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 A small campfire. (OPEN)

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PostSubject: A small campfire. (OPEN)   Sun Aug 05, 2012 10:15 pm

Deep within the Dark Forest, surrounded by looming shadows, a small flicker of orange light pops and hisses. The green wood burns poorly, letting out foul smelling smoke. High above, nearly blocked by the canopy of the trees, a crescent moon shines with a pale light. The thick layer of leaves rustling loudly in the ceaseless breeze.

A faint sound can be heard through the tree trunks, a soft humming of a slow tune. Every few notes are emphasized with a SHHWWK, a brief grinding sound.

In a small opening near a downed tree trunk, a small lean-to stands. A tiny shelter, only really capable of keeping rainwater out, is made of a few longer logs, about six inches in diameter, and covered over with stitched animal skins. Resting near the open doorway, a large pack looks heavy, even half emptied.

The soft humming comes to an abrupt halt, and a shuffling sound brings a large figure in front of the fire. With the silhouette of this large man blocking the light from the pale orange flames, the gleam of his sharp blade in hand glints brilliantly.

Who's out there?! A gruff voice calls out. The silhouette crouches slowly, almost as if preparing to pounce.

I said who's out there?! he calls out again, louder, the basso of his voice carrying through the air with clarity.
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PostSubject: Re: A small campfire. (OPEN)   Sun Aug 05, 2012 11:00 pm

Andromeda walked.

Though there were sprinkles of condensation dripping down on her from above, she minded none of it. She did not feel the cold of the world. Nor the warmth of the fire. But the fire, it would come in handy. Most definitely. She needed some more time. To recooperate from her latest attack on the human race.

While Andromeda looked human, she was not. She was actually an android. Pale skin, red hair, and silver eyes, hid the savage computer driven mind of a very illegal android. She didn't bleed, she was nearly indestructible as people were beginning to learn and every human casualty was just another little tally in her favor.

There was no win or lose.

There was only death, and the death that was coming.

Who's out there!

Andi's head tilted to the side. She figured that he could probably see her. At least part of her. Perhaps her shadow. She looked at him. He was human, at least, he seemed so. But she knew, through her programming that it was not always as it seemed. Thus, she stepped forward as the man spoke again. Her eyes shifted.

It is I.

Simple. Straight forward. Andromeda stepped into the fire proper. So he could see her now. Unassuming except the cold look in her eyes. The silver iris' shifted so that she was looking at him. Watching him, studying him, determining his level of threat.

Your fire, I will borrow it. Sit down, human. she said as she sat down across the fire from him as if she actually needed to get warm. She did not. Wearing nothing but black leather pants and a red and black corset that much had to be obvious.
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PostSubject: Re: A small campfire. (OPEN)   Sun Aug 05, 2012 11:41 pm

Crouching in anticipation as the female form approached him from the shadows. Carefully he backs away from her as she walks abruptly towards the fire and sits. Quietly, he sniffs the air deeply, trying to ascertain why he didn't catch her scent on the breeze before realizing it's not quite right for her human form.

And just what are you? he asks cautiously.

He approaches the thinly clad woman, stepping into the light of the fire. His dark clothing covered in expertly made patches. His long coat just above sliding over the ground. He deftly sheaths his knife, and slips his sharpening stone into the pouch at his belt.

He crouches near the fire, easily balancing on the balls of his feet, his elbows resting on his bent knees. He watches carefully before taking another slow sniff of the air trying to discern just what this female is. Who are you?

The wind picks up slightly, the trees rustling with a loud white noise. Far in the distance an animal snarls then quiets. The Dark Forest seems to close in on the small clearing, even the light from the campfire seems to penetrate less into dark surroundings.

Veles has a difficult time not searching out the animal sounds, but taking his eyes off the woman in front of him seems impossible. His jaw clenches and his muscles tense as he waits for the response to his questions, not trusting the stranger at all.
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PostSubject: Re: A small campfire. (OPEN)   Sun Aug 05, 2012 11:56 pm

He had not let his guard down.

She did not blame him. Perhaps, he had some sort of sixth sense. She had programming to tell her things like this apparently existed. She had no affirmation of it. That meant nothing though. She was new. A veritable baby. She was still learning, gathering information, all the time she was learning and absorbing the world around her.

I am Andromeda Parker. I have been walking out here for a while. Gaining my berrings. Deciding where to go next.

Her silver eyes shifted back to him. She did not answer his first question. On purpose. Of course, the reason, was that she was completely illegal. She could fight, again, if she wanted to. But, she didn't. She was regrouping, that didn't mean she was illequipped to defend herself, more that she didn't want to have to at the moment.

What are you doing out here? It's cold, wet, and you're alone.

She rose her brow. Surprisingly, even if she was not human, she looked it. It was almost easy to let your guard down around her. That was what she was built for. To infiltrate the humans, kill them from the inside. Find a way, to make them let their guards down and annhiliate them while she could.

She was not initially built to kill. But when attacked, her body kicked into survivor mode and now, now, she was ready to rain death upon those that attacked her. Those human people that were so delightfully fragile.
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PostSubject: Re: A small campfire. (OPEN)   Mon Aug 06, 2012 12:32 am

Maintaining his crouched posture, he listens carefully to Andromeda, his jaw muscles loosening slightly at the sound of her soft voice. Surely she can't be that dangerous, something so small... but... she's managed to get all the way out here alone. She can't be harmless. he thinks to himself.

