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 It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]

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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Wed Sep 12, 2012 2:48 pm

As Sybil laughed heartily, Veles allowed his wolfish grin to grow. He was sopping wet from their swim and then her amusing way of drying. Even in her human form, she still followed he beast's natural instincts. She was incredibly comfortable with herself, she must have had a very stable and good upbringing; most human settlements still feared weres. She was lucky to avoid such natural fear and suspicion. Veles had long ago come to terms that his human form had certain distinct differences than his beast's, ones that were likely completely unthought of by full humans or beasts. If he shook to dry himself, he was very likely to become dizzy while in human form and it wasn't nearly as effective. His skin simply didn't move as much over his frame, and there was no fur weighted with water to add to the momentum, eventually causing the water droplets to fly away. Perhaps that's why she shook, she had much longer hair than him.

Using his hand Veles simply skimmed the surface of his face first, followed by his body, easily pushing the water off him before flicking his wrist to send a small spray of water back at Sybil. "Thanks for that..." he offered with another grin. As he paid a bit more attention, he really took in Sybil as she stood in front of him. Her tangled brown hair was surprisingly clean despite its recent mud treatment, her brilliant green eyes shining with mischief, her cheeks were a bit flushed, along with her shoulders just above her collarbones, her stature and physique were definitely on the lithe side but she still was distinctly feminine. He didn't realize it until he was already doing it, the corner of his lower lip was caught between his teeth as he grinned at her.

She's a CAT! This can't really be happening... I must be going crazy. Veles' thoughts ran through his head, conscious reason telling him that his own personal experiences were good with her, unconscious instincts still screaming for him to chase and catch the feline in front of him, for she was the age old enemy. Two experienced predators, competing over the ages for common prey. It was difficult not to attack her outright just to ensure his own survival in the future when prey became scarce. She was definitely a match for him physically, their little scuffle had shown that clearly, but she was also incredibly witty. Sharp and quick, in many ways but also so feline. Curious, playful, taunting, his mind kept rattling off adjectives until they suddenly stopped. He had realized none of them were negative. All of his instinctual hatred wasn't hatred at all, it was a deep seeded challenge. He didn't hate cats because they were cats, he was so anxious around them because they represented the deepest challenge any predator can have.


Veles couldn't help bit let his face drop as he chuckled to himself. When he glanced back up he looked upon Sybil again, with his new perspective. She was strong, poised, confident, and yes, even as a cat, very attractive. He noticed the red if her cheeks again as his own began to burn with the blood flow. Maybe she had similar thoughts. Maybe she had completely different, feline thoughts. But maybe she found him attractive as well. Maybe that's why she wasn't biting and clawing him right now in a flurry of feral blows.

Too many maybe's.... "You're too damn cute for your own good, d'you know that?" he playfully asked, his wide grin had returned. He didn't think himself crazy anymore for liking this cat. "Come on, I've got something to show you." he said as he approached her and stepped just to her side past her. As his strides lengthened, his bones cracked and muscles tore, his quick pace became a long lope as he reached his arms down to the ground and began running on all fours. His body contorted and eventually shifted into a full wolf. He was large and his coat was a dark gray that was difficult to distinguish clearly from surroundings when at distance. Sybil would easily keep up, he knew, so he continued his quick jaunt through the woods. With some quick hops up rocky outcroppings he lead her steadily up and into the center of the forest. When he climbed to the peak of the landscape, the surrounding trees had become scarce. He simply sat his rear down and waited for her. She was right behind him, but she would certainly enjoy the view for several long moments, when she was ready she would find her way to him.

They were at the exact center of what Veles considered his territory, and he felt good that she was there with him. Overlooking it all, the panoramic view was awe inspiring. She was a worthy competitor. He wouldn't begrudge her if this territory wasn't solely his after today. Cats.
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Thu Sep 13, 2012 2:58 am

Shaking wasn’t the most efficient way to dry herself in this form by far, but it was the most exhilarating. Besides, it was more fun when Veles was the target of her fleeing water droplets. Grinning from ear to ear, she tossed her head back so that her wet hair was mostly hanging down behind her. Her right hand raised, elegant fingers combing through the thick layers of her hair so that it was semi-presentable and out of her face at the very least.

While he proceeded to dry himself off the human way, she couldn’t help but follow his hands as they skimmed across the entirety of his body. Her head tilted to the side some as she finally seemed to get a good look at the wolfish man she’d accidentally spent the night with. His body was well-muscled, well-proportioned, and his face was rather handsome to boot. He was furry, even in human form, but that was no surprise. She’d probably be the same way if her mother hadn’t taught her the etiquette that most human women followed to keep their bodies clean and shaven. Still… He wasn’t half bad... No!

She could feel the blood rushing into her cheeks again, and she was thankful when Veles shot back some water droplets of his own. “Anytime,” she growled playfully, brushing them off. Her eyes blinked a few times, clearing out a few stray water drops. When her vision was focused again, she noticed his eyes on her. He seemed to be sizing her up. Was he planning another pounce? The way he bit his lip put Sybil on edge. His eyes had an almost predatory gleam to them, but something told her he wasn’t going to attack.

He chuckled.

Tilting her head back up to its normal position, Sybil shifted onto her left foot and straightened her shoulders some. She couldn’t help the blush that seemed to be keeping her cheeks nice and bright, so she resigned herself to furrowing her brows in a silent question. What about her did he find so damn amusing?

Realization struck her and she looked down. Did she still have some of that stupid mud on her? Both hands moved across her body in search of the goop, but she could find nothing. Frowning, she looked back up just as he spoke again. Now it was her turn to bite her lower lip as her cheeks lit up. Clearly, he didn’t seem to think she was blushing enough.

She didn’t even bother responding to his question. The blush would be answer enough. Besides, he’d already changed the subject. She shivered when he stepped up beside her, and she let out a quiet sigh once he’d passed. As he continued on, she heard the bones within his body creaking. Not wanting to get left behind, she trotted forward, willing the muscles and bones within her own body to break and shift and grow.

Her pace quickened as she watched the human in front of her slowly transforming into a large, shaggy dog. Wrinkling her nose some, she grinned despite herself and threw herself forward to run on all fours. When her hands reached the ground, they were black and covered in fur. By her next step, both hands and feet had shortened into round paws. Her shifts were quick and fluid from years of practice. The pain of her bones breaking didn’t ever seem to even register anymore, unless the shift was a forced one like the night before. In her post-fight state, however, she seemed to notice the familiar pains a bit more than usual, but she kept her maw shut about it.

She had to focus on keeping up with a wolf now, so she didn’t have time to worry about the aches and pains her body was still bugging her about. His scent wasn’t incredibly easy to follow here. Being in the middle of his territory, everything smelled like him. Bright yellow eyes picked his dark fur out of the foliage, and she loped after him. Whenever he darted through a bush, or around a tree, she kept up by sound alone. Finally, the land seemed to slope upwards, and before she knew it, Sybil was climbing some sort of massive, rocky hill.

It was much easier to keep track of him up here. The trees had thinned out considerably, and the air was open and fresh. His scent drifted down to her, beckoning her forward, but she paused at one of the larger rocks and took a look around. Round ears swiveled this way and that atop her black head, and her tail twitched with excitement. The view from here was gorgeous! Opening her mouth some, Sybil let the air in, tasting it with delight. How had he managed such a lovely territory?

After a few moments, she resumed her trek up the outcropping. Sharp shoulder blades rose and fell as she moved upwards, each step gracefully precise so that she didn’t falter, even on the loose rocks. Veles wasn’t hard to find at the top of the rocky hill. Her feline maw dropped open in what could be considered a grin, and she padded over to him, plopping down beside him.

As she took in the full view, a light thrumming began at the back of her throat. Within moments, the purr was completely audible. Behind her, her tail continued to swish this way and that, sometimes crossing over his own, the tip flicking with excitement. Perhaps if she looked hard enough, she could see all the way to her own territory. Turning her head north some, she scanned the horizon for something familiar. Nothing noticeable stuck out, but she didn’t mind.

The view was jaw-dropping. The water had been magnificent. And the company wasn’t half bad either. If he was trying to persuade her to leave, he was doing a downright horrible job of it.
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Fri Sep 14, 2012 1:03 pm

Letting Sybil take in the sights and finally come over to sit by him, Veles was pleased as she began to purr. He was very happy to show her this view; she had a similar beast within her. She loved the outdoors, and she would love this spot as much as he did. The view was spectacular, tree after tree stretched out to the horizon. It seemed like any other forest might, but due to its location the unexpected appearance of Rifts made the area exceptionally dangerous.

Her tail flipped across his bringing his mind back to the fact that she was so close. Her scent was much stronger in her feline form, even without the added benefit of his heightened wolf senses. She was a cat, but she was also damn fun. His inner Wolf was beaming at the concept of her companionship, friendship, closeness. It was if he had finally found someone it was kindred spirits with. Someone he could consider part of his Pack, even though he had been a lone wolf for decades.

Her outlandishness, her humor, her sheer confidence around him. He was bonding quickly to her and the idea of her being around more often. He nudged her form with his head, his muzzle slipping along the underside of he jawline. He knew cats, he knew that they brushed themselves against thing to leave their scent behind. He hadn't expected it to be so potent at the source and nearly sneezed, being overwhelmed. But it wasn't so bad, she smelled good, and he hoped he had made is point. He liked her, and didn't want her to go running off never to return again.

