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 A Concert for the Ages (Kimber)

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PostSubject: A Concert for the Ages (Kimber)   Fri Aug 24, 2012 10:33 pm

Jack pulled his dark sedan in to a parking spot for the Bastion City Hall of Performing Arts, slowly putting the vehicle in to park and shutting down the engine. Turning his head to the interior of the vehicle, he smiled and spoke softly.

What do you say, sweetheart? Are you ready for some fantastic music?

The very pretty brunette in the car with Jack nodded, her blue eyes sparkling with excitement. She looked fantastic with a vibrant red dress and gold heel-esque shoes. When Jack rounded the car and opened the door for her, he quietly explained that the green dog pack would need to stay for now. She slowly accepted her father's words and stepped out of the car.

Amanda Conners looked very well put together, especially when one learned she had done the majority of her makeup, hair and fashion choices herself. For being a seven-year-old, the girl had become fiercely independent since her mother had left. She held her hand up to be taken by her father, and the pair walked in to the lobby of the theater, directly to the Will-Call window. He showed the teller the attachment from the email, and received two tickets in kind.

Conners himself looked rather sharp, in a pressed suit with white shirt and matching tie. He shined his shoes personally the afternoon beforehand, it had been ages since he wore his good suit. This was going to be a great night, and the very least the good Captain could do was look presentable.

The father/daughter duo found their seats, nearly front row orchestra, and sat down. Shaking his head in amusement, Jack knew these tickets must cost a fortune, yet they were comped to him. Hopefully the newspapers never found out.

Daddy, how did we get such good seats? Are these from that lady you helped at work?

Jack simply nodded and smiled at the little girl who barely took up her entire seat. Yes, sweetie, she plays violin very well, and she gave us tickets, we need to remember to thank her.

Amanda simply nodded, as if putting that piece of advice away for future use. I'm glad we could take a night out...its been too long.

Yes it has pumpkin...yes it has. He held his daughter's hand and squeezed it softly, which quickly was returned. They were ready for the show to start...whenever that would be was inconsequential. The father and daughter moment was perfect for the time being.
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PostSubject: Re: A Concert for the Ages (Kimber)   Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:40 am


~You invited someone?~

Kimber nodded.

~That is a first. Do you like him?~

~It isn't that I do, or don't, but his daughter has nightmares and the only way I can give her my music chip, is to get her here, so I can help with the nightmares.~

~Sure, sure, is that what you've been telling yourself?~

Kimber glared. ~Not professional Lauren~

~I don't technically go on the job until after your little concert anyway incase you have to mingle.~

Kimber made a face. Mingling was terrible.

Kimber looked up seeing someone waving at her from the door way. She shifted her eyes and the man motioned to his wrist. It was time. Kimber stood. Adjusting the small white blazer over her very long pooling pink gown. It was a beautiful gown. When it pooled, the long tendrils looked like flower petals upside down. It was the reason she had bought it. Lauren rose and Kimber walked down the back halls of the stage. Holding the skirts in her hands.

They crossed onto the stage. The curtain was down. So no one would see her. She stood there, behind the special mic that had been created for music without the fear of feedback. The stage hands arranged her skirts. When she moved to the piano, no one would see them anyway, so now was the time to make the proper first impression. Her violin tonight was silver. It wasn't too shiney, but given a flatter finish so that it wouldn't shimmer in the lights too much and perhaps hurt someone's eyes. She looked at the new violin, and tested the strings for a moment while the others began to get seated.

As Kimber readied herself for the concert on stage, behind the curtain, a man came down and found the seats she had mentioned. In his hand were two backstage passes for after the concert.

"Sir, these are compliments of Miss Grace. She would appreciate it if you had time to visit after the concert." he gave the tickets to the man, winked at the little girl and then turned to head back stage again.

The lights went down moments later and Kimber took the violin to her shoulder. She closed her eyes half way. Took a deep breath, and.. the sounds of her music began to flow, and the curtain began to ripple open leaving Kimber standing there playing her violin in the spotlight of the black stage. The music, was soft, slow, almost hauntingly beautiful. A story she had heard, from an older woman once. A story of the war and the wife that waited at home for the husband that never came. A beautiful story that she had taken, and pushed into music. It was the only sad song she would play tonight, but it was touching. She wanted to share it. And share she would.
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PostSubject: Re: A Concert for the Ages (Kimber)   Tue Sep 11, 2012 3:16 pm

The evening had begun very well, and Jack was enjoying his time with his daughter more than anything. Despite being only seven years of age, Amanda had been astute and completely correct that the pair didn't spend nearly enough time together. Jack completely blamed himself for that, as his job kept him away from his family more often than not. Beyond that, he tried to not think about the danger aspect of the job especially since he couldn't stomach the idea of leaving Amanda as an orphan.

