A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Jackie Cardenas

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PostSubject: Jackie Cardenas   Wed Aug 29, 2012 5:41 pm

• Jackie • Cardenas •

Name: Jackie Cardenas
Nickname: The hummingbird
Age: just recently turned 21
Weight: around 140
Height: 5 ft 10 inches

Eye color: A very light blue, almost clear color.
Hair color: Black
Race: Shifter-Aerial
Residence: Wherever the job takes him.
Nationality: The wastelands
Affiliation: The Runners
Occupation:Package Runner (Explained later)

Face Claim: Sam Worthington

• all in the details •

Jackie was never a truly buff man. While definitely being fit for someone his age, he doesn't have muscles that could crush a dude's skull. He has always been about speed, about adrenaline, about seeing where he can go and why. He definitely has a build going... just not a professional one. Being a avid explorer, (even against the terms of his agreement) he has quite a few scars marring his body, one especially above his left eye. He got that when he fell once and bashed his face off a mountainside, barely escaping that one incident. He usually wears loose fitting clothes, things he can feel the wind coursing through, as it true to his bird nature. His hair is usually a mess, sometimes long, but usually short if he can have his way with it.

He always has the pack at his side, the pack that allows him to do his job successfully. It obviously has magic ties to it, but it simply looks like a normal, beat up backpack, except with maybe in intricate design right underneath where the zipper should be. It's an mana incantation of sorts, (explained in notes) that never leaves his side, no matter what happens.

Jackie is actually a very odd guy, with a personality that is nothing short of near insanity. He needs to be constantly moving, sitting still within the same place waiting is not something he enjoys doing, (and his employers know this very well.) His powers, his transformation, hell even his personality all bends for adrenaline. He had one addiction, and that's the need to feel alive. He hasn't found much that can satisfy that need, but flight, and near death experiences are a few of the things that can kick his body into overdrive.

On a normal day however, he can be a good guy, unless he's working. He tends to take his job very seriously, because if he didn't he probably would have died off a long time ago, considering the high stakes of some of his jobs. When hes off the job he is trying to find things to do, wanting to explore the world, one bit at a time...

But even after all his training, he still has a major weakness, and that is beautiful women. For some reason he gets all shy, his cheeks turning a dark red and him fighting for words. Because of this he hasn't really ever been with a woman, Save for one, but he won't ever get to see her like that again...

Adrenaline Rush- This is not actually a skill, but the way his abilities work. All of his abilities work from this, the more adrenaline is pumping through his veins, the faster or better he is going. It can make his abilities have small extra effects, and even perform faster, as in the case with his transform. It's not something he can influence, with anything short of an adrenaline shot. This skill will increase his strength, his speed, and everything else. It's like a locomotive, slow at first but once it gets going it's near impossible to stop. The only issue is, even with how much of a monster he can become, the human body can only take so much. His heart will explode if he keeps up too long, so he has to be extremely careful. His powers can't knock him completely out, but they can make him wish he was dead. His body refuses to get knocked out because of it' own abilities, but it can weaken him to the point of death.

Hummingbird Adrenalin- The vibrations of the wings can get massively enhanced, especially when by his adrenaline skill. It can be intense enough to knock cause hearing pain, or to cause temporary sight inversion. The vibrations can truly fuck with someone, especially when trying to target such a small bird. He can only use this for a short amount of time combined with the adrenalin for about half an hour. However, at full capacity, it can be like a helicopter was hovering inches from his opponents face, the pressure being crushing, the sound being deafening.

Hawk adrenalin- The adrenaline actually increases the bird's full power. The wings flap harder, allowing it to carry things way bigger than it should be able to. The hawk itself is rather large, but at full adrenaline he could actually carry a decently sized human, (right about 175 pounds) and lift them into the air. The more adrenaline though, the shorter the duration of the form.

Owl Adrenaline- this allows the Owl to have extreme vision, The adrenaline doesn't just effect the site though, although it is the best affected. What it does is it heighten both sight, and hearing. It makes him the perfect spy, usually before he enters a mission. He isn't one to enter a place without doing research, the owl is his best form of recon.

