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 What Happens After You Save The Princess (Canon ICC)

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PostSubject: What Happens After You Save The Princess (Canon ICC)   Fri Aug 24, 2012 3:16 pm

Iris Kelrina heaved an annoyed sigh and leaned her head back to rest on the wall behind her. One foot was propped up on the wall, making her knee stick out in front of her. Her arms were crossed in front of her, her blue leather jacket unzipped to show the black lace top beneath it. She was waiting for Daven, it seemed The High Lord wished to thank Daven personally for saving Iris the other night. The appearance of a fully outfitted Slayer team was news the Clan disliked...a lot. Iris brought her hand up to inspect her newly sharpened nails for chips in the polish. Her hair was perhaps a bit more tame then she usually wore it, a french braid that roamed it's way over the expanse of her scalp...elaborate, but she woke up this evening and just hated her hair.

Daven Nevad was rather interested to see what the hidden clan looked like on the inside and where exactly it was. He had been given message that day to meet whoever it was that would be taking him there just a block or so from where he was walking now. He ran a hand through his hair and turned to make a right only to see Iris standing against the wall which of course brought a devilish smirk to his face. The last time he saw here it was rather wild and enjoyable of course he was still sporting the marks she left upon him but he decided not to bring it up. Walking over to her he leaned against her and matched her pose exactly "Fancy seeing you here sweetheart."

Iris Kelrina smiled wickedly as she saw Daven, though she didn't move to greet him. "Who did you expect? They knew I was the only member of the clan you trusted." she told him matter of factly. Standing up away from the wall, she pulled a black blindfold from her back pocket. "I know how much it will annoy you, but it seems they don't trust you enough yet to let you know where the clan has claimed it's home." She held it out to him. This was simple, if he put it on, Iris would lead him away, if he didn't then they wouldn't be going and he could forget about his personal thank you and possibly insult the high lord of the Blood Rose Clan in the process.

Daven Nevad shook his head and laughed "Iris I think we are beyond just simple trust after our last meeting." Alright so he couldn't help himself but hey it couldn't exactly hurt to make a little joke could it? The smile on her face was taken as a sign that she was glad to see him that or just glad he decided to show up so she didn't end up standing here all damn night. Taking the blindfold he shrugged and tied it off around his eyes "Now things are already headed in the right direction."

Iris Kelrina reached out and slid her icy cold fingers into his, lacing them together. "Don't start, the last thing the clans need to know is how I re-payed you for rescuing me." she admonished teasingly. "But seriously...don't mention it...they'll be asking questions for weeks and driving me up a damn wall. The last thing I need is to feel like maiming my own clan." she muttered, pulling him into the building they'd been standing against. She was careful to go slow enough so that he wouldn't lose his footing and stumble.

Daven Nevad shook his head as he tied the blindfold off around his face and his hand intertwined with her own. "Discretion is the better part of valor my dear. Mums the word." He was pulled along blindly and while normally something like this would not be allowed he did in a way trust the vampiress and so he allowed her to lead the way.

Iris Kelrina led him through the building, which served as a front and a safe house for the clan, down a flight of stairs and into the basement. She didn't bother turning on the lights as she didn't need them, and moved to the back wall. Removing one of the books on the bookcase ,she opened it and pressed her hand to the hidden palm scanner inside. Once she replaced the book, the wall swung forward revealing a door behind it. "Ancilla Iris Quintilla Kelrina, 5th of Caine." she spoke. There was a clicking sound and the door opened for them. She pulled him through, touching the panel on the inside to make sure it closed behind her. There were many such secret entrances all over the city for the Various clans, the Blood Rose made their home deep underground, better to hide from the constant mana sweeps on the surface. She pulled him down a serious of hallways, all designed to cause someone to get lost if they didn't know the way and brought him to an elevator. Once they were inside, she keyed in her secret code, added a blood sample to the small bowl sticking out and the elevator began to move. Only then did she pull off his blindfold. The elevator was rather elegantly done in a deep shade of red, gold threading embroidered patterns giving it a regal feel. "You are here as a Guest, which means you will not be harmed so long as you do not harm a member of the Clan or one of our pets without our permission."

Daven Nevad was tugged and stopped then tugged some more and stopped again it was kind of exciting and at the same time he found himself second guessing his decision to except this invitation to the clan. He knew as they walked that he was heading underground as the smell and cool air lead him to believe. As she punched in key codes and spoke he did his best to remember the sounds and such but there was no use as he caught the sound of her blood hitting the bowl. There would be no way to come back here on his own without being turned and he wasn't even sure if he could be or if that the hold would take. He decided that he would have to look into it down the road as a vampiric demon with the power he held would be one hell of a problem to deal with and this caused him to smile. The blindfold was removed and he let his eyes adjust to the setting around him before turning to Iris and nodding "I wouldn't want to harm anyone down here unless they tried to cause so harm or issue a threat of some kind. Maybe if they looked at me funny to then I might try something." He leaned back against the elevator and waited for the doors to open.

