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 Hunting the Beast (Garrick) COMPLETE

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PostSubject: Hunting the Beast (Garrick) COMPLETE   Sat Aug 11, 2012 8:52 pm

The news notice was simple, short, quickly glossed over to more popular and less depressing subjects. A small outpost, about two days outside of Librium had ceased contact after signalling in a report of a Rift Beast. Casualties were unknown and reports would continue in the future.

Rift Beast... Veles thought to himself. Standing in a grimy but quiet alleyway, his hand reached towards the small pouch on his hip. A small physical reminder of what he already mentally knew, the pouch didn't contain that much money. Rift Beast...

Veles recalled the last time he had come across a Rift Beast, the massive thing resembled a mastodon, but barely. It had shifted across to Terra in the middle of the Dark Forest, about 50 feet away from Veles' temporary camp. He chuckles trying to imagine who was more surprised. The instant both observed one another, instincts kicked in, pure and simple. Kill or be killed. Even in the tighter environment of the forest, Veles couldn't easily outpace the beast, it simply bowled over trees in its path, crashing through with terrible strength. Veles remembered how much he hurt for weeks after that brawl, even with his rapid healing. In the end it had come down to his claws ripping open the creature's throat before it crushed him into the ground. Most of his bones had broken even, but he had made the kill and limped off to recuperate. Rift Beasts... The tusks from that creature had provided him with enough to survive on his own for nearly two years. Veles patted his pouch again, the allure was strong.

He made his way slowly out into the wilderness, heading over to the town, making sure to stay downwind as he circled outside of it several miles. He couldn't find any obvious tracks, but he occasionally caught a clear glimpse of outpost. It was clearly damaged, several buildings were smashed open, small fires still burned.

Stalking up to get a closer look, his dark clothing blending into the shadows during the twilight hours. His black canvas shirt and pants, keeping his body covered but loosely. His thick leather belt holding knives along with his pouch, a handful of supplies which might come in handy. His long black coat, cured leather, thick cut and rugged, nearly reached the ground as his long stride carried him quickly. Strapped over his back, a small quiver with a dozen metal alloy arrows. A massive compound bow slung over his shoulder, the string across his chest.

Barely noticeable, but still there, Veles noticed another approaching the city as well. He was rather well hidden. He's trained. Very well. He enters the settlement, barely a handful of homes surrounded by a few poorly producing fields. Basic wooden structures, most of them damaged. Walls torn down, impressions buried into the packed soil. Something big... really big.

The stranger approached, apparently following the same approach as Veles. Veles nods once to the strange man. He isn't tense at all, must be rather strong to walk around with that much confidence.

It must be big. Care to split the spoils fifty-fifty? Veles asks, looking down at the tracks again. Looking out, he sees why following the tracks hadn't been easy, they lead towards a stoney patch in the distance. It's out that way. I can track it, but both of us could take it alive I think. They're worth ten times the reward that way.

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PostSubject: Re: Hunting the Beast (Garrick) COMPLETE   Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:03 pm

The sun had dipped low and Garrick had only arrived on the scene maybe twenty minutes before the second man did. The settlement was still smoldering from the rampaging beast and in the twenty minutes that he had been her the vampire had managed to find and follow the tracks. He did double back however to look over the bodies that had been trampled and gnashed on by rows of sharp teeth. After that he had gone into the forest to see what the approach path of the beast was and he finally was coming back on the same path as the other man and that was when the man spoke.

Turning to him Garrick's voice was low and held a great depth in its bass as he spoke back. "The money is all yours man I am just here to make sure something like this does not happen again. Usually I only kill the things that intend to harm others on a moral level. However this settlement has been here for awhile and this beast didn't just lose control but it rampaged through here with the intent of destruction. My reward will be keeping this from happening again." He gave the man a look over and could tell right away that he was not only rugged and cut from stone but that he had the eye of a predator which would be needed.

