A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Breaking Point [Kale] [COMPLETE]

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PostSubject: Breaking Point [Kale] [COMPLETE]   Thu Sep 06, 2012 6:15 pm

Sabre never could quite get the hang of Thursdays…

Every possible thing that could have gone wrong seemed apt to happen today. Her coffee had been cold, her favorite pen was missing, and worst of all – her transfer hadn’t gone through. All week, she’d spent twice the amount of time here at work, trying to square away as many loose ends as possible.

Training her replacement had been more difficult than she’d expected. Not only was the girl taking her place human, she was also only slightly more than competent than the systems she was supposed to manage. In truth, the system wasn’t a difficult one, but somehow, this girl – Rachel – made it seem akin to rocket science. Sabre could navigate this kind of stuff in her sleep, even before she’d found all of the secret loopholes to peck her way through the system.

And so, during the day, she ground her teeth to bits, attempting to help Rachel. After hours she managed to slowly get things done that she usually did during the daylight. Sleep had not come easily the past five nights, despite being physically and mentally exhausted. She’d tried one of her usual haunts in search of a hellish meal to replenish her strength, but nothing had caught her eye, and she’d headed home after only a single beer. Even in her own bed, she’d tossed and turned all night.

Dark circles had formed under her usually bright crimson eyes. The demon inside was chomping at the bit to be released. She needed to rejuvenate herself in a bad way. Some of her coworkers were beginning to look like tasty morsels. None of the humans would survive her thirst right now. Choking back a growl, Sabre returned her attention to the small woman in the chair in front of her. She was asking about something. What else was new? The look on Sabre’s face spoke clearly of her derision for this girl, but she choked back another growl and leaned over the woman’s shoulder, pressing a few keys to get her into the correct screen of the computer program.

“I’m not going to be here to babysit you much longer, Rachel,” she informed the flustered girl. “What happened to your god damn notebook I told you to write all this information in?” The girl looked up, a hint of fear ringing her plain brown eyes. Sabre didn’t need to hear the girl’s answer to know that she had neglected Sabre’s suggestion about taking notes.

That was when she noticed it. Tucked neatly behind Rachel’s ear, a black ballpoint with silver trim and a small symbol – a red flame, surrounded by dark grey ones engraved along one side – sat at the ready. Sabre wondered why she had it there if she wasn’t even taking notes. But, more importantly… Why did Rachel need her pen?

Sabre stood motionless for a moment. Beside her, she could feel Rachel shaking. Was the girl crying? How weak. Why would the Terran Guard hire such a useless individual? Deep inside, a battle raged on. Sabre attempted to keep the demon within at bay, but the camel’s back had been broken when she’d spotted the pen. Crimson eyes shone as the succubus leapt to the surface and Sabre watched as her pale fingers grabbed hold of the desk in front of her.

With a snarl of anger, she lifted the desk off of its feet and hurled it over. The rage-fueled strength sent it flipping through the air so that it crashed in the middle of the main aisle in a pile of splinters and sparking electrical components. She heard Rachel shriek, but that only seemed to piss the demon off more. Her old monitor was in pieces, wedged beneath two of the larger desk boards. The contents of her stationery organizer were strewn all across the office, and she could feel the eyes of every single person within the room staring at her with awe, fear, or a mixture of both. If they wanted to count all the fucks she gave, it wouldn’t take them long.

A familiar form in the doorway caught Sabre’s attention and her crimson eyes flew to him. Kicking the tower from her old computer over to join the rest of the pile, she headed in Kale’s direction, a snarl filling her lips. “You. Me. Downstairs. Now. Her voice was no more than a growl, but she knew he’d hear her.

No one in the office seemed to want to say anything to the enraged demoness, so she stalked out the door towards the gym a few floors down. She needed to get this rage out, and Kale would be the perfect receptacle. He could take everything she dished out with her fists, and then some. This wouldn’t be the first time she’d used him as her own personal punching bag. He always punched back, thankfully, which seemed to help alleviate the anger quicker. The last time she’d used him in this way, the fight had taken an interesting turn, and a winner had yet to be decided... Perhaps, here at work, they’d progress further.

Without a word, she tore open the blouse she’d worn today and left it to fall to the gym floor. It hindered her movement, whereas the bra beneath allowed her full use of her arms. She’d worn a pair of jeans to cover her lower half today, so she didn’t bother removing them, or the boots on her feet. Hurling a pair of sparring gloves in Kale’s direction, she finally noticed the papers he was clutching. She’d ask about those later, though. Now, though, she needed to get this rage out, unless the Terran Guard wanted to deal with another war beginning from within their own compound. With a pair of gloves strapped to her own hands, she flew forward, not bothering to see if he was ready, and started off with a quick, but powerful right hook.

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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Point [Kale] [COMPLETE]   Mon Sep 10, 2012 8:48 pm

Kale paused for a moment in the doorframe, wondering at the sudden mess of her office, and then shaking his head slowly. "I... am assuming that there is a problem." Kale said in his usual dry tone, looking over toward Sabre and quietly arcing a brow.

