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 Red, Red Walls (Daven)

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PostSubject: Red, Red Walls (Daven)   Tue Aug 07, 2012 1:25 am

Instead of painting the roses red, Adrien was painting the walls. His hands were the brushes, his walls his easel and the people... well they were the ones who provided the colors, and what a spectacular piece this was becoming. The hunger overruled the thirst for blood. He was no vampire. In fact, he was nothing like them. He felt himself better, beyond animating corpses... Adrien was a true monster, in other words... he was a fiend, and of the best kind. His clothes barely had a speck of blood on it. A white collared top, and slim fitted jeans. His hands were red, as well as his feet as he stepped into the thick, warm puddle. A soft squeal and a wet pop was the last sounds to be heard in this quiet abode, as he slid his claws away from the gaping, half-eaten face.

Humans... especially the gifted ones were so tasty. He licked his lips, removing a spot of crimson from the corner of his fine mouth. Bright yellow eyes receded to the pleasant lime green, still vibrant in their intensity as he calmly dropped the corpse onto the puddle. He was in the process of devouring a couple, and felt bloated despite not looking that way. His frame was still lean and taut with muscles. Oh, how he loved this vessel to bits. The perfection of looks and unblemished skin... Myr was wholly pleased.

He was far from done. Teeth elongated, jagged and long as jaws unhinged to accomodate the larger size. He reared his head back before striking.


He discarded his shirt in the burning trashcan. The city could be pretty in the day, but night had a different story altogether. He went a little over the top with the last bite, which squirted some liver juice and blood down the front of his favorite white shirt. No matter, he had replaced it with the recent dead's. A nice black t-shirt clung to his lean torso, and he strolled out of the alleyway with a slight bounce to his steps. He was content and full... that was what mattered, and he paused with a leering smirk across his lips, to look up at the apartment he'd just left. Thick smoke was billowing from the half-opened windows. Like angry eyes peering down at him, the apartment seethed with orange light and flames. He looked away, and slipped his hands into his pockets. He strolled down the boulevard, enjoying the night's cool kisses.

This was his time to shine.

It wasn't until he turned a corner, and walked down another boulevard that he heard the distinct sound of someone humming, a lively tune at that. His curiosity piqued, since the melody sounded familiar to the fiend. He moved quietly and swiftly, following the melodic cadence, masculine and slightly rough. It didn't matter who, it only mattered what this individual singing and doing... humming such a lively tune at that! The inner musician wanted to see for himself. He came across a shoddier side of the city, houses looked borderline the slums. A door was open, leading up stairs to a room on the second floor. Adrien stared at the window where he assumed this individual was, before he made the move on bare white feet. He licked any leftover blood from his hands as he walked up those stairs, seeing perfectly well in the dark.

The humming grew louder as he walked down the hallway, toward a door that was slightly ajar at the very end. Opened doors meant an open invitation, did they not? This person wanted visitors, or they didn't care. Adrien moved down the hallway, feet barely making a sound. His hand reached out to push open the door slowly, and he was greeted by crimson. So much read, and his hand dropped by his side as he stared with wide eyes.

So much red, and it was beautiful.
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PostSubject: Re: Red, Red Walls (Daven)   Tue Aug 07, 2012 2:55 am

The demon known as Daven was shifting across the room happily here and there stepping over the remains of his supper as he did. His body was covered in blood and he was breathing rather hard more from the sheer excitement of his newest piece of artwork. He reached down to the terrified and beheaded face of one of his victims and plucked the eyeball from it happily. Walking back over to the wall he placed it in its spot and took a step back to admire the work before him. Holding up a practiced thumb he looked it over and nodded in approval before placing his hands upon his hips and letting out a sigh of relief at the site.

The wall was painted crimson red with the blood of the victims used for the coloring and damn had it taken time and effort to collect it all. He had skinned one of them with a practiced hand and then turned that skin inside out and sewed it back on turned inside out. The body was then nailed to the wall and they eyes were rolled back so that they were of pure white looking out over the room. To the forehead he had bore a hole in it and place an eye from one of the other victims and then done the same to each hand. The whole thing looked rather good to him and he was proud to call the work his own.