The other simple thing that he picked up on that others might not was how this man not only knew the beast would be large by the shape of the tracks but how ready he was to hunt it. Others would have a bit of panic in the voice or a slight shake they tried to hide. This one seemed more thrilled then anything at the chance to go on the hunt and not only that but he wanted to bring it back alive. He was ambitious and unafraid which instantly earned him points in Garrick's book. Stepping away grom him to a nearby building he went inside and came back out with a rather large coil of chain that sat on his right shoulder and rested on his hit in 6 coils. It was rather heavy to a human but Garrick seemed to carry it as if it was a backpack.

"You want it alive then I am more then willing to give it a shot. Im thinking we try to lure it in and we trip it up with the chains then work the chains as it thrashes to try and slow it down or even tie it up. Its a big beast and this is not a perfect plan but rope won't cut it and the less damage we do the more money your gonna get." The bow was well crafted and he carried it comfortably about him which lead Garrick to believe he was very experienced with the weapon of choice. The only thing the vampire carried was his Apache fighting knife which sat upon his free hip.

Nodding his head in the direction of the tracks he looked to the man seemingly ready to get under way with the hunt. "I am a damn fine tracker in my own right but something tells me that you edge me out in that department. You lead us to it and if your not against it ill lay the plan of attack once we get there. My expertise falls more into the department of battle strategy and ambush anyway." Garrick stood waiting for this man to take the lead and the hunt to begin. Cracking his neck he adjusted the chain upon his shoulder and turned back to face him again."Names Garrick by the way."
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PostSubject: Re: Hunting the Beast (Garrick) COMPLETE   Thu Aug 16, 2012 9:17 pm

Straightening his back and rolling his shoulders in a small stretch Veles listen to the man's motivation. He merely nodded as the man slipped silently into the small village building, more of a tool shed, and stepped out again with the heavy load of metal chain links wrapped around him. He had come all this way with only a knife, the way he moved, the strength and stealth of it all. He didn't seem to waste a motion. Not only was he of the undead variety, but he was trained in his mortal days. Those who are turned young tend to adapt to and rely fully on their supernatural abilities; those turned after a long life, particularly a hard one, used those abilities as new tools in their arsenal to survive. There instincts and training held through the transformation, even hundreds of years after. Hearing the man suggest how to hunt and capture the prey just confirmed Veles' thoughts. He wants to use each of us efficiently, using the best suited for each task. Veles guessed military, and likely a leader of soldiers. Not a high ranked leader, not one who stood aside and observed the battle. This man leapt into the fray. Not only to win, but to protect. Garrick... Veles let the name sink in, mentally adding all that he knew about the man, along with all that he had inferred. Within minutes of meeting this stranger, Veles already had a healthy respect for Garrick. And with that came a certain measure of trust, Veles might not choose to let himself be completely defenseless around Garrick just yet, but he would certainly take his word as the truth.

Veles is my name, and yes I can track this beast. I've already got a good idea where it's headed, there are some connected steams throughout that section of forest all leading into a decent sized pond. Most of these beasts, once they get acclimated a small bit, head for the essentials; food and water, if they even need either. Veles stated calmly, his voice deep with a slight gravel to it. Scanning the treeline from this distance, noting the greens and yellows then giving a subtle sniff. Most of my markers out there re still intact, and there isn't a clear scent of any of the normal animals that live out there. If the beast went that way, it wasn't for food. If we push, we might catch it being lax after a long overdue drink. With that Veles started at a quick walk until he was sure Garrick was following the picked up the pace.

As they left the village behind, following the deep, fresh tracks they took a wide turn towards the forest. He beast's path was tangential to a miniscule trickle of water flowing into the woods. The beast was following the water, which was good, making it a bit more predictable. As the two reached the edge if the treeline, the true size of the beast was hinted at. Trees over a foot in diameter were completely shattered and pushed aside, deep claw gouges on nearly every surface adjacent to the creature's path. Maybe you wouldn't have needed my tracking skills to find this big boy... Veles let his statement trail off.

