A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Dulcina Talos

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PostSubject: Dulcina Talos   Tue Aug 07, 2012 12:40 am

• Dulcina • Narobi • Talos •


Name: Dulcina N. Talos
Nickname: Cina, Cin, Donni's Cin [sin], Duchess of Darkness, Man Eater
Age: 24
Weight:  130
Height: 5'6''

Eye color: Dark, turn golden when mana flows through her.
Hair color: Dark
Race: Human/Elven, Witch
Residence: Elyria
Nationality: Unknown
Affiliation: Talos
Occupation:Dark Witch

Face Claim:  Zoe Saldana

• all in the details •

Dulcina, like her mother, comes from the dark Mystics of the Middle East. Her skin is bronzed, a perfect mixture of chocolate and the pale white of her father. Her eyes are dark, like her mothers, as is her hair and personality. She wears her clothes to fit nicely, to ensure everyone takes notice…something else she inherited from mommy dearest. Her body is light and dainty, like her father, but used for the dark art of seduction, like her mom.

Her birth was one that was looked forward too for years. The power that her mother held was legendary and no member of the Talos family could fathom what her offspring would hold. They were right, Dulcina was everything they imagined, and more. A perfect blend of dark and light, she smiles in the face of the wicked knowing they hold nothing on her. She is her mothers child. The cruel, twisted, sadistic method that becomes her as she speaks and taunts her foes… and her friends. She was taught to put the Talos name over all else, and destroy anything that dare speak a threat to it. There is a lighter side, she gets it from her father. He is witty and cunning, and Cina must think like him to stay a step ahead. She is daring and bold, and will fight you or fuck you if given the chance.

Ability is a loose word for what Dulcina can do. She feels that her magic is a part of her, as much as the air she breathes. She feels mana all around her, all the time. She has the perfect blend of dark magic and the call of nature to wield. Her most peculiar ability is that she attracts werewolves to her. The beautiful blend of nature and darkness, mother natures devil child, the werewolf finds a kindred spirit in the heart of the dark enchantress. Her father and mother were obsessed with making sure that Cina grew up in the warfare styles of her ancestors from both sides. From the moment she could walk, they gave her weapons and instruction on how to use them. With the heart of a killer and the grace of the elven, Dulcina is a dirty combatant on the battlefield. Her fathers armies respect her style and do their best not to cross her.

High Level Spells

Arcesso: This is a powerful spell that brings those from across the veil to Dulcina. She can bring them, in full form, from the other side and speak with them as if they were a normal person. They must come when she casts this spell whether they want to or not. It weakens her greatly, but the presence of a deity within her walls gives her a supernatural strength in return. Some are grateful for her call and reward her with gifts, others, not so much. She uses their words and goods for her own devices, often repaying them with human hosts for themselves and their minions. It works very much like a sirens call that is irresistible and they must answer.

Nox noctis arcesso bestia. "To summon the night beast": Cina is a lunar witch, and therefore, her spells are more powerful at night than in the daylight hours. She has the ability to 'call' a werewolf to her and calm it's spirit. They will hear or feel her 'call' for miles and miles around. She cannot control them, not in the least, there are few who can, but she can bring one to herself. She is instantly friendly towards them and connects emotionally. If she uses this spell in the daylight hours, mere humans will come to her, they are the animals disguised in human flesh. Dulcina considers them her familiars and holds the upmost respect for the werewolf species.

Shadow Dragon Al-Taneen : Dulcina can call a large mass of shadows together to create the form of a dragon. This spell is so powerful that the dragon will be able to survive in daylight and have full physical tangibility. She can only maintain this spell for about fifteen minutes before it dissipates and she is rendered unconscious. Early termination of the spell is possible, and will result in her keeping conscious. However, one second past ten minutes and she will pass out upon its departure. In order to maintain this spell, Cina must put all of her concentration on the shadow Dragon. It is possible to break her concentration and force her to loose the spell, though this could have dangerous repercussions. She is also quite vulnerable when concentrating on the dragon, as she cannot spare the power or thought to defend herself. If she does not actively stop the spell herself, she could loose control of the dragon who will then go on a rampage of his own using the dark witch's life force to keep him tangible. Another possible outcome is that the shadow dragon could explode, though instead of fire it's more a magical shock wave, sort of like an EMP pulse, that could render anything magical useless for a few moments. As Dulcina rarely uses the Dragon, the threat of his name is enough to keep others at bay.

Mid-Level Spells

Mana Burn: As a self defense mechanism, Donnica can take some of the mana she has stored up, or siphoned from others, and turn it into fire in an aura around her body. This spell is very short lived, no more then 30 seconds. The fire will glow purple and be hot enough to burn anyone or anything she touches, accept whatever she was touching before she started the spell and continues to touch during the spell.

Protective Circle: Donnica can cast a protective circle around herself, depending on the amount of power she uses will determine the size of the circle. Anyone or anything meaning her harm will not be able to pass through it. She usually casts this spell before attempting to summon a fiend or spirits from the other side though it will protect her well against spells from other mages and to a certain extent physical assaults like gun fire. Physical assaults require a lot of focus and could still get through the protective circle.

Shadow Armor: Dulcina can actively draw the shadows around her to act as an armor. While this only works to slow small caliber bullets, it does work incredibly well as a defense against magic. It will also help deflect physical blows, such as someone punching her or trying to stab her. Bullets are harder to defend against seeing as they move so fast. Magical spells that hit her shadow armor will either bounce off or dissipate entirely, though high level spells have a chance of making holes in the armor and harming her.