Leaning hack, Veles took in a deep breath and let out a loud, piercing howl that seemed to echo throughout to endless expanse of woods. Birds flew and Veles pulled his ears forward on instinct. Glancing down the long, rocky hill, he saw a small does staring wide-eyed back up at him. After a mere moment, the deer seemed to register the dangerous threat of two powerful predators so close and bolted without looking. The fact that it clumsily bounded straight into a tree did little to slow it. It was running for its life even though Veles hadn't moved in the slightest bit.

As the crashing through the woods subsided, Veles couldn't help himself and felt his tail wagging as he sat side by side with the most unexpected friend, Sybil.
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Sat Sep 15, 2012 6:23 pm

She could feel Veles close to her. His canine scent was overpowering in his wolf form. While her inner beast growled for her to give him a few good swats before dashing off to get some distance between them, the girl who normally lived on the surface was content to stay here beside him as long as she could. She’d never enjoyed companionship like this before – it just wasn’t in her nature. Perhaps all her time spent in the city was beginning to get under her fur. Humans were very much social creatures, and as such, required mass amounts of companionship and social contact. Was she becoming one of them?...

Bright yellow eyes closed and opened in surprise when Veles' head snuck up under her jaw. Her purr faltered for a moment, until she realized what he was doing. The thrumming started up again as quick as it had started, and she leaned into his nuzzles. Her maw opened some, inhaling his scent as he rubbed on her, and she quickly moved in to head butt him gently in return.

As he leaned back and let out a loud howl, she flinched. Her ears flattened against her skull, trying to block out some of the sound, but they rose again as the howl faded and swiveled towards the wildlife fleeing in the trees before them. A feral grin spread across her maw, her eyes following the flight of a flock of birds. At the bottom of the hill, she spied a doe frozen in fear. A happy growl emanated out of her chest, but she remained where she was. If Veles wasn’t going to give chase, she would stay with him and simply revel in the amusement of the situation.

The doe finally seemed to realize what was staring at it, and it leapt away. Sybil growled with amusement as the creature slammed into a tree in its fright. Once the creature was out of sight and its noises had faded, she turned back towards her companion, whose tail was wagging furiously behind him.

Her pink tongue flicked out, catching Veles on the cheek. One massive paw reached up, wrapping around the back of his neck so that she could pull him closer to better lick his face. The purring started up again as she moved onto her hind paws and wrapped her other front paw around the other side of his neck. It didn’t take much strength to wrestle him onto the ground. Her tongue continued to lap at his fur, intermingled with a nuzzle here and there, smothering him with her scent. Just as he’d marked her with his scent, she was now returning the favor, marking him as her friend.

Although her body was still a bit achy from their original brawl, she couldn't help but nip at his ear playfully. She hadn't wrestled with her mother like this in years. It felt good to release herself physically without any real pain as a consequence. Her purr continued, even as she twisted underneath him, her teeth locking down on the fur of his neck for a moment, before she started licking him again.
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Tue Sep 18, 2012 8:31 pm

She had pounced of him again. Sybil had become incredibly comfortable around Veles in just a tiny amount of time. He certainly felt the same about her. As her purrs grew in volume, so did the playfulness of her sways, bites, licks and headbutt-nuzzles. She was having a ball, and he could easily tell. It only encouraged him.

His nips to her certainly weren't going to draw blood, the worst they might inflict was a tight pinch. He was enjoying the energetic play, it had been years since he last had. And many of the playful bouts started in his old Pack often escalated into an all out brawl until they were stopped, often times forcefully, by the Alpha. It simply wasn't a wolf's way to back down or yield to a peer. Veles still felt that way, though decades had tempered him. He had grown past the naivety of youth, he no longer believed himself invincible. While he would still fight and risk his life, he wouldn't do it for blind pride alone.

As she latched onto him again, relatively gently, he enjoyed pulling back his jowls and snapping his bared teeth together just inches away from her. He wasn't snarling, or going for actual bites, more letting out excited barks and howls. She even tumbled under him, and he stretched his wide paws and forelimbs across her. Standing over her, his tail raised high in the air, wagging quickly with his enjoyment level being so high. She had nuzzled her scent all over him and he had returned the favor. Their smells lingered together in the cool air and the though kept occurring to Veles that he really did enjoy this cat's companionship.

Leaning himself low against her, he let the weight of his chest lightly pin her as she bit along his neck. His rear still in the air, he arched his back to raise his head with his chest still against her. Driving his snout down quickly, he managed to get a good nip on her shoulder before he released and let his long canine tongue slip out and smear a lick across her neck. With a bit of a pounce, he raised and lowered his chest against her again, offering a playful WOOF before scrambling off her and sprinting in a wide circle around Sybil. Ending his circle, he skids to a stop with his front paws outstretched, leaning his shoulders low, but and rapidly wagging tail high in the air. He edges his nose right up against her side before woofing again and repeating the whole process. He was begging for a chase, and was sure she would oblige.

Maybe they would wind up simply chasing and wrestling with each other, they might even catch up to that startled doe. Veles didn't much care, he was having too much fun si,ply being around Sybil. Her brashness and clear enjoyment of his had seemingly reduced his age by decades. He was back as a young pup, playing with his Pack mates. As she landed an open pawed swat to Veles on his fourth frantic sprint around her, he decided that he was going to definitely work on keeping her around. Maybe begin a Pack of his own, and break the all mighty rule, and allow a cat inclusion.
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Wed Sep 19, 2012 11:22 pm

Sybil’s mouth opened and closed on the thick fur coating Veles’ body, over and over, as she nipped and growled playfully up at him. The purring never ceased, even when she flinched from one of his return bites. They weren’t powerful bites like the ones they’d exchanged the day before, and somehow, her natural predatory nature had turned off towards him. In 24 hours, this wolf had gone from ‘dangerous threat’ to 'friend'.

It was an odd feeling – one that she’d never experienced before. Her swats slowed and finally ceased for a moment while her bright yellow eyes stared up at his. Finally, she blinked as his muzzle moved down to nip at her neck, while he used the weight of half his body to keep her pinned. When his tongue slid across her neck, she growled, but a feline grin graced her maw.

One furry paw reached up, smacking him lightly across the cheek for the slobber he’d left on her. He seemed to roll with the playful blow and bounded up and around her. Her eyes followed him for a moment, but she was distracted by the slobber still coating her neck. Tail swishing behind her, Sybil sat up and licked her left paw a few times before rubbing it over the spot his tongue had smeared wolfen saliva on her silky coat.

His cold nose on her side, followed by a loud ‘WOOF’ caught her by surprise. Her eyes flashed open, and she choked back a startled yowl. The purr started up again as she resumed cleaning her neck. When she was finally satisfied a few moments later, she stood and stretched a bit, calmly preparing for the chase that Veles was hinting at. As he moved in for another woof at her side, she spun and gave him a good swat before leaping off the side of their rocky perch.

Tag! You’re it!

She landed solidly on all four feet (just as a cat should!), but was already springing through the air again, down the hill side, in the blink of an eye. Her tail swished behind her, silently taunting the wolf she’d left behind. A feline grin was spread across her lips as she finally hit the forest floor, where she took off at a full bore run. She roared with delight, teasing the wolf behind her still, and startling a squirrel who’d just found an acorn. It dashed off up a nearby tree, leaving its treasure behind in its fright.

Nearly a mile into the brush, Sybil spied a fallen log in her path. Instead of simply sailing over it, she leapt on top, her hind claws digging in deep for a stronger purchase. In one fluid movement, she pushed off of the log, flying up nearly ten feet into the thick leaves of a nearby tree. Sharp front claws sunk deep into the bark of the branch she’d landed on, and she pulled herself up with ease. Laying down flat against the branch, she stared down at the forest floor, waiting for her prey to come loping up. She knew he wasn’t too far behind, but she didn’t think he’d been within seeing distance.

As soon as she spied her wolf – (her wolf?) – the hair on the back of her neck bristled. Opening her mouth to better get his scent, she began to purr, ever so softly. Even the keen ears of her normal prey never heard her anticipatory purrs, but she cut herself off. Veles was not her natural prey. He was fun to pounce, though!

With a Cheshire grin on her maw, she leapt down at his back, claws retracted. She couldn’t quite tell if he’d heard her and spun or not, but her large paws wrapped around his midsection, pulling him to the ground in yet another tumble of fur.
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Mon Sep 24, 2012 8:21 pm

Sybil had tapped Veles gently across his muzzle, goading him on, but she also tore off into the distance with all the grace of a feline suddenly in motion. With how fluidly she moved Veles allowed himself an internal grin of satisfaction, it was if she had done this everyday for years on end. Even though she was rather open vocally, whenever they were both in human form, her actions spoke volumes about her as well. And every sentence they spoke was a positive one.

With a scramble of his clawed paws scratching the stone outcropping for purchase, accompanied by loud barks of excitement, he was on his way after her. She had a small head start, but she was working hard to extend it. Good. I haven't hurt her too much if she's recovered this quickly. he thought to himself before shaking his head in slight disbelief. He was worrying about the welfare of a cat. He certainly wasn't the same wolf as yesterday.

