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 It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]

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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Wed Nov 28, 2012 4:06 am

She heard Veles follow her into the kitchen and her eyes swooped over to him. A slight gasp escaped her lips as she finally seemed to notice a big difference between them right now now – clothes. The blush that flared to life spread like wildfire from her cheeks, down her neck, to her upper chest and the tops of her shoulders. With the quietest of meeps, she slipped past him, grabbing hold of the door jamb as the socks slid over the slick floor, and nearly hurled herself into the archery range in her hurry. A few expletives whispered past her lips as she grabbed up the shirt he’d provided for her and quickly threw it on.

Elegant fingers, slightly raw from the taught string of his other bow, hurriedly buttoned the shirt on as she stepped back into the kitchen, much slower now that she was covered. A look of embarrassment was plastered to her face, but the grin on his caused her lips to widen into a smile. Once the shirt was buttoned (mostly), she continued over towards the sink, carefully rolling both sleeves up so as not to get them soaked from the dishes.

His voice rose up just as she pulled on the knob to get the water started and she looked in his direction. The most evil? No, that couldn’t be right. “I’m pretty sure badgers are…” she mumbled in response, the look on her face one of contemplation. The arch of her right brow, however, spoke plainly enough of the humor of the comment so that he knew she was attempting to crack a joke. It wasn’t something she did often, but it couldn’t hurt to try, right?

Her blush returned slightly as his lips pressed against her shoulder. Even through the light fabric, she could almost feel the moisture his peck would leave behind, and a smile trickled back onto her lips to stay throughout the duration of the chore.

By the time they were done, Sybil’s fingers had gone from raw, to raisin. Her emerald orbs studied the wrinkled flesh of her fingertips as Veles put the last clean dish away, but they looked up as he began to tell her of his plans. She listened intently, trying to decide if he was speaking the truth and inviting her along, or if there was more meaning beneath what he’d said.

The prospect of hunting was a tempting one. She was intrigued to see him in action… from a safe distance this time. She wondered if all this human… stuff… had altered his hunting habits from her own basic, instinctive ones. Seven beasts was quite a lot for one wolf, after all. Even for such a large, powerful one as him. Although, if it was for picky, ignorant humans, perhaps they would require more.

“Why not teach them?” she asked, her head slipping to the side in slight confusion. “Why not show them how to eat all of the deer, rather than let them be picky? It would lessen your load, but they’d still need you to hunt, so you wouldn’t lose the job altogether,” she shrugged, fiddling with the button on the right cuff of her borrowed shirt. In the end, it was his job, to decide how to go about it. She didn’t have all the details, surely, but if she knew Veles as well as she hoped she did, he wouldn’t disapprove of her input.

His need to visit Librium was also a tantalizing choice, though. If they went to the city, she could pick up her bow… and some clothes that fit her. True to her feline nature, she couldn’t help but ask about his other jobs.

“So, what do you do? On the jobs that aren’t nice, that is.”

She, herself, was a hunter. What the prey was, it didn’t matter. She took jobs for food, beasts, and even people with bounties on their heads. So long as it paid enough to pay for the apartment and allowed her to travel, she was happy. There was always danger involved with hunting for a living, but it was in her nature. It was also in Veles’ nature. So, if he said that his office gave him tasks that weren’t nice, she wondered what exactly he was paid to do…
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:08 pm

Veles grinned the entire time that he and Sybil tended to the chores, she had even quipped a joke into the mix. Good to know she was still enjoying herself as much as he was. As she listened to his small ramble regarding his list of things to do, she was still taking interest. The questions she asked about trading with the humans were very unique. It showed an amazing awareness of working alongside others, even though she had been raised in relative solitude. She strove for efficiency, and the community as a whole growing more intelligent. It was certainly admirable.

"I have trained the humans, though not in your way. Nothing can ever train them to not be wasteful. It is almost as if that is built into the core of their being. I think it might be due to their lacking lifespan, they simply don't have the time to learn respect for the world on which they live, of the ecosystems that cohabitate it with them. Humans will always be picky, always be wasteful, but if they know I can provide their choice meats for them, they don't feel the need to come to my woods, hunting for their own. If I kill and butcher seven elk for them, they would come to claim twenty. They do not know moderation of self control. Eventually all the game in this forest would dwindle as it was either consumed by the fires of man, or escaped from the obviously dangerous lands. I have trained the humans to let those who understand the woods to hunt within them." Veles began. When he had first come to this section of land, there was a tiny village of humans close by, still a few miles out from the edges of Librium. The twenty inhabitants of that village would come to the forest each week and claim as many deer and elk for their appetites. They would be killing more beasts as the others were being carried to the wide trench they had dug nearby and dumped to eventually decay, most if their meat still upon the bone.

