A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 The Rules

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PostSubject: The Rules    Tue Mar 06, 2012 3:51 am

1. Character Limit
All players are allowed to create Two characters. One upon joining and another after you have made 25 posts in the RP sections of the Board. A third character may be requested in the Staff Help boards. Third Characters will be granted on a case by case basis, using your activity and previous posts to judge whether or not you are capable of keeping up with the responsibility and time needed for a third character. Even our staff has trouble keeping up with their three characters so only request it if you honestly believe you can handle it.

Each must have a Celebrity Face Claim (artwork and personal photos are unacceptable), which will be used in your signature and avatar. Please check the Taken Face Claims list to see which face claims have already been taken. In order to hold a certain Face or Canon, you must place a WIP with that Face Claim or Canon in the Applications section. This will put that claim or Canon on hold for one week, if you have not finished the Application in a week, you will lose the Face Claim or Canon if someone posts their Application first.

For those exceptional writers who feel they have proven they can handle three (3) and wish to create another character, requests for additional characters can be submitted in the staff help section. These will be looked at on a case by case basis. The requirements and standards in these reviews are far more strict than requests for a third character. The Criteria is as follows: How many posts have you made with each of your characters? How active is each of your characters? How quickly do you reply to threads you are involved in? How many active threads are you currently involved in? Have you been the cause of thread death? When did you get your last character? How many posts have you made with the last character you created in the time you've had them? How many characters have you shelved, archived, deleted, or turned into cannons?

If any of these is found lacking you will be denied, and informed why you were denied so that you can rectify the problem and submit another request and be approved. The strict criteria is to protect the site and its members from the 'Serial Creator', who has a great ideas, creates them, but never plays them, or quickly looses interest in them in favor of their next great idea. This phenomena leaves behind a path of unplayed characters, unfinished plots, dead threads, and resentful writers. Dark Renaissance is not a place where we want that to happen.

A note from the site owner: Our mission is to encourage creativity, and offer a place for all to enjoy. The following is to help any who are interested in obtaining a fourth character. I will not ask any member to live up to a standard that I myself cannot meet. Upon making my fourth character: First character 84 posts. Second character 36 posts. Third character 37 posts. All replies have been posted in under a week unless real life issues have interfered. I have never deactivated a character. Any thread collecting dust that I am involved in, is not waiting on me.

2. Activity
Accounts must be kept active and posting semi-regularly in order to remain on the site. If your account has been inactive for two months (no posts made during that time), your account will be deactivated until you return. Since we understand that real life sometimes gets in the way, if you would like your account to remain activated when you are unable to post, please post a Leave of Absence message in the Away Board. We will email you at the one month mark to remind you. Should you become deactivated you WILL lose your face claim, we realize this sucks but we have to take the group as a whole and not the individual person.

3. Graphics
Character Avatars may be up to a maximum of 200w X 300h.

Signatures may be up to a maximum of 600w x 250h. Signatures should be centered with [center] tags.

Both signatures and avatars must be tasteful and PG-13. No nudity, sex, or excessive gore allowed.

4. Content
This board is rated PG-13. While it is understandable and accepted that sex, violence, and other 'adult' activities take place, please keep them tasteful. Excessive depictions of gruesome violence, torture, and gore will not be allowed. Sexual situations should be limited to non-graphic depictions or 'fade to black' writing (read: No Cybering!). If you're uncertain whether something would be allowed, ask yourself: If this was being shown on basic cable TV, would it be censored? If the answer is 'Yes', it's probably too graphic. With the site being PG-13, please keep in mind that making a sex based character would have a difficult time growing on a site like this. Sex should be the icing on the cake...not the whole point. If you feel the need for your characters to have sex, take it to PM where you are free to enjoy whatever you want and none of us have to look at it.

Writing on the board should be in Third Person, Past Tense. Exceptions can be made for In-Character diaries, etc, which can be written in first person if you wish.

5. Age limit
Both your Character and their Celebrity Face Claim must be a minimum of 18 years of age. Players who join the site must also be at least 18 to join.