She approached the forest floor first and really took off, her claws must have been digging nicely into the soft loam here, giving her that sudden burst. Before she disappeared into the thicket, he saw the sunlight glint off her onyx fur. Her muscles were tensing and stretching with such fluidity, he couldn't help but admire. As the tip of her tail slipped out of view behind the trunk of a tree, Veles finally reached the forest floor and strained his muscles to work on catching up. If she was headed in this direction, she was likely to come up upon a slew of downed trees. He might luck out if she tried to land on one and it crumbled, that might buy him a few seconds to close the gap.

Was that acorn spinning? The thought flashed across his mind just a moment before coming to the small clearing, smashed flat be the toppled tree. A quick glance at full run didn't show any signs of her tumbling as he had hoped. Veles' ears perked forward for just a moment, he could have sworn he heard something, and her scent was potent here. His pace slowing slightly so he could corner safely between the upcoming trees was interrupted. His chasing target had stopped at the toppled tree, just not in the way he had hoped for. As she landed on him, he soon learned the error of his thought process. Even as they tumbled sideways together, she was a creature of pure balance. Time to change that Veles challenged himself.

As the two tumbled together, it was clear that the wrestling match was on again. He had enjoyed the chase, however short it might have been. She was crafty, and that was incredibly fun. He wondered if she was just as quick witted in close quarters. Veles had the advantage of growing up in a decent sized pack with a great many sparring partners and several not-so-sparring partners. He had grown and advanced through his might, yes, but also his wit. As Sybil's paws wrapped around his body to drag him down, he let the countless fights he had been in cycle trough his mind. It had been a long time since he had fought like this, but muscle memory was hard to forget.

As Sybil really got into her roll, likely intent on pinning him again once he had stumbled, Veles pounced. He pivoted most of his weight and momentum on one fore paw, fleeting her come more in contact with the ground than him, before he let the leg buckle and be pulled in her direction. With his paws crouched close to him, just as he came in close contact again, he let out a powerful jump. She just happened to between him and the ground when it happened. As he landed, he was sure he had at least caught he off guard, maybe even knocked a bit of the wind from her. He pounced at her again, this time without the powerful cat trying to pull him off balance. Both his front paws pounced together onto her tail in pure defiance at being pounced himself, pinning it to the ground just before she pulled away, scrambling to her feet.

Now was his time to really catch her off guard. Instead of a common head-on attack which he had lead with for most of their encounters, he had decides on something a bit more sideways. Skittering to his side in what must have seemed like the most awkward movement for a wolf to make, he closed the gap between himself and Sybil before ducking his head and bounding in the opposite direction. The odd sideways momentum of his body allowed him to get an unparalleled on the ground as he pushed forward hastily. His muzzle ducked under her side, just behind her fore paw and he heaved up after his whole head was under her midsection. Leaning his head back, he grasped her front paw in his jaws, careful not to break bones, but sure to hold her. His front legs collapsed carefully and his hind sprung with all the energy he could muster.

The peculiar wolf front flip went about as expected, with Sybil's paw held fast, she couldn't easily contort her way out of this one, and she had the full weight of her wrestling partner coming down on top of her in short order. Veles couldn't repress his internal laugh as he tumbled, escaping from his wolfish maw as a series of small yips.
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Sun Oct 07, 2012 7:26 pm

Her pounce had been a massive success, which started up the motor in her throat. They tumbled to a slow stop, and Sybil latched on with tooth and claw, careful not to dig in past his thick fur coat. She was unsure how, but he managed to pivot beneath her, throwing her off her game. His body slammed into her, briefly pinning her between him and the ground, and she felt the breath leave her lungs.

Sucking in a deep breath, she quickly gathered herself, but he was already pouncing again. A low growl rumbled out as she realized he was after her hind quarters, but it was quickly replaced by a yowl of surprise when he stepped on her tail. It didn’t take much effort to yank her tail out from under his large paws, but as she spun back around to face him, he was already making his next move.

His fighting style here on the ground was nothing like the one he’d used in their first scuffle. Before, he’d been cocky and in her face as much as possible. Now, though, he was much calmer and more calculated with his movements. The awkwardness with which he moved away from her was odd, but surely he had a purpose. As he brought himself back closer, she took a sideways swat at him, but missed as he bounced away again. Was it a game of cat and mouse he wanted? If so, she’d win.

He moved back towards her again, and she turned, but it was no good. His head ducked underneath her left front paw. She felt his teeth lock down around her paw and she silently cursed herself for letting him get such a good hold. In the blink of an eye, he was shoving upward and she found herself being thrown up into the air, over top of him. He was on her again as soon as she hit the ground, the full weight of his body pressing down onto her. She growled up at him in response to his amused yips and decided it was time to say goodbye to little miss nice kitty.

Always one to go against the grain, Sybil brought her hind paws up and shoved him hard so that he was no longer pinning her. Squirming her body, she rolled out from under him and then pulled him back close to her with one paw. She sucked in a deep breath, preparing herself for what she was about to do. She’d never attempted this, but it wouldn’t hurt to try.

The muscles in her body stretched and then shortened as she held tight to Veles’ shaggy body. Her claws shot out, followed by her fingers, but they quickly softened into the peach, human ones. As she shifted, her hips widened and as soon as her legs were covered solely in flesh again, she wrapped them around Veles’ midsection. Rolling, she shifted so that he was on top of her again, but with his back towards her this time. Her arms continued to hold Veles in a bear hug, his fur warm against her cool flesh.

A giggle escaped her lips as she felt him wriggle against her, but she held tight. “Got you,” she laughed, reaching up and biting his ear playfully.
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Sun Oct 14, 2012 4:22 pm

Veles was pleased, he had completely caught her off guard. His tactics in wrestling were quite honed, and now she had found that out likely in the best way possible for a cat to expect from a wolf. As he heard her gasp for breath, he couldn't help but laugh inwardly. Boy she was not used to that, but she certainly was motivated by it.

As she latched onto him again and again, he could tell she had taken the kitten gloves off and was fully preparing to put him in his place for that little stunt. Oh how he was enjoying how fun Sybil was. Having spent nearly the whole day with her after attempting to kill her the night before, he couldn't believe how close he felt to her so quickly. She was just so... feline.

She had managed an extremely good hold this time, latched onto his back he really couldn't bat her off easily. Nor could he get a good grip with a bite. She was being difficult. She was being challenging.

She was SHIFTING?!

Her arms were wrapped around his neck, and she had even reached forward and nipped at his ear with her flat teeth as she cooed about how she had certainly won this engagement. She was definitely being feline.

Time to show this cat that he wasn't out of tricks either. He was sure she could feel his muscles stretching and his bones snapping, but he wasn't shifting as she had. His form grew as his muscle mass expanded exponentially. His fur grew just a bit darker, his limbs longer, he was held in her grip but barely. Twisting himself, she still had him pulled low to the ground, but his clawed limbs found their grasp and increased his leverage.

Chuckling with a low growl, even his amber eyes were grinning. Turning himself inside her grip, he reached for her forearms, gripping them in his powerful hands and pinning them to the ground beside her. His tail wagged slowly as he nudged his cold nose against her. She had surprised him, that was certainly true, but he believed he had reacted quite appropriately. With an extra amount of slobber, he laid a single lick along her shoulder.

His muscles contracted again, he grumbled away the pain, his fur shortened until it all but disappeared. He was changing again, this time to his human form, following her lead. With her forearms still in his grip, he smirked down at Sybil.

"Who exactly has who?" he asked playfully before nipping along her collar bone.
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Mon Oct 15, 2012 5:46 am

Sybil continued to smirk at Veles’ attempts to squirm out of her bear hug. With his paws in the air, being held in place by a young female, she could only imagine how this would look to anyone lucky enough to pass by. Despite her small human frame, Sybil was no weakling. Even her enhanced strength couldn’t stop his muscles shifting and growing in her arms, though. Somehow, she managed to keep hold of him after his full shift into ‘were form, but the moment he twisted his body, she lost her grip.

A low groan brushed past Sybil’s open lips as she squirmed beneath the increased bulk of her wolven companion. Her bright emerald eyes stared up into his amber ones as she attempted to think of a good way out of this little predicament she’d gotten into without shifting again. She could feel his tail wagging with successful glee behind him, and she couldn’t help but grin as it brushed over her toes. Her upper teeth bit down on her lower lip as she tried to fight the giggles that wanted to burst forth from being tickled. This was mock war, after all – there was no time for tickles and giggles!

The giggle fit was long forgotten as she felt Veles’ clawed hands wrap around her wrists, thoroughly pinning her arms to the ground. Her entire body convulsed as his tongue ran up her shoulder and her eyes shut tight in aversion to the wetness. Reopening her eyes, she pushed against his left hand with her right one, trying desperately to reach over and wipe the slobber off of her flesh. Her efforts were in vain, however. He had a damn good hold on her.

As his body shifted again, she tried to squirm out, but it was to no avail. Her wrists rolled in his grasp as she tried to get a grip on his arms, but that, too, was a fruitless effort. She stopped fidgeting as his shift completed and he retaliated against her nip to his ear, with some of his own directed at her collar bone.