Iris Kelrina glanced at him out of the corner of her eye as he said this last bit and it was obvious that she didn't like it. "Don't embarrass me Daven, this is a great honor you're receiving, don't treat it like a toy. I know this won't mean much to you being a demon...but it means a lot to us." she stated. There were no indicators to tell them how far down they were traveling, but it was considerable. Finally the elevator slowed and opened up onto a large cavernous entryway. The floor was emblazoned with the red rose emblem that Iris wore around her neck and that was tattooed on her shoulder. The entry way rose up to four stories above them where Rose herself stared down at them. She bare a striking resemblance to Iris but older, as if Iris might have one day become her if she'd had a chance to grow up. A grand staircase wrapped around the outside of the entry way, leading to the floors above. "Welcome to the Blood Rose Clan." Iris told him.

Daven Nevad nodded his head "I am only having fun Iris. I will put on my game face now and show your clan the proper respect. As much as you may think I am taking this as a joke I do indeed feel honored to be welcomed in these walls." The doors opened and the sight before him brought a genuine smile to his face as he took in the detail and craftsmanship that went into the hideout of the Rose clan. The woman up above looking down on them bore a strikingly familiar look to her and when he looked at Iris once more he knew where he had seen that face before. He offered the woman a smile and turned back to Iris as she welcomed him. "I am both honored and humbled." He was honored to be sure but humbled he was not it just seemed to sound good.

Iris Kelrina snorted at his last word, she knew him better then that. Stepping out of the elevator, her heels clicked on the marbled tiles. "Come on..the meeting hall is this way." she said, motioning for him to follow her. He would receive some strange looks, though not necessarily unfriendly, simply cautious. It wasn't often outsiders were allowed in. A couple of people they passed would scurry to get out of Iris' way, and she paid them no mind, as if they were beneath her. "Lord Xaxos and Lord Ranos are Third Gens, turned by Rose herself. Lady Maris is a second Gen though she doesn't lead the clan, even though by all rights she could." Iris explained to Daven as she led him into the halls behind the grand staircase.

Daven Nevad watched them all as they moved to get out of her way and others simply stared at him with caution while studying him. He found it odd that he would be looked upon with caution while in the home of the clan itself where there numbers could overwhelm him rather easily. Listening to Iris rattle of the generations he perked his eyebrow as she explained them and tilted his head. "What of the vampire who hunts his own kind?" The question was one he was sure she would understand. "I have heard bits and pieces about him mainly the kind of trash that gets filtered through bars but is there merit to it?"

Iris Kelrina stiffened visibly as he mentioned the Traitor. "Our reports out of Bastion say yes. He's a Traitor to the clans and his own kind, and he better hope none of us find him. His death will be slow and painful, and if I'm very very lucky, I'll get to keep his fangs as souvenirs." she growled, her fingers curling into fists.

Daven Nevad walked with her even as she grew stiff he would keep his pace and decided to see how the mention of this one would be taken. It seemed he had really managed to piss them all off and that was a good thing because it would mean he had the ability to get in real good with the Rose clan should he decide that he wanted to deliver the beast. "Well my dear I don't like the look the mention of the beast has brought to your face so what do you saw we forget him and you can show me to where it is I am supposed to go. I like it better when your smiling that sadistic and evil smile of yours."

Iris Kelrina rewarded him with just the smile he was talking about. "This way," She said, guiding him down the hall to a set of double doors. They looked as if they should have a set of guards standing outside. Roses had been carved into the dark wood. She pushed them open, leading him into the meeting hall. It was a circular room, three large seats, just short of being called thrones, sat across from them. All the way around the room were rows of benches, most filled with vampires. "My Lords, My Lady." Iris greeted them, dropping into a low bow before them. "May I present the Demon, Daven Nevad." she turned slightly and motioned him to join her standing in front of the three chairs, each one holding a Vampire who looked no older then their early thirties.

Daven Nevad Looked around at each vampire that was seated and then to three before him before locking eyes with each one and giving them a nod. The place he came from one would show respect bu locking eyes with the one you were engaging and then bowing your head. To lock eyes with someone was universal as a sign of respect when speaking to someone or greeting someone and the bowing of the head showed submissiveness in the given situation. To them it may appear as a simple nod but for him it was one of the greater signs of respect. As Iris signaled for him to follow her he did just that until they stood before the three that looked no older then he.