While they waited for the show to start, a gentleman appeared and handed jack some backstage passes, explaining that they would be expected backstage after the show. Amanda leaned over her armrest to regard the passes before Jack tucked them in his inner jacket pocket.

Why do you think she gave us those?

I'm not sure, maybe she just wants to meet up before dinner? If she cancels, I will never forgive her. He chuckled to himself before he noticed Amanda watching him with an expectant yet hopeful look, causing him to sigh.

It was funny how completely unrelenting his seven year old daughter had become about finding him a suitable match. The only problem with that, besides practically everything, was that Amanda lacked the experience and maturity to recognize that not every woman he met was the woman. Either way, it was both adorable yet frustrating.

I know what you're thinking, young lady, and you can stop it. There is nothing about Miss Grace that eludes to attraction. This is a kind gesture on her part, nothing more.

Amanda seemed to listen but not take heed as she sat back in her seat as music began from behind the curtain. The flowing sounds of Kimber's music penetrated through the now silent theater. Curtains began to part, revealing an elaborate pick dress that elicited a gasp from Amanda. That was a new desire of the bouncy child already, Jack could tell.

As he listened to the music, flashes of a story began to formulate of a person waiting for a loved one who would never return. It felt like there was a war, or a violent conflict involved...duty was a difficult cross to bear. It seemed so sad, yet, so real. Thoughts of Celeste flashed to Jack, the thought that he would spend his entire life waiting for her to return from the gods knew where. The haunting music set distinct moods in the pair, as Jack's daughter grabbed his hand and laid her head on his arm, clinging to him. He realized that she was upset, worried that she would be in that situation...waiting for him.

The thought of it striking back at him made him make a resolution, there and then, to keep himself safe, simply for Amanda. The music faded and people leapt to their feet in applause. jack was slower to stand, but he applauded with everyone else, sitting down in anticipation of what other selections Kimber Grace would bestow upon them.
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PostSubject: Re: A Concert for the Ages (Kimber)   Wed Sep 12, 2012 9:46 am

Sad song over.

Sometimes, Kimber Grace had a method. A way that she gathered the audiences attention. Many times, if you started with something that was much too light hearted then you would find yourself with an audiences who's attention wandered. But she had found, for the most part, if you started with something that captured their attention. Something dark, or sad, or some sort of adventure. Then, you would get their attention early, and you would not lose them as you continued through the concert.

Kimber smiled softly, as the applause echoed from the audience and onto the stage. Filling the area around her. Permeating into her ear drums and reminding her once more why she did what she did. It was not the money. Surprisingly, while she lived comfortably, she did not charge outrageous amounts for her concerts. She wanted, instead, to have more people there. It was the joy of the audience that she loved. The way that she could touch them, make them feel things through her music that they might not have experienced on their own.

When they audience returned to their seats, Kimber's eyes shifted to the seats she had sent. Sure enough. There was Jack, and his daughter beside him. She gave a soft smile. Pointed the bow of her violin at the little girl, and then... lifted it back over to her violin, and began the last song she would play on the violin.

drip.. drop...

Drip.. Drop...

DRip... DRop....


The shower was sudden. Those that were outside, giggled with delight as the rain fell upon them. Coating the eye lashes of the passers by, and soaking their hair. Children giggled as they splashed into and out of the impromptu puddles. There were the giggles of delight. Sighs from parents, and laughter of those that were allowed to play in the rain.

A father and daughter, rushed through the rain. Trying to get dry, and yet, she did not wish to be dry. Instead, she wished to play.


The water came up, soaking her father's pant leg. The little girl delighted in a giggle. Her hair dripping went, falling into the puddle, water returning to water with silent drips. The sound of the rain was deafening. Yet there was no lightning, there was no thunder. There was only rain, and laughter, and the bright chance of making a memory.