An involuntary shiver raced up her spine as his teeth clamped down on her neck flesh over and over. Goosebumps followed suit, starting at the wrists still in his custody, and traveling all the way up to her elbows. What in the…? Swallowing a lump that had formed in her throat, she blinked up at Veles. She knew he’d asked a question, but she couldn’t quite think of a good answer for him.

She opened her mouth to respond, but the only sound that came out was a slight groan of confusion. Her normally pale cheeks were flushed a bright red that spread all the way down to her chest. This was a new situation to be in. Boys had never been an issue growing up in near solitude with her mother in the woods. In the time she’d spent within the city, she’d seen couples together, but had never thought she’d be one half of one. Hell, she’d never even been kissed before!

Now lying naked, pinned to the forest floor with a werewolf nipping at her neck, she tried to decide what to do next. She’d seen something akin to this at many a bar. The male half of a couple would lean in and nibble at the female’s neck; then the female would giggle and shove him off playfully, only to pull him back in for a kiss – sometimes brief, sometimes not so much. The shoving was out of the question here, as she’d already tried it. A giggle might work, but another lump seemed to have formed in her throat, so there went that idea as well.

Her teeth bit down on her lower lip again as she realized she’d been staring at Veles’ face this whole time. With a barely audible whimper of embarrassment, she jerked her head back to stare upwards and averted her eyes to avoid his gaze and grin. Surely, if ever there was a need for ‘shy and awkward’ to have a mascot, she’d be a shoe-in for the job.
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Veles had managed to pin Sybil better than he had anticipated, then again, by the brilliant flush of her skin, and scoffs of frustration she likely wasn't choosing to fight back at this very moment. His taunt had surely struck home as she somehow blushed even more. His lips against her skin likely hadn't hurt either. He tightened his grip on her wrists just barely, tugging her arms just a bit wider. It wasn't meant to pin her any better or worse, instead to simply remind her of the fact.

As his playful grin verged on changing to a satisfied smirk, Veles continued to trail his lips over the exposed collar bone in front of him, extending up along the nape of the neck, and to the bottom of her ear just at the back of her jaw. She was squirming and clearly flustered beneath him, he decided to taunt just a little bit more. "Be careful kitten, you're with a wolf who can smell your anticipation." his scruffy beard close enough to scrape against her.

Oh this was fun, far too much fun. And to think Veles was feeling this way about a feline. He couldn't help but chuckle softly against the nape of Sybil's neck. The way her body arched against his certainly felt right. The scent of her hair mixed with the loamy forest floor was enticing. The bright shine in her eyes and pink flush of her skin were a sight to behold. Her murmurs and mumbles as he tormented her body were very encouraging. The taste if her skin, a slight bit salty from her excretion as a human, but definitely feline through and through, that was the best part; completely new. Veles was revelling in the newness of the situation, likely for many different reasons than Sybil was.

She was squirming a great deal, was she unsure how wolves showed affection? Was she unsure if how humans did? Had she ever been in a situation like this before? Had she ever been with a male before at all? Questions flowed through Veles' mind. All the answers he could think of were enticing, or maybe that was just how well their bodies were pressed together. He was beginning to think very ungentlemanly thoughts regarding the lithe female pinned under him, and judging by her body's reactions, she was feeling similarly.

Leaning himself back just barely, he positioned himself just above her, his shoulders tense with anxious energy. Bringing his lips just above hers, " Your call kitty Katy, where do you want this to go?" he asked in his deep voice. It might have been a little more tense than his normal gruff tone, but he was attempting to restrain himself. With his lips a fraction of an inch from hers, it was a very tough thing to do.

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Sybil’s cheeks burned with naïve embarrassment as she felt Veles’ hands tightening around her wrists. Bright emerald eyes finally shifted to meet Veles’ own, a somewhat confused look in them. For the first time in months, he could hear her mother’s voice in her head, warning her about the evils of men. It hadn’t been until she was old enough to learn about the details of her birth that she’d fully understood her mother’s abhorrence of the opposite gender.

But then again…

With Veles’ lips and teeth on her neck, and his hands firmly pinning her to the ground, she wasn’t entirely sure her mother was right. Surely, not all men were as evil as she’d claimed. And besides, Veles wasn’t like those men who had harmed her mother…

He was funny and quick-witted; fun and dangerous. She tilted her head some as his lips traced from her collar bone, all the way up to her jaw line. With his face so near to hers, she couldn’t help but to inhale deeply. He smelled of pine and sweat and dog, but the latter seemed to be the least of her worries judging by the small smile that had worked its way onto her lips.

The smile disappeared and Sybil’s eyes shot open – when had she closed them? – with alarm as Veles’ gruff voice whispered into her ear. Was she anticipating something? Blinking, she lay back flat against the forest floor, putting an inch or so of empty space between their bodies. “I…Uhh...” she murmured, unsure of what to say as the blush returned with a vengeance.

Thoughts rushed through Sybil’s mind, clouding her senses. All sorts of different scenarios played out, each one more embarrassing – and more enticing to the beast inside – than the last. She vaguely heard him ask her another question, but his face was so close, she could almost taste him. Inside her chest, she could feel her heart beating a mile a minute as she tried desperately to cling to her logical, human brain in order to make a decision.

Sybil’s fingers twitched and she shifted onto her right hip beneath Veles’ warm body. Breathing lightly through parted lips, she noticed that they were quickly drying out. Her pink tongue flicked out, sliding across her lips to moisten them again. A few dead leaves rustled past the pair as a light breeze passed through the clearing. Sybil shivered involuntarily at the cold, her body – face and, more importantly, lips – instinctively pressing up against the warmest thing near her.

She hadn’t meant to do it. Well, not really…

His lips were soft, but not dainty or feminine like she imagined her own were. They were quite pleasant, though, pressed up against hers. The corners of her lips curled up into the beginnings of a smile as his face leaned down, meeting her own.

Wait. What was she doing?! Inhaling sharply, Sybil pulled back, her cheeks flushing once again. Her mouth opened as she tried to think of words to explain how sorry she was for what she’d done. Emerald eyes stared up, a hint of disappointment at stopping herself hiding behind the naive fright at having started the kiss to begin with.
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Smirking to himself for so effectively taunting Sybil, Veles was thoroughly enjoying himself. He was leaning against the pinned werepanther, just a breath away from her lips with his own, and tormenting her shyness. Had keep caught her in this position a night before, he would have been lunging for her throat with his teeth. Maybe she had cast some sort of magic on him, somehow convincing his inner wolf to not loath her inner panther on an instinctual level. He didn't much care if she had, he was still having fun, and wasn't hampered in any way. The fact that his vision no longer turned red upon seeing her, the need to spill her blood so strong he wasn't entirely in control of himself was good. When he enjoyed the flush of her skin and just wanted to nip her to encourage its brightness was better.

She was at a complete loss for words as he had taunted her. When he positioned himself just over her, she was practically communicating in silent squeaks. She shivered for barely a moment before leaning into him. He hadn't known she reciprocated the feelings of desire until her lips touched his. Soft and tender, they were burning hot against his. How could she be cold enough to shiver when her blood was boiling so much? Maybe it wasn't from the chilly onset of night, but twitch of nervous energy after being torments by a wolf and not allowed to run away. When she pulled away, he gasped softly, he wanted so much more. His inner wolf was demanding it. But Veles chose a slower, safer route. He simply leaned himself against Sybil and kissed her deeply. No sense in rushing when the feel of her body squirming against his was so enjoyable.

Veles wasn't entirely surprised when she murmured in enjoyment of his attention, but was taken aback at just how much her back arched to bring herself just that much closer to him. It was just enough space, almost an invitation, he let his right hand loosen releasing her wrist and brought it behind her. Brushing a tiny bit of dirt from her skin, his rough hand explored the small of Sybil's back, tugging her just a bit closer to him in the process. The ground was cold, but she was certainly warm. Perhaps the shiver had been from the chill. That only meant he need to try harder and ensure the next uncontrollable movement of her body was solely due to his teases.

Deciding that a moment of rushed breathing might be a good thing, Veles slowly backed his lips away from hers before trailing them in a string of nips and kisses along he nape of her neck. While breathing heavily on his own, he was pumping the air through his nose as his mouth had much better things to do. The end result was Veles becoming intoxicated on the overwhelming scent of feline. It was so wrong and right all at once, so taboo, so passionate. His heart thudded faster and faster, he was sure that half the forest could likely hear it.

It hadn't been so entirely long that Veles had gone without female companionship, but nothing lasting had ever come of it. Humans were far too fragile to handle his wolf. Demons were generally looking at him more as a meal. Even the young fox who had fluffed her tail in his direction during an early morning hunt had only been looking for a roll in the underbrush. Maybe this wouldn't turn into anything more, but that wasn't going to stop him from enjoying. He was only kissing the cat after all. His wolf burned the caveat into his mind, so far...

Veles nearly chuckled to himself, perhaps this cat would be very good for him. Certainly she could take her licks, and her wit was constantly catching him. She looked fantastic even when he had plopped mud onto her head, and she felt even better against him. Humans had a very strange rumor about wolves because they bonded so closely, that they would only mate with one for life. Some rumors even exaggerated this to some form of mating link so strong that one would die alone should their mate die. Veles knew the foolishness of this. The bond did exist, but it had nothing to do with mating, it was completely due to love. Sometimes a love so strong that heartbreak and grief could be fatal. Leave it to humans to disregard that animals could have such feelings. Veles thought to himself what Sybil might believe about wolves, if she had even heard anything at all. She was young and raised far away from most humans. He had lived a long time and certainly knew nothing of how mating affected felines.