I am Veles. I have traveled these wastes my whole life, I think it is you who are out of place.

Carefully watching for her reactions, which seem non-existent, Veles stands quickly and walks to the side of his small campsite. Gathering a few more scraps of wood he walks back to the fire and places them on carefully, building them into a tall conical shape.

You must be cold out here, wearing just... that. he comments while staring at her distinct lack of environmentally appropriate clothing.

Several long moments pass before he allows himself to blink. He hurriedly turns his head away and stalks over to his pack. Careful not to place his back towards the woman. With deft hands he undoes two ties and flips the pack open, pulling out what appears to be a thick hide. Without a glance, he tosses the large pelt near the girl, intentionally not directly at her, so it comes to rest snagged on a branch near her. The long fur of the pelt has clearly been taken care of, it's completely clean and has been brushed to a silky smoothness.

Stepping back from his lean-to, he positions a large log directly across the fire from the woman and sits down. You should wrap up in that, it will keep you warm and dry. You can share this fire so long as you cause no trouble. Food, you'll need to barter for, it's far too rare. he instructs in his gruff voice. Letting his eyes linger on the woman again, trying to understand just what about her doesn't seem right.
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PostSubject: Re: A small campfire. (OPEN)   Mon Aug 06, 2012 9:12 am

The human was Veles. A strange name, but then again, there were so many strange names. Humans prided themselves it seems on coming up with the most unusual names that they could. Still, there was now a name to the face in her database.

Human Database:

Veres: Human
Height: Five Feet Eleven Inches
Weight: Approx 230-235 lbs
Last Location: Wastelands.

He mentioned the cold. She shrugged. It was easier. Had she been looking for an actual fight she would have admitted she needed worry none about such things. She was an android. Her body would never be too cold. Her joints, could freeze though. A real fear. And, technically if someone worked at it, she could be melted. She doubted those possibilties would ever arrise.

She watched the man move. She watched him make sure his back was never turned towards her. Smart man. Not that she was just a murderer, but given reason, or thought of threat.. she would most definitely spill more human blood. They were deliciously fragile.

Digging around in his back, something flew not at her but beside her. So he saw her as a threat. Excellent. Were Andromeda prone to emotions, she might have smirked. Instead, she merely leaned over. One pale hand picking up the fur. Some animal gave it's life for this. To keep a man warm. Animals had as of yet, not been a threat to Andi she had not yet killed a single one on purpose.

I appreciate your concern. she told him flatly as she put the heavy fur on her shoulders. Obscuring most of her hair and the slight form of her body. Misleading, of course, as she was amazingly strong. He mentioned she could share the fire, but not his food. Unless she had barter. Andi tilted her head to the side, wondering, what he would do if she said she had nothing to barter.

Do not worry, Veles, I do not require food. she looked out at the woods, her eyes scanning in and out slightly. Iris' moving as she did so, making sure the perimeter was secure. You are out here alone. Why is that? Do you not prefer the company of others?

She only asked of course, because most humans traveled in packs. Too afraid to travel alone, they clung to other people, thinking of safety in numbers.
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PostSubject: Re: A small campfire. (OPEN)   Mon Aug 06, 2012 3:00 pm

Remaining across from Andi as she slowly wrapped herself in the pelt, Veles allowed his gaze to travel over her, sizing her up as much as admiring.

I work out here in the Wastes. It has been a long time since I've let them bother me. When I have travelled with others, they are normally too... unsettled to be of much use. The last time I really travelled with others was in my fifth decade. They're gone now. What about you little one? What thought crossed your mind to have you wandering these woods by yourself?

His speech seems clipped, terse, almost as if he is rushing his words. He almost seems unsettled that he has spoken so much at once and stands, anxiously moving to the edges of his campsite once more to gather a few more pieces of wood, even though the fire is burning well already. His anxiousness gets the best of him as he sits again. He pulls out a short knife and a small block of wood, beginning to carve with deft motions, his eyes never leave his guest.
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PostSubject: Re: A small campfire. (OPEN)   Mon Aug 06, 2012 11:28 pm

It was interesting.

The way this human thought. He was interesting to her. She had no idea why he seemed to think her young. She knew that she was not in a body that looked young. At least, not too young. Still, it did not matter. All that mattered was that he did not find out what she was. That would cause issues. She would have no real issue killing the man. But, she had to admit, it would be messy.

I am from around here. I came to just, visit I guess.

It was true, and not true. She had come back to get information. Tools. Supplies, and research. It had not been easy. Afterall. The whole thing had been burried underground she had to dig it up. And scrounge around to find whatever she needed. But she did. The mission had been completely a success.

Where are you headed then? To the cities? I think, next, I shall go into Librium. There seems to be a great populace there. I think.

