A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Another Day at the Office (Bree, Open to Logical)

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PostSubject: Another Day at the Office (Bree, Open to Logical)   Fri Sep 14, 2012 1:30 am

A few days had passed since the social gala of the season in Bastion, and life was finally returning to normal. Well, mostly to normal. The Terran Guard Liaison was still there and she was becoming a member of the team, slowly but surely. At times, Bree had a tendency to act like she was still part of the Guard, not a civilian police department. It made things a little awkward considering Jack sometimes felt like he had to fight for position within his own Division with Bree...that and the night they spent together after the ball. Thankfully, that had stayed between the two of them, because gods knew what would happened if it came out to the guys in the Div.

Sitting at his desk in his office Jack found himself, once again, throat deep in paperwork. Various complaints from citizens about sirens at night, a minor workers compensation claim by an officer who fell down a flight of stairs, and a police brutality claim by a dwarf that Conners had actually brought in. That one made him laugh, the dwarf claimed that he was forcefully handled by three officers while in handcuffs, and one was not professional with him.

Shaking his head, he shot a quick email to the District Attorney in regards to that case. [Tell him if he continues to pursue it, I'll charge him with Assault on a Police Officer for spitting on me.]

There was a soft knock at the door-frame and before Jack could advise the party they could enter, a head poked inside. It was Officer Perry Jansen, his assistant and general ruler of the pit.

Chief, we got a bunch of black and whites requesting MHD assistance. Code 18-2 at Second Bank of Bastion on Fourth street.

Without looking away from his papers Jack replied, Why are they not requesting standard Bastion PD SWAT?

SWAT Teams one and two are dealing with a barricaded suspect in a home on Grove place.

Are they encountering Other suspects?

Not that I'm aware. They are very much outgunned.

Jack rose from his chair and smiled. Get me a car. Grabbing his vest that had bold letters 'MHD' under the word 'POLICE,' he strapped on the velcro before holstering his main taser and regular pistol. Stepping out in to the pit, he snatched keys from the air tossed to him by Jansen.

18, sir. Jack nodded and smiled, that was the new one. He turned to look at Bree, who seemed to watch him intently once he left his office. Bank robbery down the street, you wanna come?

He continued walking towards the exit and turned back to Jansen, walking backwards. Have 13 and 22 meet us there. As he walked, he heard Bree speak up, something about her driving.

Like hell she gets to drive the new car. Not in my city.
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PostSubject: Re: Another Day at the Office (Bree, Open to Logical)   Wed Oct 03, 2012 1:27 am

It was Bree's "first day" in the office. The police department was certainly a different step from what Bree went through with the Terran Guard. They were more like private contractors, specific to protecting Miss Tiran. They would deal with specific crimes in Librium. Bastion had humans at their back and calls, though not all humans were ordinary. Yet, the one she found herself working closely with was indeed ordinary.

The memory of the night's excursion after the ball left Bree uncharacteristcally flustered. She had stood in the women's room to make sure that her cheeks weren't as red as they would appear. The flush was gone when she willed herself to calm down, and face reality. Yes, they had slept together. It took a lot of drinks, some laughter, dry humor to get them loosened up for that moment, but Bree couldn't figure what had possessed her to seize the man.

Didn't this go against protocol? Wasn't there a handbook written somewhere about how much this was frowned upon in the office? Leaving the restroom, the woman was clad in her usual leather jacket, red tanktop and jeans tucked into calf high boots. She had a said tucked into one booth, still missing its companion. Her guns were holstered beneath her jacket, which she'd rolled up to the elbows. She had dealt with worse things than this. Rift beasts, despicable criminals and a cheetah-girl that was her maker, also one that Bree wanted to tear the throat of.

Pushing the last thoughts of her mind, she made her way toward Jack's office. She was a tall, lithe woman with agile movements. She moved with that feline grace that had most of the men watching her, or staring as she ambled past with a listless expression. She paused when she heard the commotion within his office. Her extended hearing could pick up the news, and when he walked out, she watched him intently. A little too intently, before her gaze quickly averted to his invitation. She gave a curt nod, before trailing after him.

"I'll drive." She said as she headed toward the driver's side of their shared vehicle. She wanted to keep her thoughts occupied, and have control, instead of sitting in the passenger seat, lost in the memory of their night together. She gritted her teeth, and bit back the urge to snarl when his body language showed his refusal to have her drive.

"Pretty... please?" she added with an exapserated sight, humoring the cop as she waited.
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PostSubject: Re: Another Day at the Office (Bree, Open to Logical)   Wed Oct 03, 2012 5:48 pm

==Nikola is going to be suited up for this one. His battle limbs can be seen here and here. Keep in mind the boot actually goes up the full length of his right leg.==

In recompense for having to mingle at the Policeman's Ball, Nikola had been guaranteed his next shift would be done on the motorcycle. He didn't get to ride the bikes around that often so he hung up the toolbelt for the day. R&D would get a day free of discharging Tesla coils that Nikola was using to charging a new stunning device. Said device was currently strapped to his left leg. It was somewhat like a taser but didn't use the cables. He just hoped he wouldn't have to use it today.

~All available units report to the Second Bank of Bastion on Fourth Street.~ Well so much for that. ~Code 18-2.~ Robbery, how original.

Nikola switched on the flashers and siren. The motorcycle weaved between traffic and J-walking pedestrians. Robberies trumped citations, so those people were lucky. The cop was more concerned about not kicking any cars on his right. He'd be fine, but the armored half of his body would certainly put a decent sized dent in the doors.

Third street whizzed by. One street left.

The cop signaled his turn and cut off one of the drivers to get onto the sidewalk. When it was fully parked, Nikola removed his helmet and took a proper service weapon out of the cycle's saddlebag. He should have gotten off first since the armor pieces tended to throw him off balance on these things. Instead, he dismounted on the right and used the help from gravity to get him off.

Now to just group up with the rest of the police force.

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PostSubject: Re: Another Day at the Office (Bree, Open to Logical)   

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Another Day at the Office (Bree, Open to Logical)
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