A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Meridian Kellner

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PostSubject: Meridian Kellner   Tue Aug 28, 2012 12:54 am

• Meridian • Kellner •

Name: Meridian Kellner
Nickname: Meri
Age: 21 Months
Weight: 382 pounds (573 pounds while in assault mode due to increased mass)
Height: Five feet seven inches

Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Brown
Race: AI - Autonomous Fully Synthetic Heavy Assault Warrior
Residence: Does not apply – Wanders constantly
Nationality: Modeled after Caucasian female
Affiliation: None
Occupation:Various odd-under the table jobs.

Face Claim: Jessica Biel

• all in the details •

Upon first seeing Meridian, she could pass as normal human, the girl next door since she stands at a simple and un-alarming five foot seven with brown hair that falls to right past her shoulder blades as hazel eyes watch the world around her. She has a single mark that would make her identifiable and that simple marking is that of a small branding near her right hip. This is how she would normally be seen.

On the off chance that Meridian actually has to become confrontational, her whole body can shift into the assault warrior stage. Meridian’s skin actually has small hairline lines in key postion along her body tgat are naked to unaided human eyes, The skin actually seperates with her body as various parts of her body shift and change to accommodate the much more intimidating war machine that she really is, leaving patches of her skin exposed while assault mode is active. In this stage she stands an imposing 7 foot 2 with heavy armor plating that form over her new body and any resemblance to Meridian in this “shifted” form to her human guise is long gone, the metal colored a matte black finish. There are a variety of extendable, concealed edged weapons in her forearm, her knees as well as elbows.

Despite being a machine that had the original, single function of killing, after Meridian’s accidentally “birth” she has become very shy, and secretive about herself. Often trusting no one around her and always keeping an eye out for anybody that would turn her in for what she is, it is because of this slight case of paranoia that Meridian tries to avoid conflict at all chances, quickly giving up or backing down from conflict all together; however, that does not mean that she will simply allow somebody to try and “kill” her either and if pushed far enough she is willing to defend herself.

Mana Core - Perhaps the most unique feature about Meridian is her power source. Meridian is powered by what is known as a Mana Core which by collecting and refining Raw Mana that exists ambient in an area she is currently in, provides a near limitless supply of power. The core stores its refined energy in high capacity storage units located around her body for use powering her systems. Being partly magic, the core is able to be disrupted but even being disrupted it will not shut down Meridian; instead it will drop the power out put to roughly half of what it normally, forcing Meridian to shut down and disable certain programs and abilities as power needs are triaged. Meridian's Mana Core is in a constant state of collecting and refining mana which provides a trickle charge allowing her to exist in a lower power mode indefinitely. In low power mode she is reduced functioning at limitations that are on par with the average human in terms of, and consistent with her humanoid form. Most of her combat suite features also goes offline, but she is still able to function and remain mobile.

Engaging higher functions such as her full combat suite, enhanced physical attributes, and Assault mode causes higher energy demands which must be drawn from her power batteries. Enhanced Humanoid attributes can be maintained with conservative usage for a period of 15 hours straight. Maintaining peak performance thresholds will causeher battery to be depleted much faster. Meridian can remain engaged in Assault mode for a period of 12 hours straight before her battery is depleted and she must return to a lower powered state to recharge. Strength and speed settings are governed to allow her to move without exhausting her battery more quickly, allowing it to power her offensive and defensive systems. The largest drain on her battery is the energy cannon. Each shot roughly depletes her operating time by 1 hour.

Becauseof the efficient process by which the Mana Core refines an almost ever present energy source, it's recharging time is relatively low compared with the power output that it is capable of. Average recharge time from depleted to full capacity is roughly 8 hours. This changes based on the amount of mana in an area. In an area were mana is abundant such as ley lines, recharge times can be as short as 4 hours. In mana poor areas the recharge time can be considerably longer. Meridian must enter Low Power Mode, in order to engage Recharge mode, and cannot recharge while in 'High functioning' states. In the event that she is in an area with absolutely no mana for the core to collect and refine, or the Core is damaged, Meridian also possess a small and relatively under-powered hydrogen cell. This provides only enough power to operate the most basic systems to keep Meridian active as she repairs herself, or finds an area with useable Mana. The Hydrogen cell can sustain her in low power mode for up to 2 weeks.