She did not know yet what she was going to do there. She needed to continue her work. But, she also wanted to be left alone. The best place to hide where in the populace where she could just get lost in the crowd. That, was important. Perhaps, she could get herself out of survival mode, she was not sure how it all worked. But she would figure it out.
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PostSubject: Re: A small campfire. (OPEN)   Tue Aug 07, 2012 12:06 am

Veles watches Andi very carefully, noting her clear, smooth voice. Her voice doesn't waver, even in the cold... She is tougher than she seems. he thinks briefly. Letting her words sink in.

I've been in this area for quite some time. Seems a shame we haven't run into one another before. he comments, casually. Watching to see if her demeanor changes in the least.

His hands finish their last cut of the wood, a crudely shaped wolf about six inches in length, four in height. He looks down for a moment, placing his blade between the two front legs, balancing the wolf on the knife's tip. He leans forward and reaches his knife and the wolf into the flames of the fire, letting it sear for several long moments. When he pulls the sculpture out, it's charred to a sooty black until he removes his knife. The tip of the knife protected the chest and belly of the wooden wolf leaving it a much brighter white, and angled surprisingly like a real fur coat.

For you. He tosses the wolf to Andi, a bit quicker than a friendly lob. Watching her reactions, seeing just how quickly she moves out from under the fur pelt to avoid the small wooden sculpture from bouncing off her.

Shifting the conversation quickly, trying not to seem too obvious. I just finished up a job out here. I'll be headed back to Librium soon enough. I just like to take a few days before I go mingling with all those... people he takes a long breath. You've never been to Librium? he asks.

A loud pop from the moist wood over the fire sends a spray of sparks into the air. The fire crumples a bit and Veles reaches for another piece of wood, reaching into the fire to place it strategically to hold the wood up, allowing proper ventilation. As he settles back down, the skin of his hand seems rather flushed, hinting at just how far into the fire he reached.
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PostSubject: Re: A small campfire. (OPEN)   Wed Aug 08, 2012 11:38 pm

Andi shrugged.

I am from here, however, I have not left my home long ago. Recently, in fact. The one I lived with, was killed. I am on my own now. They tried to kill me to, but I would not let them.

She gave a shrug.

It was true, though slightly edited so that she didn't have to say that the TG had gone into the lab where she was created and murdered her master. Taken out her old body, and she had retreated to come back. She knew, without having any sort of actual pride that debilitated the humans, that leaving and cming back better was far better than fighting when not ready and losing.

He began to carve. Wittle, she believed it was called. Andi did not relax. She did not know how to relax. She had never been allowed to figure out all her systems, or how her body really worked. She was learning as she went. Not tomention, it wasn't as though she came with an instruction manual or the like.

Out of the corner of her eyes she saw him toss something to her and her hand came up in a milli-second and swiped it with ease out of the air. Her eyes shifted to it. A wolf, she believed. Her eyes shifted back to the man, he said it was for her.

Thank you. I have never recieved such a gift before. Thank you.

He asked about Librium, she nearly lost herself and grinned. She had been there, recently, destroyed a city block. It had been a good time. But mostly, she felt it made her almost even with the humans for destroying her home and killing the one that had created her. She needed his brain, the information within it, and she would never get it now.

I was there, once. It was a okay city, I suppose. They are rebuilding portions of it. I do not have business, to be anywhere, I could perhaps walk with you.
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PostSubject: Re: A small campfire. (OPEN)   Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:57 pm

Damn. That was fast. I barely saw her hand move. She must be some sort of Other, but she isn't like anything I've ever come across before. She's asking to go with me... maybe I can come out of this with an unexpected ally. At least I hope I can manage it without adding another enemy. Veles sat in thought for a moment after Andi's suggestion to travel together.

I'm glad you like the wolf. They are always my favorite to carve, wolves are very close to my heart. If you like other animals I can try carving one of them for you. I might even be able to sew that pelt into a serviceable cloak for you. It wouldn't just be for warmth, you're... well you're a little bright out here in the woods. Maybe those clothes will fit in when we get to Librium, but they seem rather odd out this far.

Keeping the conversation going would certainly help him, even if just giving him more time to think. Veles kept expert control of his body, not tensing up despite his unease around the young lady, instead staying loose and appearing completely comfortable around her. Most powerful Others could sense fear in some form or another. If she sensed it in him, she might talk the opportunity to attack. He had mastered this particular bluff during his childhood, even in a Pack of werewolves, showing fear could easily instigate an instinctual attack.

Who are 'they' who attacked you and he one you were with? There are a lot of dangerous things out in these woods. If they hurt you or are tracking you, I might need to protect you. You don't have to relive painful memories, I just need to know what's hunting you so I can stop it, that's all. His voice calm, but trying to put emphasis that he wanted to protect her. Having her believe him would certainly be better for his health, he knew that much for certain.

Keeping his body language and voice as calm as possible, Veles waited for her response. Whatever could have made her run could also wind up being very bad for his health. Maybe he would luck out, maybe it would be humans who tried to harm her. If he was that lucky he might even have a few old stories of his own to further show that he was on her side, rather than her mysterious enemy's.
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PostSubject: Re: A small campfire. (OPEN)   Sun Aug 19, 2012 12:31 pm

The wolf was close to his heart?