Shadow Melding: She has the ability to sink into the shadows and essentially become one herself. This allows for much faster movement, and gives her the ability to sneak into buildings through the tiniest of cracks. Although, her shadow form has the consistency of water, so the smaller the opening, the longer it will take her to enter through it. Also she will not be able to re-materialize if her shadow form is separated, all of her shadow form must be together in order for her to become tangible again. This form also makes a great defense against physical attacks, but can be weak against magical attacks. In this form she can also overwhelm another being and smother them into unconsciousness or even death. A person overtaken by her shadow form will not be able to see or hear anything through it. They will see only darkness, and Cina's voice, should she choose to speak to them.

Low Level Spells

Calling Down the Moon: This is an old tradition passed down through the Talos line, as well as many other witches. On the night of the full moon, Donnica can draw the energy of the moon into her soul, refreshing her mind and spirit. It's like drinking coffee...but for witches.

Raven Speak: The Talos women have always had ravens as familiars. They are used as spies and messengers. There is nothing supernatural about the ravens, simply the witches ability to communicate with them. A witch can only bond with one raven at a time, they can then see what the Raven sees and hear what the Raven hears. She will feel it if the Raven is killed however, which is quite the unpleasant experience. Distance can dull the connection and make what Dulcina sees and hears blurry and distorted.

Bone Casting: Each member of the Talos family has a rune scribed bag which contains the finger bones of their ancestors. As Dulcina is a direct descendent of Ulayney Talos, [through her mother, Donnica] her bag contains the bones of some of the most powerful witches that Terra has ever seen. Each bone is scribed with runes and symbols depicting who the bone bonce belonged to. By throwing or "casting" these bones onto a flat surface, Donnica can discern future events much like a fortune teller. These can be hard to decipher however and only work for Donnica. [Dulcina knows this spell but does not have the corrupt tools to cast it. She only has witnessed her mother use this.] One day, the bones will fall to Cina… so that is her plan.

Siren's Call: By focusing power into her voice, Donnica can cause whoever hears her to want to do whatever she is asking. Obviously, the strength of will of her victims will be a deciding factor, as well as the morality of her request. She couldn't ask someone to kill someone else unless they already wanted to kill them.

• the tale of a lifetime•

They said she was one of the most beautiful babies the Talos family had ever seen. Perfect dainty, feminie features with olive skin and dark curls was handed in a pink silk blanket to her young mother. From the moment on, Dulcina was the prized apple of her family's tree. Parents were not traditional, however, they were friendly and civil. Cina grew up knowing both her parents. She was doted on by dear, aunt Danette, mothered by Donnica, and trained by the Talos family. Her father, Am-Roth Ciryatan is one of the Lords in the Shadow Court. He came to see his offspring nearly everyday, determined to teach her the ways of the Elven culture. Everyday was a new challenge for Dulcina. While her mother taught her dark magic and spells, her father trained her in the graceful battle style of the elves. Her life was exciting and structured up until the day of Enlightenment.

Dulcina was only 12, one of the youngest priestess's in the sect, learning in her mothers footsteps when the Enlightenment hit. Everything she knew and loved was taken from her in that moment. Her family was destroyed, her mother was taken by a rift, and Dulcina became a sitting duck to the Talos family's foes. To hide her, dear Aunt Danette took the youngest member of the family to Librium for safety. She stayed there for a year until her aunt was taken from her. Grieve flooded the young 13 year old as did the opportunity for an enemy to strike her down. The daughter of Donnica Talos was not one to be left unattended by friend or foe.

Her father, Am-Roth, took on the proper role of fatherhood and brought his daughter to live within the safe walls of the Shadow Court. Here is where Dulcina perfected her abilities, both mana and physical. She learned that, aside from learned abilities, she had natural ones as well… after all, she was her mother's child. Sex appeal and instinct guided the young priestess to the outside world. She found delight in men and women of all sorts. Fucking them, fighting them, and breaking them was Dulcina's secret hobby. While she was the perfect specimen of beauty and brutality, no one took more pride in her than her father.

Her beautiful past was stolen from her by the Enlightenment and Dulcina planned to do everything in her power to avenge it. Her life was full of spiteful vengant thoughts and that is why she smiles so sweetly to herself. Her life was once again full of dark adventures until her 18th birthday. Am-Roth introduced her to a slew of men who Dulcina knew were possible mates to have a child with. None of them seemed perfect enough to father her child. The one who took her fancy was the Dark Hand of the Shadow Court, Thade. He was dark, handsome, and his dark ability was something to be desired by any Talos woman. Dulcina had fallen for him years before, as a teenager, but forbid herself to touch until she 'came of age'. They had a strange relationship, but it was full of passion. They conceived a child, and months later, Dulcina gave birth to her own beautiful baby, Dariella Talos, a tribute to her mother. She was perfect in Dulcina's eyes and looked as if she belonged to the family. Hope was restored in Dulcina's heart that her family would rise again. Along with hope grew a horrible, terrible rage that would burn against anyone who would life a hand to her child.

She is strong, she is dark, and most of all, she is perfect in the eyes of the dark lords. Dulcina is a daughter of a Talos, a mother of one, and most of all, the one who believes she will bring salvation to her families name. She still resides within the safe walls of the shadow court so that her daughter, Dev, can learn the dark ways of her family in safety. When she is sent to 'work' by her father, Dari is kept safe and sound by the shadow court. Though they are not thrilled to have two Talos family members within their walls, they fear them too much to protest.

Dulcina's vow to take vengeance upon the world grows stronger each day. They will pay for the life they robbed her of… and their demise will be her reckoning. She has recently felt a disturbance within the realm, a magic that is calling to her own.

Dulcina, like her family, has a pet Raven. Dubbed, "Grimm", by Cina and her father, she shares the bond of ravens sight with her.


Is this a Canon?: Yes

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:[i] 3rd, Lisette Lovett, Amee Britt.

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Dulcina Talos
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