6. Adding New Content to the World
Dark Renaissance is a 'Free Form' world. What this means is that all of the lore of the world is created by the players on a first come, first serve basis. You can create any history, cultures, locations, species, myth, monsters, magic, and powers you like. However, please keep in mind that what you create has to fit with what has already been made. Please review the approved lore to make sure that your creations don't contradict anything that is already established.

For example, if someone has already established that Vampires are burnt to death in sunlight, you cannot then create a vampire that sparkles in the sunlight.

When you would like to add something new to the world please post your write ups in the Staff Help Boards.

7. Approvals
Your character application must be approved by TWO admins. To keep the world fair and uncomplicated for all those who share their time and efforts here, there are a few character types that are prohibited from being created. This list is fairly short but may need to be updated as the site and membership grows.

1. Dragons
2. Gods, Fallen Gods, and or Gods bound to mortal form.
3. Characters so old and or powerful you may as well be a god.
4. Immortal or undying characters. Everything dies. Somethings are just harder to kill than others.

After your character has been Approved, please copy and paste your Bio information into your Profile in the specified boxes. There are two Age boxes, one is for the age of your character and will show up on your profile. The other is a date selection box, put YOUR birthday in this box. It will not show up anywhere except when your birthday rolls around, the site will let us all know and we can help you celebrate.

8. Name Registration
The name you register for your account should be the first and last name of your character. Your name should be original, not something taken directly from an existing source (so no Harry Potter, Frodo Baggins, or Rand al'Thor, please). Try to choose a name that fits the setting and the character you are making. (we will not approve a character with a name like XcElErAtOr or LovesBoobs123).

Sidenote - While the site forces you to register each account with a different email, after registration you can PM a staff member and ask that your accounts have the same e-mail

9. Canons
If you have a plot you'd like to set in motion but are missing a few key players, feel free to make a Canon. IE Does your character need a sibling? Does your faction need some new members? Fill out the Canon Application in the Canons board for Approval. Please keep in mind that the Face Claim you choose for your canon is not being held nor added to the Face Claim list. If someone posts an App using a Face Claim that is being used for a Canon...too bad! We will notify the Canon creator if their Face Claim is taken by a new member so you may change it. Please remember that Canons will most likely not get picked up right away, it can take months for a Canon to get claimed.

10. Completed Threads
When a thread has run it's course, the character who started the thread should go back and edit their first post to change the title of the thread to say either Completed or Finished. This is so that the staff can easily glance at the list and archive the completed thread properly. If for some reason the character who created the thread is no longer in that thread or present on the boards, please PM a staff member and let them know that thread is finished.

11. In Character Chat (ICC)
Here at DR we use a Chatzy room for our ICC. Sadly we're all poor so it is not a premium room. ICC events will only be Canon if all the characters involved agree beforehand. In such a case, someone needs to take it upon themselves to save the posts and post them in a single thread on the boards at a later date. Please give it a title and say (Canon ICC) after the title. Also, when entering the ICC please use the first and last name of your character and be sure not to choose a color someone else is already using. The same rules apply in ICC as apply to the RP on the site. Sample Here. Otherwise anything that happens in the ICC is just for fun and will not pertain to your character on a permanent basis. For instance, if it is not a Canon ICC and your character is killed...then they aren't really dead. However, if the ICC gets posted to the board and your character was killed...well...then you're a zombie and I'll need to go find my shotgun.

12. Timelines

For continuties sake, it is asked that when you make a thread, unless otherwise stated, the thread will take place on the date which it was started. If today is August 3rd, then your thread takes place on that as well. You can backdate a thread, if it's important to your plot, or if you want to have met someone before, but there is no foreward dating a thread.

Also, remember, when posting, that the cities are not easy walking distance from one another. There is torn and demolished areas between them. Also keep in mind, what your character is involved in before you go racing into other threads. If they're in something heavy, where a big character related plot might develop, or a change may happen to your character, it is important to see it out before you race ahead in your development.

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PostSubject: Re: The Rules    Fri Apr 13, 2012 11:21 pm

The Rules have been updated, please look them over and note the changes.
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PostSubject: Re: The Rules    Thu May 17, 2012 11:00 pm

The Content section of the Rules have been Updated and a Rule 11 has been added, please be sure to look it over. Thank You!
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PostSubject: Re: The Rules    

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The Rules
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