Molecular Processer Cluster - Being a highly advanced machine, Meridian uses an advanced Bio-Molecular Processer Cluster designed to mimic the human brain in terms of functionality as well as processing power. This allows Meridian to acquire, sort, store, recall data and even self-repair damaged parts of her MPC in a very similar fashion to humans; however a limitation to this that extended periods of operation (24 days) will started fatiguing her MPC unit at which point Meridian will switch to a very simple back-up CPU and put her MPC unit into standby (sleep) for a period for up to 8-hours. This can be avoided by regular and shorter standby periods.

Polymorphic Alloy – This new metal designed by the now defunct ArmaCore reacts to certain and very subtle signals that have been “programmed” into her Mana Core that alloys the metal to shrink a nearly 50 percent ratio of its original mass. This cannot be trigger by outside forces as the alloy was matched to the ebb and flow of only Meridian’s Mana Core. The polymorphic alloy itself has the same metallic properties of Grade 5 Titanium Ti-6Al-4V.

Assault Mode - Another on Meridian's unique ability is to shift into another mode which was designed for extended combat against defended positions. When needed, Meridian's body can shift itself into what could be described as walking tank. This dual-stage process was setup to allow Meridian the ability to blend in with the local populace and shift when the command was received. Shifting takes up to 15 seconds from start to finish at which point she is the most vulnerable. Switching to assault mode while engaged in active combat is highly discouraged as various key systems are exposed during her shift.

Heavy Armor – Designed for war and extended conflicts, Meridian has heavy armor plating designed; while in her shifted assault mode, Meridian’s heavy armor allows her to withstand all small arms fire (All Handgun/All Assault Rifle rounds) and even heavy duty Armor Piercing rounds such as the fifty caliber Raufoss MK211 round. While she is able to withstand such rounds she can only do so in moderation, each round inflicts heavy damage to her armor and if the same spot is impacted several times it will puncture the armor. Since Meridian is modeled after a tank, the armor in the front is much stronger than the armor in the rear, allowing the possibility of Meridian flanked.

While NOT in her shifted combat form, Meridian’s armor is nearly halved; only able to withstand, in moderation, heavy assault rifle rounds that will eventually puncture her armor if she does not seek cover OR shift into assault mode.

Enhanced Physical Nature – Designed to be a front line pressure unit, she was meant to take over defended positions in a slow but steady manner, her synthetic body not having to worry about fatigue or the other worries that organics do.

In her assault form, Meridian is able to dead lift upwards of 4,000 pounds so that she would be able to destroy most blockades and barriers in her way and while she may not be the faster machine around, able to top out in a dead sprint while limited at only 20/mph, slower than an trained althete, while she is in Assault form so she will be unable to deplete her Mana Core.

While she is in her human guise however, her strength output is regulated it a paltry 1,500 pounds. The difference here is that while she is not in her assault form, Meridian’s Mana Core can displace more energy towards her legs allowing a sustained run of 40/mph over the length of 40 minutes before her power reserves deplete enough to force her to stop running.

Being synthetic has a few other advantages as well. Meridian is able to react instantly to threats around her; her reflexes suffer from no delay thanks to the enhanced fiber optic network placed within her body to transmit signals. She also does not fatigue and can shift and manipulate all the joints within her body, allowing her access to places that most organics cannot go. Meridian’s body is also hardened (not immune) to withstand both EMP and high-current electrical attack and like any type of resistor the hardened aspects of Meridian's body have a limit; for example if a downed high current power line was to strick Meridian it would knock all her systems off line. There are also structural weak points most notably a weakness at the base of the neck that when struck with an edged weapon it will disable her targeting systems and interupt her higher function MPC routines; this weakness was never published any articals and is NOT widely known.

Combat Suite – Meridian has a vast variety of sensors in order to aid her during warfare and combat including FLIR, Radar, Ultraviolet/RGB Spectrum, Laser Range Finder, Movement and Auditory Matching as well as various other tools such as a wireless modem, hard lined modem , UHF/VHF Radio, Secured Burst Transmission Radio. These are still all active while in shifted and non-shifted forms however if her Mana Core is disrupted only RGB, FLIR and Auditory Matching remain active.