"When I came to this land, I had no intention of ever claiming land as my own. But the forest was crying out in pain as the humans raped the careful balance nature maintained. After a month of observing them, I couldn't take it anymore. I killed them all, even the young. They had forgotten the prime lesson Terra had taught us with the Enlightenment. Balance is key. Don't take too much too quickly. It was actually then that I learned of Librium and her corporations." Veles continued. To think he was telling this story in the home he had built since that time, the sheer numbers seemed to catch up to him in a rush. This truly was his home. He had spent even more time here than in the north with his Pack growing up. Oh how life had changed him.

"Shortly after I massacred that small village, it was swarmed by humans in combat gear. I hadn't bothered to learn the names of those I had killed, but apparently one was the son of someone very important. He came in his own vehicle, while all the others crammed into various others. Everyone shown him the greatest deference that I have ever seen humans express. I thought he might have been some sort of human king. He was a very hard man, even as he looked over the flayed corpse of his son, he gave not hint of sorrow or remorse. He called out into the woods, not knowing where I was, but he was sure that I was watching. When I approached, he ordered his many men away and they obeyed without hesitation." he continued, leaning himself back against the counter top. His gaze never left Sybil as he told his story.

"The man asked me if I was working for anyone or specifically against human settlements, which both resulted in no's from me. When he looked again to the body on the ground, he explained that it was his son, and he would have wished a better end for him. I told him exactly why I had attacked the village, that his son had died over game. He looked back to me and was silent for nearly a minute. Then he offered me a job. He wanted me to kill a man that I had never met, cut out the target's heart and return it to him. I said ten thousand and he simply nodded. He beckoned one of his men and demanded a file be gathered together, including a drop location. He told me the day after completion, my money would be in the same location. If I did well, he would find me. I guess I did well." Veles couldn't help but grin wolfishly. Perhaps what he did was unsavory, but he did it well.

"After I got settled in the area, they asked about my willingness to travel. They had me travel to Bastion outside of official routes and collect a data packet from an unknowing science team up there. When I returned my handler was in the meeting room with another man, just after he handed me my payment, the man quipped that I played a good game of fetch. His neck was broken shortly thereafter. Now I still have a handler, but I get left assignments in an empty room. It has likely held me back from more prestige with the ranks of Umbra, but I've never really been concerned with that. So long as I can live here comfortably, my life is just fine. This conversation just brought to mind how long I've lived in this area, I wouldn't mind a trip back north, someday." Veles let his sentence drift off for a few seconds.

"So kitten, any of that sound interesting to you, or would you rather bask in the sun and snooze all day like other cats?" the werewolf teased Sybil. He had dismissed his foul feelings about cats, but it was still fun to taunt her relentlessly.
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Sun Dec 02, 2012 6:35 am

Sybil listened to Veles' response to her first questions, her head tilted to the side some as he explained the situation in more detail. Although she had spent very little time amongst the humans, she could understand exactly what he meant. She may have grown up in the woods, but she firmly believed that they were a much dirtier bunch.

Dark locks bounced as she nodded her head softly, taking in his further explanations. To say humans were picky was quite the understatement. She'd seen them in restaurants, nitpicking every detail of their meal. If one pea was out of place when the food reached the table, many were prone to complain - loudly - and send the food back in order to receive an entirely new meal. A light growl formed at the back of her throat at the thought, but she kept it in check and nodded to Veles again.

"That makes sense," she conceded quietly. He'd made many valid points, and as a dweller of those woods, she appreciated the hard work he put into keeping them safe from the dirty fingers of the humans.

It seemed he was going to follow up his explanation with a story. Sybil's brows rose in curiosity. If it was one thing she loved more than a good, rare steak, it was hearing people's stories. Her eyes lit up after the first few words and a smile spread across her lips. This was the reason she'd gone to Librium to begin with - to learn about new cultures, and meet people to hear their life's stories. Veles' story, however, took a quickly macabre turn and her smile faded. In its place, a look of concern filled her emerald eyes.

