A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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PostSubject: Elves    Wed Feb 29, 2012 7:12 pm

Elves of Terra

Elven names are hyphenated
(Example: Ce-lia Onhurst)
Often deal with nature:
(Example: Em-byr Nost)

If you would like to speak Elvish in your posts, please use THIS Translator.

The Elves are those that live in harmony with the forests. They hear the voice of Terra and they respect and enjoy the world that she has gifted to those that are left. After the Great Shake destroyed a great portion of the world, the Elves retreated to the forested regions that were left. It was the place they felt most comfortable, where they considered themselves at home. Away from the cities and the pollution of the humans that took Mother Terra for granted.

Many believe the Elves worship Terra, but that is not the case. Instead, they merely live along side Terra, using the resources that she provides and living off the land. The streams and rivers, the berries and wild life. This is what they live off of. They are not inherently magical, they are instead, merely those that chose to be naturalists. The Elves do not live with any of the modern utilities for the most part.

The Elves tend to be almost invisible in the forest unless they want to be seen. They used live up in the trees in series of houses and walkways that extend from tree to tree. However, after Enlightenment happened, much of the forest was demolished. The Elves were driven from the safety of the home and the world that they enjoyed. They were forced to create little communities. These can be found in old forested regions. Where few trees remain and many saplings have now begun to sprout. It is their life goal to see her beauty restored.

Any magics they have, are usually spent trying desperately to recreate the beauty that was Terra before the Humans and Others destroyed it causing her to finish the job. The world is back where it started, rock and debris. The Elves wish to rebuild the forests.

The villages they live in now, tend to be raised homes, of any natural materials they can find. Underneath the homes are where they have their vast nurseries, farms, and gardens. Nurturing life back into Terra as well as feeding themselves.

Elves tend to shy away from Humans. They are likely to be hostile, feeling the pain of Mother Nature, and angry at the way that the humans have abused Terra and yet use the gifts she gives. Some of the Elves do indeed have magical powers.

It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child. The Elven community believes in this a great deal. While an Elven child is born to two parents, any adult in the community is in charge of watching and caring for them. It is a community effort, Elves tend to be very well versed and have a wide array of talents because of this.

What Sets Elves Apart

Elves are capable of hearing far more than the average human ear. Often, some think it has to do with the slightly pointed nature of an elven ear. The points are often very sensitive. They are able to hear, twice as well as a human.

They are able to see a great deal further than the average human eyes. Often, some elves have eyes that are colors that you would not find in the human range. Some half breeds tend to have two colors in their eyes as a sign of their mixed heritage.

Elves are little effected by their environment. Mostly, they can wear whatever they want no matter the temperature and be completely fine. Only in extreme temperatures will they begin to experience discomfort. Such as below freezing or it being over 100 degrees.

Their bodies heal just a little faster than a human. Say twice as fast. With minimal scarring left behind. However, that depends of course, on the nature of the wound. A deep wound, like a stab wound, gun shot, impalement, type situation will leave a wound. But superficial or regular cuts will heal with barely any tell.

Here is the breakdown:


Elves are the general populace. Often seen as ungifted in the powers department these elves are those that are more the general population. The ones that grow, farm, and work the land. Helping to re-build Terra and continuing to further the Elven race.


The Druids are those Elves that do not have magical powers. They are more intune to Terra. While they generally do not have powers of their own, they do instead have an unusually strong connection to Terra. Being able to commune with her, or being able to help it grow more, or just in general being much more profound in their connection to Terra.


The Shaman are the elves that do have magic. These are the ones that are more likely to lead the Elves. They tend to have more natural magics, the kind that help the plants grow, communing with the plants and the earth, and controlling the weather. There have been known for the rare Elf to be born with a strange kind of magic like Fire or Lightning, something that does not really help Terra, but it is not common.


The Elders in a community is a single magically inclined Shaman that stands out from the rest. As a child they will be stronger, and they will catch the eye of the current Elder. That child will be pulled from the rest and raised with the Elder to take the reigns upon the death of the current Elder. One child is chosen every other generation unless in dire need. Should the Elder die prematurely, the strongest magically talented Elf would be chosen.

Summary of Elven Hierarchy:


There are currently four established Elven communities. The largest of which resides in Elyria as the current King and Queen of the Court of Light are Elves.

The Hidden:

Little is known about the Hidden. These Elves are said to live Underground instead of in the treetops. They survive on roots, underground water sources and often fear the sun. Usually, their cousins from above come down to them, they are rarely if ever, seen above ground. The Hidden are a very closed off community of Elves, but the hierarchy remains very much the same.

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