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 A night to enjoy (Mari)

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PostSubject: A night to enjoy (Mari)   Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:51 pm

The smell of rain still wafted through the air from the downpour that had occurred in the early hours of the morning. The rain has helped cool the air and as the sun started to set a gentle breeze made it all the more comfortable to those in the city. The sky was a beautiful shade of pink and yellow as the sun dipped low in the sky leaving only an hour or so left of soft light for everyone to finish there duties before night would settle in and the party goers and night prowlers would make there way out of the wood work. Some already walked the streets and one of them was Daven who had cleaned himself up since the meal he had devoured during the late afternoon.

He wore a black dress shirt that had been pressed to remove all wrinkles and was left hanging loosely about him rather then tucked in. The bottom of the shirt covered a simple black belt that held up a pair of black jeans with a slight grey fade to them. The legs overlapped the top of his black boots the laces hidden away beneath them as well to give him a very clean and well kept look to any passer by that might glance in his direction. He blended with the crowd for the most part not doing anything to pull attention to himself and that was mainly because he knew the body he had chosen was a good looking one and would get said attention anyway.

His boots thudded against the sidewalk below him and under a pair of designer sunglasses his eyes scanned the crowds of people taking in faces. Boredom would not be a factor tonight as he decided he was going to go out and enjoy the evening however he could. His lunch filled him rather well and he would not need to eat this evening so now it was just having to figure out what he wanted to do from bars to clubs there was many options he could choose from. Hell if he really wanted to he could go to a park and find a bit of fun there as well.

What he craved however at that moment was someone new and refreshing to pique his interest. He had not had a good battle of wits in a long time and nor had he met anyone worth going out with and simply enjoying and evening. He was evil and twisted but there was rare occasions in which he enjoyed toying with a single person and not eating them or maiming everyone he say. A one on one play date where they thought they were meeting a new friend while he enjoyed making them run in circles before walking away.

Tonight he would need to find someone worth the effort of really planning out his every move. Someone that he could toy with over a long period of time and really sink his claws into only to show his true nature in the end. Then again maybe find someone more innocent and try to convert them to a life full of sin and debauchery. Yes option two seem much more fitting his mood for the evening and so his eyes scanned the crowds for a good target that he could try and play with.
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PostSubject: Re: A night to enjoy (Mari)   Sat Aug 11, 2012 4:50 pm

The night air was cool as Mari stepped out of her present living conditions. They were temporary, renting the room by week would have been cheaper than by month. Granted it was in the...less savory part of town. But one did what they had to to get by. Marina knew more so than others that certain sacrifices must be made. Tonight, though, none would be. She was itching for some action. Be it from the attentions of the opposite sex, or a good old bar brawl. Either would have suited her fancy just fine. It was with this though, she practically sauntered her way down the sidewalk, warranting appreciative looks from the men, and some women, around her.

Her lithe form was clothed scantily; quite unlike her usual state of dress. The chameleon owned very few articles of clothing with any sort of value. Her line of work didn’t allow for her to be picky when it came to clothes. She saved her nicer items for nights such as this. It was a simple black dress, one she had been lucky to come across. It clung to her body in all the right places, the low cut neckline plunging, leaving so little to the imagination. It rested half way down her thighs, riding up as she strolled casually along. She teetered on a pair of black heels, giving her nearly five extra inches to her already tall frame. Her tan legs seemingly went on forever, accentuated by the heels.

She tucked her long brown hair behind her hair. Usually pulled back in a tight bun, she had decided to let it loose for the night. The phrase letting her hair down was her exact thought tonight. She had been stressed for too long. Marina needed some fun, and she was planning on doing just that. Where she was going to end up, she hadn’t the slightest clue. Clubs and bars were always an option, though with her work, it had been too long since she had been able to do what she wanted. With a confident smile, she continued her walking, knowing that she was still drawing attention to herself.