Perhaps she wouldn't consider this anything more out of the ordinary than digging her claws into a tree to sharpen them. But Veles was determined that she'd find it a whole lot more satisfying as his kisses trailed back up her jawline and he kissed her again. His teeth lightly caught her lower lip and he let out a low moan as he did so. He was certain that she had shivered again at precisely that moment. Mmhmm, the cold. he laughed to himself internally.

From killing to kissing, this cat certainly knew how to keep it interesting.

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Sybil stared up at Veles as their lips parted, waiting for the repercussions. Something in his eyes caused her breath to catch at the back of her throat. Despite their human form, she could see the wolf inside of him, growling to be let out. He still hadn’t growled vocally to let her know about his displeasure, but then again, something told her she wouldn’t be hearing any arguments from him. And in fact, she didn’t hear anything out of him.

His face moved down, his lips pressing against hers again. So much for repercussions. He moved slow, but she didn’t mind. She was new to this, and his slow movements were easier to keep up with. The strain of her neck rising to meet him was annoying, so she arched the whole of her back up, pressing against him. He was warm and enticing, and he tasted just as delicious. The sound of her mother’s voice was long gone, and had been replaced by the quickening beat of her heart as the adrenaline rose within her.

Suddenly, he released her wrist. Her hand floated up from the ground almost instinctively after having been pinned for so long. She could feel his hand sliding along her back, brushing dirt from her flesh while pulling her up closer towards him. Perhaps he was on to something there. Slowly, she moved her free hand up, her fingers trailing up his arm towards his neck. Even in human form, his hair was a bit on the shaggy side – all the better to comb through as she pulled herself closer to him.

The corners of her lips tilted downwards when he pulled away from her. As she sucked in a deep breath, she realized why. Intoxicated from the taste of his lips, she almost hadn’t noticed her lack of oxygen intake. Sybil’s nostrils flared as the lips she was now thoroughly addicted to found her neck once again. A noise escaped her open lips as his teeth nibbled just below her ear – a cross between a whimper and a gasp.

Her body was excruciatingly confusing right now. All of her senses told her that this was wrong. He was a wolf, after all, and therefore not compatible with her in the slightest. Although she’d never befriended any wolves before, the word around the woods was that they mated for life. But, what about werewolves? Could they mate with a human for life? Or a werepanther? But most importantly...

Did she care?

Growling against her thoughts, she allowed her more base instincts to take over again. Her breath was more ragged than she would have expected from merely lying on the ground, but she was ready to lose it again. As his teeth caught on her lower lip, she shivered involuntarily. She tried to make a mental note to remember that for later, but tunnel vision had kicked in. Gently, she forced his lips to collide with her own again, and she sighed, content.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Sybil awoke slowly. She blinked against the sun as it began its trek across the sky. Morning? Already? Dark brows knit across her forehead as she took in the rest of her surroundings. The ground she was laying on was soft and smelled of earth, sweat, and…

Her head turned some as she finally remembered that she was not alone. One of her arms was casually draped across a bare chest, the other tucked up close to her own. Veles’ left arm stuck out from his torso so that she could use it as a pillow, but his hand was pressed gently against her back, holding her against him. A quiet smile snuck onto her lips as memories of the night before raced through her mind. Her natural blush returned to her cheeks at the thought.

Letting out a soft sigh, she closed her emerald eyes again, scooting closer to the heat of Veles’ body so that her head was resting on his chest instead of his bicep. A part of her wanted to get up and find that water hole he’d brought her to the day before, but she didn’t want to wake him. Besides, her muscles were still a bit sore, and this was far too comfortable…
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As Sybil shifted ever so lightly on him, Veles knew she was awake, and had been long before he was. Her slender form was quite warm against his, but with his hand on her back, he felt that she was enjoying his warmth and was just a bit cooler by comparison. She certainly wasn't last night. Veles thought to himself with a sly grin. She had probably noticed the twitch of his lips. With nothing else to keep a cat occupied, she had likely noticed the subtle shift in his breathing. She was very observant.

Determined to keep her a bit on her toes, he tugged her a bit tighter against him as he opened his eyes to look over her form. "Stuck around for an encore performance? I'm flattered kitty cat." he taunted ever so lightly, desiring a glimpse of her blushing at least one more time today. With the sun trickling down through the canopy of leaves, he would get to see it clearly. She grinned at him and nuzzled herself a bit firmer against his chest.

Reaching up to pluck an errant twig with a dry leaf from her hair, Veles' back shifted over the soil and he was pleased to note each scratch her nails had left along his skin previously. "So I'm your perch now, am I? I could certainly think of worse things to be in life..." he trailed off. Slowly he let his hand slip down her form again, tickling her back lightly with just his fingertips. He allowed his palm to rest against her back and was sure she was a few degrees cooler than he was. It figures a cat would enjoy curling up and sleeping on the warmest thing available on a cool morning.

With a slight grumble of his stomach Veles decided to play host, these were his woods after all. "Your choice of breakfast, either we can scavenge something out here, or I could cook you some steak and eggs. The first would involve a lot of running, the second just a short walk though some of it is steep. The second also boasts indoor plumbing with a shower that gets hot enough to scald humans." he offered. She had glanced up into his eyes as he spoke, the emerald of her eyes was astounding in the morning light. They were still full of mischief as well.

Cats were no long the bane of existence.
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With her eyes closed against the morning light, Sybil did not notice the twitch of Veles’ lips. She did, however, notice the slight change in the pattern of his breathing. Her left eye opened and she tilted her head up some so that she could finally see the grin on his lips. A light blush blossomed on her cheeks as she sent a bashful smile up at him.

One eyebrow rose on her brow at his mention of an encore performance. The reference was lost on her for a moment, but realization hit home and her smile cracked into a grin. Two mornings in a row, she’d woken up not only in his territory, but sprawled out across his naked form. It was an interesting situation to say the least. Their first night together had been spent trying to rip each other apart. Their second night was quite a different story.

“It’s not my fault you’re just such a pleasant host,” she purred, her fingers trailing up his ribcage to stop, palm-down, on his chest. Pushing off with her toes, she scooted up along his body so that her head was resting on his shoulder now. She hadn’t originally felt any pain on her back, but now that she’d moved more, she noticed that hers hadn’t been the only claws to come out during the night.

A smile spread across her lips again as she finally took a mental tally of her aches and pains. The gouges in her back were the most apparent. Some were from this night, but some of the less sharp pains were definitely from the night before. The lacerations across her nose from one of his more powerful swipes during their first meeting had healed into bright pink scars, but she could still feel a slight ache across the bridge of her nose. A slight groan escaped her lips as she noticed her last ache, but she quickly pushed past it. It wasn’t even a pain, per se, but more like she’d used muscles in her body that she hadn’t used in a very long time.

Emerald eyes followed his hand up as he plucked a twig from her hair. Her lips pursed some as she tried to imagine just how horrendous she looked right now. Feeling a bit self-conscious, she pulled the hand on his chest up and ran her fingers through the wild mane of hair atop her head in an effort to make herself seem at least somewhat presentable. His voice caught her attention as she was still attempting to preen her hair and she stopped to grin up at him some. It widened as she heard his stomach protesting the lack of food.

When her own stomach replied, the grin disappeared, only to be replaced by a major blush. He was there with an offer of food and she nodded, mulling over the options he put forth. Another light growl emitted from her stomach, forcing her to make a decision faster. Having only eaten one small meal the previous day, she was not surprised how angry her stomach was. The fighting and then the… not fighting… had taken a lot out of her. While a good long hunt sounded fun, she was far too exhausted to exert that much energy.

“I think I’m starting to really enjoy being in your territory and you playing host,” she responded, grinning playfully. “And I think a shower wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I can only imagine what other dirt and twigs are hiding in my hair right now,” she continued, her fingers running through the long brown locks again in search of any other forest debris.

When none was found, she slowly edged her way up onto one elbow to show that she was getting ready for the trek. A light sigh escaped her parted lips as she brushed some loose silt from the shoulder that had been on the ground. She turned her eyes to him as he sat up as well, admiring her handiwork on his back. Chuckling quietly, she leaned forward, brushing some dirt from the wounds on his back, careful not to injure him more than she already had.

“I’d offer to race you there, but I don’t know the way…” she murmured, trying to keep the mood light as they each stood and stretched achy muscles in preparation for the trek to his home.

She had to admit a part of her reasoning for choosing this option was also to see what his home was like. In the forest, she had no walls or plumbing. Granted, in the wild, it was rare for her to leave her panther form – especially when spending time with her mother. The apartment she had in Librium, however, had all sorts of human amenities. Thus far, she’d figured out the oven, the toaster, and all of the faucets. The washer, dryer, and microwave still confounded her some – they had too many dials and oddly marked buttons between the three of them, and reading was not her strong suit.

