A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Arthur Nova

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PostSubject: Arthur Nova   Wed Aug 29, 2012 9:28 pm

• Arthur • Nova •

Name: Arthur Nova
Nickname: Arthur, Art, Nova, Crazy
Age: 32
Weight: 204lbs
Height: 6'0"

Eye color: Slate Grey
Hair color: Black
Race: Human with abilties
Residence: Port Okena just off the docks
Nationality: Bastion
Affiliation: No affiliation with a specific group but has generally completed contracts for nearly all of them.
Occupation: Inventor, Fabricator, Engineer, Repair Work.

Face Claim: David Duchovny

• all in the details •

While standing at a respectable six foot, Arthur is nothing beyond average looking. With a slightly athletic build, he seems light on his feet, but definitely not overtly strong or fast by any regards. He easily stands in a relaxed stance, a plain blue t-shirt, faded and stained jeans, and scuffed up leather work boots covering his body. His farely common face is topped with shaggy black hiar, leading down to a slightly unfrequently shaven face. His brow is often furrowed just above his slate grey, intense eyes. His hands, and especially his fingernails are often covered in grit and grime from his work.

Arthur is a completely laid back person with very little competitive or violent aspirations. While this doesn't mean he lacks any sort of will of his own, or backbone, he simply isn't aggressive towards others. He enjoys good conversation with jut about anyone, even those who have threatened violence against him. A thinker by nature, Arthur will happily broach any subject with his straightforwardness and excitement, hoping to understand as much of the world as he possibly can during his relatively short life. As an ingenious inventor, he is never lacking in funds, so he will often barter with customers for information or stories of their culture in place of payment.

While Arthur can be a bit socially awkward, with his exuberance and bluntness, he generally means well and can often dig himself out of offensive situations with a silver tongue. And dealing with those who call Terra home, he is easily one of the physically weakest beings around. Oddly, Arthur never seems to fear death. He seems completely nonchalant about the whole concept. Whether working on a dangerous prototype or being threatened with dismemberment, Arthur simply accepts that he has a short run here on Terra, so he's never going to hold back.

His inventions often mean a great deal to him, and while he understands that many are simply inanimate objects, they still hold a great sentimental and emotional value for him. Arthur even names most of the inventions he spends any significant amount of time on and keeps a detailed notebook regarding them. His creations often often blend magic and technology so seamlessly that separating or distinguishing one system or component from another is nearly impossible.

As a personal project, Arthur records nearly everything he sees and hears via a small earpiece that he wears, preferring not to cybernetically alter himself, and the small piece transmits all the data on an unidentifiable carrier wave to be stored for review later. This can often lead to strange instances of him speaking to himself with or without others present around him. His ability to distinguish between an 'inside' or 'outside' thought is completely non existent.

Arthur possesses extreme ingenuity, able to make short study of any and all technical or theoretical information with a near photographic memory. Social and psychological subjects often allude him, having no clear answers or ability to be studied through scientific approach. His uncanny mastery of technological systems, powerful enchantments and mana usage make his concepts and inventions unique withing the world and he has made more than a fortune with them.

Arthur is also unnaturally fearless. While he doesn't enjoy pain or seek out deadly situations, if he is placed in one, he never shies away. He is always the first to test his prototypes, not willing to risk others on his gambles.

Cloning: Fairly early in his years as a wealthy entrepreneur, Arthur spent years perfecting a system of self-replication. Should his life signs ever flatline for an extended period of time his underground facility springs to life bringing a prepared clone out of stasis at approximately 30 years of age. His recording database then downloads his most recent memory backup file into the cerebral systems and the clone wakes, becoming Arthur Nova.

Extremely high levels of understanding in engineering (mechanical, electrical, aeronautics, civil/architecture).
Knowledgeable and highly practiced in enchantment and ritual.
Tireless when working on a project, often pushing himself to stay awake for days without losing his focused mind.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Arthur was born into a 'normal' human family in Bastion; both his mother and father having mingled blood granting them physical related abilities. None of those abilities manifested withing Arthur though he seemed to grasp concepts taught to him with little time and next to no effort. This was very good because Arthur's family was not well off and he left schooling behind at the age of ten to start work in a nearly power factory to supplement his family's income.

Even though he was a tiny pre-pubescent boy, the men in the factory soon came to admire Arthur's knack for diagnosing and repairing complex problems on equipment. He had proven his mettle the fist week he was hired, having been asked to climb around on a somewhat dismantled generator and grease every bearing he could find; he instead had the machine completely assembled and running like new within three days. Having access to the plant's fabrication room allowed Arthur to expand his knowledge base considerably, learning what he could from each crew member until he was a master mechanic and electrician himself. By the time he was fifteen he had earned such admiration from the plant supervisors that he was allowed to work one shift a week in the control box, earning him the huge pay benefits that went along with it.

Soon, his family was moving up in the world, Arthur having provided the extra they needed to maintain steady food and shelter for years on end. After just turning seventeen, Arthur had a breakthrough; years in the control box at the power plant had allowed him to study circuitry and the programming concepts which controlled the mana driven plant. He developed the first high-yield mana driven capacitors allowing the storage of and transportation of massive mana charges across Terra to be used even in areas outside of lay line paths.

I plan on inventing quite a bit and keeping a journal on this character about them. I also hope to interact with characters by giving/selling them new tech too. While I plan to avoid things mentioned in the Treaties, if there is anything you'd like me to avoid, please feel free to PM me.

Is this a Canon?: No

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:First Character was Veles, this is my second.
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Arthur Nova
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