A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Avians .

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PostSubject: Avians .   Wed Feb 29, 2012 8:47 pm

Messengers of Terra
More commonly known as Avians
Avian names are similar to Elven

This term avian is a broad one that applies to winged Others. They have some bird like attributes, but that only applies to their wings and retractable talons. Generally, they are the messengers between the Children of Terra. Their magnificent wings propel them through the sky at almost unmatched velocities. The wings are birdlike and can resemble that of any avian species and be any color.

Physcially, Avians have a constitution slightly less than that of a human’s. This is required for flight. They make up for this lack in durability with incredibility lightweight but strong armors. They are also incredibly agile which makes up for their naturally lower defense. Avians gather water by extracting the moisture from neighboring clouds, however, they do not have the need to consume food to survive. They derive all their energy from the sun. An Avian must be exposed to several hours of sunlight a day or else suffer from the same effects as a starving human. Due to this, Avians rarely venture underground. They look for exits to any edifice they enter so as not to go hungry.

A claustrophobic Avian will do everything in his or her power to get out into an open space and then launch themselves to the skies. This response is incredibly heightened at night, as the Avian will expend any energy he/she has left to find the nearest sunrise. Ultraviolet lights can be used to hold the Avian over until the sun comes out, but only true solar radiation allows the Avian to be refreshed and to have access to all his/her spells and abilities.

The Avian capital is the flying citadel of Celestis. Its position changes all the time and is always above the clouds; however, it currently grounded in the state of Indiana. Although, the city can maneuver to use the clouds as natural cover. All avians inherently know where the city is. Its outer walls were heavily fortified against attacks from the Other Clans, but Celestis invented new countermeasures against the so-called “Air Forces” of the humans. The primary defense weapons are specially polished mirrors that reflect the sun’s rays into intently focused beams of light. The heat is so great that it causes aircrafts to overheat or at the very least bake the pilots inside. These defenses were built after the deployment of the two atomic weapons, even though Celestis was the complete opposite side of the globe at the time. Nothing could have protected the city the day Terra shrugged.

Celestis is a halo measuring 2000 meters in diameter by 200 meters tall. The surface looks like a national park almost completely covered with dense forests. Two freshwater lakes located on the north and south sides of the central opening serve as drinking reservoirs and recreation areas. Artificial mountains also covered in trees stand in the northwest and northeast of the city. The northwest mountain is pyramid shaped and houses the military offices and barracks. The northeast one is more urbanized with several office complexes. These serve as the seats of power for the various guilds within Celestis. Embassies for Other races have been added to the layout over the last ten years to help coordinate the reconstruction process.

The majority of the Avian population lives in the forested area of the city. They don't like to be confined by artificial walls. The urbanized sections are the centers of industry and trade. Museums, concert halls, and art galleries can also be found here. Four major ports located in the most densely populated areas deal with international trade.


Flares are the general infantry and the second line of defense for the city. Should an enemy be able to evade the initial countermeasures, Celestis’ army rushes out like a solar flare to overwhelm the enemy and then return(hence the name). The elite guard is called the Aurorals. Aurora means dawn, which is the beginning of the day. When the city is attacked, it is the Aurorals who start off that day of battle.

Arcane Guild: Magi of all types reside and research here to help the Flares defend Celestis. The parapets on the outermost ledge of the city are ideal for supportive casting while providing the weaker casters enough of a physical defense.

Messenger's Guild: Avians are well known for their military, but they hold communications amongst all to be sacred. They also try to remain neutral in all surface affairs but lend their services as mediators. All Avians are fluent in every spoken and have the patience needed when dealing with other races. They are the perfect diplomats.

Civic Guild: Civics are responsible for maintaining the city and keeping it aloft, or preparing for its return to the skies in the present situation. They do everything from garbage collecting and plumbing to checking the Earth's magnetic fields to reposition the city. They are currently repairing the structural damage to Celestis after it fell into Lake Michigan.

Government: While the Civics keep the city aloft, the government keeps the entire race aloft. The ruling class is known as the Spheres, after each layer of the atmosphere (tropho, strato, meso, and thermosphere). There are five in total that make up the head of Celestial Council, one for each guild and a Parun. The Civics and the Government are seen as equals and so they are grouped under the same Sphere. The position of Parun is rotated between the four Spheres. When a Parun steps down after a five year term, the next Sphere in line assumes all the duties of the office. A junior council member from the same Sphere as the new Parun is elected to fill the gap. In effect, they vote for a Parun for twenty-five years from now.

Since the Avians have no need for agriculture, they turn to the arts as commodities to trade. They are gifted painters and sculptors. Their agelessness also allows them to write and refine epics and ballads that many Others would pay handsomely to hear even once. Information is their main export. Avian armor is also highly sought after given its durable yet lightweight construction. Surprisingly, they are very close allies with the Dwarves who supply the metals for that very armor. This reliance has increased now that Celestis has been grounded.

Avian Heirarchy

Parun – The main governmental leader of the Angels. The position rotates every five years between the Archangels of the Four Circles. His/Her primary duties are to resolve ties and to ensure the safety of every citizen of Celestis. The Parun also handles all diplomatic affairs. Currently, Garen of the Messengers is the parun.

Spheres – There is one for each guild of Celestis, with the government and civic offices grouped under the same guild in regards to electing a Sphere. When not in a Council session, the Spheres oversee the day to day operations of their respective guilds. The government's Sphere is different as it has two main duties, making sure the laws are carried out as well as maintaining the city's infrastructure.

Council Summary from Highest Ranking to Lowest
Government/Civic – handles all city maintenance and law enforcement for Celestis. Its Sphere is Arwe. She will succeed Garen in five years.
Messenger's – maintains contact with the outside world. Its Sphere is Ionto.
Arcane – These are the magi of the avians. They mainly practice defensive magics and help the Civics position the city around the globe. Its Sphere is Vanya.
Flares. They are responsible for the city’s defense. Its Sphere is Calanon.

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Avians .
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