Puddles, were waiting. Stomp, and splash. A melody of it's own, as the symphony of the world quieted the man-made noises and drowned out the screams and cries of illcontent, allowing the children to play. To squeal, and laugh, to jump and splash, the beautiful day was complete with soaked children, with smiling faces, and appointments missed to live the day in a way never thought of before.
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PostSubject: Re: A Concert for the Ages (Kimber)   Thu Sep 13, 2012 1:38 am

At the end of the applause, Jack seemed to notice that Kimber seemed to soak in the applause, like she could feel it. She deserved it, Ms. Grace truly had a gift, she could make people feel her music. Conners could see it now, the story as clear as day. When he finally sat from applauding, Jack found himself excited for the next song. Kimber finally smiled to the audience and pointed out Amanda with the bow of her violin. The gasp that came from Amanda was audible in the theater, and it brought a large smile to both father and daughter's faces.

Daddy! Did you see that!? Came a softer excited utterance moments before the music began to start again.

Jack merely nodded softly with a smile as he ushered her back in to her seat for the next song. As the music began to flow throughout the air of the theater, he simply closed his eyes and enjoyed the music. That feeling came back, the felling of being taken over by the music, and he began to feel small droplets of water. He knew it was rain, and he knew he wasn't alone. Trying to get try, and Amanda trying to splash every puddle she could leap to whilst still holding hands with her father.

Through random acts and life taking over, the two ended up drenched and splashing in puddles for fun...wetness be damned. Somewhere in his subconscious, Jack knew it wasn't happening but somewhere, deep in his mind, he wished it was going on right now. When was the last time he played in the rain? Had he ever done that with Amanda? He felt like he should be doing that soon...now...no, not now. There were important things to do tonight. It was at that moment Jack Conners decided the next rainy day would be a day off...and he would spend it with his daughter.

The music trailed off and Jack opened to his eyes and began applauding as if it was an instinct. He looked over and saw Amanda standing on her chair, doing the same. She gave him a look that screamed "I want to do that...." followed quickly by a more submissive "please" look. He saw Kimber begin to put away her violin, and he wondered what was going on, a tug on his coat arm confirmed that he wasn't the only one.

Daddy, is it over? It can't be over!

I don't think it is sweetheart, just be patient.

With that, Amanda slowly retreated in to her seat and Jack sat softly, awaiting the next piece.
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PostSubject: Re: A Concert for the Ages (Kimber)   Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:15 am

It wasn't over. It was not yet over, how could a concert be a concert with only two songs played. No, as Kimber placed her beautiful violin in it's cradle on the stage, she knew that her concert was not over. Kimber did not do as much violin on stage as she did piano. Mostly, because there were things she could do with the keys of a piano, with the foot pedals, and so forth that she could not do with a violin. Even if the violin was much easier to take with her, and thus one of her favorite musical instruments.

Though tonight, for her single last song, her finale, she had a surprise for her audience.

She moved gracefully over to the piano and she began to sit down. Tucking her skirts around her and the stage shifted the piano sat on a circle that allowed her to swing around so the audience could see her a little bit as she played, as well as the beautiful piano. Which was hand carved, stained a dark beautiful finished, and toned to perfection. The dias would slowly turn while she played so that everyone would see her. No one would be left out. It was the way she liked her concerts.

Kimber placed her fingers on the gently carved wooden keys and took a deep breath. Slowly, the melody shifted and began.


White was everywhere. The layers upon layers of white. Tiny crystaline flowers, sparkling in the sunlight. Gentle pendants, and soft crystalline beads. The wedding dress was lovely, and it was almost time for the festivities to begin. The church resonated loudly with the toll of the bells above, claiming the time.

Time to walk.

Excitment. Bubbling up and over. Today was the day of dreams and promises. Today was the day of happiness and futures. She was so happy, excited, she could barely contain herself as the double doors opened. At the end, her love. Eyes falling upon the person there, excitement and nerves bubbling up and down.

Was this the right thing? Yes. Was it time? Yes. The music took over the ceremony the soft footfalls of the bride upon the soft carpet of the beautiful church. Family and friends watch. Flowers fall at her feet. Birds sing above. It's lovely, completely lovely but what waits for her at the end of it all is the very best.


Today would seal her future in love.
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PostSubject: Re: A Concert for the Ages (Kimber)   Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:33 pm

Jack and Amanda watched with the rest of the audience in complete silence as she switched instruments. It was an amazing thing to be in a packed theater and hear practically no sound as the young blond placed her violin carefully in its holder and moved to the piano that was now very prevalent on stage. Jack hadn't even noticed the curtain opening to reveal it. He had heard of Ms. Kimber's audience being a near captive group, but he didn't believe it until he truly lived it.

As the music began, images once again began to flood Jack's mind. White upon white, and he instantly smiled a knowing smile. He knew where he was. It was his wedding, the day he committed himself to Celeste, Amanda's mother. The moment the doors opened, and her wide brimmed smile met his own as she practically ran down the aisle.