As the two entered the shattered forest, Veles stepped forward a few paces, taking point position. He knew this area, but the landscape and reference markers had changed a great deal in the past few hours. Veles began leading them on a wide arc, to intercept the beast, but from a downwind and higher location. He halted the progress at only one point, carefully pointing to the ground and shaking his head towards Garrick. Reaching one hand to a nearby tree and placing his foot on a small, flat stone, he launched himself with stunning force. Deathly silent as he landed some forty-five feet away, he again pointed to the ground near his feet, making specific note that Garrick saw another flat stone before nodding to his partner. He stepped back slightly allowing room for Garrick to land before he carefully gathered his bow and a single arrow into his hands.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunting the Beast (Garrick) COMPLETE   Fri Aug 17, 2012 6:10 pm

Paying careful attention to every word this one let spill from his mouth Garrick collected the information and stored it away. He was as suspected and stated an experienced tracker and the bow and arrow would suggest a huntsman of great renown within the confines of the forest. He was silent as it was explained the likely hood of where the beast would be headed and a nod was given to Veles. This man seemed to not only know how to track but to read animals of the rift rather well and Garrick would again assume he had dealt with these beasts a few times before. It was refreshing to have someone of such experience with him for this hunt because now he would be able to gain a bit more knowledge with which to plan his attack. The bow and arrow secured to his back gave the vampire another idea to which he could use him in the planning of the assault.

The wealth of skills this one displayed were truly pleasing to the century old vampire and the beast they were chasing seemed to become less and less of a problem as the man spoke. How tight do you keep that bow string and what is the furthest range you can be while remaining most accurate with it Veles? The question might seem odd to someone who was not as well trained as either of these two but Garrick was more then sure that Veles would not only understand the reason for it but also have an accurate answer for him.

Men like this one did not simply run around shooting arrows at every furry thing that walked by. No men like this one practiced there craft and honed it to more of a fine art with which they could easily survive with only this tool in hand to do it. He was a man of the woods but then again as Garrick walked with him he thought he got the constant smell of wolf as well. Perhaps he was a wolf of the woods in the guise of a man. Either way he made a mental note to dig deeper into this at some point and get a more definitive answer.

The mention of markers he set up throughout the woods was another tip off that this man was not your run of the mill hunter but a seasoned veteran of the woods and its creatures. As they entered the forest Garrick simply went silent deciding that his voice could give them away as it was rather deep and he was not as well trained in the wilds as a man who seemed to almost be a part of them. Sure he had plenty of training but that was all it was to him was training on how to survive. Veles seemed to be in a state of tranquility within the folds of the trees and bushes and so he was the right man to take point.

The dark curse was used here however as Garrick would make not a single sound as he walked along the ground behind Veles and to the left. He was sure the man would pick up on this and might even question him on how he did it but it was a risk he felt was needed to rid the forest of the prowling beast. When the stone was pointed out Garrick watched Veles leap into the air and land safely on the other side. The shaking of his head after pointing out the stone was a clear signal that this was a trap he must have set up and so he looked about for the best option with which to avoid such an obstacle.

A smirk came to his lips as he seemed to double back and vanish from sight for a moment. However a second later he dropped out of a tree to stand next to Veles and his hand seemed to spasm quickly in many different motions. It was hand signals that he had been taught in the military but he seemed to forget that this was not an op and Veles was not one of his squad mates. He said nothing and his hand feel back away before he nodded for the hunter to continue on and that he was ready to follow.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunting the Beast (Garrick) COMPLETE   Sat Aug 18, 2012 10:07 pm

Stepping slightly back as Garrick seemed to appear next to him, Veles took note of his companion's speed and stealth. There were very few things which could move in the way he did. But he had a common goal, a common enemy, this dangerous companion was a boon on this hunt. Veles smirked to himself, letting his grip tighten around his bow and knocked arrow. The tension in his bowstring, the distance he could fire accurately, Garrick had certainly asked the smart questions up front.