Iris Kelrina when the male vampire sitting in the middle waved his hand Iris scurried off to the side to take a spot on a bench next to a young Vampiress who laid her head on Iris' shoulder. She held the same crazed look to her eyes that Iris did. The male vampire in the center stood up, and moved to Daven. "I am High Lord Xaxos, and I want to thank you for saving our little Iris, she is a great treasure to us." Iris wrinkled her nose at his words in annoyance but made no audible sound.

Daven Nevad watched Iris scurry off and the only thing that moved was his eyes to follow her as she sat down to the other crazed little girl. Turning back as Xaxos approached he nodded his head. "There is no need for this great honor High Lord. I was simply in the right place at the right time and she is as much a treasure to me as she is to you sir."

Iris Kelrina reached ah and out to take the hand of the girl sitting next to her, the two of them could almost be bookends, a perfect pair. "Be that as it may, We would like to offer you a gift, anything you like, within our power of course. Simply name whatever you'd like." Xaxos offered him, Iris seemed to perk up at this, apparently she had not been aware of this.

Daven Nevad looked around at them all for a moment and seemed to think about it a moment as he thought and thought. The only thing he wanted was to be free and if ever the world had great necromancers and summoners then the vampires would have those black arts covered correct? "High Lord Xaxos you have honored me beyond words not once but twice now. However the thing I want may be beyond even the power of this great and powerful clan." Turning to look over them all and then back to Xaxos "I am a demon if you did not already know and the one thing I want is to break free of this shell and set my own scales upon this world." He did say scales and he wondered if there might be a question as to exactly what he looked like which would be fun to answer. Most demons took root in there victims and simply played behind the scenes but Daven was in full control of his chosen body and it was nothing more then a transport device now.

Iris Kelrina smiled at his words, but knew they wouldn't be able to give him what he asked for. "I'm sorry Daven, We do not have that kind of power." Lord Xaxos told him, sincerity written on his face. "I can give you this though." Lord Xaxos pulled from the pocket of his incredibly nice suit a dark leather bracelet carved with a red rose. "You will be known as a friend to the Blood Rose Clan, and welcome at any of our safe houses around the city should you have the need." He told Daven, holding out the strap of leather.

Daven Nevad nodded his head and a look that told him he expected that answer was written upon his face. The offer of the bracelet however brought a smile to it quickly and he held his hand out to except the offered gift. "Thank you High Lord Xaxos and all of Clan Rose for this gift you have so honored me with. I will truly hold this moment as one of the greatest I have come to experience so far in my time among Terra and count you as my allies and friends in the days to come." At that moment Clan Rose became protected in his mind as an alley when and if he managed to raise his demon army.

Iris Kelrina got up from her seat and moved to stand next to Daven. "There's been a small celebration dinner prepared for you Daven. Should you wish to partake of course." Iris offered, the young vampiress who'd she'd been so close with came with her, standing just behind Iris, her hand on Iris' hip. She was a bit taller then Iris, and looked almost a bit Elven.

Daven Nevad leaned in at the mention of dinner and whispered to Iris "I don't wish to offend but I am a strong believer in killing what I eat myself and what I eat is the hearts and flesh of other beings. No race is excluded as I would hate to be called a biggot." He smiled to her and then held his hand out to the girl behind her with the elven look to her "Daven Nevad my dear it is a pleasure to meet you."

Iris Kelrina giggled softly at Daven's words. The second he held his hand out to her friend, Iris' immediately shot out to clutch one of the girl's who frowned at her as if Iris had ruined all her fun. "Melantha Jaral, pleasure to meet you as well." She told Daven, taking his hand in her own and shaking it. It wouldn't be until they stopped touching each other that Iris would release Mel's hand. "Melantha is my best friend." Iris offered, the vampires who'd been watching seemed to be moving on with their evenings, the ceremonies done now.

Daven Nevad was a bit confused by Iris gripping the woman's hand and the best he could come up with was that she had some sort of life draining power or something of the sort. "The pleasure is all mine." He watched the vampires depart to go about whatever it is they did when not entertaining the sight of a demon among them and smiled to Iris." I do believe this is my que to be going."

Iris Kelrina frowned slightly. "I'll take you back up to the surface. Mel...be good." Melantha stuck her tongue out at Iris, her long hair turning a slightly red color for a moment. Iris motioned for Daven to follow her back out to the entrance hall. "Are you sure you don't want to stay?" she asked him.

Daven Nevad was prepared to leave but the frown Iris gave him was far to cute in a vicious sort of way that when she asked if he wanted to stay he sighed. "How can I say no to you? Besides if I leave now it would be disrespectful to everyone who went through the trouble of preparing dinner. Lead the way my evil little temptress." He slid the clan bracelet on as he spoke making sure to roll up the sleeves of his shirt so they would see it and know that he did indeed appreciate the gift.

