A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Logan Pierce

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PostSubject: Logan Pierce   Sat Aug 11, 2012 6:42 pm

• Logan • Axel • Pierce •

Name: Logan Pierce
Nickname: Logan
Age: 34
Weight: 190 lbs
Height: 5’10”

Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Bald
Race: Cyborg
Residence: Librium
Nationality: American
Affiliation: Himself
Occupation:Umbra Corporation Researcher

Face Claim: Tom Hardy

• all in the details •

Logan is an average man in height, standing at five foot ten inches. However, that is where the averageness ends. He is a muscular man, weighing one hundred and ninety pounds, even though he is a scientist, he never sacrificed his body, keeping himself in shape and and creating devices to enhance his body. Besides Logan’s musculature, even more so than it, his most striking feature is the breathing apparatus he wears. Constantly on his face, he even sleeps with it on, and it has become a part of him. Never is Logan seen without the mask on his face. His hair has completely fallen out, at a young age because of the experiments done on himself.

Logan is a cold individual. Originally, he had little connection with the rest of humanity. Emotions are something that Logan has never truly experienced. He understands them, clinically, but he does not know what it feels like to feel. He believes himself to be greater than the masses, even the elites of all races, a prodigy and a genius. He has become quite arrogant, and does not befriend people. He analyzes them, studies them until he knows how to use them for his own ends. A near perfect liar, Logan can con near anyone, and often does, making himself appear charming and even likable if he wishes. However, animals, and those more in touch with Terra are able to pick up something is wrong with Logan, akin to a sickness plaguing his mind. Always, proper, Logan does not speak with contractions, and he always uses the proper honorific when addressing someone, even if he is killing them.

Cybernetic Neural Overlay: Working on the previous technology of the world, Logan took the Cybernetic Brain Overlay of Paladin and expanded upon it. Using criminals to perfect his project, Logan created the Cybernetic Neural Overlay. Making neural transmissions faster, replacing much of the nervous system with cybernetics, and replacing key centers of the brain as well as interfacing it with the rest of his cybernetic nervous system.

The effects of his device allow his brain to operate at a much higher output than normal, and gifts the man with eidetic memory. As a side result, his body reacts to stimuli faster, however it is minute, and in practice would offer little difference, however information travels faster from his extremities to his brain and back now. Also, he is able to sustain himself longer without sleep, upwards of two weeks, by shutting down specific sections of his brain at different times to allow them to rest and cycling through. It does not replace sleep, but it is useful in certain situations when extended periods of wakefulness are required.

Breathing Apparatus: Due to an accident with a violent test subject, Logan’s face was mauled, and practically destroyed. The breathing apparatus is the only way he can survive, keeping his face together. It is linked with the Cybernetic Neural Overlay, and keeps a low dosage of pain medicine administered to allow Logan to operate without pain from his facial injuries. Removing it is nigh impossible, the mask has been attached to his face permanently, however it can be damaged preventing proper intake of oxygen, leading to him suffocating slowly. In the middle is a sealable hole that opens at will to allow Logan to feed. As a side effect, the breathing apparatus allows Logan to breathe in inhospitable environments, the mask filtering the air to make it safe.

Cybernetic Eyes: As a part of his accident with the test subject, Logan had to have his eyes replaced as well, they function as normal eyes, however, they are able to zoom in, working as a telescope or microscope if needed, and can pick up on smaller movements easier. Also he is able to recover quicker from swift changes in light, almost instantaneous.

Due to his cybernetic upgrades, electricity is a dangerous thing for Logan. It can short circuit his nervous system. They are insulated so a minor electric shock from everyday activities won’t affect him, but an electrical based attack would have severe repercussions for Logan.

Intelligence: Logan is a smart man, a genius by anyone’s standards, and his cybernetics have only enhanced it. Considered one of the smarter scientific minds during the war, and even afterwards.

Education: Logan has done considerable amount of schooling during the war. Receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Biology, and Computer Sciences. He continued on with his education, specializing in cybernetics and psychology, getting a Ph.D in both by the time he was twenty.

Army Training: As a former military soldier, even if he was a scientist, he was taught the basics of how to hold and shoot a gun, as well as close combat fighting. He is not a master in any sense of the word, but he can defend himself if need be.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Logan was born in New York City in 188 AC. Son to a common grunt of a soldier, and a mother who worked in a factory. However, his mother died in childbirth, and his father died shortly after in the war against the Others. Logan was moved into a group home at the age of 2, and he was neglected. Never a child to cry, he was taken care of, but left alone, a golden child for the boy’s home. Logan, however, was never destined for such mundane things, excelling in school; he graduated high school at the age of twelve. Then received a scholarship to MIT to continue his education. The boy’s home encouraged Logan’s extreme intellect, however they did not realize the effects it would have on his psyche, forcing to grow up so fast, to be constantly separated from his peers for being so much smarter than them. Logan grew up alone, completely cut off from friendships, and even family relations, with his parents dead, and the staff of the boy’s home overworked by the amount of orphans. Logan had to raise himself from a young age, and it was a miracle he was able to so well, and turned out as well as he did.