Well you certainly avoided that one better than I did my first encounter.. nodding his head back towards the area between the two marker stones. I was taking a jaunt in the woods and fell through that enchantment. It looks just like the forest floor around it, even smells like it too. I fell in and whoever made that place... they weren't fooling around. Barely made it out. This right here... was custom made for me. It has a long draw on large binary cams. I can pull comfortably to the 200 pound load and accurately hit something about 300 yard in just under 3 seconds travel time. I use a metal alloy arrow as they splinter less upon release and carry a little more weight for the impact. I normally end up using an eight-inch target whenever I practice at distance, but my grouping has always been better than that. Veles says calmly, holding out his matte black weapon for Garrick to inspect. In the back of his mind, he knows Garrick is also admiring the weapon. Both these men were hunters, both knew the value of a deadly weapon, both knew the beauty that some things so purpose-built could attain. Tools of killing, tools of the Hunt.

Leading through the woods again, Veles brought them through the undisturbed portion of the forest, quietly making his way over an uprooted tree years into its decay. Finally reaching the calm pond, nestled away in the dark woods, Veles climbs atop a large stone outcropping glancing down over the pond and spotting the Beast. The massiveness of it was astounding, easily twenty feet wide at its shoulders. The fang filled mouth could likely encompass Veles completely. Its feet as wide as tree trunks with claws easily longer than great swords. Thick green bone plates covering most of its body in an overlapping natural pattern. Giant horns extend from its body, clearly designed for an offensive form of defense. The long tail extends from his body, extending the total body length to nearly fifty feet. Well well well, he is rather large. I believe the next move is yours.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunting the Beast (Garrick) COMPLETE   Fri Aug 24, 2012 8:47 pm

Nodded as Veles gave him the information which he required and began to form a plan within his mind on how to deal with the massive beast. Following Veles to the outcropping he did indeed admire the bow as well as the well crafted arrows which hung from his back. A smile crept to his face as the two of them reached the stones and continuing to follow Veles and climbed up on the rock to get a good look at what they were up against. It was indeed rather large and that seemed to fit in with what Garrick had planned as the smile he wore only grew at the sight of such a massive beast.

Sliding back down to ground level he signaled for Veles to come closer but did not utter a single word until he was close enough that they could whisper. "Im thinking that I will sneak up on it with my knife and catch it in it's eye using every ounce of speed I have at my disposal. I want you to time and aim your shot as to take the other eye from it rendering it blind. Without the gift of sight it should go on a wild rampage and tire itself out pretty quick making it easy to take down and tie up with the chain. If you miss the shot I want you to move from the rocks to the tree's and circle around and im going to try and get it to run head first into the boulder. Im not sure it will knock it would but it should daze it enough for you to make the shot and we revert back to plan alpha.

The beast was lazy at the edge of the water but he knew the moment something that looked like lunch or that attacked it would cause it to rampage once more. The key to this fight would be the fact that both he and Veles were smaller and more agile then the lumbering brute and that would be the deciding factor. He looked back to Veles a moment and smirked.

"If you have anything you want to add my good man then now would be the time to speak up. Once we tire it out I figured we loop the chains about the legs and maw sort of in a hogtie fashion where no matter what body part it moves it is to constricted to break the bonds. Then again I usually hunt other people and smaller creatures so if you have something better I am more then happy to hear your expertise on big game hunting."

Garrick had his pride and it showed as he spoke but he also was sincere in asking Veles what he thought or if he had anything to add. This hunter was more equipped to handle laying traps and plans in regards to big game like this bad boy then Garrick was. His experience was something that would not only be valued but could possibly make the situation much easier to handle.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunting the Beast (Garrick) COMPLETE   Fri Aug 24, 2012 9:34 pm

Veles listened to Garrick's plan carefully, envisioning it flowing in his mind. He trusted that the man could certainly move that quick with his knife, but he wondered just how the beast would react to the sudden assault and blindness. It was a dangerous gamble, Garrick was certainly brave willing to be so close to harm.

Your plan is sound. Blindness will certainly aid us the most but I will try to get a shot or two off on its flank. If I can puncture a lung, it will tire much quicker. As for the chains... I'm not sure how strong you are, but I sure don't want to haul that thing a foot, let along out of the woods. If we can pierce a tender place and loop the chain through, perhaps we can lead it once it's sufficiently weakened. Like a steel hoop through a bull's nose, let the beast do the labor of moving itself. Veles commented quietly. Stretching up and peeking over the cover of stone, Veles took a few more moments to observe the beast.