She looked around. He had no pet. Though, perhaps it was hidden. Hunting. She knew not. It mattered not, just the same. This human was just a human. A fire she didn't need, a cloak she didn't need, a wooden wolf she didn't need. But then, Andromeda needed nothing. It was unimportant for such trivial things. Yet, she needed to not kill this man. Not because she was tired of killing. She could not grow tired. She was capable of recharging herself with the slightest bit of sunlight or electricity. The point was, it would do her no good to kill this man.

In fact, it might be beneifical not to kill this man. He could get her into the city. Much easier. They might be looking for one woman traveling alone. Not a woman traveling with a man. It could get her into the heart of the city easily.

Strategically, it was sound.

Thank you, I would like the cloak.

He was right. It would help hide her bright hair. Perhaps in her next body she would change her hair. Color mattered not. If something would help her stand out less. Perhaps it was a good idea. Then again, she was not trying to live with the humans. She was trying to prove her superiority. She sent the fur back over to him. If he was going to make it into a cloak he might as well start now.

He began asking questions. Bad questions. But he seemed to want to be on her side. Perhaps, incase the Terran Guard caught up with her. It would be easier to have an ally. At least temporarily.

The Terran Guard. she said coldly. Her eyes showed how angry she was at them. Taking her Master from her. Murdering him. Trying to murder her. They would all pay when she found them. They came, they murdered him, and they tried to murder me. I got away. Now, I seek revenge.

It was human, to seek revenge. It was more about making sure the Terran Guard left her in peace. If the threat were not removed. She would not move outside of survival mode. The TG had to go. She would be able to move on then, shut down Survival mode.
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PostSubject: Re: A small campfire. (OPEN)   Sun Aug 19, 2012 7:48 pm

Catching the pelt deftly, he slips his hand into a pocket along his pant leg, pulling a long bundle of coarse thread from it then carefully edges a needle out of a thick seam in his clothing. Threading the needle carefully, he ties a secure knot and holds the needle in his mouth. Pulling his knife from his sheath, he gently pulls the cleaned pelt out in front of him. Without marking the material at all, he slips his knife through it and cuts a pattern from memory. Returning his knife to its sheath, he deftly works the material over in his hands, placing the threads perfectly through the pelt and tugging gently to test the seams. Keeping the majority of the fur lining the inside for warmth, Veles also loops over portions along the shoulders and hood, letting the fur's natural coloring help break the silhouette when seen from afar.

Standing, Veles reinserts the needle into the thick clothing he wears and coils the thread carefully. He gathers his scraps, careful not to leave any behind and walks over to his pack and stores them. Striding back to his seat, he lifts the finished cloak and approaches Andi. Come now, stand up, let's see if this fits. he says, keeping his apprehension well hidden. Holding up the cloak, opening it and wrapping it around Andi, he nods to himself. Now lift up the hood and see if it hides that bright hair of yours. Veles encourages, stepping back and looking her over.

Stepping forward again, he gently tugs the cloak around her frame, Tell me when it's comfortable but not loose around you. He finally seems to find the perfect spot and notes it to himself. Here, take it off and I'll finish this up. Collecting the cloak from her he leans it over a piece of wood. Taking the tip of his knife and pushing it through, he makes a hole wide enough to slip some thicker leather string through. Tying off a small wooden toggle, he continues making small holes and slipping some more leather through. Rummaging through his pack again, he finds his the last toggle for around the collar; a small wolf head and attaches it carefully. Bringing the cloak back to Andi, he lets a genuine smirk cross his lips, happy with his craftsmanship.

The Terran Guard, eh? They sure don't mess around. You were lucky to escape little one. Don't worry, I can get you to Librium safely. And... no one can get near this campsite without me knowing. You were a nice little example of that, even. You're safe here. Constantly reiterating, always using a calm voice, Veles is careful to reassure Andi that he isn't a threat to her. Stepping back and looking her over, Looks good on you, you almost seem at home out here in the woods.

Sitting himself down again, You can rest in there if you want, we'll leave at first light for Librium. motioning to the small lean-to shelter. He dropped another small log onto the fire, letting a spray of sparks jump high into the night sky. She's got the Guard after her, this just went from bad... to crazy. Veles smirked to himself But I've always like a bit of crazy.
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PostSubject: Re: A small campfire. (OPEN)   Tue Aug 21, 2012 6:54 pm

Andromeda had never actually been cared for. She was created. She was melded and welded. She was programmed and tinkered with. But she was not a toy, or a pet, or a loved one. She was merely, an android. So she stood when he finished the cloak. She had no heart to beat faster. No blood to flush her face. No way to feel at all. She was an android. Complete without a single feeling in her body. Just programming, and what it told her to do, she did.

Luckily, no one understood the code that would give them Master control over her CPU. The man put the cloak around her. Her body sensors recognized the weight, and the warmth that it would provide a body that actually needed no real warmth. He fitted it to her. Sewed it together. Fitted it with fancy cogs and loops of leather to keep it on her body.

When he finished. She gave a smile, though she felt nothing behind it.

"Thank you, I appreciate it very much."

She pulled the hood up and tucked her long hair into it. Allowing it to be completely hidden thanks to his skills. It was helpful. She had decided not to kill this human even more now. He was helping her disguise herself, it was kind. He needed not be, of course, he would not be were he to know what she was.

