A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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PostSubject: Humans    Fri Mar 02, 2012 10:08 am


(Contains: Metahumans and Humans with Abilities)

Humans have populated the world of Terra for a very long time. They have, as far as they have known, been the primary race. Humans come in different races themselves, depending on the regions of the world that they come from. After the Great Conflagration, the world of Humans changed along with the rest of Terra. creating new properties never before seen.

Witchcraft was always around in the beginning of the world, but history shows us that time and time again those that sought to be pure wished to rid the world of the magic users. The Salem Witch Trials, The Crusades, and other historical moments were merely Purists wiping out those that had the gift. People grew afraid, too afraid to even utter a word that sounded remotely close to an incantation. Over centuries, that fear turned into stories, which turned into legend.

Magic became nothing more than a wish and a dream. Surely, not real.

When the Others were revealed after their sanctuaries were destroyed, Humans at first were in shock. It was the thing of legend, and yet, there it was. They rushed to their history books, finding books that had escaped the mass burnings and generations of neglect and began pouring over the texts to learn the knowledge that had once been forgotten.

Like always, humans greedily gathered the knowledge of magic from history and began to experiment on other Humans. Trying to find out if they could create beings that were like the Others, but stronger, more powerful, and even perhaps better.

Some of the Metahumans and Humans With Abilities were created because of these experiments. Often, they succeeded, but that didn’t necessarily make it that these experiments were under the scientists control. Suddenly infused with magic or foreign DNA, these humans had a large learning curve to go through. They needed to learn to control themselves, needed to learn their limits. Human experimentation was done during the war, it was outlawed shortly after The Enlightenment. A great many of those changes stayed, moving down the genetic line with each generation.

As it is often known, love comes in all shapes and colors. There were many humans and Others alike that sought out the ‘other side’ so to speak. Human and Other relationship, marriages, and encounters, created a mix race of children that also were born with powers because of their heritage.

And yet there are more that were created in the fallout of The Enlightenment. Because of the influx of mana into the world and the way that it altered the DNA of people and the world around them, some were caught in the aftermath. Even to this day some children are born with a constant tap to mana. Something they cannot shut off, change, or even touch. Unstable mana can be destructive, prolonged exposure can create deformities and sickness. Often this manifests into a power, or some sort of ability that is constant. Sometimes it is something that can degrade and deteriorate the life it touches with every passing day.

Evolution at it’s finest.

Certainly, there are still normal unaltered Humans around. They are beginning to grow fewer and fewer as people fall in love and create future generations. Often, they look upon those changed humans with a bit of disdain, believing pure is better. They are known as Purists. However, the humans with abilities also think they are better because they have evolved.

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