Yes, with that amount of horns and plating it is bound to act as stubborn and wild as a bull or ox. We need to harness it rather than try to overcome its strength. I'm ready when you are. After three shots at most, one for the eye and two attempts at a lung, I will be at your side down there. You can't take all the risks and have all the fun. Veles whispered with a grin crossing his face from ear to ear.

Gathering a bow and knocking an arrow, he nodded to Garrick, and silently scaled the stone overlook. Taking careful aim he drew the bowstring back with practiced ease, breathing slowly as he waited for Garrick to make his surprise attack. At this distance, as soon as he released, the arrow would bury itself into the beast within a second. Here we go... he thought to himself. The beast was taking another long drought of water from the pool, it was relaxed, completely unaware of the danger surrounding it.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunting the Beast (Garrick) COMPLETE   Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:20 pm

The idea of making the beast move itself did sound better then trying to bring the beast down and tie it up. He had planned on leaving it that way for awhile and then going from there but to try and put the chain through the nose when it was nice and tired and then leading it around was by far a better plan. He nodded to Veles "I like that idea. When you jump down and I can see an opening ill do what I can to get on its back and get the chain on it."

Watching Veles get into position he moved into the safety of the shadowed forest and crept along silently using the shadows to keep himself from being seen. He was standing maybe fifty feet from the beast and he drew his knife from its sheath and closed his eyes to prepare himself mentally for what was about to happen. The clearing was silent and the moon was high in the sky causing the water to glisten softly and give the whole area a peaceful feeling.

It was all shattered like glass when Garrick closed in the distance almost instantly and sank his blade into the beasts eye as he jumped into the air. As he predicted the beast roared in pain and swung its head and body in the direction of its attacker which meant that as he came down Garrick would land upon the beasts head. He grabbed one of its horns and held on tight as it thrashed back and fourth trying to shake him.

He was powerful but the beast had a damn strong shake to him and Garrick found himself flying back in the direction he came from a good thirty feet and rolling. The beast howled and stomped its feet in pain from the double assault that was launched upon it. He had to assume that Veles was not only ready for the attack but was one step ahead and had already blinded the beast.

Pushing up on both hands Garrick jumped back a bit further and looked about for any sign of Veles having joined the fray. It was only about seven or eight seconds that had passed between him stabbing that beast and going flying but he had a feeling that it was more then enough time for the expert hunter to have knocked and fired the three shots he had said he would be placing.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunting the Beast (Garrick) COMPLETE   Tue Aug 28, 2012 7:50 pm

Veles exhaled slowly, keeping his aim steady as Garrick approached the beast, the instant he noted movement at the beast's side, he released. His arrow, a blackened metal bolt crossed the gap before the beast even registered the knife going into it's other eye. The brilliant lustrous to shining in the clear moonlight before sinking dead-center into the beast's other eye. The weight of the projectile added to its momentum, drilling the sharp point in until it reached the back of the eye socket and punched through a thin piece of bone before coming to a stop.

Garrick's blade had registered within the beast's mind first, and it reacted with brutal fury. As Garrick landed atop the beast, Veles had knocked and drawn on his second shot. Releasing, his arrow grazed the exposed chest of the beast as it reared its head up. Thick natural armor deflected the projectile as well as a foot of steel would have. He quickly knocked another, his last before joining in on the close combat, and drew. He let his inner beast and excitement for hunting such a dangerous beast bolster his already impressive strength. As he released, he quickly shifted his bow, curling his wrist and slipping it over in a fluid motion that he had practiced for ages. The tight cord stretched across his chest diagonally, he looked to see if his arrow had struck true. It would have been hard to tell were it not for the gushes of black blood that seeped from the beasts, chest, just inside its left shoulder. Apparently when Veles hit between the thick armor plating, his whole arrow had sunk into the beast's flesh. He hoped the anatomy of this beast was similar to Earth creatures and that he had punctured one of two lungs and not impaled the creature's heart.

