A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Pandora Maelivas

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PostSubject: Pandora Maelivas   Sat Aug 11, 2012 4:55 pm

• Pandora • Maelivas •

Name: Pandora Maelivas
Nickname: Dora, Pan, many variations some that may annoy her.
Age: 26 years old
Weight: 120 lbs.
Height: 5'5

Eye color: Sky Blue
Hair color: White Blonde
Race: Shifter
Residence: Wherever she and her sister can rest safely.
Nationality: Born in the Feline Kingdom of Kakosan, The Wastelands after running away.
Occupation:For Hire Mercenary, Covert Ops, or Soldier

Face Claim: Emily Browning

• all in the details •

Pandora appears as a young girl full of innocence. Her wide blue eyes shift from a wide eyed gaze of innocence to shards of ice filled with hate or rage. She often swings between extreme moods, one moment being playful to the next being combative. She carries herself in an unassuming manner. She is a beautiful young woman while in human form, but has no clue the difference between provocative and conservative. She doesn't realize that she is stunning. She has nearly translucent alabaster skin of a smooth texture. When she shifts, she usually prefers to take the form of a great white and gray wolf. When she is in human form she is seldom found without a weapon strapped to her body somewhere.

As alluded to earlier she swings from one extreme state of mind to another. One second bat shit crazy, sadistic glint on her face, the next she has is icy in her demeanor and she will fluctuate between the two often. She does not do well in public, large crowds tend to make her feel uncomfortable and she will become quite solemn when surrounded. She has an easy laughter to her when she is amused, but one never knows if it's genuine humor or a darker expression. Her only coping mechanism is her sister. Her twin, Belladonna centers her when she is spinning in a cloud of mania. Pandora is classified as bi-polar with intermittent explosive disorder. She enjoys reading a great deal. It was the only pleasure afforded her when growing up with Sharri. She has learned a lot from the old books she is constantly dragging around.

Her first ability of course, is to shift to a canine form. Although, she is born of a feline mother, Pandora has taken her father's canine shifting gene. She can shift at any time with little to no consequences since it is an inert part of her biology. She is a little more advanced than her sister as they seen more canine animals growing up at shifting into different canine species. But her favorite is the wolf. Pandora controls her empathy, contains emotion behind her icy veneer. This allows her to separate emotions from work. She is meticulous in her actions, close to being OCD. Pandora is loyal to no one save her sister Bella, but that loyalty is unquestioned She also has an extreme amount of stamina - this girl can take a beating and keep on ticking. Pandora does have a need to belong, she has never been accepted by either side of her family, so falls in with acceptance easily. She is stubborn, she refuses to admit fault… as in ever and this like trait with her twin causes some good arguments. Pandora relies on her instincts instead of logic.

She is a master at swordsmanship and kitana. She is extremely acrobatic in terms of able to move quickly and stalk silently. Due to her penchant for reading she has become well versed in ancient languages. Using her canine abilities she is a master tracker.

• the tale of a lifetime•

As with any society, conflict is an integral part of culture. The Shifters were no different in this. As it had always been, the animal clans had their natural enemies. Canine's didn't get along with Ursidae's, Feline's, or Bovine's. Something about the natural desire to either chase or eat them, mostly both. With that in mind, there was always an uneasy alliance between them for the sake of the Shifter Society. Therefore, they shared information by way of assemblies. It was just such an assembly that brought about a situation that would shake the foundation of their culture. In 196AC, the Canine clan found evidence of human exploration near their borders. This was a cause of serious concern. They called for an assembly of the Feline's, Rodentian's, and Reptilian's. Each clan sent their leaders along with a retinue of guards and advisors. It was no surprise that the Feline's detested the Canine's, and only agreed on the basis of learning of a possible threat.

At that time, Keegan of the Mumali Pride was King of the clan. He had brought his retinue of female warriors to protect him. In this retinue was his daughter, Sheeba. Sheeba was now at 19 years of age and a full-fledged warrior princess within the Pride. Her tall toned body held the carriage of royalty, her face was perfectly sculpted with interesting bright green eyes. She stood at her father's side through thick and thin. The Canine's Alpha was Murick of the Glabal Pack. He also brought a retinue of warriors for escort. His son, Riordan was at his side as well. The growing pup was now a man and would be the next Alpha, of course only after he could defeat Murick himself. While the assembly took place, which was over the course of three days something happened. Riordan had seduced the pride princess Sheeba.

It was, until then, unheard of for two different species of Shifters to mate. Never before had this happened. Neither person would admit to it when the clans parted ways and headed back to their respect homes, but a few weeks later would turn everyone on their ears. Sheeba was pregnant. She had thought to forget the whole debacle, but the child inside of her would never allow that to happen. Her father had demanded she disclose the name of the father, and Sheeba got lucky. Her very best friend from childhood stood up and claimed the child as his own. Later in private, the two discussed what had happened and were of a firm opinion that since the child grew within her, it would be Feline.

So it was, Sheeba gave birth. Twins, in fact. Everyone rejoiced at the fact she had given the Pride two new females. She named them Belladonna and Pandora. They would be the very best warriors the Pride had ever known. Sheeba knew between herself and her mate, they would train the girls well. Life went on, the girls grew steadily, both bright blonde hair and crystalline blue eyes. Belladonna was older by a few minutes so naturally took on the role of big sister and protector. Then the first Shift came. It was standard that many be present at a first Shift, it was liken to the ancient tradition of Christening. Only when the girls made that first change their lives inexorably turned down a very dark path. While Belladonna first shifted to a beautiful snow white tiger, little Pandora shifted into a white and gray wolf cub.

The Pride immediately imprisoned Sheeba and her mate, and next they planned to kill the twins which nothing more than abominations. The only thing that saved the girls was Sharri. She had been their nursemaid and escaped with the baby shifters in the middle of the night. They lived in the inhospitable mountain range of Colorado until the girls finally shifted back to human form. At that point they were ten years old. They had lived in their animal forms for over seven years. It was a little longer than most Shifters, but given the circumstances, it wasn't surprising. After that the three women headed Southeast. They had to keep on the move so as to not be detected. If they were found by any of the Shifter clans, it would be instant death. Sharri had been one of the Pride's top warrior trainers and therefore taught both girls how to fight. It was difficult going with Pandora, but the motions were very similar. Sharri wasn't exactly kind and nurturing. She knew that these girls would have a tough life ahead of them, and the best thing to do was make them strong. Therefore the girls were rarely shown kindness only the art of bloodletting. They were often times pitted against each other but mostly against Sharri herself.

When the twins were around the age of 19, Sharri died. She had just went in her sleep, neither knew exactly how old she had been. That was when they struck out on their own. They have stuck together just roaming the lands in search of either food or shelter when need be. They are extremely close, and protect each other. More often than not one can find them sleeping back to back in either form. But the Shifter clans were all around them and it was a constant struggle to sniff them out and hide before they could be captured. That was when they decided to head East. Better to take their chances with the humans then become examples for all of Shifter society. It was here they found they needed a last name. They couldn't take Sharri's since it was the same as their Mother's. Instead they made one for themselves, they were Maelivas. They were never supposed to be born, so in essence, they were bad life. Now they find themselves in a new world. People everywhere and smells that could gag a maggot. They are still roaming, even here, looking for that place that they can call home.

Is this a Canon?: No

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:First Character
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PostSubject: Re: Pandora Maelivas   Wed Aug 15, 2012 12:03 am

Welcome to the Enlightenment! Please fill out your profile and show us what you can do.
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Pandora Maelivas
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