The best part however was that he had cut out the stomach of the nailed body and replaced it with the head of the second victim which was missing both eyes. He had pulled the mouth open and from the ears,eyes,and mouth he had pulled through the intestines of the hanging victim and hung them about the room to hand. It looked as though the head in the center had spewed fourth the intestines to grab hold all over the room and in the center was Daven himself loving it all.

He did not freeze when the door was opened and he did not even turn because no matter how it was they had seen what he did. "Tell me this is not one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen and I will call you a liar. This my friend is pure art." It was all he said and after another long moment he spun around covered in the vital liquid of all humans to stare at the gawking Adrien.

"So what brings you to my little playground? Want to add your own contribution to this little piece of work?" If he bolted Daven would give chase and if he attacked Daven would do his best to devour him. Should Adrien be of a practiced eye he would see the piece for what it truly was. The body was the victim bled dry and the intestines were a web of sin in which sat the king spider...Daven himself.

He wished he could see this whole site from that viewpoint and that was when the idea hit him fully. Adrien was a warm body who could stand in his place and give Daven the full appreciation he wanted for this work. "Do me a favor and trade places with me. I want to get a good feel for how this whole thing came out." He was more pleased then he ever could be at the moment and the thought of seeing this art fully gave him even more excitement then before.
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PostSubject: Re: Red, Red Walls (Daven)   Tue Aug 07, 2012 5:24 am

It took a lot to surprise Myr. The fiend had little emotion, except for glee, but everything that was pleasant easily became morbid, since he didn't quite process sensations the same way humans would. Whatever was left of the real Adrien was only an echo, like a shade that lingered, clinging to his insides with Myr housing complete control. He drew his index finger away from his lips, the sweet copper of leftover blood still on his tongue. He savored the taste, but he was more awed but what he was seeing.

Adrien made works of art. He painted and molded blood and flesh, but after he discarded it. Burned away the remains, since he only appreciated things for that instant. This was different, the work of another fiend that required appreciation. The sulfuric stench of the other world clung to the both of them, but were as welcoming as the taste of flesh. Yellow rings around green orbs moved away from the painted walls, and to the centerpiece.

The seeing and unseeing dead, he would call it as he looked at the eyes - one on each palm and then the forehead. His shield was kept over his vision, but he could sense the tragic aura that lingered about this place. The ghosts were caught up in horror and their despair. Oh what a sight it was, to see your corpses ruined and then turned into something more than that ordinary, mundane shell.

The best part was the head stuffed in the victim's stomach, mouth open for a web of intestines to fan out. He couldn't help his maniacal grin, and the cackle that formed low in his throat. This tickled his fancy so, so much. He finally licked the remaining dash of red from his thumb, suckling on the tip as he took a few more steps in. From where he stood, he saw everything. Up close, he would be able to see the details, and envision how it all panned out.

"Then call me a liar." He said with a grin. His gaze flew to Daven when he spun around. Those eyes and the blood that painted his body was another work of art that Adrien could come to respect, as well as appreciate. Another like himself... did he too feast on the flesh of the living? Full and appeased, Adrien nodded. "Of course." He complied with switching places, brushing past the older fiend. Their auras mingled briefly, and Adrien stepped up close to the stapled body in an intimate distance. He inhaled the scent, and lifted a pale finger to drag along the mouth of the head that was turned inside out, as well as the eyes. White spheres stared at him in grotesque horror, or joy? This was good.

"I'm truly astounded." He said softly, "but it had been the sound of your humming that drew me here first... tell me, what was that song?" He turned to peer over his shoulder, appearing the prince as he asked the king.
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PostSubject: Re: Red, Red Walls (Daven)   Wed Aug 08, 2012 12:37 pm

Switching stations with the young demon he got a clear view of how one standing on the outside looking in would view his work and it came across just as he wanted it to. The beauty of it all was tied together with the young man in the middle and he clapped his hands lightly together applauding himself on a job well done. The question of the tune brought his attention back to the conversation however as he shook his head a minute and tried to think of the tune he had been humming. When he was doing it he was unaware of it and was doing so of an absent mind.