He offered his shelter. But she needed not to sleep.

"You take the shelter, I have slept recently and do not require such. Please, get rest. I am more than capable of watching the area, no one will sneak up upon you. Or harm you. I am more than warm with your cloak." she lied on the last part but he she needed him not to worry about her being cold. So it was logical to address such a concern before he could even really vocalize such a thing.

"Rest, sir. I will take watch." she settled back on the log that she had been sitting on earlier, her back to the tree trunk close by. She was probably as good at watching the area as he would be being a were, though she didn't know that, she would be very efficient.
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PostSubject: Re: A small campfire. (OPEN)   Thu Aug 23, 2012 9:21 am

Veles sat for a long moment mulling over Andi's words. She was obviously powerful but seemed to value his efforts at not being threatening. She even had said no one would harm him while she was on watch. Whatever she was, she appeared to have chosen him as an ally rather than a rival. She spoke in the strangest manner though, he supposed it might just seem awkward because he didn't follow her train of thought. She spoke clearly, yet without emotion. It was frustrating to not be able to get a good read on her. She didn't even have a distinct scent, he noted to himself. Most powerful, Others he had come across, he could still recall their unique scents; she was bland, clean, sterile. All of his instincts as a werewolf were screaming that something was very wrong with this young lady. But something told him that he may be in for the fight of his life should he press the issue. He would follow her lead.

Standing slowly, he gathered a few more logs from the tree line and placed them near the fire's base. You win little lady, I could use the nap. We're still leaving for Librium first thing in the morning. I will be up before dawn so you can catch some shuteye for yourself. Librium's only about 15 miles away, an easy walk, but a long one. Veles calmly said before making his way to the lean-to. Lifting the flap and stooping inside, he was determined to stay awake. Sitting with his legs crossed, he kept his eyes glued to the small opening of the shelter, he intentionally deepened his breathing while straining his ears to notice and movements she made. His eyes stung from so much time next to the fire, green wood burned with so much smoke, but it did keep certain things at bay so it was a necessary evil.

He only blinked for a moment, but the word had changed. Birds were chirping in the predawn hours, his back was aching having sat still for hours, he could see the gentle flicker of the fire's light still going. He must have fallen asleep! How could he have been so careless. He edged himself up an stepped out of the tiny shelter. It's all yours. he said, even before standing fully and lifting his gaze. Reaching to his side Veles quickly drew his knife and hurled to with stunning accuracy. The body of the six foot snake slumped and dangled out of the tree, held up at its head which was now impaled against the trunk of the tree. Good fortune, by the time you wake, breakfast will be waiting.
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PostSubject: Re: A small campfire. (OPEN)   Fri Aug 24, 2012 8:44 am

He was not asleep.

At least, he was not asleep at first. He lay in there awake. She could tell by his heart rate, it was not a resting heartrate. Though his breathing was slow. She switched her vision to infared and she read his heat signature for a while. A little warmer than most. A little different. She wasn't sure exactly what he was. But he was not wholey human, there was something about his physiology that puzzled the android while she sat there.

Keeping her eyes on that mode for a while would allow her to keep watch better. She would see a temperature change in the world before she would see it even with her amazingly accurate eyes. Cold or hot, she would see it no matter what. As stated, the android needed no sleep, she couldn't power up out here without any electricity, she would have to wait for some when they got over to the city.

When the morning came, and the birds were signing, Andromeda stroked the fire back into something manageable and she stood up. It wasn't as if she had needed to do so. Because, afterall, she had no muscles to get sore. Standing she pushed the cloak hood off her head and looked around, switching her vision back to that of a more normal camera variety when she noticed the movement from inside the man's makeshift tent.

He threw a knife and she was ready to deflect it so it wouldn't impale her body when it soared past her easily and found it's mark in a tree. Or rather the head of a snake. She didn't need sustenance, especially food. Electricity was all she needed from time to time and there was certainly plenty of that in the city.

Yes, I shall rest. I do not wish to take your food. Please, eat the snake as you see fit. However, take care, the fangs hold a strong paralytic.

She had matched it in her database. She couldn't really care less if he hurt himself. But, if she was going to travel to the city with someone so that she was less noticeable it wouldn't do if he was unconscious or dying of a snakebite for being an idiot. Most humans were, she had learned. Switching spots with him she went into the lean to, and lay down. Using her cloak again to hide her hair and lay on the floor. Her eyes closed half way, and she sent her CPU into hibernation to preserve power. Fifteen miles was nothing for an android, she would need no break, but any power saved now, was power used later.

In hibernation mode, she shut down her body, but her mind was fully active and her eyes and sensors were still at full power. Allowing her to preserve herself, while being safe at the same time. No need to allow someone to sneak up on her for no reason.
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PostSubject: Re: A small campfire. (OPEN)   Fri Aug 24, 2012 8:56 pm

Veles nodded as she warned him about the snake and headed to the lean-to's entrance. He watched her red hair sway as she walked, just a small reminder of how different she was. He listened as she made herself comfortable in the crude shelter and didn't hear anything else. She was deathly silent.