Lifting her nose to the air, she leaned back, allowing her back to pop in multiple places. She winced at the pain from her back lacerations, but exhaled slowly to help regulate the pain. Once her body was ready for the trip to his home, she smiled and rest her hands on her hips to let him know it was okay for him to lead the way.
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With her acceptance, Veles grinned, wolfishly as always, and started off towards his home within the woods. He had several tiny cottages hidden among the trees that he would have lead her to if he hadn't trusted her. To go from killing one another one night and bringing her into his home in such a short order, she had certainly done a number on his perceptions of cats. "Come on then, if I can't walk behind you and stair at your... behind, you better at least be walking beside me so I can still enjoy this morning's view." he offered in his usual deep tone, but the playfulness was clear in his voice.

As the two wound their way through the thicket and trees, they eventually made it back to the rockier outcroppings that they had perched upon earlier in their adventures. Climbing steadily, Veles didn't need to look over his shoulder to know Sybil was by his side, but chose to anyway to watch her tone form as she climbed deftly. With each of her graceful movements, the muscles of her legs flexed ever so slightly and shifted below her fair skin. Veles certainly enjoyed his choice of partners last night, and recalled those legs wrapped around him.

"Almost there... this way." he warned before taking her hand and walking steadily into a large stone. The image of a large stone at least, entering a small cave, the apparent illusion had hid the opening well and the two stood before a massive door that looked near impregnable. After a playful squeeze of her hand, Veles let Sybil go and proceeded to shove against a massive store at the side of the cave. With his supernatural strength put to the test, he slid slightly back before gaining his grip and shifting the stone, opening another hallway, this time thinner. Stepping through, Veles rested his hand against a new door and it automatically scanned his identity, confirming that he was the one opening the door. Pushing inward, Veles stepped into the great-room of his home and held his arm wide as Sybil followed him in. "Welcome to the wolves den, kitty cat." he teased, letting her get a glimpse of the place.

The large space that was viewable was carved from the very mountain itself and had dozens of hide rugs sprawled over the floors. A massive set of couches established a sitting area and a glistening kitchen could be seen against the far wall. His extensive weapons rack stretched over an entire wall and sported many types of weapons from melee to ranged, physical to technological. On a small counter near the sitting area, a wet bar was set up, liquor bottles gleaming. "Bathroom is that way, how do you prefer your eggs?" Veles motioned to a doorway leading down a wide hallway.
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Sybil’s hands dropped from her hips as Veles made his way to his feet and started off in the direction of his home. She stayed behind him, content with simply following for the majority of the trek since she didn’t know where they were heading. A light blush graced her cheeks, but a playful grin slid onto her lips as she took a few larger steps in order to close the gap between them.

The trek through the trees seemed shorter than the first time she’d loped through this area. Her emerald eyes swept around, finally taking a good look at the trees and undergrowth here. A stray acorn beneath one of the trees caught her attention and she let out a quiet giggle. One hand reached up, covering her mouth as if she were trying to be polite.

It wasn’t long before they were out from beneath the cover of the trees. She recognized the outcropping as the one he’d brought her to the evening before. Her head tilted some as he began to hike up the rocky hill. She’d been rather engrossed with the view yesterday, but surely she’d have seen a house if there were one up here. He was a few paces ahead before she finally realized she’d stopped. With feline grace, she hopped onto one large rock. Two hops brought her to his level, at which point she noticed his eyes on her legs.

Her eyes found his, mischief lurking deep within the emerald pools. He didn’t seem to notice her looking, so she allowed her eyes to slip down in order to appreciate the muscles in his arms and upper back. His voice brought her out of her reverie, and she looked up to find his hand being held out towards her. She held her own up and out to him, smiling slightly as his fingers wrapped around her own.

Sybil inhaled sharply as Veles led her into a large stone near the top of the outcropping. She was not a magically advanced creature, nor was she intelligent when it came to technology, so the image of the stone was more than impressive to her. Her attention remained focused on the image of the stone, which seemed to disappear once they were past it. As he squeezed her hand, she finally whipped her head back forward, a slight look of confusion lined with awe on her face.

His next move was to shove a huge boulder aside. She contemplated moving forward to help him, but before she could make up her mind, it was already sliding across the cave floor. His muscles flexed against the strain of pushing such a large object, so she simply smiled appreciatively as she waited. The hall behind this stone was much narrower, but they made their way down it single-file nonetheless. At the end of this hallway was a door, which he had rigged with some technological lock. Curious…

As he moved in, she followed, her eyes sweeping around the room they’d entered. It was much larger than she had expected and she sucked in a quiet whistle of approval. “Wow…” was all she managed as she took in each detail of the place. Furs covered the floor and weapons lined one of the walls. Those two details automatically made it heaven for her. Her eyes seemed to stop on the weapons rack for a few moments and her feet took her towards it first. There were dozens of different types, but her attention was focused on a bow off towards the right of the rack.

A small smile tugged at the corners of her lips as she reached a hand forward, gently sliding her fingers along the large recurve. It reminded her of her own weapon, wrapped, and stuffed carefully in the trunk of a tree near the edge of the woods near Librium. Letting out a quiet breath, she turned away from the weapons and finally seemed to notice the wet bar and kitchen. There were nearly enough bottles to fill a bar, it looked like. The kitchen was shiny and spotless. Her eyebrows rose at just how clean the whole place was. For some reason, she’d expected his home to have at least a few specs of dust. Perhaps it was the instinctive prejudice she had against the wolf in him… The prejudice she was quickly becoming accustomed to ignoring.

Turning her attention towards the wolf himself, Sybil followed his finger towards the bathroom and nodded. Her lips pursed together in thought as she moved towards the kitchen rather than the bathroom. “Scrambled. Hard. I don’t like the gooey insides,” she explained, her nose wrinkling at the thought of runny eggs.

He seemed to have the cooking in order, so she stepped forward, placing a quick kiss on his cheek before scurrying towards the hallway he’d pointed towards. She didn’t need help finding the bathroom – her nose led the way towards the room that smelled the most like water. Stepping into the room, she took a quick look around before making her way to the shower. Faucets were still fairly new to her, but this one seemed pretty self-explanatory.

Before long, steam flowed out from the shower, and into the hall via the open door. The water was hot, but not scalding, as it she let it soak her head to toe. A bar of soap helped to loosen the dirt that clung to her body. There were a few bottles in the shower. One looked to be shampoo, but the other was not a clear bottle, so she refrained from using it just in case it wasn’t conditioner like she hoped.

When she finally turned the water off a few minutes later, she felt like a completely different person. Finally opening her eyes, she took a deep breath and looked around the bathroom. Realization dawned on her that she hadn’t made sure to find a towel beforehand. Oops.

“Uhm… Veles?” she called out warily, hiding behind the shower curtain so that only her head was visible when he entered. “I uhh… Do you have a towel?” she asked, the blush spreading across her cheeks blending in with the red already covering half her body from the heat of the water.
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Smiling softly to himself as Sybil began to wander and take in his home with wonder, Veles began towards the kitchen, he would need to pull the meat from his cooler to let it rest, hopefully getting to room temperature relatively quickly so that when he cooked it the flavor would be its best. Stopping for a moment, he turned on his tap and scrubbed his hands vigorously, cleaning well up onto his forearms before continuing on. Stepping into the walk-in cooler, he felt his skin clench at the chill, but he was in and out in a flash. Two medium-sized slabs of venison steak, a large white onion, a metal bowl filled to the brim with fresh eggs and the rarity for him, a small glass bottle of milk; carefully Veles set out his ingredients onto the polished stone countertops.

Veles wasn't much of a milk person, somehow it never tasted right to him, but when he was in the small village just a few days before, bartering away some meats for produce, the old lady who always gave him a deal absolutely insisted he took the small bottle. Veles had built up rather positive trading relationships be never bringing foul meat, and always claiming his cuts weighed slightly less than they actually did. His customers always got fresh food, and a bit extra, and because of this, whenever Veles did go to the market, he never needed to carry back unsold goods, and rarely didn't receive what he came looking for. Eggs were his favorite. He didn't have the patience to not eat the chicken whole, to ever collect eggs.

Sybil finally followed him into the kitchen, despite the hallway to the bathroom being in the opposite direction. She was checking up on him, and wrinkled her nose as she described how she preferred her eggs. Typical for a cat to be picky about their food, but Veles simply grinned, he had a great deal of practice cooking food, and as eggs were one of his favorite things to eat, he cook cook them any which way she desired. He was reaching for two skillets when she leaned in for a quick peck on the cheek before scampering off for the shower. She trusted him already, not just with her life, but with her meals too, he had made a very good impression. Setting a wide cast ion skillet on the stove top, Veles turned the heat on low and letter the mana-powered coil slowly heat the pan.

Collecting another bowl, a cutting board and a chopping knife, all within reach, Veles deftly cracked over a dozen eggs into the bowl before adding a light pour of the milk and whisking it rapidly. The results were quite frothy and Veles set the bowl aside to settle, cracking a mixture of salt and pepper out a grinder just before turning his attention to the onion. With uncanny speed and precision, Veles diced the onion down to roughly one inch strips, plopping them into the warming skillet as he went. Just after finishing, he doused a tiny boy of oil into the skillet and left to onions be to simmer.