Iris Kelrina smiled happily as he assented. She turned on her heel and all but skipped down the hallway. Mel fell in next to her from out of no where, and the two made quite the pair of creepy bat shit insane vampires. It would be rather apparent that Iris was the sane one of the pair, and kept Mel in check.

Daven Nevad followed the two screw loose, blood thirsty, bat shit insane, cute ass having, vampires down the hallway and was a bit surprised to find Iris the more sane of the two. If he was capable of feeling uneasy he would have at that moment being around the one known as Mel. He however seemed rather calm and almost suave amongst the vampires around him because in truth the things he had seen in the place where he was created made them all look like kittens. There were twisted and vile things that he saw and even did in his true form that would make the strongest of stomachs turn and it was because of this he was able to act so calm.

Iris Kelrina turned them into a large dining hall. This one didn't hold such a grand feeling to it as most of the house and there was no sign of the lords or ladies present. Most of the vampires here were young, though Iris was perhaps the youngest feeling. "This is the Ancilla Dining Hall." Iris told him. Despite how young she was, it was obvious the other Ancilla respected her...or at least feared her. Mel and Iris swept through the room to sit at the center table. Immediately a young human girl scurried in from a nearby door with two glasses of blood. "Give Daven one of the menus." Iris told her, she bowed low and scurried back out the door to retrieve it.

Daven Nevad saw the younger vampires scurry about here and there doing there own thing and Daven could feel at that moment how old he truly was. To the vampires these were the young and to him the race as a whole was just getting started and on a glorious rise. He sat as instructed and the girl ran off to get a menu as he leaned back in the chair and grinned "Well your clan seems to know the value of a comfortable chair I must say."

Iris Kelrina sipped her glass of blood for a moment. "The Blood Rose clan collects things. Powers, talents, beauty, art...everything that the world might cherish for its uniqueness. Each Vampire it Sires has a power and either has or is taught an art like dance or music. Even our pets are talented." The young female human returned to hand Daven a menu, she kept her eyes down cast. Her dress was simple, white with red roses embroidered along the hem. "That is Gemma, she was an orphan on the streets and we took her in. We see to it that she wants for nothing and she honors us in return by serving us."Iris explained.

Daven Nevad took the menu in hand and looked it over before looking to the girl who brought it to him a little more carefully. His hand reached out and stroked her cheek a moment before he turned back to Iris. "I see nothing but beauty here and I will say I can appreciate a good eye for art. I am a bit of an artist myself although I am not sure you would be much a fan of my type of art."

Iris Kelrina gave hi ma coy smile. "Knowing you,I'm sure I would appreciate it but Mel here would love to see you work one night. The two of you could paint the town red...literally." Mel elbowed Iris and Iris retaliated by pushing her off her chair. The menu would have all sorts of things, human cuisine and most of the meats could be ordered raw if he'd prefer.

Daven Nevad looked it over and sighed a moment then seemed to get a spark in his eye before turning back to the waitress. "One of your traitors or prisoners if that is something that can be done. I would like it alive if no one objects that is. If not ill take any old heart you have laying around in the back as bloody and fresh as can be managed."

Iris Kelrina laughed at the nearly horrified look on poor Gemma's face. Mel perked up, edging closer to Daven. "Bring him the traitor from the corporations I brought in yesterday. High Lord Xaxos told me I could do what I wanted with him, seems as fitting as ever." Iris shrugged and Gemma scurried off once more.

Daven Nevad looked about as Gemma ran to get him his meal and then looked at the table as if he was searching for something. "I need a large blade, some rather think pins or needles and some string. If you wish to see my art for what it is then I shall honor that request." The smile on his face and the fire in his eyes told the stories of horror that he would show through the beauty of art this evening. "Ahh and some restraints."

Iris Kelrina giggled softly. "Not here, you'll ruin the carpet. Also...I need to put Mel someplace safe so she doesn't go ape shit and we have to put her down again." Iris said and Mel seemed rather offended by this for a moment and then shrugged her shoulders as if accepting it for the truth it was.

Daven Nevad smirked and nodded in understanding "Alright so what do you say you find a place to do this and set it up where Mel will be safe to enjoy the show and we will get on with this then." He looked between the two waiting to see if this was an agreeable solution and cracked his neck slightly before standing. "Or we can do this another night if that is easier the choice is up to you but I warn you now that after I eat I tend to get sleepy as it can take hours to do my work. Things will be rather....messy."
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What Happens After You Save The Princess (Canon ICC)
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