Walking over to the impaled snake, Veles deftly pulled free his knife and brought the carcass to the fire. Butchering it efficiently, he soon had small pieces of snake flesh roasting over the fire. Steppnig around the small camp, he gathered his supplies and began packing in a ritual-like manner. Everything in its place. He inspected the cargo from his recent job, packing them away with extra care.

Approaching the fire again, he pulled the pieces of snake meat away from the flame and tested one. Pulling the meat apart with his teeth and chewing on it, he noted that he had cooked it to the consistency of jerky without charring it. It would make the meat last much longer without any other preservatives. He gathered the fifteen remaining slices away from the flames and ate four more. He reached into an inside pocket of his coat and retrieved a small plastic bag. Placing eight slices within it, he left five for his companion on a smooth stone near the fire; they would stay warm but not cook any further.

As the sun rose, the morning haze within the forest dissipated. The soil and plant life absorbing the precious moisture that had come down during the cool evening. Veles couldn't help but feel a small bit antsy, but he was determined to be considerate of the young lady resting. He had caught a few hours sleep, he should at least let her have the same. He sat with his back against a tree trunk and let his mind clear. He focused on his heartbeat and allowed his inner beast to approach the surface. He took in each scent with satisfaction and his ears twitched slightly at each new sound. These were his normal stomping grounds, the scents and sounds were familiar. It helped sooth him to feel so at home. He was going into Librium, he hated the city, the crowdedness of it all. It always overwhelmed him, no matter how short he kept his stays.

Having let his companion rest for a full three hours, the last of which was spent in his own quite form of meditation, he slowly began gathering his things, making slightly more noise as he continued. He even cleared his through without any real need to do so. It's time little one... he said in a quiet but clear voice. He didn't want to wake her rudely with a harsh shock, but she needed to be awake and they on their way.

As she emerged from the lean-to, he mentioned the slices of snake meat he had left for her and turned his attention to dismantling the lean-to. Removing and stowing the various lengths of rope, folding and compacting the tarp, and finishing attaching it all to his pack too him but a few minutes, but he would leave her to herself as she woke. No use in trying to talk her ear off just after waking her. He didn't want to press his luck that far.
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PostSubject: Re: A small campfire. (OPEN)   Fri Nov 02, 2012 7:00 pm

It was time.

Hibernation cycle 1 complete.

Battery Power: 88.6%

System Functions: 100%

Central Processing Unit Backup: 100%

Time Stamp: 16 seconds.. 17 seconds.. 18 seconds....

The read out came as it always did. When she left the hibernative cycle that preserved her battery power and pushed her back into full working mode. Rising up, she felt none of the stiffness or any bodily needs that most humans would. Without eating, there was no waste, without drinking there were no fluids to excreet. Without sleep, there was no brain that needed to wake up.

She merely was.

She did not take the snake meat. It was kind. She supposed. Her sensors told her it was a kindness, something human. Nothing she had ever experienced before. Since she was turned on just a few weeks ago, she had learned nothing but hatred from the humans. Her kind was not wanted, and protection mode would not stop until her sensors deemed her safe.

The problem was. She was not exactly the complete package. Her programming could have used a little bit more work. But it did not have it. It was what it was. And she was still very much in survival mode. She would keep fighting until she had no reason to fight anymore. She helped him fold the tarp, and tossed the logs they had used into the forest so there would be no true signs of them having a camp here except for the fire remains.

Please, take the sustenance. I need no such thing. The sun, it gives me the fuel necessary to continue functioning.

She was not being kind. Just honest. She needed it not,a nd she knew that humans needed such things to survive. The man had done her no harm, temporarily she felt as though she need not be too worried. Though she was always going to be on alert. Until Survival Mode was over, she would continue to see humans as a threat. Luckily, for this fellow, he was not exactly human. Something else, though as of yet she did not know what.

Do you need help, I can carry a great deal, Human. I am willing to assist you in your travels until we arrive in the city.

(((((SOOOOOO SORRY FOR MY MASSIVE MASSIVE DELAY!!!! I totally forgot!!!! Life gets carried away sometimes!!!! Next time PM me or something >< I will not forget you again, swears!!!))))
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PostSubject: Re: A small campfire. (OPEN)   Sun Nov 18, 2012 1:29 am

Veles noted the young woman refuse yet another offer of food. While she had laid down for a few hours, he had been by her side even longer. She hadn't eaten the entire time, and she kept saying she didn't require it. He hoped that she wasn't simply hungry for something else, especially if he was anywhere close to that menu. As camp was backed up, not that it was extensive, she offered to help carry things, a great deal of things at that. She clearly wasn't a normal human. Though, she kept calling him human as well.

"I can carry the gear, it is certainly light enough, though we should start now to make the best time." Veles commented, his voice deep and gruff, but not aggressive. He was still trying to remain calm around this unknown female. Without knowing what she was, he couldn't tell if he'd survive a scuffle with her.

As the two made their way slowly through the thicket, evententually the underbrush did yeild. A large cropping of oak trees grew here, ages old. Their leaves coated the ground in a thick layer creating a rather toxic environement for most low-growing plants. The crunch of their feet pushing through the leaves was the only real sound on the morning air and that gave Veles time to think. He only heard his breath. His companion was completely silent. Completely worrysome.