Songbird adrenalin- The songbird is probably one of the deadliest when under full adrenaline, allowing the voice of the songbird to echo out, being loud and extremely piercing to the ears. It's not as deadly as the hummingbird, but if someone has sensitive hearing it can destroy their sense of hearing almost completely.

Vibrato adrenalin- The more adrenaline, the bigger and harder vibrations he can push out. It works out very well, the ability being the main reason he is the fighter and best runner for his employers. They treasure his abilities as much as they treasure the man using them.

Skills- The adrenalin boosts all of his basic skills, it technically makes everything easier. if he gets it going far enough, he can move to the point of it being like a blur, although the downside is that he can only focus on one thing while moving that fast, and that is usually where he is going. The strength multiplies it to the point of being able to apply it to single points. He could punch a hole through a car and send it flying, but he couldn't pick up and toss it and beat a dude with it. He revolves around continued movement,

Transformation- Each transformation of his can be done at any time, but depending on how far his body is gone into adrenaline rush, (see above) determines the speed of the transformation. If it is going full strength, then he can transform within seconds, however, should he be just starting a battle, or even running without adrenaline, it can take minutes, even up to 10.

His transformations include: A small songbird, a red tailed hawk, and a pure white owl.
The songbird he uses for stealth (it being so small.) , the hawk is great for hunting whenever he needs food, and he has learned the owl is extremely perceptive, being good for spotting and for targeting up an area before moving on. His most favored form is that of a Hummingbird, used to get into extremely small spaces, and for pure speed when he needs it.

All of his transformations work just about the same, with the exception of the owl. All the other birds, when the adrenaline is being used last about 30 minutes. However,

Vibrato- During his birth he almost died, causing an extreme stress upon his body. It caused a mutation as his body adapted to survive due to his genes, and cause the hummingbird defect. The vibrations can get massively enhanced, especially when by his adrenaline skill. It can be intense enough to knock a person out cold, to crumble a wall.

It's something hes very proud of, something he uses a lot. Hes even learned how to pull the vibrations out of his normal human form, but only the vibrations. He can use them to fight, to weaken defenses. It's an extreme measure, and drains him rather quickly when used in his human form. However, if his adrenaline rush is extremely high he can use it, but it will take an extreme toll on his body while he uses it to destroy someone. Vibrations are an amazing weapon, especially when used correctly.

-Free running
-extreme reflexes due to hummingbird blood
-way more speed than brawn
-an almost unlimited amount of energy, barely needing to sleep due to the hummingbird defect once again.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Jackie was supposed to be born to the royals of the bird clan, the being one of the few grandsons of the Countess herself. It wasn't something he chose to be born into... but then again he was almost never born at all. Due to some gene's that collided during his birth, he was born almost half transformed, late by almost a month. He nearly died, as did his mother. She was loved by the clan, especially by the countess, who intermediately did everything in her power to care for her grandson while his mother was in intensive care for a year or so. Finally he began living with his family again, but they learned growing up that his crying could shatter windows, and if his father listened to it for too long, massive headaches and even blackouts.

Finally at the age of 8 he learned about his vibration ability, finally learning to control it and slowly mastering how to use it, although everyone around despised him because of it. It was a great gift that benefited the clan, but he was a mischievous youth. He did everything in his power to have fun, often to the displeasure of others. His own fun came first, if it gave them extra work, how was that his fault? His grandmother the countess soon had that reeled in, although she couldn't stop him from time to time getting in trouble testing out his new powers...

Growing as a child with all those abilities was extremely hard. The other people hated how easily combat came to him compared to the others, how well he could get all the survival skills using the vibrato. It was something he mastered quickly, practicing away from the village whenever he could. So he was envied, people were talking of trying to find a way to change him, find a way to get him back to normal, and he knew it. He didn't care,

However, he found it comes out at the worst times, especially when his emotions run amok. But for the longest time he was running along with a sweet girl, one of the lower class but god he loved her. They had never truly even taken each other, but he couldn't stop thinking about her... But as a royal class member he didn't get to see her a whole lot, and that was something not even the countess could fix. He was a royal member, and had to learn all of the traditions much more than his fellow clan members, so finally he decided to screw sleep and go see her.