She scanned the crowds amassing on the streets, attempting to find a toy for the night. Hit it and quit it. She was notorious for such actions. Hardly the type to stay the night, she wasn’t a fan of ‘breakfast and cuddles’. Left room for emotional attachment, something she was not fond of. It was then she noticed the man with the sunglasses. Expensive looking sunglasses. A grin crossed her face, and she knew that he was the right choice. The way he carried himself told her volumes. He was confident. And he knew it. She watched him closely, yet kept her distance. Even as the sun was setting, her vision remained as clear as day, allowing her to easily keep her eye on him in the crowd. She wouldn’t lose sight of this one. He looked like a treat, and Mari loved her sweets.

While she typically was the one to approach the man she had chosen for the night, she decided to play a little game. He looked like he liked games. Step one, get his attention. An easy task for someone such as herself. Just took a simple look, a coy smile. She walked directly in front of him, turning her head just slightly to look up at him. Cue coy smile. Whether she got his attention or not, she didn’t let her eyes linger long enough. Her confidence told her she would, and her senses picked up on the fact that perhaps, he was still watching her. With one more glance behind her, she met his eyes, as if challenging him to follow her into the bar she was passing. She slipped into the front doors, and waited to see if he would follow.
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PostSubject: Re: A night to enjoy (Mari)   Sat Aug 11, 2012 6:10 pm

Walking along the sidewalk and blending with the crowd was made simple until he almost bumped into the man in front of him knocking him over. They both stopped to stare at a rather beautiful woman who was walking by and as they did she seemed to walk almost right up to Daven and give him a little smile before moving along. Turning his head to follow her as she walked he got an eyeful and he was thankful for it. A single finger moved to his glasses and pulled them down to expose his eyes. As she turned back with that almost challenging look he locked eyes with her and she vanished into the bar.

He placed his glasses back over his eyes and began to move in the direction of the bar that she had slipped into. The man who he almost bumped into was making a move in that direction as well and Daven moves his arm out to block him and planted a firm hand on his chest. His head turned slowly and he looked at the male who was now in turn looking at him and the demon simply smiled.

"That one is mine. You take another step to that bar and I will end you. I have killed people for less." His tone was light but very serious and the man short pudgy man took a step back. Daven weaved his way through the crowd determined to catch up with his predator. He knew damn well that she was the one who had targeted him and that he was doing exactly what she wanted. He was the prey at the moment but the tables would turn at some point if he had his way.

Pulling the door open he stepped inside and scanned the bar but it only took him a second to spot the ravishing woman who had caught his attention standing a few feet away. He made a move to get a bit closer to her and as he did she tossed him another one of those smiles and she was weaving through the bar heading away from him. He felt deep down that maybe following her was a bad idea but her beauty and the way she moved caught his attention fully.

Curiosity had one the battle and soon he was weaving through the thick crowd trying to keep up with her. The issue was that as she moved people took notice and cleared a path for her. He had to slide along twisting and turning to get past everyone and soon he lost sight of her. He looked around the bar but it seemed once again that she had vanished from sight. Removing his glasses and placing them in his shirt pocket he continued to scan the room.

It seemed to him his need for fun and games would be sated by this woman and he was rather happy that she managed to solve this issue for him. Cat and mouse was usually a game where he was the one being chased but she had managed to pique his interest and now she was toying with him. It was rather hot he had to admit it to himself and he moved to the bar placing his back to it and keeping an eye on the crowd and the door looking for the woman in black.
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PostSubject: Re: A night to enjoy (Mari)   Sat Aug 11, 2012 7:30 pm

It never once occurred to Marina that he wouldn’t follow her. She knew he would. And if she could keep this game going, she would be quite satisfied. Even if she didn’t end up truly getting him, the chase was just as fun as being caught. This man was putting up quite a chase. As she stepped into the smoky bar, eyes turned towards her. Her eyes meandered over the many faces, taking in their looks of surprise. From what she could tell, she was the prettiest thing that stepped foot in this shithole. The bar was crowded, yet as she took a few steps forward, it parted for her. She should have done this sooner.

The stares, while the conversation continued, were evident. She had caught the scent of the man she had set her sights on, the danger he exuded burnt into her memory. He was a worthy prey, if he could be called that. She was hunting for something different than most people did these days. Then again, as a woman, she would have him wrapped around her pinky finger before the first drink was gone if it came down to it. And she was certain that it would. If she wanted it, then she would get it. With another coy smile, she turned her head just slightly to see if he had followed her. Oh he had. Tonight had just gotten so much more interesting. Before she gave him the chance to approach her, she was gone again.