Adrenaline pulsing through him, Veles took the two small steps afforded to him by the stone ledge and leaped straight for the beast. His hands burned in agony as he let them and his forearms shift, thick black claws sprouting from his fingertips just before the landed on the beast's snout. Even as he tried to get a firm grip, the beast heaved and sent him clear over its back landing just beside its tail. Taking the unexpected tumble without an ounce of grace, Veles' chest and shoulder dug into the soil a fraction of a second before the beast slammed its tail down on him. Apparently it was quite apt at dealing with small, aggressive prey. Hopefully it wasn't so familiar dealing with such strong or resilient ones.

As the beast lumbered kindly, it began to turn to Garrick's direction, whether or not the vampire was there. Sliding its tail off the battered werewolf allowed him to get up unnoticed. Veles stood and began walking in a circle around the beast as it turned. Removing his now deformed bow and casting it aside into the pond, he slipped his long jacket off, letting it fall to his feet as his whole body shifted. This creature wanted to play rough, it would certainly get it. His shift was complete in moments, even as he stalked behind the beast. His clothes stretched and tore over his body, he seemed completely unconcerned. Just as the beast completed its slow turn, Veles let out a fearsome, loud roar to completely confound it, before sprinting to the side and avoiding the wild swing of its tail.

Now the beast was blinded and completely unsure of its pursuers' whereabouts. Veles continued circling the beast with a wide berth, sprinting in to startle the creature with loud snarls and roars, and sprinting away again. Hopefully the rift beast would tire swiftly with all the wild trampling it was doing, bleeding slowly, and out of breath. An amusing thought crossed his mind, I hope Garrick doesn't collect werewolf pelts in his spare time. A tree exploded in a spray of splinters, the rift beast showing its mighty strength be merely swatting at it with one clawed foreleg. That will have to be figured out later... Veles thought himself before dodging more fearsome attacks.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunting the Beast (Garrick) COMPLETE   Fri Aug 31, 2012 9:13 pm

Everything moved slowly as he saw Veles approach and the beast stamp its feet against the ground in a rage. It seemed as though the vampire simply blinked and Veles was getting hit with the tail. There was no thought or plan as he charged foreword at the beast trying to drag its attention of Veles and hopefully give him a chance to move if he was even still alive. The power of the beast was something Garrick had not seen in another creature and he was unsure if anyone would survive such a powerful attack. He closed the distance between himself and the massive beast rather quickly just as it turned its blind face upon him.

Placing a foot upon its snout Garrick climbed up its face and ran up the height of its back before jumping through the air. He had hoped the beast would turn in response and try to spin around with its tail. It would cause it to remove the massive weapon off of his cohort and away from them both. The plan however failed as Garrick sailed through the air at the height of his jump and was greeted with a massive tail slapping against him and sending him flying back quickly.

His back smashed into a tree and took a decent chunk of the bark with it as he hit it and feel to the ground. He pushed himself up slowly with a groan and shook his head clearing the cobwebs that were taking over. He looked up in time to see Veles in his werewolf form jumping around and running in all different directions. He was causing the beast a great amount of confusion as he did and Garrick moved to grab the chain he had brought with him and ran to the rock formation they had started out from.

Throwing the end of the chain at an angle he wrapped it around the base of the largest boulder in the formation and as it came back around he wrapped the end around the length of the chain six times before running back at the beast. He skidded to a halt just outside of its reach and waited for the tail to come around once more with a smirk. He ducked under it as he tossed the chain at it and it started to wrap around the beasts powerful extremity.

The plan was for the chain to keep the beasts tail from lashing out at them and thus limiting the beast to the area it was chained to. Like a dog chained in the yard to a post his just had to hope the rock was a strong enough post to keep the beast at bay. Moving from the area once more he cleared the area and let out a loud whistle for Veles to do the same so this way the beast was forced to try and charge. This would be the test to see if the rock held and if they could simply wait for it to tire out.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunting the Beast (Garrick) COMPLETE   Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:40 pm

Veles continued his guerilla style on hit had run assaults to confuse the beast and was completely surprised at how quickly Garrick had recovered from the devastating blow sending him into the trees. Damn he's tough... Veles considered for a quick moment before swiping in with another quick slash of his black claws against the beast's fore leg urging it to turn yet again. The gargantuan beast's claws dug throwing the forest floor, even shredding through buried roots, rending and destroying. Its terrifying power still peaking with nod signs of slowing despite its injuries.

