A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Marina Harrington

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PostSubject: Marina Harrington   Mon Aug 06, 2012 7:51 pm

• marina • eloise • harrington •

Name: Marina Eloise Harrington
Nickname: Mari, Rin
Age: 28
Weight: 130
Height: 5'7"

Eye color: Crystalline blue eyes
Hair color: Brown
Race: Werecreature; chameleon
Residence: Librium, though is known to drift between cities if need be
Nationality: American
Affiliation: None

Face Claim: Olivia Wilde

• all in the details •

Mari is vain for a reason. She knows she's beautiful, and uses it to her every advantage. Her small lithe body moves with a grace that so few can duplicate. Her chestnut brown hair flows wildly about her face and shoulder, resting half way down her back. Her face is round, harboring deep set eyes, crystalline and sharp as a hawk. She expresses most of her emotion with her eyes, and has started to develop fine lines around them. her full lips are usually set in a smile, though when concentrating, she chews her bottom lip. For someone as short and small as she is, she packs a punch, given her were status. Finely toned muscles don't give much of this away, lending to a leaner body physique.

In her were form, she is essentially humanoid in stature, though physically, she is anything but. Standing at nearly seven feet, she is a chameleon hybrid. Her body still somewhat resembles that of a human, her skin, though, replaced by a thin layer of green/blue scales. The layer is thin enough to be cut through, though offers a slight form of protection. She resembles the three-horned chameleon, her hair hardening into the shape of the three horns. The middle horn is approximately a foot long, while the other two are ten inches each. Her arms elongate slightly, thinning out to better resemble that of the chameleon. While she does not adapt the two fingered characteristic of the animal, her hands do form slight claws, her nails sharpening and thickening into points. While it may not look entirely chameleon like, she does take on some of the eye characteristics. They grow in size, along with her head, and are able to rotate in her head just as a chameleons do, giving her complete 360 vision. Same with the tongue, while she doesn't show it off often, her tongue is able to stretch approximately ten feet. The finest point of her physical appearance as a chameleon is her ability to blend in. She is able to essentially turn herself invisible, unable to be seen by those who aren't looking hard enough.

Mari is a flirt in every essence of the word. She strives for the attention of the opposite sex, sometimes pushing morals aside. She is confident in herself, almost to the point of vanity. She suffers from crippling jealousy when the attentions of a man she has set her sights on notices another woman. She never acts on such jealousy, instead turning her attention elsewhere. Despite this, she strives for the attention of the opposite sex, in more ways than one. To a point where she would push another woman aside if it hinders her own advances.She has a close-knit group of friends, but is always willing to make new friends. She is a generally nice person, just don't come between her and her eye candy. She's addicted to trashy, reality TV shows. Aside from her fits of jealousy, she is hard to anger. She has a sense of humor, and isn't afraid to laugh at a joke that no one else finds funny. She's passionate, and takes what she does seriously.

When it comes to her family, specifically her older brother, Alistair, she tries her best to be a proper 'lady'. She is practically a completely different person when dealing with anyone sharing her last name. Sweet, innocent seeming, she sheds her normal persona for one that she had decided to be rid of years ago. She doesn't let her family know exactly what it is that she does for a living. Just assures them that she is quite comfortable with her life, and where it has brought her. She doesn't reveal what she does with her money, or how she spends the weekends. Usually in the bed of whatever handsome man says the right things at the bar. Which of these two persona's though, is her true one, a question that not even she can answer. Though she will tell you which one she prefers more. A proverbial party girl at heart, she prefers her life away from the comfort of her family life. Though, when it is just her and her brother, she is prone to snide remarks, usually of the inappropriate kind, and is quite nosy when it comes to matters of his life. She tends to be very demanding when it comes to his life, while revealing so little of her own.

Scaled armor: When in her were form, she forms a thin layer of scales about her body. They are generally greenish blue in color, though it may vary upon her mood and surroundings. These scales serve as a sort of armor, though it is not her first line of defense. They can only deflect a blow from a weaker enemy, but anyone with heightened strength would be able to break through the scales within a couple of blows. Hand to hand combat is practically useless on her when in her were form, as the scales deflect any sort of shock, preventing injuries. Bullets can break the scales, though they slow the momentum, resulting in less of an injury. Her armor has two soft spots; the back of her neck around the collarbone, and a spot on her navel, just below the belly button.

