A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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PostSubject: Werecreatures   Fri Mar 02, 2012 7:33 pm


Origin Lore: Werewolves.

In the times long before technology, when humans still embraced magic, there was an isolated tribe of humans who revered wolves above all other creatures. As a people, they turned to the mystic arts in order to find a way for them to embody the power and cunning of the wolf. Their first successes imbued them with strength and speed, but the effects were only temporary. Having had a taste of the wolf's power, the tribe thirsted for more, and sought to create more powerful spells. Lycanos, one of the tribe's shaman, devised a ritual to permanently join man and wolf for life.

Lycanos' ritual was to take place ground sacred to the tribe, beneath the light of the full moon. Each person taking part was to bring with them a wolf, that they would kill and devour its flesh, thus taking its power. When told of the ritual, the tribe became divided. Those who lusted for power embraced Lycanos and his ritual. The majority found the thought of killing their sacred animal for its power anathema to them. Disgusted by what their brethren were planning to do, they split away from the tribe, and decided to leave the lands of their ancestors before Lycanos and his followers desecrated it with the blood of wolves.

As planned, Lycanos and his followers gathered wolves beneath the light of the full moon, and carried out the ritual. The magic invoked that night was so strong that it not only passed the powers of the wolf on to man, but transferred the essence of the beast as well. Their bodies changed, growing muscle, fur, claw, and fang becoming what would be known as Werewolves. As one they howled at the full moon and raced across the dark land hunting for those of the tribe that did not join them. Before the moon left the sky, Lycanos and his pack found the separatists, and attacked like rabid beasts.

Terrified by monstrous melding of man and wolf that they knew were once their kin, the separatists fled in all directions. Many died, but many more survived because the beasts stopped their pursuit to feast upon the fallen. They ran and kept running, only remaining with those who chose the same direction by chance. Fearing their accursed kin hunting them down, what was left of the tribe nursed their wounds and found other tribes to take them in. The wolves never came for them, but the nightmare had not ended. Beneath the light of the next full moon, those survivors who had been bitten changed, revealing the cursed beast that had been passed on to them.

Origin Lore: New Breed

After the beginning of the war between Humans and Others, Mankind rediscovered magic, and with it knowledge that the stories of legend bore some truth. As he learned about magic, and worked to apply it to his weapons technologies, he also turned his efforts towards the possibility of creating better soldiers. Private armies were dispatched by the Omni Corporation to track down and capture werewolves for study. They dissected numerous werewolves, and killed countless test subjects in their attempts to understand the nature of the werewolves magic, and how it is passed on to another.

In time they discovered the latent genetic trait that the magic required in order to bind to a new host and empower them. Not satisfied to simply create new werewolves, Omni sought to increase their effectiveness by creating new species of werecreatures that emphasized different traits of other predatory animals like strength, speed, or stealth. After many failures, they finally managed to accomplish this by introducing a retrovirus that recombined the subjects DNA while the magic bonded to the body. Alone the retrovirus would have killed the subject because its purpose was to completely rewrite their DNA, turning them into another creature, but the magic of the curse fused with the changes being made. It treated them as if they were a sacrifice and bound the essence of the new creature to the host instead of that of the wolf.

Once Omni had perfected its methods, the company proposed their idea for enhanced soldiers to the government. Out of desperation the government agreed, and began screening their best soldiers for the required genetic markers. These soldiers became the first generation of the New Breed, trained soldiers empowered by the magical curse, able to become not only wolves but: lions, cheetahs, bears, and many others. The addition of the New Breed to the human forces was a boon humanity, but the rarity of the genetic trait made them a valuable commodity. With no end to the war in sight, the Omni Corporation began to breed their soldiers to one another in order to spawn the next generation of soldiers. Driven by war, mankind now bred, and trained children to be soldiers in an unending war.

When the war ended the peace treaty that was signed stipulated the immediate cessation of all creation of augmented individuals, as well as the discharge of any such individual in military service. The New Breed that were both created and bred by Omni Corp. for military service were removed from active duty and set free to follow their own destinies. Since werecreatures are now a viable sentient species and existed before the creation of the New Breed, no regulations on their breeding was written into the wording of the treaty. The futures of their various species are entirely in their own hands.

Powers and Abilities:

Werecreatures are created by a magical curse that is passed on to an individual by either birth or bite. To be born a werecreature, one must be the offspring of two cursed individuals. Both parents must be werecreatures or else the child will be born a normal human. If born human there is a possibility that such a child could still be transformed by a bite. Transferring the curse through bite is also no easy task. Due to the magic ritual that originated the species, only those who are descendants of the original tribe can become werecreatures, and the bite can only transfer the curse during the phase of the full moon. Only a small segment of the human population possess strong enough traces of this ancestry, but they are spread all over the globe.

In their human form werecreatures are roughly three to five times stronger and faster than a comparable human, and possess heightened senses. When transformed by their magic, the human changes into a bipedal hybrid of the base beast that is bound within the magic. While in this from a werecreature is seven to ten times stronger than the average human, the variance being based on the creature bound by their curse. Those who emphasize strength are slower due to the muscle mass needed for this extra strength. Unlike myth and legend, were creatures have no allergy to silver, they are not immune to non silver weapons, nor can they quickly regenerate wounds dealt to them. As an organism they are very durable, requiring higher caliber weapons and spells to penetrate their hides, and more damage to put them down.

Werecreatures can be killed by inflicting enough trauma to their bodies that life functions can no longer continue, such as massive organ damage or exsanguination. Sure fire methods of killing a werecreature are cutting off its head, or completely destroying its heart. Even though they don't possess hyper regeneration, were creatures heal at roughly two to three times the rate of normal humans. Immortality is another myth that is also untrue. The magic slows the aging of the individuals who it is bound, extending life to about four times the length of a normal human. This effect however does not set in until the werecreature reaches maturity, and ends during old age. The spell holds true to its original intent by extending the individuals prime, without allowing them to linger in old age when they can no longer hunt.

Due to the magic ritual that created the first werecreatures, all werecreatures are irrevocably bound to the moon. As its light waxes and wanes so to do their power. Werecreatures are capable of shifting at anytime they wish, however the farther they are from the time of the full moon the weaker they are. Conversely, the werecreature's power is at its greatest during the phase of the full moon, and must expend effort to keep from transforming. Younger/Newly turned werecreatures cannot resist this urge to transform brought on by the Full Moon, but with experience and self-control the urge can be denied. Also, because of the ritual that created them, the only time their bite can transfer the curse is during the phase of the full moon. When transformed werecreatures are by no means mindless beasts, but they are also not in complete control of themselves. The essence of the beast lays at the heart of the magic which gives them their power. While they still possess a conscious mind, it too is influenced by the beast as much as their bodies. The intent of their purpose will ring true in their actions, but they have a diminished capacity for rational thought. It makes them perfect on the battlefield against superior enemy numbers without harming allies, but they cannot handle complex tasks setting an explosive or firing a gun.
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