Veles' thoughts ran rampant for a breif moment, crouching lightly and spreading his arms wide as he came to a sudden halt. The air smelled completely different here, strongly of ozone. Veles recongnized this scent, having spent so much time out in the Wastes. He didn't have time to react before the air grew immensely thick and a rushing sensation of vertigo hit him. Reality itself twisted as the overwhelming amounts of mana tore a hole in the fabric of space and time. The swirling spiral of colors that formed was brilliantly bright and incomprehensibly dark all at once.

Nearly six feet in front of the travelling pair, an unknown beast slammed heavily into the ground. Chance had caught the unfortunate creature and transported it to this realm. The swirling miasma surrounding the Rift slowly faded, though leaves were certainly being kicked up as well. The beast was certainly large, easily the size of a bear, though it certainly seemed to have more sharp bits.

With a snarl and a roar, saliva closed the distance between the beast and Veles just a moment before the creature lunged, knobby feet outstretched and impacting the man's chest harshly. Veles slammed hard into the ground, tearing his pack free. With a rushed kick, Veles kicked harshly at the gut of the beast, his supernatural strength lending him enough power to fling the beast off him just before teeth snapped closed in front of his face.

"Get back! This creature is disoriented and in a rage! It will attack you!" Veles screamed, trying to warn Andromeda. He scrambled to his feet trying to assess the scene.

(( Alpha Kavu | Illustration by Matt Cavotta))
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He was fine with carrying all the gear. He could suit himself. Andromeda cared not one way or another. She didn't really care if he got painful muscles, if his body seized up, or if he needed a break. She could go on for hours, and especially in the sun where her body could absorb the energy she was expending just from it's rays. She couldn't help but walk along beside him. There was no real enjoyment for fulfillement to his company beside her. And yet, well, she had a sense of comraderie she guessed.

Andromeda walked, and she was in her own thoughts. Plans. Explosions. People that would pay. She was going to have to make sure that these people knew who was attacking them and they would have to figure out why. Andromeda wasn't one to stand around and prophesize. She was to get things done. She had to make sure the humans knew where she was, what she was about, and to not mess with her.

She was almost taken back when the man dropped. As if he had noticed something. Her eyes shifted and noticed the slight breach in the atmosphere.

Rift! she called out. More for her own benefit and knowledge than for his own but seriously, there was a Rift.

Seconds later, a beast landed on the ground in front of them. Andromeda couldn't help but grin at the fact that there was a challenge to be hand and she was fully going to enjoy feeling the heated blood of the beast running over her arm as she ripped it's still beating heart from it's cage.

The man warned her. But she laughed. Laughed at him! She grinned over at him and shook her head. Taking off the fur cloak that he had made her she flung it to the side so that she could feel the cool temperatures of the world on her synthetic skin. She let the wind snap at her unnaturally red hair as she looked over at him.

I welcome, his rage. I welcome his fight!

She lunged forwards. A blade exiting her arm as she did so, taking a swipe at the beast. He lunged back at the last minute, making what might have been a decapitation, instead, a thorough gash on his shoulder, but it was still a wound, and it was a grievous one. It would weaken the beast. She would enjoy weakening it more!
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As Veles tumbled, he came to a stop crouched low. The rift beast had bounded straight at his red haired companion, howling with rage, saliva spraying into the air.

Andromeda wasn't running away, she wasn't cowering in fear of the massive beast hurtling towards her with powerful muscles propelling it. She was laughing at the challenge. She was wide-eyed and grinning with anticipation. Her hunger for blood was easily visible.

What really caught Veles off guard was the fact that she lunged at the beast. Outstretching her arm, a blade extended. Her swipe happened in a flash. The beast howled in pain just before it landed, barely maintaining control and not tumbling end over end.

Veles dropped his long coat to the ground, if he needed to shift, he'd rather not destroy it. Letting himself tap into the power of his werewolf blood, Veles copied Andromeda's plan, in his own way. Razor-sharp, black claws extended from his fingertips and his muscles stretched painfully, bulking up as his strength swelled.

As the rift beast fully righted itself after Andromeda's attack, it managed a tunnel-visioned roar at the red-haired, blade-wielding beauty. An instant later, Veles slammed his bulk into the creature at full sprint. His claws extended, trying to dig into the armored flank. As his impact tumbled the creature, Veles shoved off, pushing the creature hard to the ground and propelling himself up into the air. With an acrobatic flip, Veles landed on his feet several paces away. The beast was righting itself, but Andromeda was closing in. She looked absolutely frightening.

Veles was very glad he had not aggravated this young girl.
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And that was why hate was not instant with this beastly creature. He was no human. He was a beast. A beast that was wolf, she thought, accessing her database. Trying to figure out if he fit the mold. He did. All the qualities were there. Taking his image, filing it away with werewolf, she put him finally in his place. Having a place for him, appeased the computer within her body that needed the logical seperation of everything. It was not a feeling. She had no emotions. But the man was safe soley for not being human.

The beast tackled the Rift Beast. Veles was, doing exactly what she wanted. Attacking the beast as well. They would take this beast down. Revel in it's death. Watch it's bleeding heart lie in the ground still beating until the nerves died and it could no longer pump. That was the desire of this beast. For it had attacked her. It had attacked the other. Veles.