Paralytic saliva: Whether in were form or in human, her saliva has a sort of paralytic compound in it. It is very weak in human form, and hardly gives any effect beyond a slight dizziness to the weakest of targets. Anyone stronger or larger than a young adult would be completely unaffected by it in human form. In human form, she is able to secrete it at will. While in were form, if she were to use her tongue as a weapon, as she is prone to doing, it is much stronger. The secretion is also constant. With a simple touch of her tongue, so long as it makes skin contact, she can completely paralyze another being. The size of the person she wishes to use this on, though, makes a difference. A small child would be knocked out with one touch, if she were to maintain contact, she could cause lasting damage. In an adult, it takes just slightly more, two touches, sometimes three, depending on the size of the person, and how good their immune system is. It is still potent on animals as well, though not nearly as it would be on a human form. The paralytic remains in the person’s system for approximately five to ten minutes, depending on their size. They are still completely aware of their surroundings, yet unable to move. The paralytic would work its way out the victims system, fading from the blood stream as potency dies.A drawback of this saliva tongue is that Marina finds it difficult to taste certain things. Her saliva is essentially acidic and has eaten away at her tastebuds. When she uses it, it burns her tongue, leaving her mouth numb for a few moments. This negative affect is more potent in were form, and just leaves her with a foul taste in her mouth when in human form. She is immune to the paralytic affects, though. The only affect being the aforementioned.

Sticky fingers: When in were form, her fingers become covered in a small layer of spikes. They are practically invisible upon her skin, and don’t cause damage when pressed against flesh or anything of the sort. These are retractable, and when out, allow her to keep a hold of surfaces that either smooth or rough. This allows her to climb up walls, trees, anything that can be climbed. When in human form the spikes are not there, though if one looks at her palm closely, they can see the holes where they shift through her skin upon taking were form. These spikes, when pushed out, cause pain in her palms, and have been known to tear occasionally when not used properly. She is sometimes seen wearing bandages because of incidents like this.

Camouflage: Like the chameleon she is, her pride and joy of an ability would be her camouflage. While she is not able to become invisible, she does in essence do so. With the proper amount of concentration, she simply disappears into her surroundings. She is able to shift the hues of her skin to take on whatever is behind her. Whether be it a brick wall, or the wasteland landscape. She becomes her surroundings, One would only be able to catch sight of her should the sun glint off her eyes. She is able to maintain this camouflaged form for approximately an hour, though if she turns it off, then back on, it can last as long as she needs to. But the most she can do it without interruptions would be an hour.

360 vision: As the name implies, when in chameleon form, her eyes are able to rotate in her head, giving her extremely enhanced vision. She is able to zoom in with her eyes to particular spot, making her excellent for scouting and look out.

Heightened senses: As with all were’s she has heightened senses. Speed, vision, and hearing. Her sense of touch is greatly increased more so than the others, along with vision and hearing. Her sense of taste is dulled due to her saliva. Though her speed isn’t the greatest, she is able to move quicker than the average human. Along with this, she is able to keep her body perfectly still for long periods of time. Completely unmoving, she is a living statue.

Mechanic: Mari is a skilled mechanic. She has been working with it since she was approximately fifteen years old, when she expressed interest in it to her engineer brother. He taught her everything he knew, then left her to learn what she needed on her own. At the age of seventeen she completed her first project; building her car from pieces of scrap she was able to salvage due to the war. It greatly resembles that of the Impala, though has slight modifications due to the wear and tear of the parts she gathered. She has spent countless hours pouring over old manuals and articles on the computer, and is well versed on the mechanics of the mass transit system, pre-war cars, and air transportation. She finds mechanic work where she can, realizing that her interest and passion is nigh useless these days.

Hand to hand combat/marksmanship: Though she has never received formal training, she has spent quite some time alone, and has managed to pick up a few specific skills in this department that have kept her alive. She is no expert, and cannot tell what from what. Just that she can shoot a gun and usually hit the target. She knows of pressure points and certain basic hand to hand moves that she finds to be of great use.

