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 Jamie "Toffer" Russell

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PostSubject: Jamie "Toffer" Russell   Wed Sep 05, 2012 9:41 am

• Jamie • "Toffer" • Russell •

Name: James William Russell
Nickname: Toffer
Age: 27
Weight: 135 pounds. And not an ounce more, dearie!
Height: 5.7''

Eye color: Dark Brown with occasionally golden speckles
Hair color: Very dark brunet, nearly black
Race: Impkind
Residence: In Librium, the only decent place to be of course.
Nationality: An insignificant little impkind settling. Coincidentally in a library.
Affiliation: Moi?? Not that I am aware of, dearie...
Occupation:He runs his own pirate-themed bar, "Ye Dragons Flagon"

Face Claim: Johnny Depp

• all in the details •

If there can be anything said about Jamies appearance, except of his exotic charm, it would be that he is always neat as a pin. From his elaborate hairdo, adorned with gemstones and pearls, over his custom made clothes, which of course fit the style of his etablissement, to his polished boots with a slight heel... Jamie is always dressed to success. He enjoys tinkering with make-up as well and it is nearly impossible, to catch him without at least khol to enhance his - in his opinion - best feature, his deep, soulful eyes that compliment his bronze-golden skin.
He keeps himself fit and sleek, although he is very active and his job would not let him gather too much fat anyway... but still! He can not afford to get lazy with his looks, so he works out regularly. Jamie isn't overly muscled, more sleek and slender, the way he prefers it and the way his race tends to be anyway.

His real form is only slightly different from his Seeming.
His hair grows fiery auburn strands and the golden sprinkles in his eyes turn to a ruby red as well, a colour, that gets picked up by his bat-like wings in this state as well. It must be said though, that he avoids shifting into his natural form like the plague. It is so... common!

Vain would probably the first word that comes to mind, when one thinks of Jamie Russell. He would merely admit, that he has eyes and knows how good he actually looks. Add "conceited" to the list.
Apart from his vanity, he is generally a very emotional being who can develop deep affection, but deep hatred as well if he feels wronged by somebody. Although he rejects his heritage, the instinctive socialising of the Impkind forces him to "adopt" some of his guests, often even against their will and regard them as his extended "clan". That can mean, that he welcomes them with kisses and hugs after a longer absence ("longer" can mean a day or two in some cases) or that he hides somebody from the authorities and swears, innocence incarnated, that he hadn't seen him or her for weeks, no, months, no, YEARS!! Really, officer!
Of course, once the danger is gone, he will scold the offender into distraction... but he means well.
His claimed responsibilities can also include (unwanted) relationship, fashion, interieur design and any other possible and impossible advice.

Due to his impish nature, he can, in assumed life-threatening situations, turn invisible. He is still there, so he can be hit, even killed... but only by chance. Since he is not completely in control of this gift, there have been situations where it emerged unwantedly. Without going in detail, but there had been quite a couple of naked gentlemen running screaming from his room in the middle of the night... ahem.
This can last from half a minute, in case it is an instinctive or involuntary outburst to about five minutes if he really, really wants to keep it up. Of course, the longer this spell lasts, the more exhausting it is and will leave him dizzy, lightheaded and probably disorientated. If he extends the spell to the maximum length, he will merely black out... and turn visible again. And if this wouldn't be enough trouble in itself, he will do so in his real form, cute little wings and all.

His second gift is also a two-edged sword: empathy. While he enjoys it to be able to say *just* exactly what his respective interlocutor wants to hear, he had had situations, where he just wanted to die. The other persons pain merely overwhelmed him, so there are two sides to this coin as well. On the pro side, this ability allows him to be a good barkeeper, understanding his patrons issues completely.
For example, if somebody broke up with his/her girlfriend/boyfriend, he will completely understand why this is the only person on the planet, the client in question is interested in and why nobody else will be ever able to fill that void.... and so on and so forth.
It is not uncommon to see him sitting there, holding somebodys hand, regardless of gender or attractivity and bawling a duet.
This ability comes into effect only when he is concentrating on a person, that is, talking to said person and/or touching him or her. It does not work in an overcrowded public transportation system or on the street or in any other, let's say anonymous environment.
On the down side, he has problems shutting somebodys emotions out. A worst case scenario would be if he would emphatically connect with a suicidal depressive... he could assume the same mindset and attempt to end his own life as well.