Garrick used the distracting time Veles had created to collect and secure the chain around a massive boulder that certainly looked like it was buried deep into the ground. Garrick's speed was supernatural as he lashed the remaining end of chair around the creature itself. Veles took the signal to clear out of range and swiped his own viscous claws against the beast, digging around the massive armor plates that normally protect it. Snarling wit satisfaction, Veles jumped back out of the range Garrick had laid out.

Catching his breath in heavy gulps of air, he watched as the beast stumbled from side to side, clearly dizzy from battle and blood lost, until it began to pull the chain taught. The sheer strength was terrifying. The beast had gone sideways so far that the chan which was anchored in stone and attached to the beast had rounded a thick tree. The tension began to shred the bark from the great oak and soon the tree itself began to shudder and shake. The great great bellowed and dug its claws into the soil, tugging with all its might, pulling the entire tree to the side, snapping connecting roots until the massive root ball came free from the ground and the tree tumbled to the side.

The impact shook the very ground of the forest as the tree fell with a crash that resembled thunder. The wide top branches had slammed down on to if the beast with frightening speed. Veles stood straight for a moment's trying to see through the confusion, trying to recognize it the beast was injured or dead. He was answered with a fearsome snapping of gargantuan jaws. Teeth snapped through tree limb after tree limb, clearing away the brush that had covered over the beast's back and head. As it began to rise, it howled in pain. The entire forest shook with it as it pulled against the stone anchor, the littered forest floor swelling under the pressure, but the boulder held. The forest seemed to cheer for its victory with the rustle of leaves as the beast lost its footing and slammed to the ground. Its breaths were laboured as it lay just a few feet from Veles and Garrick. Hot, horrible smelling breath pouring over them in great gusts.

Muscles aching, Veles tested his luck, stepping close to the beast's muzzle, placing his hand upon it, fully prepared to jump back and avoid he blind counterattack. It barely responded, only offering a gurgling sigh. Now for the real test, he speared forward with his clawed fingers, digging through the creature's nose until his forearm extended from the nostril. Repeating he process, he then gave each ripped hole a firm tug and walked with it as the beast shifted its entire head from side to side, following the tugs to alleviate the pain. Veles nodded to Garrick as he pulled down on the holes, urging the beast to push its own muzzle into the ground before he eased back on the pressure. It was time, the beast was exhausted, broken, they could unleash it now without the wild repercussions.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunting the Beast (Garrick) COMPLETE   Tue Sep 11, 2012 8:14 pm

Standing to the side Garrick watched the beast struggle against the chain and soon Veles joined him and the pair watched it struggle against the restraint that was now added to it. He hoped the chain would hold at at the moment all he could do was watch it struggle and pull against it. He was glad he had decided to join with Veles on the hunt because had he come alone there was little chance he would have been able to bring the beast down alone. He crossed both arms over his chest and remained silent and watchful of every movement the beast made as both of them would have to spring into action should it break free.

The chain pulled against the tree the beast had managed to get it around and he watched it strip the bark away with every tug. The chain rode up and down the side of the tree and with every tug the tree seemed to lean slightly further in the direction of the beast. It creaked and groaned against the tension until finally the roots were tugged from the ground and the tree began to fall. "..timber.." Garrick smirked and then stumbled slightly as the ground shook violently from the impact of the large ancient tree hitting bother the beast and the ground.

It seemed to surprise the animal as it snapped and clawed at the massive structure and began to rip it to shreds. It's power was impressive but he could tell it was waning as it slowed in its viscous assault on the tree. It calmed after a few more moments and seemed to finally give up on its struggle falling a few feet from the pair. Garrick let out a sigh of relief and nodded his head as Veles began to approach the beast carefully and ready to spring should the need arise.

