A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Some old Character ideas I've had/played over the years.

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PostSubject: Some old Character ideas I've had/played over the years.   Wed Aug 29, 2012 8:36 pm


As requested by the Alliance Appropriations Oversight Committee the following is a concise history of subject: Thade in regards to the continuation of Project Hindsight. While we recognize the excessive budget overrun caused by the gestation of two replacements in the same fiscal year, we cannot accept full responsiblity. This was caused by budget cuts to the project and the malfunction of an Alliance ship which resulted in the destruction of Thade XXIII, outside of mission operations.

Academy Initiative:

Subject: Thaddeus Carver
Age: 8

Bio: Thaddeus Carver was accepted into the first class of The Academy Initiative by merit of his above average intelligence. Unlike other candidates, Thaddeus displayed an abnormally high amount of situational awareness since birth, which affected the process of experience based learning through which all humans develop at early life stages. Anecdotal history of his family lists this as a common trait in previous generations. Examination of the Carver family line shows an unnaturally high occurrence of hereditary occupations. This warranted further study for possible practical application.

Study results:

Psych: Psychiatric testing in controlled environments, subjecting the individual to new stimuli and situations, yielded interesting results. Reactions were described as bordering on foreknowledge of the results and consequences of the choices the subject made. Psychic precognitive abilities were ruled out when hypnosis sessions with staff child psychologists uncovered imbedded memories that did not belong to the subject. Fact finding missions were able to place some of the memories as belonging to the subject's father and grandfather. These findings raised the possibility of the subject possessing a form of genetic memory.


Intense study of the subject's DNA revealed an anomaly in allele combinations on the Y chromosome that causes mutations in the formation of protein sequences in the nucleolus during cell divisions. These mutations are centralized in the areas of the helix that become active in the formation of brain cells. This is though to be the means of transmitting information to offspring in the genetic code.

Attempts to clone the subject from a genetic sample resulted in an identical organism (artificially aged) that possessed a perfect copy of the memories and experiences of the original up until the moment the sample was collected. This experiment was repeated numerous times and the results were reproduced in all cases including clones made from other clones. All clones made during this phase of testing were destroyed and extensively studied. Among the findings was the discovery that the subject's mutated genome was immune to the genetic degradation that occurs during generational cloning (creating clones from cloned organisms). Each new organism was a perfect specimen no matter how many generations removed from the original. Due to this discovery, the original specimen was removed from the project for reassignment.


A clone of subject Thaddeus Carver (age 10) was made and designated Thade 1. Thade was educated in accordance with the goals of the Academy Initiative, the creation of specialized combat operatives with extraordinary skills.

Thade 1's genetic mutation made him the ideal candidate for combat training with specialization in infiltration, reconnaissance, espionage, and extermination tactics. The genetic memory aspect of the subject removes all risk of loss associated with the death of highly trained personnel. A replacement can be made from the fallen subject or in the event that the remains cannot be recovered, the subject can be restored from a sample taken before a mission reducing the impact of recon, infiltration, and missions with low likelihood of survival. The subject's equipment has been outfitted with a device that will gather a DNA sample and jettison it in the event of his death. An embedded location transponder is used to locate sample the sample along with recorded mission data. The reconstituted subject is able to relay first hand account of the mission during debriefing as well as benefit from the mission as a learning experience.

The cloning process is as follows. The sample is stimulated to begin cell division and then incubated. The cloning method used allows accelerated aging of the organism. While the process cannot be used to advance the resulting clone beyond the chronological age of the sample, the clone can be brought to maturation at any age within the bound range. The maturation of younger clones does not affect the subject's memories or experiences and allows him to remain at optimal operational age (23).

Early on in the operational life of project hindsight the subject became mentally unstable from trying to assimilate too many death experiences as non fatal occurrences. At the first noticeable regression of age it became necessary to completely disclose the details of the project and his role in it, to the subject to avert mental breakdown. The subject reacted within the projection of his psychiatric profile. He accepted the information, tested it's validity, and adapted to the situation. An unseen side effect of the disclosure was a notable rise in operational efficiency.

Operational costs of the cloning process due to current technology prohibit the widespread implementation of project hindsight. For security reasons, only one subject is kept operational at a time. This protects the secrecy of the operation and limits the chances of the genetic memory genome falling into enemy possession.

Causes of death:

Thade I: hand to hand combat training accident
Thade II: live fire training exercise
Thade III: exposure during survival training
Thade IV: equipment malfunction
Thade V: small arms fire, recon mission on Kerrin IV
Thade VI: assassination of separatist leader
Thade VII: battle of black sands. Team evac vehicle shot down
Thade VIII: Suicide
Thade IX: suffocation. EVA suit oxygen depletion while waiting for post mission pickup.
Thade X: high altitude drop equipment malfunction.
Thade XI: battle of Janus Divide. Explosion. Sample unrecoverable.
Thade XII: suicide to avoid capture.
Thade XIII: Latan III, friendly fire
Thade XIV: firing squad for killing the Alliance officer responsible for ordering the covert team he was assigned to, into an Alliance targeted area where all were killed.
Thade XV: 30 year age limit reset
Thade XVI: transport ship intercepted and destroyed. Sample unrecoverable.
Thade XVII: Utopia Planetia. Earthquake
Thade XVII: poisonous insect bite
Thade XVIII: alcohol poisoning prior to age reset.
Thade XIX: Battle of Grey Mists on Titan VI
Thade XX: equipment malfunction. Sample unrecoverable
Thade XXI: Suicide to avoid capture.
Thade XXII: antipersonnel ordinance, Eros
Thade XXIII: Cruiser engine malfunction in transit. Sample unrecoverable.
Thade XXIV: awaiting approval for gestation.

On a personal note, gentleman of the Committee, I implore you to rethink any decision of shutting down Project Hindsight. If not for the overwhelming service and benefit done for the Alliance, then for the sheer waste of 47 years of accumulated operational field experience.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dr. Thaddeus Carver
Director of The Academy Initiative

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Some old Character ideas I've had/played over the years.
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