Shifting to her other foot, Sybil couldn't help but fidget with the buttons and long sleeves she'd unrolled on the borrowed shirt. She understood his point of view, but surely violence hadn't been the right answer. Chewing on her lower lip, she listened to the rest of his story. At the mention of the man from Librium, she furrowed her brows. How could someone be so callous as that? Humans were supposed to be creatures of emotion... Judging by this man's response, he was quite the exception to their race.

Even though the ending of his first mission involved him killing a man, she couldn't help but grin at the notion of someone insinuating that he played fetch rather well.

The name Umbra caught her attention, and a solemn expression returned. She'd heard the name before, but as of yet had not made up her mind as to whether she liked the Corporation. One of the men she'd done a job for had mentioned the company, suggesting she try finding an 'in' with them because they'd pay more. At the time, she had simply shrugged it off. The jobs she did paid enough for her basic needs - why get involved with human politics?

Finally, Veles' story seemed to come to a close with a nostalgic comment about returning to the north someday. She herself wouldn't mind traveling further away from the civilized world again. Her original home was west, not north. Gods, but she missed those woods. A quiet sigh escaped her lips, as Veles called her kitten again, and she allowed the glimmer of a smile onto her face.

"Well, a nap in the sun does sound rather appealing... But I think Librium might not be a bad idea. I've got some things to pick up near there, and I think I have to pay that one guy for my apartment... Keeping track of the days is difficult," she frowned. If she remembered correctly, she'd spent a full week with her mother. Add 2 days with Veles, and 1 for travel and fighting... Yeah, it should be about time to pay the rent.
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Sun Dec 02, 2012 6:28 pm

As Veles told his story, Sybil fidgeted slightly. She always fidgeted, so much feline energy. As she mentioned Librium, he grinned. So she wanted to wander into the city. Maybe now she would see how the city-scape just couldn't compare to the woods of Terra.

"Fair enough, though you might want to try on a few more clothes than just those to wander through the city. Now we could either wander back to wherever you have yours stashed, or you would wear a bit more of mine. The police won't much like us going into town in our other forms. I might even need to hide my face, if we go in during the day. Those cameras might still be keeping an eye out for me."

Veles began walking back down the hallway to his bedroom, intent on rummaging through his wardrobe for something a bit more Sybil's size. His initial efforts had obviously been a bit off, considering she hadn't chosen much of it to wear. Though, Sybil did prefer a lack of clothing, it seemed. He couldn't help but smirk softly, recalling her form, bow in hand, muscles taught as she drew the string back.

Maybe I shouldn't give her any more clothes his internal monologue quipped, his grin growing wider.

Striding into his room, he opened his chest of drawers and closet doors. His clothes were a bit more utilitarian than most. Slightly baggy to allow for movement, many pockets, thick materials. He was an outdoorsman, what else was he supposed to wear?

Gathering a set of pants that didn't really fit him too well, he thought if they would fit Sybil properly just as she wandered into the doorway.

"Well as much as I'd hate to, lets get you dressed.." he teased. Rummaging in a few more drawers, he found an old tee shirt that would have likely been much tighter. It might just fit Sybil's form quite well.
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Thu Dec 06, 2012 2:04 am

Sybil's eyes drifted from Veles, down to the shirt of his she was currently wearing. The blush that normally would have filled her face at a comment like that didn't surface. A smirk, however, found its way onto her lips.

"What do you think I need to pick up?" she chuckled, the blush finally appearing. "If we take our time and plan accordingly, we could easily arrive after dark." She shrugged lightly. Aside from paying rent, she had no real plans for the week. She would need to find another job soon, but she already had money enough for half of next's months rent stashed away from the job before her last one. Bounty hunting was a dangerous gig, but for someone like herself, it was an easy task - well worth the money.

His comment about the cameras looking for his face was an interesting one, and her brows rose to show that she was intrigued. She didn't ask, though, assuming it was a work-related incident from Umbra that had put him on the city's "not friendly" list. Although, she wouldn't put it past him to have broken some of the city rules on his own - mos particularly, the one about not shifting there. She'd figured that one out easy enough... as well as the one that required she wear clothing at all times while in public. That had been an interesting interaction, to say the least...

As Veles moved away from her and down the hall, she followed out of curiosity, and the fact that she didn't want to be left standing alone and awkward in the middle of his living room. Emerald eyes watched from the door as he rummaged through a dresser, but soon enough they were wandering around the room at all of his things. They landed finally on the bed that occupied most of the space and she moved forward. One hand pressed down on the edge of the mattress, wondering just how firm his was. It was surprisingly soft... Hell, she didn't know they even made beds this soft.

