A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 A small campfire. (OPEN)

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PostSubject: Re: A small campfire. (OPEN)   Sun Jan 13, 2013 3:53 pm

Andromeda's chin lifted, as the beast man spoke to her. Blue and silver eyes watched him. Taking in his heartrate, blood pressure, his speech patterns and everything. Cataloging it for future referrence should she ever need such a thing. He told her that he still continued to offer his protection, because she had not caused him harm. Did not seem that she would, and he intended the same.

Andi was confused.

Computers did not compute the strange kindness he was showing right now. All humans = hate. The algorithm in her computer stated this clearly. All humans = kill android. That was the simple truth.

Yet, this man was an.. anomoly.

Anomoly = Study.

She walked with him. Fixing her hood. Standing beside him as they walked together, side by side. This was his forest, he stated. A place that he knew. But the city was not far off. Andromeda had plans for the city. Certainly, this beast man would not be accepting of her plans. She need not tell him though. It was not his business. Revenge was all that mattered. She would find the humas, replace her master's memory and she would move onto the next goal.

Whatever that would be. She would need to start the programming to see what her master had intended for her actions to accomplish.

You are not angry. You are not fighting against me. Why is this? I do .. not comprehend your reasoning. I am android. You know this now. Yet you are not trying to kill me. All humans wish my death. Abomination, I know that I am, please, inform me of your reasoning, so that I may alter my programming.
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PostSubject: Re: A small campfire. (OPEN)   Sun Jan 20, 2013 5:14 pm

Veles took to walking side by side with Andromeda. The fight was over, but his senses were still heightened from his racing pulse. She was still as silent as ever, her breath did not huff in the silence of the forest. Andromeda spoke, explaining her curiosity, and asking Veles outright why he wasn't attacking her. She really was naive in some ways.

"I have no reason to be angry with you, Andromeda. You who are strong do not kill any and all who cross you, you have self control. You who I have seen fight and who has seen me fight, know you could overpower me in battle, yet you don't. You have shown no anger towards me, I shall show none in return. If anything, you have been good to me, you helped me in battle. Fighting side by side builds a bond, one much stronger than prejudices."

Veles rolled his shoulders, adjusting his pack as he continued on, stepping through the woods. He spotted Librium in the distance, the trees were going to begin narrowing and open to a wide stretch of cleared land around the city itself. He paused for a moment, glancing at Andromeda, then to the city.

"The city is just over there, when we reach the gates keep your hood low. I will escort you into the city, from there we can part ways, unless you'd like to continue on later. I will need to tend to the business I have, but that shouldn't take long. Android or not, Other or not, it was good meeting you in these woods Andromeda. I've met many beings, both strong and weak, selfless and appallingly cruel. You, I'd say, are more fair than most I've known. You defend yourself, and only attack those who have wronged you. That... is rare."

He continued on, his boots crunching through the underbrush. He was walking beside a dangerous companion, but he wasn't so harmless himself.
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A small campfire. (OPEN)
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