[color=darkblue]["My dear man it was called Love Roller coaster. Sorry it took me a minute to think of the title." /color] He stepped back into the room and sniffed the young man as he now stood a bit closer and there was no mistaking that odor for anything else but a fellow demon. It was not very pungent however which would suggest a younger demon however that did not make it weak just lacking slightly in the experience department that the older ones like himself held so dear.

Normally Daven would not have thought twice about this encounter however the fact that his piece of art was so meaningful to the younger demon sparked in Daven a feeling of kindred spirits and he placed a hand upon this ones shoulder. So many doors would open up to the pair of them should he be able to convince this one to join his cause. No matter how young the demon there was always a very strong power in each one it just needed to be practiced to be unleashed fully.

"I must say you have impressed me with your appreciation for this fine piece of art. I have a few things I am working on that you would fit right in with. Not only would we be working together but we can help one another grow and teach each other things. Think of it as a demonic partnership because as they say there is strength in numbers."

The future was painting itself within the demons mind and he saw a sea of blood and art flowing through the city. Terror gripping the streets and scaring the inhabitants into there homes in which they would become much easier targets. He saw Donnica thrilled with the prospect of another demon at her side and the happiness would only help to serve Daven. Finally he saw Liam held down by this young Demon while Daven worked to fins a strangle hold on his body once more. Yes this would be a fine partnership indeed.
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PostSubject: Re: Red, Red Walls (Daven)   Thu Aug 09, 2012 8:43 pm

The color was his most favorite. Men, or women, could wear such a color and stand out to the gluttenous beast. Adrien smirked, the jolly humming from earlier crept from his lips. He started humming the melody that he'd managed to capture as he lifted both of hands to gently cradle the cold face. Muscles and tendons could be felt beneath his palms, as he leaned in close that his nose almost touched the missing one. He breathed in slowly, the decay already working through the work of art. He licked his lips, and almost damned himself for not being able to consume such work. Once dead, their flesh had no value to Myr.

He could sense the other demon moving closer toward the youth. A century to a demon was the equivalent to the years of adolescence to humans. Myr was getting used to the perks of living away from its hellish realm, of brimstone and fire and other monstrosities lurking within the shadows, to the freedom of being in the open, among walking prey. He had gone this long not yet meeting another fiendish being like himself, not until now. How Myr missed the company.

"It is no problem." He said when Daven apologized for his momentary absentmindedness. He finally leaned away from the fear-stricken corpse, before glancing down to the others part - like the other gaping head, where the intestines spread out like crimson ribbons, thus creating a web of grotesque wonder. "Amazing." He uttered once more, and slowly licked the residual blood from his fingertips. The consistensy was dry, but still thick like syrup. Blood was always better that way.

"I burned mine in a fire," he confessed with a sigh. "I might've eaten too fast, to not truly appreciate the beauty of my own work." When he felt the hand on his shoulder, he turned his lime green gaze to the charming looking gentleman. The vessel Daven possessed was truly disarming, handsome with slight rugged features that would swoon his victims before he took them. A curious brow rose. Work together with another demon? After a century working alone, Adrien had to take a moment to think.

"A partnership, you say?" A thoughtful look crossed his youthful features, as he turned his gaze back to the gruesome masterpiece. He licked his other fingers, more in thought. "I haven't found a reason to refuse... yet, to whom will I be owing my fealty to?" the young demon asked. If this mean bathing the streets in red, and less effort hunting... well, Myr could be counted in.
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PostSubject: Re: Red, Red Walls (Daven)   Fri Aug 10, 2012 10:38 pm

Watching the young demon as he admired the work and tasted the product gave Daven a feeling of happiness as he had found someone else he could share these piece with and not have them vomit. He seemed receptive to the idea of a partnership and started asking all the right questions as he laid out more on the table to be discussed. Young this one may be but stupid he was not or so it would seem. The mention of him burning his work in a fire upset Daven slightly as he would have liked to see what this one could do with a fresh corpse but then again there was always later.