Her own bed was a smallish, hard thing, and had been part of the apartment. The bookshelves full of books she couldn't read; the pictures on the walls; the dresser; the living room furniture; the kitchen niceties... All of it had been included when she moved in. Granted, she wasn't allowed to take any of it when she moved, but it looked nice. Had it not been furnished, she probably wouldn't have filled it anyways. Sleeping on carpet was more comfortable than the forest floor, so even an empty apartment was a step up from the home with her mother.

She was just about to sit down on the bed to see how it felt on her rear when he spoke up again. At the sound of Veles' voice, she turned, retracting her hand from the bed with a start. In his hands were a pair of pants that seemed smaller than the pair still lying on the bathroom counter, and a t-shirt. She took the few steps required to close the distance between them, her fingers unbuttoning the shirt already on her as she did.

By the time she reached him, the shirt was fully unclasped and she let it fall to the floor. As usual, she remained oblivious to whether or not he appreciated her bare form, paying more attention to the clothes being offered. Her nostrils flared, sniffing the articles instinctively, before taking the pants from his hands. His efforts had not been in vain, as these did in fact fit her better. The waist was still a bit looser than she preferred, but when one was used to skin-tight clothing, anything less tended to feel that way.

Reaching out to grasp the shirt, she tugged it over her head, spinning it awkwardly while it was there to figure out which side the tag was on. Once she'd defeated the tag and the shirt was tugged down, she nodded approvingly. It fit her well, and was even a bit snug. She smiled up at Veles then, and looked back down at herself. "Happy?" she asked, looking back up with a slight grin.
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Sat Dec 08, 2012 5:13 pm

As Sybil began changing into the clothes he offered, Veles truly did regret her form being covered up more and more. Sybil was stunning in all her own ways. Even her skin, though it was marred with a few scars, some of which Veles had inflicted, was beautiful. She was young, resilient, healthy; every bit of that shined through even the subtle things about her.

Just as she tugged the top over her head, fitting the soft material into the proper position, Veles stepped in closer. As she quipped if he was happy, he leaned in and stole a quick kiss. "Purr-fectly pleased, pussy cat." he teased.

Veles decided that since she had gone through all the trouble of getting dressed, he might as well, too. Slipping his shorts down, leaving him only in his boxers, his appreciation of Sybil changing in front of him was easily visible, though he didn't comment on it at all. He collected a darker pair of denim pants, not quite black, but close enough. Sliding them on he grabbed a shirt quickly, and donned it in no time. Collecting two bundled up pairs of socks, he tossed one to Sybil before walking to and sitting on his bed. "If you'd prefer bare-foot, that's fine too, there are some boots in the closet as well. Likely too big and bulky for any real comfort, but better than taking a twig through your foot first thing in the morning."

After slipping his socks on, Veles walked back to the closet again and nudged out a pair of boots. They were fashioned from a a single piece of leather each, only thin lines of stitching could be seen. Their soles were some form or rugged rubber meant for wear and tear as well as traction. Sliding his feet in, he snugged them up before fixing his pant legs over the tops of the boots. Collecting a large coat from a hanger, he deemed it a bit too heavy. "Weather's too nice for this." Placing the long coat back into the closet, he instead grabbed a hooded sweat shirt that zipped in the front. Finally he gathered a blank, black baseball cap.

Giving Sybil a grin, "Ready?" he asked just before stepping from the room. As he made his way back into the great room, he turned off the displays of the world outside. He checked that his weapons display was closed, and glanced into the kitchen. Everything seemed to be in order, but his nature made him always check. As Sybil followed him, he asked her to press her hand against the small display near the door. "It will record your hand print, for when you choose to wander this way again. You will be able to get in, whether I'm here or not." he explained.

Veles led them both out of his den, slipping back into the wild world again, but before stepping off the rocky ledge, he inhaled a few times and stopped to listen carefully. Something smelled strange in the distance, but he couldn't put his finger on it. It wasn't in the direction of Librium, though, so their journey would likely go without incident. The two weres began their trek down the rocks, and into the thick foliage of the forest. He began to follow Sybil, as she made her way in the woods. While in some ways it felt instinctual to lead in the point position, somehow it also felt natural that he should be following the cat around. The nature of cats and dogs was full of fun quirks.
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Sun Dec 09, 2012 8:08 pm

As soon as the shirt was on properly, Veles was there. He'd stepped closer while she was stuck inside the cloth confines of the shirt. Her heart skipped a beat at how close he was, but his lips were there before she could so much as gasp. It was a short, sweet kiss, but she couldn't help the purr-like pitter-patter that her heart elicited as it happened. She opened her eyes as he stepped away, the glimmer of a pout evident deep her in emerald orbs.