Veles could hear the water flowing from down the hall, he could smell the strong scent of his soap wafting down the hall amidst the steam. Sybil was enjoying a steamy shower, but she was taking things a bit quick. Perhaps she was more hungry than she let on, he would attempt to be done as she finished. That was just before he heard the water cut off, damn she was quick. She called his name rather timidly from the bathroom, which immediately caught his attention, and asked for a towel. Of course he had forgotten to set anything out for her. "One second!" Veles called back, wiping his hands quickly and nearly sprinting down the hall. Rummaging in the many cabinets within his own room, he collected not only a towel, but a fresh change of clothes, in case she desired it and rushed around the corner to the bathroom. Stepping in without thinking, Veles caught a glimpse of Sybil hiding behind the shower curtain, amusing and cute considering she had just spent the previous day naked in his company.

"Towel and a change of clothes if you'd like them.. but I recommend these." Veles explained as he set down the bundle of fabrics and reached for a switch on the wall with a flick five large heat lamps glowed to life in the ceiling, warming the already steaming room even more. Shuffling through one of the drawers, he also pulled out a comb, holding it up to show Sybil, but she was staring at the lamps above with wonder. He set the comb down, in lue of a brush, and stepped back out of the room, hurting back to the kitchen.

His onions were nearly perfect, he had just enough time to start his large skillet of eggs before he scrapped the slippery onions aside and set the venison steaks onto the already heated and seasoned skillet. The sizzling of eggs and deer meat was loud, the aromas were potent, within just a few moments all the food would be ready. Veles reached for a set of plates and glasses, along with some utensils setting the high countertops quickly, knowing right were the tall kitchen stools were even though he wasn't looking for them. Pulling the meat from the hot pans and letting them rest, covered with onions, Veles scooped out several large helpings of perfectly scrambled eggs.

Sybil stepped through he hallway just as he placed a helping of venison on both plates and two glasses of milk out. Looking up to her, she looked considerably more comfortable now that she was clean. "Breakfast is served, little one, hope you're hungry." he offered with a grin.
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As soon as Veles called out to let her know he was on his way, Sybil leaned back in to the shower. Bringing both arms back, she wrung more water out of her long, dark tresses as much as she could before peering back out. He was there when she did, and a small smile filled her lips at the sight of a towel… and some clothes to boot!

“Thanks…” she murmured sheepishly, her teeth finding her bottom lip and digging in slightly. Her eyes flickered up as he hit a switch and some new lamps turned on. She felt herself shiver as the temperature instantly sky-rocketed. Her mouth hung open in awe at such a wondrous device. Technology was baffling, but new discoveries like this always impressed and excited Sybil.

By the time she looked back down, blinking back tears from staring at the heat so long, he was long gone. Wiping her eyes free of the salty water, she finally stepped free of the shower. Two steps took her to the towel he’d provided, but her body was already mostly dry thanks to the lamps. Her hair would take longer to dry, however, so she grabbed up the large soft cloth and flipped her head towards the floor in order to dry it some.

Her face was flushed again when she flipped her head and hair back up. Dropping the now damp towel onto the counter, she turned her attention towards the clothes he’d brought in for her. He had no female undergarments for her, which was understandable due to their different anatomy. The pants he’d brought in were too long in the leg area, so she passed them up, skipping straight to the shirt. Its sleeves were long, drooping well past her smallish hands. The bottom of the torso portion of the shirt itself fell all the way to Sybil’s upper thigh. Taking a quick peek in the mirror, she tilted her head calculating her current look.

With her hair still as disheveled as it was, she looked like a right mess standing in his shirt. One finger moved up as she leaned towards the mirror, brushing the new scar across her nose. Her lips pursed some, but she shrugged and finally grabbed the comb. It took her quite some time to force her dark locks into submission, but when she was done, the difference was definitely worth it. Her hair was still somewhat damp, but it looked considerably healthier and cascaded to her mid-back in gentle waves. A silent smile tugged at the corners of her lips and she nodded, satisfied.

Slipping on the pair of socks Veles had provided, she finally headed back towards the kitchen. The smells emanating from that room were tantalizing. She inhaled deeply, her eyes fluttering closed briefly. Stepping around the corner into the kitchen proper, she scanned the scene. He’d finished cooking and had already set out dishes for them both on the high counter. The scent of eggs, onions, and venison were the most prominent, but she spied a glass of milk next to each plate as well and licked her lips.

His voice echoed over to her from across the kitchen and she turned her emerald orbs in that direction. “Looks delicious,” she smiled, taking a seat on one of the barstools. She eyed the utensils he’d placed beside each plate with a hint of disdain. She’d mastered the use of the silver prong-stick, and the dull knife, and the miniature shovel enough to seem ordinary when eating out in the city, but they were still not her favorite of the civilized inventions.

A light smile filled her lips nonetheless as he finally took a seat next to her. Picking up the fork with her left hand, she twirled it between her fingers some, getting accustomed to the feel of this one before finally getting it adjusted in her hand. She sensed that he was waiting for her critique before he started in on his own food, so she stabbed a piece of the scrambled eggs and shoveled it daintily into her mouth. They were fluffy, but scrambled so that they weren’t runny in the slightest. She nodded with approval as her hunger finally overtook her and she shoved another bite into her mouth.

Reaching over, she snatched up the knife and began to saw at the slab of venison he’d cooked up. She’d never thought to put onions on her meat. The two smells mingled together in an interesting, but delicious sensation. She took a small bite of the combination and nearly purred instantly. Clearly, she’d been doing things all wrong since “moving” into the city. Her head bobbed up and down in another nod of approval as she quickly got to work on slicing the venison into bite-sized pieces so that she could inhale it all.
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Tue Nov 20, 2012 12:34 am

Just as Veles finished setting out the last of his prepared meal, Sybil slowly wandered down the hallway and into view. She had elected to only wear a bit of what he had offered her, though he didn't mind the additional time to glimpse her lithe legs. He couldn't recall her hair ever looking so untangled, though he certainly hadn't helped with that previously. It was much more luminous after a wash with shampoo rather than a glob of mud that he had provided before.

"Hot damn kitten, you sure do clean up nicely." he catcalled as she crossed the room and sat comfortably on the bar stool. As he made his way slowly around the bar from the kitchen side of the counter to the dining side, he noticed her fiddle with her silverware for a moment. When she noticed his glance, she immediately rushed a few quick bites, almost as if she was caught doing something odd and trying to make up for it. He couldn't help but grin widely as she proclaimed how good his cooking was.

Considering how quickly she devoured her eggs, he knew he must have cooked them to her liking. The thought of her scrunched nose at runny eggs made him chuckle for a moment, but she was also practically inhaling the venison he had cooked. "Glad you're enjoying it." Veles offered before digging into his own meal. His pace wasn't quite matching hers, but he was also distracted by her sitting next to him and enjoying herself so thoroughly.

After several long minutes of eating, the most frequent sound being silverware clattering against a plate, the two finished their meals. Bellies stuffed with steaming food, Veles didn't know about her, but he was feeling both incredibly alive, and the distinct urge to hibernate for a bit of digestion. Though, a steaming shower sounded fantastic as well.

Collecting the now empty plates and utensils, Veles piled them all unceremoniously in the kitchen's deep sink. "I think I'm going to find that shower as well, feel free to relax." Veles announced, but instead of walking directly down the hallway, he stepped into the living area of the great room. Leaning to the coffee table, he clicked a remote without lifting it. Light canvas screens slowly descended from crevasse in the ceiling and projectors blinked to life from across the room. The scene displayed was beautiful, the very forest outside of the stone walls of his home. Veles had spent months establishing all the cameras and transmitters to make this panoramic view truly a marvel.

Stepping back near the kitchen, he opened a thin doorway in the outer wall of the great room. Instead of a pantry, this cutout into the very mountain itself was extremely long. At least fifty feet separated the now open door and the far end of the narrow hall. A tiny light blinked to life, illuminating a stuffed dummy. Stepping back towards the hallway leading to the washroom Veles added, "The bow at the end has a very heavy pull, I wouldn't use anything but the metal bolts stored with it... if you're interested, that is. I'll be back in just a few minutes."
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Sybil’s cheeks lit up as Veles’ comment reached her and didn’t fade until she was halfway done with the meal. She could feel his eyes on her as she ate and she was instantly self-conscious. Her bites lessened in size so as to not get any of the gooey mess on her lips, but she didn’t slow down. It was amazing just how hungry she was. Then again, after the 2-day ‘workout’ they’d been through, it wasn’t surprising.

The meal didn’t last long. Sybil let out a large breath she didn’t realize she’d been holding half the meal as she set the fork down finally. Veles was there instantly, collecting the dishes before she had a chance to bring them to the sink. Her lips pursed to one side – she’d been intending to do that. He was too good of a host. Her ears perked up when he mentioned going to use the shower himself and she nodded, slowly carrying her empty milk glass towards the sink.

His footsteps didn’t begin to echo down the hall like she’d thought they would, so she turned to find him flicking switches and fiddling with a remote in the living room area. Emerald eyes widened as the projector screen lowered to show the world outside. She could feel her jaw hanging open as she absently set the glass down and moved forward. As she reached the canvas, her head tilted some, listening for any sounds of life. Apparently, it was just a video with no sound.