On-board Weaponry – ONLY during her Assault Mode, Meridian has access 3 types of weapons housed within her body. Her left arm houses a powerful directed energy weapon called HDE Predator-1; the weapon is used primarily for anti-armor applications as it burns through most known metals with relative ease. This weapon takes approximately 8 seconds to charge to full capacity before being discharged; the discharged of the super heated energy actually causes the metal of the arm to glow a bright orange from the heat as various sized metallic fins open up to expose the internals of the weapon to the cooler outside air, this can take anywhere up to a full minute before the temperature of the weapon is within a safe operational range once again. Given the special nature of this weapon and the fact that is uses massive amounts of power draw from her Mana Core, this weapon is not usable if her Core is disrupted.

In addition to HDE Predator-1; Meridian has two other weapons housed in her right arm. The first weapon is a 32SR-9 Repeater and uses powerful magnetic fields to accelerate caseless kinetic penetrators to over supersonic velocity and while effective against non armored and armored foot mobile personnel and non-armored vehicles, the weapon is useless against hardened targets given the relatively small size of the projectile which is no bigger than a 10mm; Meridian houses 650 kinetic penetrators with a sustained fire rate of 450 rounds a minute.

The second weapon housed is known as a GC-45 and for all intents it is simply a 20mm grenade launcher that uses various programmable ammunition that can be set to explode on impact, set to explode at a certain distance or after set amount of time; Meridian houses 30 of these rounds with a sustained fire rate of 100 rounds a minute.

Meridian has been programmed by default with several sub routines that are constantly running….

Advanced Ballistics (Ballistics disabled during Mana Core disruption, limiting Meridian to close range [200 yard range and under] combat)
Advanced Weapons
Advanced Military Tactics
Improvised Explosive Device
Human physiology
Human psychology
Mastery in various Hand to Hand combat techniques (disabled during Assault Mode)
Hacking (disabled during Assault mode and Mana Core disruption)
Self-Repair Protocols* (Disabled during Mana Core Disruption)

*Meridian's self-repair protocols are not automatic as she must manually repair herself when the resources and tools are available, having been programmed with her own blueprints.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Built during the end of the year 2155 (210 AC), Meridian was envisioned by a company known as ArmaTech; a company that specialized in high end advanced robotics. ArmaTech was commissioned by various human armed forces to combat magical and other supernatural creatures using highly advanced technology and while Meridian was built and tested she was never actually deployed into combat before ArmaTech was bought out by Paladin. The process was messy and a lot of the projects that ArmaTech had been working on went missing, unfortunately this did not include Meridian, who had been placed on standby instead of completely powered off, causing coding within her main operating system to compile and thus she was “born”.

When the Treaty of Terra was signed and her kind was now illegal, Paladin went to the storage unit that Meridian was housed at not knowing that she was infact designed for war; the reports on her had stated that she was a assistantbot designed for mundane tasks such as cooking and cleaning so Paladin showed up with minimal staff to disassemble Meridian but once they reactivated her they knew she was more than what she seemed and once she was faced with being what she claimed would have been murder she resisted Paladin and when they pushed back she perceived them as a threat, her self-defense protocols kicking in and she ended up killing all of the Paladin techs that had shown up at her storage unit. It was at that moment that Meridian knew she had done something terrible by killing the techs, and in a moment of artificial panic she fled the area and has been on the run from Paladin and everything or everyone else that attempted to kill her.

During the course of the storyline, Meridian will become more lifelike and ArmaTech has various caches of supplies and raw materials for when Meridian is damaged; these areas will also serve as safe houses for Meridian since the locations of these areas where lost to almost all but Meridian since she has been programmed with these locations.

Is this a Canon?: No

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?: First Character.

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PostSubject: Re: Meridian Kellner   Tue Aug 28, 2012 1:30 am

I've sent you a PM.
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PostSubject: Re: Meridian Kellner   Tue Aug 28, 2012 2:22 am

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PostSubject: Re: Meridian Kellner   Tue Aug 28, 2012 4:14 am

Communicating about a few issues I see.
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PostSubject: Re: Meridian Kellner   Tue Aug 28, 2012 6:42 am

Acknowledged: Communication received.

Action: Changes Applied
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PostSubject: Re: Meridian Kellner   Wed Aug 29, 2012 10:47 pm

So i guess there was some confusion somewhere along the lines.

I have applied all the changes that have been asked.
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PostSubject: Re: Meridian Kellner   

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Meridian Kellner
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