In a nutshell: None of his abilities is potentially dangerous to anyone and/or can be used as a weapon. Jamie is a lover, not a fighter.

Skills... well no more than the skills one needs to survive in a world that basically does not want him. The skill to disguise what he is first and foremost... and then these skills his jobs brings with it. Mixing drinks, talking, listening, dealing with nosy intruders and so on.

Then, whatever a sophisticated Imp should know. Fashion, smalltalk, interieur design, jewellery - in general everything that is beautiful and tasteful. Quotes from some of the older languages that will float into his everyday speech.
If something tempts him too much, he might even fall back into the bad habits of his kin and do some five-fingered discount... but only if nothing else works. When it comes to a fight though... Jamie is not your Imp. He prefers to escape and lets other, stronger persons deal with the problem. Fighting is so common and he could ruin his clothes and his hairdo and it is just not his cup of tea.
If he is really, really, *really* forced to, he will defend his life, but only until he sees a chance to run, flutter or scurry to safety.
More often than not, he will attempt to talk, charm, beg or blatantly flirt his way out of a difficult or possibly threatening situation.
Sometimes it helps to be an educated book worm Imp...

• the tale of a lifetime•

Born and raised in an impkind settling, abandoned by mankind for decades, Jamies first reminiscence is that of a large, dusty universe with old books, creaking wooden doors and hallways so large that they seemed to stretch into eternity. His parents, whoever they exactly were, he is a little unsure about this, as well as the complete clan had ursurped this place, after mankind left and of course, raised their children there.
Jamie, though, was a little different than his brethren. He could spend hours, yes, days, holding one of the old, mouldy books and getting enthralled by the colourful and fabulous things described on the rotting pages. The ruins of Greece and Rome, the highlands of William Wallace, the flirring heat of Africa, the jungles of Asia, all of this came to life like magic, out of a handful of paper.
Yes, a bookworm Imp.

One part of the world before the Enlightening really fascinated him and this was the Age of Sail. Stalwart men on giant ships, risking their lifes to discover new lands, bold pirates gathering hoards of gold and jewels, fair maiden, ingenious swashbucklers... that was the life he wanted to live.
Jamie decided to become a pirate.

Problem with this was, where to find a suitable ocean..?
But if the mountain won't come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain and if the ocean won't come to the Imp, the Imp must go to the ocean.
Needles to say, his clan was not really enthusiastic about the idea, but since everybody had to make his or her own experience, they set him on his way to the next settling, with what little they had to spare and all their best wishes.

After wandering the land for a while, keeping himself afloat so to speak with his wits, charms and sticky fingers, Jamie finally ended up in the town that came closest to his vision of Tortuga, the pirates capitol... Librium.
Sure, they had no ocean, but... it was a close enough shot. The pirate population in librium was lamentably low though and of course, a single pirate wouldn't have een able to hoard a lot of gold... therefore, Jamie decided, that he had to attract more pirates.
The serious read of Horatius Hornblower showed him the best way to attract them, was probably wenches and rum.
And for an inventive little Imp, that should not be a too large problem...

Half a year later, "Ye Dragons Flagon" opened its doors to the public, a completely pirate-themed bar with busty, appropriately clothed waitresses, replicas of old weapons and handwritten menue cards. (Jamie had searched and searched for a parrot as well, but he never managed to find one.)
A year after opening, the Flagon was already doing quite well and since the prices are moderate, nearly everybody can visit to drain a mug or two.

He was a magpie in a former life. Curious and a little prone to pickpocketing, especially when it comes to jewels, gems and "shiny things". Might be the one or other artefact as well...

Is this a Canon?: No

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:First and last character

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PostSubject: Re: Jamie "Toffer" Russell   Wed Sep 05, 2012 1:54 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Jamie "Toffer" Russell   Wed Sep 05, 2012 3:51 pm

You still need one more approval stamp which I'm sure the rest of the staff will be around shortly to look it over.
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PostSubject: Re: Jamie "Toffer" Russell   Wed Sep 05, 2012 10:46 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Jamie "Toffer" Russell   

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Jamie "Toffer" Russell
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