A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 The Church of the Divine Collective

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PostSubject: The Church of the Divine Collective   Wed Mar 07, 2012 1:52 am

The Church:

To survive war things must adapt and evolve. The faith of men was no exception to that rule. Faced with an enemy using fantastic powers intent on their destruction, the religions of men put aside their differences as all humans had. All the gods of human religions were absorbed into the idea of "The Divine Collective", and their followers focused efforts on shepherding their flocks. Over the two hundred years of the war, a new system of religion developed in which holy men were known as Shepherds of the Divine, and they administered to all people without discrimination. All humans were welcomed to seek sanctuary in the Church.

With the world embroiled in war and all human lives at risk, the Church was unable to stand aside. A sect of the Church took up arms and became known as Acolytes. The Acolytes were born on the battlefield, when shepherds took up took up arms, and fought alongside soldiers. After the humans rediscovery of magic, members of the Acolytes began searching the depths of their faith, and discovered some among them could also channel a type of magic. These Acolytes became known as Clerics, and wielded the power drawn from their faith in the Divine to protect human lives from darkness.

After the Enlightenment and the war's end, the Church finds themselves faced with a new crisis threatening the safety of humanity. The cataclysm of the Enlightenment that caused magic to burn in storms across the world, weakened the boundaries between this realm and others. Rifts tear between worlds and beasts are not the only things to escape through them. Fiends, malevolent creatures from dark realms, now prey upon humans, and the Shepherds now protect their flock.

The man location and seat of power for The Church is located in Bastion. It is called the The Temple, a great fortress of a cathedral that houses the collected knowledge and power of the Church, and serves to teach new initiates into the Church's ranks.

The Temple: Location-Bastion

Leader of the Church: Grand Shepherd Darius McGrath

The Grand Shepherd acts as figure head and voice of the church but he is not the ultimate power. He is accompanied by a collection of the wisest members of the Church who advise and council him.



High Shepherd: Presides over multiple churches in a district and reports to Temple.

Father Shepherd: A shepherd of experience and knowledge who is selected to preside over a Church and its congregation.

Shepherd: A member of the Church who administers to the faithful.

Acolytes: The soldiers of the church, Shepherds of the Divine who have answered the call to defend the lives of humanity as well as their spirits.

Acolyte Defender: The Defenders are the soldiers of the church who do not possess Divine gift (magical ability). Even though they cannot wield magic, they still fight using numerous weapons and above all, their Faith. The ranks are in numerical ascension: Third, Second, and First Class, First being the highest of them.

Acolyte Cleric: Those among the defenders who, through their devout faith, have received the Divine favor (ability to use magic), and use it to protect humans from all that would harm them. The ranks are in numerical ascension: Third, Second, and First Class, First being the highest of them.
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The Church of the Divine Collective
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