Marina slipped into the crowd, letting him struggle to find her once again. The fun she would have this man. He was so interested, his curiosity piqued. And she reveled in it. Keep the game going, and his interest would be kept. Don’t play it too long, and he’ll get bored. She had learned how to perfect this game at a young age. And had been playing it ever since. This man stood very little chance against her. And she wanted him to be aware of this from the start. Marina watched him settle against the bar, his eyes scanning the bar for her. She would show herself, soon enough. For now, as she leaned against the opposite end of the bar, she would simply watch.

As she leaned against the bar, a man slid onto it next to her. She could smell the beer on his breath, mixed with a liquor. The scent made her stomach turn, forcing her to breathe through her mouth. A beefy hand slid onto her thigh, sending an unwelcome shudder across her body. Lightening quick, she had him by the wrist, bending it backwards. “Don’t fucking touch me. Do it again, and I will end you. You understand? Now take your drunk ass over to those hussies over there, and find yourself a nice girl for the night,” she hissed, motioning with her head to a small group of extravagantly dressed women, over done and used up. He glared at her, before muttering a curse and literally waddling off. She watched him disappear into the crowd, disgusted, then turned back to her toy. Still where she left him. Distractions aside, the game could commence.

A few moments passed before she pushed herself off of the bar, and slowly sauntered through the crowd. He was looking to his right as she approached from the left. Silently, she slid onto the barstool next to him, not saying a word to him. She raised her eyebrow at the bartender. “Something strong. Don’t hold back, and surprise me,” she said, her characteristic smile, flirtatious to boot, upon her lips. She raised her eyes to the man next to her, and the smile turned into a smirk. “You’re far too easy to lure in. Not a doubt in my mind that you wouldn’t follow me. Nothing more intriguing than a woman in black.”
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PostSubject: Re: A night to enjoy (Mari)   Sat Aug 11, 2012 9:57 pm

She found him long before he had been able to spot her and it became clear to him when her voice floated across the bar to order from the bartender. He turned to lay his eyes on her and now that he had more time to admire her beauty he found himself not only smiling but rather glad he had gone on the chase. She presented herself to him now but he had the feeling her game was not over yet. This was far to easy and she was not the type to make things easy that much was clear already. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a few bills and laid them out on the bar. "Her drinks are on me.

Moving to take the seat next to her he locked eyes with her for a moment and nodded his head to her statement giving a little bit of a laugh. "You play this game well but you may have bitten off more then you can chew this time. My name is Daven by the way and it is more then a pleasure to meet you." Reaching for her hand he would attempt to lift it to his lips and press them against the back of said hand before letting it go and turning to the bartender once more. "A shot of jack and a beer."

The room had all eyes on them more on her really and the eyes on him were simply waiting for him to fail so they could make there move. Men and women both seemed on the edge of there seat to take there shot and taming the wild beauty but Daven would be damned if they got there chance. Two predators now locked in a battle of keeping the other ones interest the difference here however was the demon had been playing these games for thousands of years and he knew how to bide his time.

However she was doing a rather good job at keeping him tangled up with just her. She was the ultimate prize of this bar at the moment and he was the one who would get first crack at leaving with her. Every set of eyes scanned her body and everyone was drooling at the sight of her. She set the stage perfectly to give herself the advantage because should he not preform correctly there were dozens of others here for her to choose from. Nice and careful was the way to play it.

"I wouldn't say I am easy to lure in as I am looking for a challenge and one happened to find me. Its also pretty hard to ignore a woman who has managed to corner the market on beauty." It was a compliment but was not one that was so over the top or so often heard that she would get bored with it. He hoped. Women like her were used to being told 'your so beautiful' or 'your an angel' so you had to change it up to keep them from thinking you were the run of the mill. "What are your plans for the evening?"
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PostSubject: Re: A night to enjoy (Mari)   

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A night to enjoy (Mari)
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