Knife combat: The one thing that Mari is good at, and has been since she could remember, is how to handle a knife, or any type of sharp fighting choice. As with her marksmanship, and hand to hand, she has no formal training. She seems to be a natural with these particular weapons, be them throwing stars, to a sword, were she to get her hands on one.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Marina was born with an uncertain fate. A world at war was one that no child should be brought into, yet she was. Along with her older brother, Alistair. Despite the war that raged around the world, life went on for the youngest Harrington child. She attended school, like all the children her age, forever in fear that the battle would be brought to their own front yard. The world outside her home became one that she found solace in, despite its dangers. Home wasn’t somewhere she was always fond of being. Parents intent on her excelling at all she did, and while they saw it as only wanting the best for her, she usually was intent on doing just the opposite. While many said it was a phase, Marina herself wasn’t entirely too sure of that. Even at a young age, she was strong willed. An adventurer. Constantly on the move. She was flighty at best, never focused on one thing for more than a day or so. The only thing that kept the young child grounded was her older brother, seven years her senior, Alistair. He spoiled her, even though she protested it on many occasions. She was just as content to be alone as she was to be in his presence. The two were particularly close, and were often seen playing together. Games he had likely outgrown, but one’s she had asked to play.

As time passed, it was evident that she was closer to her brother than she was anyone else in her family, including her parents. At the age of ten, she was told that her brother would be leaving. He was off to the war, forced to, for the sake of humanity. A fact that young Marina understood, yet couldn’t accept fully. She withdrew into herself. Her parents tried everything they could to get her to become outgoing, but to no avail. She had lost the person she was closest to, and nothing they could do would bring him back sooner. He was gone for years, leaving her to deal with her teenage years alone, by choice of course.

She developed a few friends along the way, though she never kept anyone very close. Friends were disposable for her. She didn’t keep anyone close for the mere thought that they too could leave on a moments notice. It was during these teenage years that she developed her...bad habits. She took finding her attentions elsewhere. Particularly men. She sought their attention. And got it. Marina was developing into quite a beautiful young woman, and the boys were well aware of this. As was she. She became flirtatious. Which turned into other things. Soon enough, her name was on the lips of every male, and female, in their city. Notorious for doing what no other girl would do, she was a hit among the boys. For her, they were also disposable. A momentary distraction from the veritable shit storm going on in the world around them. To this day, she still maintains this same outlook, though has toned down just the slightest.

The war ended when she was sixteen years old, saving her from fighting in the war. She had taken up mechanics at this point, pouring everything she had into it. At seventeen she had completed her first car, with the occasional help of her brother. She prided herself on her skills, but had yet to realize that her passion was not one that was needed in this day and age. From the age of twenty until about twenty-four, she wandered between cities, taking odd jobs along the way to keep her going. She would visit her brother randomly, never staying for more than a day or so, before she was off again. When their parents died when she was twenty-four, she disappeared off the grid completely. While they were not close, she still loved her parents. Their deaths, untimely and unexpected, brought on a sort of depression in her, one she hadn’t experienced since her brother had left for the war. She drowned herself in the bad habits of high school once again, and while she has toned down once again, she still likes a good fling, and is a legendary flirt. She has settled in the city of Librium for the time being, working as a mechanic for the transit system. She travels to Port Okena from time to time to visit with Alistair, though mainly keeps to herself.

When Marina was twenty-two years old, she was traveling between two cities, looking for work. It was here that she was attacked. While her species are rare, only a few exist, she was attacked and bitten by a werechameleon, therefore turning her into one also. It took Marina nearly a year and a half to figure out how to shift and use her abilities completely. She didn't tell Alistair until she had been one for two years, and her parents went to their graves without the knowledge. She doesn't broadcast the fact that she is one. Instead letting someone either guess, or figure out on their own.

The real cause of her parents death is still unknown to her.

Is this a Canon?: no

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:First character

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PostSubject: Re: Marina Harrington   Tue Aug 07, 2012 10:51 pm

Mari here is ready for review!!
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PostSubject: Re: Marina Harrington   Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:16 pm

Hello, and welcome to DR.

I am sending you a PM in regards to your application. Please, look for it.

Thank you very much,
and again, welcome.

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PostSubject: Re: Marina Harrington   Wed Aug 08, 2012 8:33 pm

made the edits needed!
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PostSubject: Re: Marina Harrington   Wed Aug 08, 2012 10:12 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Marina Harrington   Fri Aug 10, 2012 12:22 pm

It is NOW official. Welcome to the Dark Renaissance family. Please copy your character info into the appropriate sections of your profile.
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PostSubject: Re: Marina Harrington   

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Marina Harrington
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