A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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PostSubject: Dwarves    Tue Mar 06, 2012 2:49 am

The Dwarves

The Dwarves are renown throughout Terra for their fierce and unrelenting courage and bravery. Despite their small, stout stature, a Dwarf holds twice the strength of a normal Human. Their fortitude is the stuff of legends, able to take a variety of wounds and just keep coming. Their bones are thicker and denser then a human, making it much harder to strike a dismembering blow upon them. Even the females share these attributes. A nation of warriors, their favorite weapons are the axe and the hammer. They are not known for their agility but for their stamina.

Being the Engineers that they are, during the war they took the Human's firearms and made versions of their own, combining magic and technology. While it is rare for a Dwarf to be able to wield magic like the Other Races, they can however use mana to infuse weapons and armor with magic. This practice has become rather dangerous since the Enlightenment with Mana being so unstable. Dwarven metal smithing is matched by only one other race, the Avians.

All Dwarves are connected to Terra at their very core, this gives them some insight into the ground they walk upon. Able to sense metal deposits or water from short distances. As they spend most of their lives underground, they will always instinctively know which direction they are facing.

With their ancestral homes lost to them during the Enlightenment, the Dwarven race has felt Terra's sickness the most. Many of the Dwarves fell ill just as Terra did, and depression ran rampant. As the world shifted and raged, most of their kind were buried in the shifting landmasses, or drowned in the rising tides. They are a small race now, making a new home for themselves with their brethren the Avians. Together, the two races have helped each other, becoming far closer since the Enlightenment.

As the Avians have helped them design their new city beneath the mountain, so the Dwarves have been working to help Celestis rise to it's proper place in the sky once more.

Almost as notable as their skill with metal smithing, is the Dwarven Ale. The greatest advice you could ever follow would be to never get into a drinking contest with a Dwarf. Tricksom creatures with a flare for pranks and gambling. They love a good joke almost as much as good fight...better if it's at the same time. Ever loyal, a dwarf's friendship is not something easily won, nor taken lightly.

The Dwarves are governed by a group of five elected officials: The Paramounts. They answer to the Courts of Light and Shadow. The Paramounts are most often members of the Race who have done grand things to further Dwarvenkind.


Tholond Delarr - Discovered a way to infuse fire arms with magic

Barauk Reizak - Led one of the greatest battles in the history of the war

Norgur Urmek - Created flying contraptions to carry Dwarven soldiers

Amli Gorongirn - Renown for her healing arts

Rega Faddugan - Oldest Dwarven Caster
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