Her command brought a brief sigh, and he turned to walk along with her, pausing only to give a dark look to some of the onlookers to encourage them to get back to what they were doing. He wasn't exactly accustomed to Sabre losing her cool in this particular fashion, but then she had been cooped up for much longer than was usual. He supposed it wasn't exactly unhead of among soldiers, especially the long-lived Others that Kale had spent his entire life opposing. The instances of relapses among the elves and other creatures were low enough, but that wasn't to say that there hadn't been a few that simply hadn't managed to cope.

"Sabre, if you're cracking on me..." he growled, narrowing his eyes just slightly before following along with them. As she shredded her clothes he lifted a brow again, taking a long breath. When her fist snapped out toward him he tossed the folder lightly to the side without much thought, his other hand snapping up to block her strike. His fingers clamped down over her smaller hand, a pulse of golden light spreading out through his veins as his power kicked in, amplifying his strength to superhuman levels, and plenty to counteract hers.

"Violence isn't foreplay for everyone, Sabre." he growled, but if she was going to go after him, he certainly wasn't about to sit back and do nothing. Gritting his teeth slightly, he shoved her back with enough force to knock over a small car, then balled his hand into a fist and launched himself forward, intending to drive a hammer blow into her midsection. He knew perfectly well what Sabre could take, and for the moment, he kept his power at lower levels. There was a good damned reason for his reputation in the military, after all.
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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Point [Kale] [COMPLETE]   Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:40 pm

Sabre’s fist slammed into the palm of Kale’s hand, and she grimaced. She’d expected him to be ready, but not this ready. She rolled her eyes while his hand wrapped around hers. By the time her orbs made it back to him, he was glowing from within. Good – he wasn’t going to hold back on her.

“Well, would you rather I cracked on you or on that worthless excuse of a meat sack replacing me?” she snarled back at him. A snort of derision exited her mouth, followed by a low grunt. Her body lifted from the ground, and she flew backwards from his shove, tumbling across the mats. One boot slammed into the floor, stopping her momentum, and she leapt upwards mid-roll back onto her feet.

“Who said anything about foreplay?” she growled, her eyes flashing dangerously. He was there in the blink of an eye, his fist flying towards her exposed abdomen. She readied her body for the blow. Planting her feet, she managed to stay mostly on the ground, even as his fist attempted to send her organs out through the backside of her body. She knew if he’d actually been trying, there would be entrails covering the floor behind her. It wasn’t too over-powered of a blow, though, and she rolled with it, simultaneously retaliating with another jab from her right fist, aimed at his jaw.

As soon as that arm was extended, she moved onto her toes and sent her left foot sweeping forward in an attempt to send him tumbling to the mats. It didn’t work, but she was mostly just trying to keep him on his toes, and on the defensive so that she could get her rage out. “You know, we wouldn’t be here now if that damn transfer had just gone through already…” she growled, throwing another punch. “…and if that girl wasn’t so useless…” Another punch. “…and if I could sleep at night…” Another. “…and if I could stop fucking thinking about you enough to just get my rocks off and eat!” she exploded finally, stopping her torrent of punches as suddenly as they’d begun.

She didn’t know if any of her reckless swings had connected, and frankly she didn’t care. Her cheeks flushed brightly to match her hair and eyes, the latter of which seemed almost to be filling with tears above the dark circles. It was clear she was having issues, but now they all seemed to be out on the table. At least the rage was subsiding…


No, no, no, no, no. One fist rose to rub at her own face, pushing back the tears that were threatening to fall. No, she was a demon, dammit, and demons don’t cry. Growling, she hopped back to avoid any more of Kale’s low-powered –but still ruthless – punches, and twisted into a defensive stance so that her side was facing him, giving him a much smaller target.

Finally, she seemed to realize precisely what she’d just said, and she swore beneath her breath. Damn him for getting her to talk without even trying! Narrowing her eyes, she focused on regulating her breathing. Her body tensed, waiting for his next attack, whether it be verbal or physical.
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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Point [Kale] [COMPLETE]   Wed Sep 19, 2012 8:05 pm

Kale considered her response for a few seconds, then gave a light shrug. "Ask me once the bruises start to show?" was his bone-dry response, and after watching her skid to a stop again, her hext comment drew another shrug.

"I suppose I did. Bad information? I based it on past experience." He snapped his arms up, blocking her kick with a grunt, though thanks to his advantage in size and mass, it wasn't too hard for him to keep his footing. Her strength was considerable even when put up against his, but she didn't have the capacity to defy the laws of physics. Of course, if she let her form change, she might have other advantages... worked up as she was, he was going to have to be careful with all of that.

That wasn't to say that he didn't have to move back a bit against the torrent of punches she delivered afterward, and he had to cut off the banter to keep up his deflection without resorting to his more overt powers for anything other than preventing his human bones from breaking with the impacts. She wouldn't connect with any of the blows until she finished... and delivered that last little line. He held himself in check long enough to make sure she wasn't going to attack again, and it seemed that she did realize what she'd said, too - the coloring of her cheeks told a bit of a story about that, didn't it?