One hand reached out, shoving gently at Veles' shoulder when he used the pun. She grinned despite herself and watched as he flowed with the momentum of her playful shove back towards the dresser in search of clothes for himself. As he removed his shorts, a breath caught in the back of her throat, but she merely blushed and shut her mouth to let him finish dressing in peace.

When he tossed a pair of socks in her direction, she caught them with ease but blinked in confusion. Her eyes drifted down to the socks already covering her feet and she tilted her head. "Shall I wear them both?" she asked, obviously confused. Two layers of sock would protect her feet more from the twigs, so she shrugged and pulled this pair on over top of the first.

She was done before he was, so she stood back, watching him decide on what to wear. A smile graced her lips as he grabbed one jacket, only to put it back a moment later and pull out a different one. Last she checked, females were generally the picky ones when it came to clothes. She chuckled quietly, nodding when he finally seemed ready and asked if she was as well. Her feet moved over the floor, silent in the double layer of socks, as she followed him towards the front.

Before they left, he paused and requested she place her palm on some sort of technological display by the door. Her head tilted in its typical confused fashion, but she did as he asked. Emerald eyes widened as the device glowed at her touch, scanning her hand and fingertips. When the device was done, she pulled her hand back and stared at it in wonder. It hadn't left any residue or any sign that she'd been scanned on her flesh. What an amazing invention.

Finally, she looked away from her hand and back to Veles. He was staring at her with that grin he always displayed when she was doing something he deemed cute. Her teeth chomped down onto her bottom lip as a blush crept up onto her cheeks. Turning her head away some, she waited for him to leave and then quickly followed behind him until they reemerged into the light of the world outside.

While Veles stood still, getting a feel for the world around, Sybil sucked in a deep breath, letting the fresh air seep inside of her. Freshly cleaned, fed, and clothed, she couldn't help but smile as she gazed out across the gorgeous scene below them. Once he seemed ready, she started her way down the rocky outcropping. The socks made it a bit more awkward, as they were prone to slipping on the smooth stone, but she managed to maintain her balance with the use of springs, hops, and occasionally, her hands. It wasn't the most practical of ways to climb down, but the feline beast inside of her seemed to have no issues with her unconventional choice. They both knew where the city was, but Veles did not know where Sybil's belongings were stashed, so she took the lead.

Her stuff was hiding two miles out from the city. The five miles in between there and Veles' den seemed to fly by. She'd made the trek many a time, but never with someone. A light smile filled her lips as she imagined how much more fun it would have been running with him in their animal forms. Soon enough, however, her clearing was in sight, and she focused on getting her things together.

Sybil crouched when she reached the clearing, shoving a large, flat stone aside to reveal a small hole. A dirt-covered duffel bag was stashed inside, and she quickly pulled it out. Inside were a few pairs of clothes, but she only removed one set. Her movements were fluid as she removed Veles' clothes from her form. She didn't bother to hide herself, as usual, but couldn't stop the blush when she noticed his eyes on her. The slight embarrassment spurred her into moving faster, and in no time she'd pulled on some undergarments, a pair of tight leather pants, and a black tank top. She didn't bother with an overshirt for the time being, deciding to work on pulling on her own socks and supple leather boots to protect her toes from the dreaded twigs.

Once she was dressed, she stuffed Veles' clothes into her duffel bag. If he wanted to get them on his way back home, he now knew where she kept her things. Shifting the rock back into place over the hole, Sybil then moved to a tree. Upon closer inspection, there was a large gash in its side, and it was hollow within. Reaching her hand in, she pulled out a doe brown jacket and shrugged it on over the tank top. Already she was beginning to feel more like herself, and the smile on her face showed it.

Her arm reached into the tree again, and when it emerged, she was grasping an ebony recurve bow and a quiver filled with at least a dozen arrows. The quiver was slung over one shoulder and her neck with ease that spoke of years of practice. The bow she kept in her hands, however. It was clear she was quite attached to the weapon, and that merely touching it brought her a sense of inner peace. Her shoulders relaxed as she fidgeted with the outfit, making sure that everything was in its proper place on her body.

Finally content, she looked back to Veles and flashed a smile in his direction. A quiet sigh escaped her lips and she nodded with satisfaction. "Okay. I'm ready."
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   

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It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]
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