A hand reached up and took hold of one of the pinned intestines his hand running along it and what little blood the remained wet clung to his hand or dripped to the floor. "Tis a shame that you set your work to flames as I would have liked to see what twisted beauty your mind came up with. There is however future projects I can feast my eyes upon with your approval." Releasing the digestive tube his hand fell back to his side and he turned to place his back against the wall while standing next to the nailed corpse.

"You would be working with me and swearing fealty to myself really. Donnica is the woman I work with and she is a rather powerful witch. She may ask you to swear fealty to her but I will do my best to keep it more of a partnership with you and me so you don't get tied up into it. I have rather large plans for the future and I will say you benefit from them greatly should you play your cards right.

Yes this one could benefit from Davens plans should they come to fruition and should he prove himself a valuable asset in the coming times. The fate of what would happen all rested on how the younger demon took the whole discussion. Daven knew that to add him to the ranks would only make Donnic all the more happy and therefor would keep him in her good graces for the time being and free up some time for him to do his own thing.

Aside of all the obvious gains of aligning himself with this one it was also a boon to have another demon with him rather then against him. Wheels were turning and grandeur was clear in his minds eyes with the doors that could be open and what they could accomplish. A smile found its way to his face and he looked this one in the eyes "I am Daven."
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PostSubject: Re: Red, Red Walls (Daven)   Fri Aug 10, 2012 11:06 pm

Everything had a price, and there was always a catch. Adrien waited for the catch. Who was he to pledge himself to? He was a younger demon after all, and such partnerships didn't come easy. Plus, he'd spent a century and some by himself, hunting and painting walls red with his curling fingertips... However, he had to admit that it'd took another perspective to make things interesting in this game. A demon alone was like a wolf without a pack - all of the instincts were there, but there was a lack of direction. What was the point? He only needed to satiate that innate craving for flesh, to keep his powers and body active.

Older, and perhaps wiser, this particular demon could provide the younger one with deeper insight. Only more mysteries needed to be solved, and he was curious to know more about those like himself, and this one especially. Daven, he would later introduce himself, was powerful. That much, he could sense without having to see for himself what this "man" was capable of. The handsome, rugged appearance was just a facade, like the youthfulness that Adrien possessed. Both had charms and looks that could surpass human suspicions. They could get away with many, many things. And what more did he have to worry about, partnering up with someone far more powerful than he was?

A slow, sick smile spread across his lips, and then tilted in the corner, forming a wicked smirk. "Yes, a shame. I shan't forget next time." Adrien said and took another deep breath. He inhaled the decaying scent, but remnants of the blood remained fresh, turning his teeth into sharper points. His mandible didn't mold yet, neither did the rest of his mouth since he'd already fed earlier. Daven's aura washed over him, tainted but delicious, like a thick miasma that he'd breathe in happily, if happiness was an emotion Adrien could really feel. This was the closest.

He mentioned a Donnica, a powerful witch. A slight pinch came across his brows. Witches had power over former incorporeal beings. They held tightly on the reigns of magic that could send Myr back into the nether realms, but that was if he were to cross this woman Daven affiliated himself with. Donnica, Donnica... why did her name so familiar to Adrien? Yes, it rang with power... could be stories he'd heard... legends of old... since a century wasn't exactly a long existence, but long enough to see change and progression.

"I'm curious about these plans." He said as he tapped his lower lip with his index finger. "Then to you, I will swear my fealty... Daven." He used the same hand to reach out to the other demon, as if to "shake on it" as humans would nowadays. A glint came across his bright eyes, as he smirked. What did he have to lose? His only purpose was to eat, eat, and eat. It was certainly a pleasant change to have a specific direction. This must be the easiest job for Daven to find a willing participant in the grander scheme of things will be in the not too distant future.