That day his life changed, right about the age of 17 as he left straight from practice, hoping to catch her. He never got to see her on these nights, but he figured a surprise would never be a bad thing. He walked in on hearing noises, his eyes going wide as he spotted her... riding another member of the tribe... One of his friends no less. He screamed in outrage, her jumping off and looking at him, fear and frustration running through her face. They both began to beg, to beg him to calm down, to let them explain, but the more they spoke the more it drove him insane. His adrenalin kicked into overdrive, his vibrato kicking in hard as both of the traitors hit their knees, covering their ears, their eyes, everything about them.

He didn't even try to control it, the whole house cracking as the frame exploded outward in one final burst, the whole house collapsing as they both screamed, the vibrations demolishing any part of the house that came with a few feet of him. He didn't care, transforming within seconds and taking off immediately, flying as far as he could with what limited energy he had left. He woke up in his own bed, but shackled down as he tried to explain to his his grandmother what had happened. She tried and tried, but the people were extremely upset that she would let him get away with murder, no matter what the reason.

All of the people called for a life for a life, but she couldn't do this, not to her favorite grandson. She had to decide on something, and finally her mind came up with a solution. The countess had a friend who worked for the runners, an extremely secret and discreet order used to take packages between all the races, not even the shifters. They were either escorted of Peace, or starters of War, but they never took a side. They worked and delivered, any package, to any place, exactly how it was described. They were an extremely tough bunch, something she didn't want to throw him into. But It is considered very honorable, especially for those who use their services. She needed someone to push him off on... someone who could take care of him. After a few days he was gone,... never to come back again unless on business. A banishment of sorts, but an honorable one at least... considering what had happened.

They trained him hard for years, but when they learned of his powers they knew he could be one of their top messengers. He was sent out on the difficult jobs, the one where fighting was almost always a guarantee. He learned that in order to forget about her, the bitch from his past... he needed the rush. He needed that same rush he got that day, the one that gave him all of that power, and so began the addiction. He was addicted to near death, addicted to the ways thing seemed to move so slow whenever he got into something... Everything was now a game, mischief and power and everything else was second. However, his experience made him have a difficult time getting to know other beautiful women, his one weakness when it came to the job. But it did have a good side to it though, the shy ones got in easier... He truly was an asset to the runners... One they wouldn't give up anytime soon....

Right now he is a pointless wanderer, waiting for the job that was awaiting. They always gave him the best jobs, but it was the greatest thing, he loved feeling needed. But until that day came when his next big job came, he would do odd jobs, increasing the call of the runners... They were very influential already, but they could always use more pull... He just wanders now, jumping from town to town avoiding the cops and finding trouble wherever he goes. Jumping from the next adrenaline rush into the next death wish is all he is now... trying to find the next rush.

Bag of Hermes- It is not actually the bag of Hermes, but it is what him and his employees refer to it as. It was made using mana by an old scientist who works for the order. It essentially works like a portal, entering a null space that can hold things that shouldn't by any normal means fit inside the bag. He could actually pull a full sized body bag out of the small side bag if he wished, but when he transforms it goes with him. It is a part of him, bonded to him. Without him it becomes a normal bag, to maintain the secrets of the order. However, should someone else ever find out how to bag works and get access to his null space, it is a death sentence to the person who accessed it, and the person who it belongs to. They take it very seriously, and under no circumstances is this code to be broken.

The bag looks like a regular messenger bag, but whenever his hands are placed upon the ridge and pull, the top expands to allow whatever needs to be put in can fit. The null space in the bag is about enough to hold a large boat.
That's about the maximum capacity of the bag with everything combined. However, the null space is sealed until his hands open the bag. Meaning if someone else opens the bag, it will be empty. If the bag's destroyed, everything within is lost until the bag is remade by the old man.

Is this a Canon?: no

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:[i]no

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Jackie Cardenas
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