Once she was back, he lowered his hands, the gleam of his power subsiding, and he stepped toward her without threat, before he grabbed her and pulled her up into a ravenous kiss, his grip tightening to keep her there if she tried to pull away. He did eventually let her back down though, and opened his eyes again to regard her calmly. "So after work, I'll see you at home, and you can eat. It's not going to kill me." he said, his tone suggesting that it was more than a little obvious.

Of course, at some point, yes it might kill him, but Kale was not so easily drained. And if he had time enough for recovery, it would be an extremely long time before any ill effects surfaced, as he understood the mechanism. Like most Other creatures, he had considerable information on demons - Sabre's in particular. He started to leave - it was work hours after all and he had a lot to do, though he paused and looked back to her, grinning slightly.

"You'll finally get to make good on that threat of yours... something about making me want you to take me, wasn't it? It was loud at the time, too much gunfire."
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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Point [Kale] [COMPLETE]   Sun Sep 30, 2012 11:28 pm

Sabre stared across the mats at her enemy-turned-coworker-turned-… whatever this was. Her breathing had become a bit ragged from the rage, so she took a moment to regulate it back to normal. She noticed the gleam of Kale’s skin dissipate and a mental flag went up. What was he planning? His movements towards her didn’t give off any threatening vibes, but she remained in her defensive stance nonetheless.

As his arms reached out for her, she flinched back instinctively, even as his lips pressed against hers. Deep inside of her, the demon clawed its way towards the surface, begging to be released to feed on such a willing and tasty morsel. Sabre used the rest of her Rachel-fueled rage to shove it back down with a light groan, and finally pulled herself tight against Kale’s body.

With the demon at bay for the moment, the kiss she returned was raw desire. It was a different kind of need from that of most their kisses. Usually, there was a hint of urgency, fueled by the hunger of the demon. Now, though, it was just pure, unadulterated passion.

She resisted his pulling away for a moment, but finally relented so that they could each breathe again. Sucking in a deep breath, her crimson eyes fluttered open and found his hazel ones. A slight frown crossed her lips, but she nodded in acknowledgement. She didn’t want to feed off of him because he said it was okay, though; right now, she’d kill to feed off of him simply based on how good he tasted, and how good he always made her feel inside and out.

Still, a part of her hated this emotional weight he’d become on her. Never before him had she fed from a single person more than once. Needless to say, never had she needed to do so more than once. She knew Kale was strong, but his comment about not killing him sparked a slight fear in her – what if she did? Having never used the same source for nourishment over and over like she did with Kale, she couldn’t help but wonder what sort of repercussions it was causing him.

Perhaps she could find some information on his current vitals on her computer… once it was back up and working. Scowling some, she almost felt bad for her outburst in the office. She’d have to go deal with that soon. With a dark look on her face, she nodded to him. She allowed the hint of a smirk to curl onto the corner of her mouth at his reference to her threat during the war.

The comment had been nothing more than a taunt she’d thrown at him after a particularly brutal hand-to-hand scuffle between them, in a secluded room of a compound somewhere near the old nation’s capital. How he remembered that, or why he even cared to, was beyond her.

“And here I thought that when you said violence isn’t foreplay for everyone, you were talking about yourself,” she smirked, following him towards the door. She stopped before she reached him, leaning down to pick up her discarded blouse. Before buttoning it back up, she removed the small gloves from her fists and began to wrap them back up together. Turning her back to him, she sighed and headed towards the bin where she’d grabbed them originally. “Well, I’ll let you get back to work… Hell, I should probably get back up there, too. I’ll see you later tonight – probably much later... Don’t wait up for me, eh, MacAllen?”

Turning back to Kale, she nodded her goodbye and quickly closed her blouse with her free fingers, covering the pale flesh of her chest. She started to walk towards the door, making sure to not pass him on his way back up the way they’d come. When they parted ways, she took a sigh. This was going to be fun.

The looks she received upon entering the office were precisely as she expected. Ignoring the others, she made her way over to her own workspace. The desk had been righted, as had the computer. Rachel shied away as she sat down to assess the damage. There was no point in even trying the computer, so she lifted the receiver of the phone that had been replaced. It should have no issues working.

Sure enough, a dial tone greeted her ear buds as she put the receiver up against her ear. Pressing a few buttons, she growled at the voice that greeted her.

“I don’t need to try turning it off and then on again, you imbecile! I just need a new computer! Bring it to the Logistics Department. And I need it yesterday!”

Slamming the phone back down, she busied herself with righting the pencil holder and collecting its contents from across the room. Hand shaking with fright, Rachel reached over, handing Sabre the engraved pen she’d been missing earlier in the day. Her upper lip lifted in a snarl and she snatched the pen from the girl, stuffing it in her pocket rather than in the holder. Eyes brimming with tears, Rachel spun and exited the office with a whimper, leaving Sabre to wait for the IT guys on her own. At least with the girl gone, she’d be able to get to her work quicker.
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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Point [Kale] [COMPLETE]   

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Breaking Point [Kale] [COMPLETE]
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