own body size. A 20ft long snake can breath a cone of fire that extends outward 20ft and covers a radiating area that is ten foot wide at its furthest. As the snake breaths fire it diminishes its own body and must feed more to grow in size.

Wil'o Whisps: Summons creatures of ethereal energy that can fly at extreme speeds of hundreds of miles an hour, and become invisible at will. These creatures are connected to one another through magical energies. A summoner can use one to follow or spy on a subject, and view what the whisp sees through a whisp that she kept with her. She can also use the whisps to communicate with others at great distance, speaking through the energies from one to another so that she can be heard by people near the other whisp

Meditation; Knife throwing; Eidetic memory; Basket weaving; Sewing; Dancing

• the tale of a lifetime•

Life as a child, when you are either born to be a Sangoma or Mvikile is never easy. Things are expected of you; things of such importance that failure is not an option. For Jamila, she always knew without being told what her destiny would be. She accepted it as part of her fate, outlined by the Gods and unavoidable. She was tested, as all children are at the appropriate and tender age of eight and when it became known that she was capable of spell casting then she was immediately swept into training.

After a year of training with simple spells and by complete accident, Jamila summoned her first Rift Beast, the Morrlyngs. To a child of nine, this creature was the most frightening and most curious looking beast she had ever encountered. There was a brief moment of contemplation between her and this six-legged beast before it went on the offensive; charging at this small child who, with an inherent ability, managed to subdue it with a few choice words. Upon the heels of the Morrlyngs came the Skor and Haagryng.

Mentally she was adept at controlling the will of the beasts around her and physically she was capable of holding her own in battle, but there was something that every Sangoma needed…a Mvikile. Through the years, through her diligence and extreme hard work, she was inducted to become a full-fledged Sangoma at just sixteen. From there she chose Gwazi to be her bonded Mvikile. His acceptance, after first testing her powers against his training, sealed a lifelong pact between them. That pact was further cemented when, after only four years the two married.

Gwazi and Jamila took part in the final years of the war when the fighting was most desperate and both sides wanted only to put an end to the opposition by any means necessary. During the carnage and upheaval of the Enlightenment, she refused to admit defeat. Through it all, Jamila has held firmly to her love, her duty, and her people for the strength to persevere. Whatever battle came, she fought it with her all. Even now that peace has come to the world she continues to fight hard to rebuild, and understand the new world that was created in the aftermath of Terra's sundering.

Languages Spoken: IsiZulu (Official Language of the Zulu Nation), English (a common tongue kept alive for use with merchants and the Egyptian kingdoms to remove the constant need for translators), and French (a slang language used in the lower quarters as is tradition started by the members of the French foreign legion so they did not dishonor the Zulu language while gambling and carousing during their down time). **There are no other tribal languages spoken by humans in Africa, as they were all absorbed into the Zulu and assimilated completely.

Is this a Canon?: No

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:Third; (1) Svetlana Kozlovski / (2) Arwyn Lu’karn
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Jamila Ibubesi
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