"Adrien." He replied with the cadence of two voices ringing together. Underneath the soft tenor was the sound of discord and disharmony, the rattling of the monster slipping and sliding like black muck, spreading along his veins and consuming what little there was of humanity within the boy's vessel. "And it is a pleasure meeting you."
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PostSubject: Re: Red, Red Walls (Daven)   Sun Aug 12, 2012 10:17 pm

All was falling into place as it should and Daven was rather pleased with how quickly this meeting had gone in his favor. He was not used to working in the confines of a group and being that he was one of the oldest if not the oldest demon he had known he had never had to work in such an environment. Things where he came from came easy to him because of the true power he held in that realm and the things he was able to do there. Here however stuck in the flesh suit that he was encased in limited the things he was able to manage on this realm and so having someone along for the ride would not hurt his cause or at least he hoped they wouldn't.

Shaking the younger demons hand with a smile Daven released it and cracked his neck as he began to walk about the room. "I am more then sure you are trapped within that meat suit much as I am in this one. I want out. These bodies can only withstand a fraction of the power that we truly hold and should we find away to step from them onto this plane fully and whole of body....we could do some real damage." A sharp inhale of breath sounded over the droplets of blood slapping the puddles formed on the floor. Excitement was getting the better of the old demon as the thoughts of what could be flooded him once more.

"These creatures walking about this planet living there mundane lives are soft and unrefined. We have seen the rise and fall of entire society's. We have seen the things written in ancient tomes long lost to time and nature. We have been around since the dawn of all things and we simply sat back and watched. No longer is that the case because now we have made our way here but that is just the tip of the iceberg my dear Adrien.We can accomplish so much more then simple parlor tricks and midnight murders to elicit the fear and sorrow in people. We can rule this place but it will take time. "

His fingers were shaking from the adrenaline the coursed through his veins and he felt as though he could rip the flesh from the bones he was trapped in and stand in this world perfectly fine. This all was just feelings however and the reality of the situation was he was still very much trapped by the mortal body he was encased in and at the moment there was jack shit he could due to change that. Time and effort would be the true key in getting what he wanted and reaching the goal that was his ultimate achievement.

"The body I am in now is mine as the soul has been devoured and I now control it fully. Its a shell of what it used to be and it simply harbors me until I can find a way to escape it. Think for a moment Adrien that if we can crawl from hell as we have then what is stopping us from finding a way to shuck these human hosts and stand upon the soil with our own flesh? These are the visions I have for us and for others like us. You are one of the first to hear these ideas and should you stick with me to see it through it can be yours as well."

Walking to a window Daven peered out over the darkness that swept the city and the buildings that stood there ground housing others. People walked along the streets blind and deaf to the truth of what was out there waiting to prey upon them. Two such predators stood in the room now and they would show no mercy. In an instant he saw it all burning to the ground as demons ran the streets slaughtering for the fun of it and at the center Daven moved slithering through the streets. It was all such a beautiful picture painted by his eyes but soon things returned to the way they stood now and all seemed peaceful.

"Together we will burn this world to the ground and feast until we are gorged upon the flesh of the humans and shifters and weres alike. We will feast until we can eat no more and when that happens we shall sit upon thrones of bone,blood,and metal created from the sweat off the brow of the other races. they will line up one by one to come before us and bow to the superiority that is our race and they will know who the true rulers are. We will show them all and it starts with us Adrien...it starts with us."

His gaze turned to fall upon the young demon once more and he closed the distance between them placing a hand on his back and attempting to move him to the door that he entered from. "For now I say we go and pick out a few nice pieces for you to use in some artwork. I would love to see what you have stored in that brain of yours." A wickedly evil smile came to his face as he held firm to the thoughts of mayhem and destruction the duo could one day rain down upon this world.

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PostSubject: Re: Red, Red Walls (Daven)   

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Red, Red Walls (Daven)
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