A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 The Aurora Project

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PostSubject: The Aurora Project   Sun Aug 19, 2012 3:34 pm

The Aurora Project

As the war raged on humans weren't the only ones to seek out ways to augment their forces. Inspired not by the willingness of humans to gain advantage at the risk of their own people, but by their successes. After the decided failure of the Vampire program, a new collection of magic experts were gathered from the various fey races, to find a new way of harnessing Terra's natural bounty of power to create a living weapon.

Founding Members:
Borst RockMalder (dwarven)
Rae-sun Riversbend (elven)
Ezekiel Vezera (avian)

These three individuals were standing at the forefront of alteration magics and other forms of physical augmentation. They were also not well known for their discretion when it came to testing their theories. Each one of them wished to create a being that could match the abominations created by humankind's science and perversions of mixed magic and technology. Although it would never be officially stated, this uncompromising need for results was the reason for them being chosen.

It was Ezekiel original research on the Aurora Borealis phenomena some years ago, that became the focal point of their work. Eventually, with the combined genius of the three minds working together, they were able to figure out a way to harness the power of the Aurora Borealis. Using Elven magic, and a dwarven made storage device, they were able harvest and process the energies into a substance they dubbed Stardust.

They had to experiment on their own kind, because it was their kind that would be receiving the gifts of Aurora once the trial period was over. As the war raged on outside the walls of the Aurora facility, a different kind of battle raged within. Inside, children's bodies were put to the test. Orphaned children were collected from the various Fey races as test subjects. All of the selected test subjects were under the age of ten because any older, they were deemed too far developed to undergo a significant change.

Thanks to their unethical methods of testing on live subjects, the trio learned a great deal and quickly bore results. The Stardust could not just be infused into the system via ingestion or injection. Infusing the Stardust into subjects too quickly caused uncontrolled mutations, rejection, and in almost all cases resulted in death. After so many failures and lost subjects, they developed a method of inducing a coma like state in the subject, and gradually infusing the Stardust into the host body over weeks so that it was given time to adapt to the changes without causing adverse affects.

The first group of children that successfully survived the Stardust infusion were ready in a few months time. The trio immediately began to study them, trying to figure out just what it was that the Stardust did to these children. Unafraid to push the limits of safety, it didn't take them long to yield the desired data. They found the Stardust had bonded to their bodies, and lay dormant until the children were threatened. It activated as a defense mechanism, causing drastic changes in the test subjects. The resulting manifestations were as varied as the individual children they experimented on. Some experienced augmented strength, while others developed speed and agility, others still went under compete physical metamorphosis. Pleased with the results they considered project success and began trying to duplicate the results with the remaining test subjects.

Over the years after the first batch of test subjects were sent into the battlefield to prove themselves, the stories of what they were capable of spread like wildfire. The Courts began to receive volunteers for the Stardust infusion process. Even though the process was time consuming and took a while to yield results, the resulting benefits that were felt thanks to each Stardust enhanced warrior made it a worthwhile investment.

When the war was over, and the treaty signed, the Aurora Project was disbanded and dismantled so that the Courts were not in violation of its edicts. Those that had still been in the Aurora Project compound were tossed out, and left to their own devices. They were still alive after all, but now found themselves homeless or living in poverty. With no real schooling, or life skills to speak of it made surviving in a world trying to rebuild very difficult. With nothing to distinguish them from none Stardust enhanced Fey, the surviving subjects of the Aurora Projects have disappeared into the masses.

Symptoms of Aurora:

Inactive Mode: The subject looks completely normal. No telling marks or anything that would show them as being any different than any others of their kind.

Hibernation mode: In this mode the skin is colored with tattoos. These tattoos are just a couple shades darker than their skin tone. They are not black or bold, but only visible in proper lighting.

Active Mode. In active mode the tattoos begin to glow a bright blue color. Showing that the Stardust is activated and giving the Auroran complete use of their power. When in active mode, the subject can undergo a transformation. The glowing tattoo filters outward and begins to change the subjects body in its wake, leaving behind the Stardust enhanced form.

Example: An Avian might change into an actual bird man, growing full feathers, a sharp beak, and talons that are used for fighting. Elves could create leaves, flowers, and other such growths on their bodies allowing them to virtually disappear in the forest and other natural areas. Dwarven people could have their hands or feet turn into stone allowing for them to cause more damage. The possibilities are endless because Stardust conforms to the individual and not the race.

Active Mode does not last indefinitely. It will last roughly twenty minutes or thirty minutes depending on the personal stamina of the subject. After the Stardust effect wears off the subject will be fatigued, but still able to act. The subject will not be able to access their Stardust abilities until they have had sufficient rest.

Quick Facts:

Aurora Project Subjects were known by numbers, not names.

Most times, Active Mode resorts because of some emotionally charged situation. IE: Danger, bodily harm, harm to others important to the Auroran, or anger.

Once the Subject calms down or is exhausted the Active mode completes and Inactive mode is ready once more. An Auroran cannot re-activate until sleep.

The slang is often used for them calling them Dusters.

Aurorans are all ages, from old to young, but none are under the age of eighteen years old. Due to when the treaty was signed.

Aurorans are infertile, and incapable of giving birth. They are incapable of passing on the Auroran gene at all, even if one was to find a scientific miracle.

Aurorans are completely normal Fey before they are activated. They do not have any powers, or abilities not natural to them when they are not activated. Only when completely active will their abilities kick in.
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The Aurora Project
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