Leaning back, Sybil turned in time to watch Veles heading back towards the kitchen. Odd, considering the shower was down the hall. As he opened a door, her curiosity got the better of her and she shuffled over to see what was inside. Her eyes widened again at what she saw inside, and she could feel her heartbeat quicken. It was a shooting range – more precisely, it was an archery range. Her fingers twitched, itching to hold her bow and let half a quiver loose at the dummy staring from the end of the range. It had been nearly a week since she’d so much as touched her baby.

When Veles gave her a tip about the bow on his rack, she gasped quietly. She didn’t realize he’d even seen her admiring the weapon earlier. Her cheeks lit up, but as soon as he was in the bathroom and the shower was on, she couldn’t restrain herself anymore. Half-scurrying, half-sliding over to the rack, she paused with her hands hovering over the enameled wood of the long recurve. She worried at her lower lip again, debating whether or not to take his invitation.

Finally, she couldn’t restrain herself anymore. Taking the bow up in one hand, she snagged the quiver of bolts he’d mentioned and hurried back towards the range. A light frown filled her lips as she looked down at the sleeves that were trying to slip past her fingers. That just wouldn’t work with the shooting. Shrugging lightly, she set both weapon and quiver down gently and removed the shirt so that only Veles’ socks remained on her.

Plucking the quiver back up, she slung it over one shoulder and her head with ease before pulling one bolt out and lifting the bow from the floor. She tested the string some, drawing it back lightly. He was right. It did have a heavy pull. That wasn’t an issue for her, however, and she nocked the bolt before aiming down the range. Her lips tugged upwards at their corners and she let out a breath just before letting the bolt fly. It landed in the midsection of the dummy and she nodded, already calculating just how to adjust her aim to get a better shot.

Now that she knew just how hard the pull was, and precisely how far the target was, things would be much easier. Pulling another bolt from the quiver, she slid it into place with ease and pulled the string back. It rested along her left cheek until she let go again. The bolt traveled with her exhaled breath towards the end of the range and sunk into the bull’s eye on the dummy’s head. She nodded approvingly as she looked down at her arm.

There was a long, red rash from the string on her forearm, but she barely felt the stinging pain. Years of wielding a bow had numbed her arms to the pain of string burn, so she quickly looked away and focused her attention back on the dummy. By the time Veles returned from his shower, the dummy’s head had another pair of bolts protruding from it, as well as one from the neck, while Sybil’s emerald eyes gleamed with satisfaction. If she noticed his arrival, she didn’t show it, being so focused on maiming the dummy more.
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Stepping into the bathroom, Veles grinned it was still steamy from Sybil's shower despite the time spent eating. Stepping to the counter top, he applied a generous portion of toothpaste to a brush and scrubbed vigorously. His teeth were a prideful point for Veles, he was always sure to clean them carefully.

From there, he stepped over to the shower, setting the water to scalding and stepping into the steamy flow. Veles closed his eyes and let the water flow over him, melting away the tensions of his muscles, clearing away the sweat and dirt from several days outdoors. He was certainly capable of living outdoors and off the land for weeks and months at a time, but he did enjoy the luxuries of staying clean.

Veles collected a bit of soap, scrubbing his body with the thick lather, feeling all the grime flow away as he stepped below the powerful blast of water again. Oh it felt good to be home again. He was already feeling more comforted by his rituals and surroundings. He was able to relax in his den.

Stepping out of the shower, Veles flicked the switch for his heat lamps, letting himself dry slowly. It felt as though he was basking under the bright sun, his skin dried and firmed up slightly, the excess moisture steaming away from him.

Sauntering from the bathroom to his adjacent bedroom, Veles heard the occasional slam of a bolt impaling the target dummy. Sybil was enjoying herself, which was very good. Slipping on a pair of boxers and stretchable exercise shorts, Veles collected another set of objects from his bedroom. His prized bow, a massive compound bow build just for him, along with a quiver of metal arrows.

Making his way down the short hallway to the great room, Veles stopped in his tracks when he caught a glimpse of Sybil. She was practically naked and lining up a perfect shot. Arrow knocked, bow drawn, her body was flawless. She slowly exhaled and let the bolt fly, streaking to its target with accuracy and precision.

With a wry grin, Veles knocked his own arrow. Drawing his own bow took some of his supernatural strength, but as the cams rotated and locked, it became easier to hold as he lined up his shot. Veles knew the sights and ranges of his bow by heart. This range was perfectly spot on, and he let the arrow loose.

Soaring across the room, the fully metal arrow shot across the wide room, narrowly avoiding Sybil, and slamming into the dummy. His target was at the neck, just between the collar bones. When his heavy bolt impacted the dummy, the dummy toppled. The momentum of the blow was brutal, both in speed and weight. That was why this particular weapon was his favorite. Its attacks were much like his own, brute power, speed, and deadly accuracy.

Lowering his bow, Veles grinned wolfishly at Sybil. "So you like archery, eh?" he asked.
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She smelled him before anything else. His scent was masked by the soap, but it was still wolven, and it still rang out to her louder than anything else. The hairs on the back of her neck rose instinctively. It was only a natural reaction to the arrival of another predator. She had an arrow nocked and ready to go, but she paused to listen to his footsteps behind her.

A familiar sound trickled toward her. It was a bowstring, but there was something different about it. Sybil’s head tilted to the side some and she turned to see why it sounded so odd. Her eyes narrowed as she took in the sight of the bow. Instead of a single string and a recurve, there was a string… a modified recurve… and some sort of pulley system. What in the devil WAS that thing?

Taking a small breath, she finally looked away from the bow. The sight of his well-sculpted upper body was missed as she focused in on the whole picture – his stance, his breathing, the placement of his fingers. She didn’t so much as flinch when the metal arrow whizzed past her. Her hair flipped as she spun her head to watch the arrow’s trajectory. It hit the neck of the dummy… and then some.

The whole dummy toppled upon impact. Sybil’s lips pursed together and she whistled in appreciation as she watched the feather ends of her own arrows whip back and forth until they stilled. She heard his question from behind her and turned slowly to face him, lowering the bow and removing the nocked arrow. After returning the bolt to the quiver, she placed her free hand on one hip.

“Like would be an understatement,” she responded, smiling bashfully. “My bow isn’t quite so powerful as yours, though. And not so… odd.” Stepping towards him, she narrowed her eyes, inspecting his bow further. From the looks of it, the bow was made specifically to enhance the archer’s strength. It was genius, especially for folk like herself and Veles.

“Huh…” she muttered, leaning down somewhat to get a better look at the pulley system on the bow. Dark locks fell to conceal most of her face and chest from his view, but she didn’t seem to notice or care if he was looking at her. “Nice. Very… huh… Nice.”

Finally satisfied that she’d looked enough, Sybil straightened her back and returned her emerald gaze to Veles. Another bashful grin filled her lips and she skirted across the living room to replace his bow and quiver on their respective holders. Without the weapon in her hands, the awkwardness seemed to return. “I should probably let you get to… uhm… I should probably… You’ve probably got things to … do… I can at least help with the dishes,” she stammered, moving towards the sink. “Mama may have taught me that men are evil, but she taught me manners, too,” she chuckled nervously.
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Veles grinned wolfishly as Sybil slowly approached him after having observed his compound bow's brute power. She didn't show the least bit of concern that he would use the weapon on her, even as the arrow had whipped past her head. Her eyes looked carefully over the contraption, noting just how it all seemed to work. The compound bow with unique cams and pulleys was certainly different than the elegant recurve she held.

After she looked over the weapon, she seemed to come back to her senses, becoming aware of Veles again, and herself again. She grinned and blushed lightly, a look that was very enjoyable on her. Her dark hair had fallen over her face and shoulders, as she looked up, her emerald eyes peeked through the brown locks. Her eyes held a great deal of playful energy, though as her brows rose slightly, she seemed to become suddenly less comfortable.

As she replaced the weapon, she stammered a few small sentences out. She was being shy, but she also wished to be helpful. Offering to do the dishes, she commented as well about her mother having raised her. She had regained her bearings, it seemed, being proud of her upbringing.

Sybil was quite the enigma, completely confident at some moments, completely awkward at others. It was sometimes difficult to follow which she was feeling, but Veles had spent time enough around her to at least recognize what she was currently feeling. Perhaps with more time, he would know as her moods were on the verge of changing. If she ever let him that close, that is.

Veles slowly followed Sybil into the kitchen. Her smile was enjoyable, though she teased that she had been taught men were evil.

"While I have no clue just how evil men are, I can tell you that werewolves are most certainly the most evil of the bunch." Veles quipped, a wide grin spreading across his lips. He helped by collecting a few of the pans, knives and cutting boards from the kitchen. He picked up a towel as Sybil finished rinsing the first plate, and he quickly dried it. "So evil in fact, that we even take time out of our days to kiss cats that we come across." he teased and landed a light kiss on her shoulder.

Helping her finish all the dishes and storing them away, Veles turned and explained. "I had no true plans for the day, though I do need to refill my stocks before my next trip to the market. I will likely need at least seven deer and elk to butcher for good cuts. The villages I trade with aren't as resourceful as wolves, they only desire certain cuts of meat which they know how to prepare. Though I likely should check in with Librium, it has been a few days, jobs have likely stacked up. You're welcome to accompany me on either, if you wish, though the tasks my office gives me are rarely very nice." Veles explained in response to her earlier remark about him being busy.
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It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]
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