That is not to say he turned out perfect, if his guardians were able to pay more attention to him, they would have noticed the growing distance and cold behaviour Logan embraced. The other boys of the orphanage soon came to fear Logan, learning to leave him alone, and above all to not pick on him, like older boys are prone to do to younger ones. Some of the older boys who picked on him were found injured in their sleep the next morning, never was Logan caught for it, but they all knew to leave him alone after only one visit in the night.

Logan was sent to a psychiatrist’s office at the age of ten, and was diagnosed as he truly was, however, before the diagnosis could be released, Logan had planted enough evidence, using what he knew and found to make a murder scene, killing Owen and destroying the records before they were released. After then, Logan did not make the same mistake, and developed a mask to wear, appearing normal so as to not alarm others, and jeopardize his plans.

Moving to Massachusetts, Logan attended MIT for eight years, fascinated by technology, able to see it as a series of rights and wrongs, and also in the workings of humans, and the wondrous evolutions mankind had experienced by Terra’s hands. Following these passions, Logan wanted to perfect the combination of the two, and after his eight years in schooling, Logan graduated with his Ph.D in both cybernetics and in psychology. He knew the soldier’s mind, and their body, and he would discover ways to enhance them both to better serve humanity against the Others. He graduated from MIT in 208 AC.

After graduating, a job was immediately lined up with the military, working as a scientist to improve the cybernetics that were already available. His first project, was to find a way to tap into the wasted population of traitors and criminals. If their wills could be suppressed, they could serve as grunts, as cannon fodder, but it would work, and a large population would suddenly be able to bolster the ranks of humanity’s armies against the Others. Sadly, the war came to an end shortly after he finished his project. Four years it took him to build a proper device that made the will suppressed, but offered the advantages of humans to robots, the free thinking was still there, just their opinions were gone, able to follow orders perfectly, and still improvise if the situation called for it. However, after the Enlightenment, and the following peace treaty, such soldiers were no longer needed.

Umbra had found it however, and the powers that be determined that his employment would work well for the corporation. Hired shortly after the war, retiring from the military as a Captain and being hired by the Umbra Corporation to work in the cybernetics field. Logan was approached, and shown the unofficial Umbra shortly after being hired, his privacy prized, and his unethical approach to making sure the job got done at any cost was well received. Welcomed into Umbra’s shadowy sections, Logan was given another project, enhancing the works of the Cybernetic Brain Overlay by the Paladin Corporation. Ne'erdowells and criminals on death row were offered the chance to be test subjects, completely off the record, and Logan was set up in a laboratory outside of Librium. For years he stayed in his laboratory, only hearing from his superiors once a month for status updates, Logan was left alone to work with his fellow scientists.

During the testing, one of the test subjects was able to break free and attacked Logan, destroying his face and leaving him blind in the process. Thankfully, the other scientists and doctors were able to fix him up, replacing his eyes with cybernetic ones and attaching a breathing apparatus to his face to allow continued living. During this, he was also implanted with the improved project they were working on, the Cerebral Neural Overlay, to allow complete control over his cybernetic parts. Upon awakening, Logan realized he was no longer just a scientist, but also a test subject, and with his new found cybernetics was able to improve the design until it was complete, and the scientists once again put Logan under the scalpel, outfitting him with the latest model to do the final testing. Not trusting the capabilities in the hands of one of the criminal test subjects. After final testing and proving that the device worked fine, the scientists closed the base, eliminating all the test subjects, and having the underground facility cave in, destroying all traces that they were ever there. With the final product, they returned to Librium, reporting their job a success, and through Umbra, began to sell the Cybernetic Neural Overlay. With his build up of pay, he settled in Librium, living the on the books life, living the life of a scientist who was working on making ethical improvements to cybernetics for medical purposes.

Psychological Profile of Logan Pierce
Diagnosed by Doctor Owen Jones
Logan is a textbook case of the antisocial personality disorder. He exhibits the main symptoms of the disorder, and has no moral compass inside of him. The man however, has not committed any criminal behaviour, and because of this, I cannot suggest any further action be taken. However, his anger is a note to be watched and hopefully treated.

Final Diagnosis
Antisocial Personality Disorder. No cure. Keep watch, but otherwise do not infringe, would lead to unfavorable results.
Anger Issues: Severe anger issues when he believes he has been slighted. Suggestion. Anger Management Sessions.

The diagnosis was never released, Doctor Owen Jones was found dead, his wife committing murder in response to rumors of him having an affair. All records of Owen Jones’ patients were destroyed in the fire that destroyed his office and killed him.

Is this a Canon?: No

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:This is my first character
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Logan Pierce
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