It would go down.

As Veles landed on his feet some distance away, Andromeda was all ready moving in. Charging the beast at the same time it screamed out and began to charge her as well. She had a smile on her face. Her red hair flying like a bright red flag all around her. She cried out as she jumped, unnaturally high and she burried her blade into the bottom of the beasts eye. A bit off target, but the beast had moved without her intending for it too.

Shame she could not control it. But she could not.

Still, she thrust her blade upwards. Tearing the eye out of the socket and flinging it away. The beast cried out in anger and swatted at her with it's paw. She was caught, right on her stomach and she was thrown about thirty feet away and into a tree. The weight of her body snapped the tree in half and it landed on top of her partially. It seemed that she was out. At least for half a second before she threw the tree on top of her off and to the side. Getting up quickly, ready to fight some more.
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The massive beast howled in a mixture of pain and rage before it plowed back into battle. Charging towards Veles, the beast was swaying slightly to one side, its depth perception must have been off, or the injuries to its side. Veles watched the beast's gallop, feet thudding to the ground. His own heartbeat slowing, his breath deep.

As the creature of the Rift closed the last tiny gap of distance, Veles made his move.

Crouching to all fours in an instant, Veles leaped up with a powerful uppercut to the beast, catching just below the open maw full of teeth. Instead of just landing a powerful blow, Veles closed his grip under the beast's jaw. He wanted to control the beast's trajectory. Gripping and hurling himself upwards, Veles' feet completely left the ground.

Catching the beast was rough, pushing the entire momentum in the opposite direction was brutal. As Veles left the ground, he pulled the whole beast with him.

The powerful fore-foot caught Veles in the chest just before both hind feet slammed into him as well. Shoving Veles away roughly, the beast managed a full back flip just before landing again. All of its muscle strained with the effort of launching itself at the fiery haired Andromeda, though as it launched, thick blood poured from its throat.

Veles had gashed it horribly, soon the beast would flood its own lungs with that same blood. But rage demanded that it attack until it was unable to any longer.
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The beast was severely wounded.

She was very excited. The smell of blood. It fed the need that the Survival Mode had started within her. To protect herself. It sated the programmings need to make sure that whatever wanted to cause her bodily harm was taken down and quickly. As she got up from being slammed into the tree. Something that would break a lesser beings back, she rose up and tossed her flaming hair out of her face.

Her hood had fallen back. She would fix it later.

She rushed back into the fight. The wolf man had already hurt the beast. It's life blood flowed heavily out of a large gash in his neck. She new that it was not much longer for this world and she intended to make sure that it was going to meet it's maker faster rather than later.

She waited, as the beast lunged at her. Ready to take one of them at least with her, and he had picked the wrong one. She stood there. Waiting. The breeze picking up her bright hair and waving it around, highlighting the sick sadistic grin that was on her face as she waited.

And then, at just the right time, she moved. Utilizing the gash that was already there, she twisted her body and jump. Using the momentum of her strong metal body to push herself off the ground and her blade through his neck. Decapitating him where he stood.

She was bathed in blood when the body fell away, and the head bounced just once before landing with it's one last eye staring at it's body. She looked over at the man that had turned himself into a wolf and gave a smile. They had won against the rift beast, and it was dead now. They would not have to worry about him following them to the city. At all.

It is done. We are finished with this fight, and we have fought like warriors. You are a wolf. This explains a great deal. A pleasure fighting with you, Veles.
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Veles huffed deep breaths, the air still smelled strongly of ozone. The Rift Beast was indeed dead, Andromeda had made her brutal strike with power, precision, and gleeful satisfaction. The blade which had extended from her arm itself was dripping with the beast's blood. The brilliant red was still dull compared to the fiery hair atop the android's head.

She was glad after the battle, all but cheering for their victory. He was absolutely relieved that she didn't choose to attack him. His only hope would have been to run, and he doubted even that would have worked well against a machine. The scariest part about her, though, wasn't that she was tireless and relentless during a battle, but that she completely enjoyed it. She reveled in bringing death.

"You fought well Andromeda. Clearly you don't need my protection, but I continue to offer it, regardless. You are in the woods I call home. You have caused me no harm, and I don't intend you any." Veles began, his voice gruff was scratchy as he shifted himself back to a fully human form. He slowly walked over to the long jacket he had discarded during the battle. As he bent to retrieve it from the ground, his ribs stabbed with pain. The battle was a harsh one, but he was alive, he would heal.

Situating himself again, reclaiming his gear and slowly rolling his shoulders. He blinked his eyes slowly, letting his vision return to a normal state compared to his heightened senses that came with the adrenaline rush of battle. This was something he had long sense learned, the calm after the battle, the return to life.

"We are close to Librium, just a mile or so more before the trees thin, then a mile or so across the open ground surrounding the city. You might want to fix your hood, your hair will have us spotted miles before the gates." Veles offered, beginning to make his way in the same direction they had been heading. The Rift Beast slowly continued to spill its blood onto the ground.

The duo would continue on.
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A small campfire. (OPEN)
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