A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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PostSubject: Vampires    Wed Feb 29, 2012 7:22 pm

Children of Caine
more commonly known as Vampires

At the beginning of the Great Conflagration, the Courts of Light and Shadow were planning their retaliation against the Humans. Elder Kal-risash Achaleu of the Shamenic Elves from the Court of Light and Tor'loro Ocheu of the High Shades from the Court of Shadow, paired together to create a weapon to use against the humans. Their reasoning was that every species needed a predator, and the humans had none. The subject of their magical experiments was a young human male named Caine Torrod. Unspeakable magics were used upon his still living form but the worst would come after his death. Light and Shadow would come together to bring Caine back from the land of the dead. Their experiment succeeded, far better then they could have ever hoped. Caine's body was essentially dead, he had no need to breathe, or eat, or sleep, but the resurrection left him with an almost blinding thirst for human blood and deadly allergy to the sun.

His body needed the rich life giving energy of fresh human blood in order to repair itself. Caine himself had gone slightly crazy during the experiment and turned on his creators. Tor'loro managed to escape but Elder Kal-risash was not so lucky. So soon after his creation, with magic still coursing through his body, the fresh infusion of Elven blood caused a mutation of the spell that brought him back. His strength and agility and speed increased far beyond the human standards. They had created him to be a mindless killing machine, but the mutation made him something far worse. Caine became a predator the world had never seen, his thirst for human blood knew no bounds. Locked forever in his human youth, his body able to repair even the most heinous of injuries. The mutation gave him the ability to Compel a human by looking directly into their eyes and forcing his will upon them. He was the wolf in sheep's clothing, unleashed on the world to incite destruction and thin the herd.

Until the Courts realized that something had gone wrong during the creation of this weapon, Caine could make more of himself. He could turn other humans into slightly less powerful versions of himself. That was never supposed to be possible, the weapon creating more weapons? His first creation was nearly by accident, a battle gone wrong in which a knife covered in his blood was used to kill a human female. The female died with his blood coursing through her system and she came back just as he had. Her name was Rose, and when Caine realized he was no longer alone in his undead life he convinced her to come with him. Together they walked the world of Terra, leaving rivers of blood in their footsteps. When a human caught their interest, they would turn them, adding to their ranks and increasing their power.

Caine however was growing bored with his undead and never changing life. Rose and Caine decided they were tired of never dying. Together they climbed to the highest cliff and waited until the sun rose above them, turning them to ash in each others arms. This however, left their children without any guidance. They fought amongst themselves, vying for a power they could never hold. This formed the Clans and the Generations. They thought of Caine as the First Generation of the Vampires, the most powerful. Rose was the first of the Second Generation of Vampires, Sired by Caine himself. Those that Rose had Sired would become the Third Generation. Each Generation becoming less powerful then the one who created them. Vampires became a power unto themselves, taking no side in the war but their own. Some Vampires began to test other forms of sustenance like feeding on animals. While this worked, the Vampires who drank the blood of animals would always be weaker then the Vampires who lived on the blood of Humans. Vampires can be "re-sired" by a Vampire of a higher generation in order to gain more power. Re-siring is very dangerous as it requires the Vampire to almost reach True Death. Most don't survive the process, and those that do often come back completely crazy.

A Vampire can be killed by exposure to direct sunlight, removal of it's head, or by being set on fire. A sustained wound to a Vampires heart, such as a wooden stake or a metal pole will paralyze a vampire but only so long as the foreign object remains lodged in it's heart. The longer a Vampire goes without feeding, the more his body will begin to waste away. With their lust for blood always just beneath the surface, it can be very difficult for a Vampire to ignore their thirst to go without blood long enough to feel such effects. As they are predators, they were made to blend in. Their fangs only descend when they are about to feed or when they are wounded or angry. Their fingernails lengthen into claws. The further into the Blood Lust they fall, the redder their eyes will become. The only way to tell a vampire from a normal human is by the touch of their cold skin, the lack of heartbeat, their lack of reflection in mirrors, and the flash of light reflected in their eyes at the right angle.

Clans of Vampires are usually kept small, the Elders of which are usually a direct descendent of Caine or Rose. In order to become a Vampire, a human must die with vampire blood in their system. This could be as simple as drinking a vampire's blood before death, or as complicated as being the innocent bystander in a fight with a vampire and getting shot with a bullet that first went through the vampire. There is no cure, once a vampire, always a vampire. Vampire Blood, ingested by a Human will give the Human heightened senses and heightened physical attributes that will fade as their body works to cleanse the Vampire blood from their system. Every ounce of Vampire blood consumed takes about an hour for the Human body to burn it off. However, if you die while the blood is still in your system, you will come back a Vampire.

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