Within a few moments Veles seemed to have the beast under control and Garrick released the chain from around the boulder with a bit of a struggle as it was still pulled rather tight around it. He tossed the chain over the body and behind Veles in case he decided he should wish to use it as a make shift steering device for the beast. He looked over the beast once more and turned to Veles with a wave and a smirk.

"The reward is yours my lycan friend as promised. It was an honor to hunt the beast with such a skilled hunter and I do hope to join you on further hunts. If you are ever in my neck of the woods feel free to look me up and we can go out for some drinks." Walking to the beast he patted its nose some and whispered something to it before turning and heading off into the forest to make his way back to the city.

He was glad they managed to get the beast under control and stop it from rampaging over another settlement. It was the only reason Garrick had come out here and he was happy to let Veles claim whatever the monetary reward for it would be. He had certainly earned the money and for Garrick he was just happy that he had been able to relocate the beast thanks in no small part to the efforts of his lycan partner in crime.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunting the Beast (Garrick) COMPLETE   Thu Sep 27, 2012 8:05 pm

Veles nodded to Garrick, unable to voice a reply while shifted, as Garrick pulled the chain free from its boulder anchor and tossed it out into the open. Garrick had said his farewells and headed back into the shredded forest towards Librium. He was still deathly silent, and barely seemed winded. At least he wasn't an enemy.

Veles returned his attention to the massive Rift Beast, and began with a step backward. The beast lurched to its feet before taking a single step forward to alleviate the pain of Veles' grip through its nostrils. it can be taught... Veles thought to himself. As he began walking the beast out through the forest in the same direction it had come from. No sense in trying to clear another part wide enough for this creature to traverse. Once they got to the open lands on the outskirts of the forest, he would lead it northwest, out towards the wilderness. Well, as far as most people knew. There was a small Umbra research station out that way, their scouts would surely notice his approach and come to investigate. When they did, they would work to detain the beast so Veles could shift and give his own report.

As they made their way slowly back, Veles couldn't help but hear the pain in each of the beast's moans. When the came across the pool of water where the intense battle had begun, Veles stepped into the water and slowly released his firm grip. The beast didn't thunder away, or even attack in rage, but simply leaned low to drink. Even after the refreshment, the beast didn't attempt any aggressive actions. Veles rested his hand on the creature's snout, not using his make-shift hand holds and shifted his hand lightly to the right and left. Even without the motivation of pain, the beast followed his lead. It was really astounding. Veles knew he had a certain empathy with animals, but nothing this strong or this quick. He wondered at what kind of world this beast must have come from. Perhaps Veles had asserted himself as dominant, and his scent so close to the beast was enough to trigger some natural instinct to serve. Bringing it to water likely didn't hurt the animal's opinion of him either.

Maybe he didn't have to turn the beast in. It certainly didn't seem incredibly hostile now. Maybe it was just the stress of shifting to this realm. Veles couldn't let the massive thing settle anywhere close to human or fey establishments. It would be hunted within hours. Perhaps out west. Plenty of room out there, no large cities. The beast couldn't possibly harm anything out that far.

As Veles thought to himself, he felt an unfamiliarity to his surroundings. He was still standing in the pool if water, he knew, but he was also untold millions of miles away on an alien landscape. Could this be where the beast was from? Was it communicating with him somehow? Had he hit his head a hell of a lot harder than he thought? His answer came suddenly with an ear splitting screech and pressure variance. Another Rift...

Letting go of the giant beast and sprinting blindly away, Veles followed the feeling of his feet splashing though the water. As long as he continued to feel that, he was on his side of the Rift. He didn't spare a moment to look over his shoulder, but the frantic whines of the beast told its story. It was being pulled ton a whole new world, yet again. The howls of terror suddenly increased in volume before cutting off to eery silence.

That was too close. Veles thought as he stared at his surroundings. The massive creature had vanished. Noticing several leaves falling from nearby trees, Veles simply turned and stalked off into the woods, disappearing into the dense thicket.
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Hunting the Beast (Garrick) COMPLETE
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