Instantly, it was over.

Other images began taking over his mind, and he was once again somewhere else. He stared at a large wooden double door and his arm was entwined with a slender one wrapped in lace.

I'm nervous Dad, should I be nervous? a young woman asked in a soft, melodic tone. It only made Jack smile. Not at all, pumpkin, he's the man you love. I know you're excited, just let that show. Its what you mother did, never stopped smiling. The girl next to him giggled and rested her head on his shoulder.

Thanks, Dad. I love you.

Jack's eyes shot open, wet with tears. It was so beautiful, seeing both his wife and his daughter married off. Feelings of love, pain, loss, and hope rippled through him as the music faded and the people began to regain their wits. Sobs and emotions began to bounce off the acoustic surfaces before the theater roared in applause, a standing ovation if there ever was one! Jack rose and clapped and was knocked lightly to the side by a small, red force. Amanda clung to him, tears streaming down her face. I love you, daddy.

Jack merely hugged her close with one arm as he let a loud whistle fly. The applause lasted for some time, and slowly died down. It seemed people screamed for more, and were nearly desperate for an encore. When one finally wasn't given the people began to dissipate and leave the theater. Amanda and Jack stayed in their seats and walked up to a security guard, showing their passes. They were given admittance to Ms. Grace's dressing room and Jack began a slow clap as they entered.

You were fantastic. It was a near-religious experience. Thank you...again, and again Kimber. Oh! Kimber Grace, this is my daughter, Amanda Conners.

A shy girl waved from behind her father's legs, smiling. Hi.
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PostSubject: Re: A Concert for the Ages (Kimber)   Mon Oct 15, 2012 9:25 am

Kimber left the stage to an enormous amount of applause. It was not abnormal for the blonde woman. Afterall, she was really good, and she was certain that every time she played she was reaching people in a new way. Perhaps a better way, than she had the last time she had played. Each time, seemed to reach further into the minds and thoughts of people listening to her. Touching their memories. Giving them hope. She wondered if the spell, or whatever one could call it, dropped when the people left, or instead, stayed on .. them carrying their hope with them as they headed towards their home. If that was the case, great things could be done.

Entering her room alone, she gave a silent sigh. Placing her silver violin in it's case of purple. Knowing, that there was a weapon hidden within the case, so that she could protect herself if need be. That was important. She was silent. She could not scream for help. If the attacker touched her, they too would be silent. No one would hear a thing, and, it frightened her a great deal.

Kimber slid her shoes from her feet. Standing now, three inches lower, her dress' skirts pooled a bit at her feet as she moved over to the couch that was always in her dressing rooms and sat down. She was not tired, yet, but it would come. it always did after a large performance such as this. So much went into her music, and she never slept the night before. Through nerves and excitement.

She heard the footsteps, one large, one small, coming in the direction of her room. And she figured, or rather hoped, that it would be Jack Conners and his daughter. She had made sure, they had passes delivered when they had arrived. She had something for his daughter. He would not take it otherwise. She was going to give it directly to the girl. Not him. There would, and could, be no fuss over such a thing. A gift for his daughter, never passing his hand, would not count as a gift from .. witness to police officer.

She stood up just as they entered. The little one was hidden so far behind her father, she could barely be seen. Kimber's eyes widened and she smiled at Jack as he mentioned that her performance was fantastic. The little one, peeked out and said a very shy hi. Kimber knelt down, in her very expensive and fancy dress, knees on the floor. She smiled at the girl. Giving a warm smile and holding her hand out for the girl. Waiting. Patiently, she waited until the girl finally reached out and took her hand. She pulled the girl forward gently before letting go. So she would not take the girls' speech from her.

She pressed a button on her table, and a small bell chimed. In moments feet were running down the hallway, and the interpretor, that Jack knew too well entered the room a bit out of breath. Kimber began to sign to the little girl.

~I have a gift for you. Little one.~ She turned and grabbed the CD that she had recorded for the little girl, and handed it to her. Once her hands were free again, she would continue. ~This will take those dreams away. This will let you sleep. You will not be troubled, so long as you listen to this when you sleep.~

She gave a warm smile at the little girl, hoping she would like it. Hoping that she would understand, she would not have those dreams anymore so long as she listened to the songs.
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PostSubject: Re: A Concert for the Ages (Kimber)   

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A Concert for the Ages (Kimber)
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