A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Nerissa Ilirran

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PostSubject: Nerissa Ilirran   Sun Aug 05, 2012 4:58 pm

• Nerissa • Kiandra • Ilirran •

Name: Nerssa Kiandra Ilirran
Nickname: Neri
Age: Roughly 453
Weight: Human form: 254lbs Ondine Form: 508lbs
Height: Human Form: 5'6" Ondine Form: 10ft from head to tail

Eye color: Human Form: Hazel flecked with blue and green Ondine Form: Blue and green
Hair color: Human form: Blonde Ondine form: Blue and Green
Race: Ondine
Residence: Usually the oceans though she does travel inland when needed
Nationality: The Ocean
Affiliation: None so far
Occupation:Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...

Face Claim: Dichen Lachman

• all in the details •

Human Form: Nerissa's human form may look small, but it's a bit of an illusion. All of the muscle from her Ondine form get's condensed down so she's much heavier then a normal human female of her size. Her bones are also denser, making it harder for someone to break her. She is very athletic looking, with the body of a swimmer. Her blonde hair comes to just below her shoulders. Her facial features are perhaps a bit on the exotic side, streamlined for speed in the water. Her eyes are a hazel color, though with closer inspection one would see flecks of green and blue. Her fingernails and toenails are actually scales, and are always a greenish blue color. Nerissa has no control over the shift between her human form and her Ondine form. The shift is caused by contact with salt water like an ocean. In certain times of great stress it is possible for her teeth and eyes to shift to that of her Ondine form.

Ondine Form: Nerissa's Ondine form is much larger then her human form. Ondine are predators, and once they were the greatest ocean predator Terra had ever seen. Her entire body becomes covered in scales that match her nails in her human form. Her teeth become more like that of a sharks, built for ripping large chunks off her prey. Her finger nails grow into long talon like claws perfect for gripping slippery prey like marlin or tuna. In the water she is a formidable foe. Her long hair turns the same color as her scales, perfect for hiding while hunting. Nerissa can breathe underwater, and can survive depths no human could ever reach due to the density of her bones.

Nerissa can be described more as Animalistic then human, driven by her base instincts. When she's hungry, she eats. When she's tired, she sleeps. When she's angered, she lashes out rather violently. Alistair has done his best to soften the edges, teach her that she is capable of so much more. With so much of her mind empty, she has taken to filling it with as much knowledge as she can get her hands on. This has revealed a depth of intelligence no one could have foreseen. Human emotions confuse her however, as she doesn't understand them or the human ideas of possession. She does not understand the human ideal of only being with one person your entire life, nor does she understand love. She has a difficult time due to her lack of memory, and it can be quite frustrating for her. Generally she is cold, calculating, though warmth has begun to shine through.

Nerissa has increased senses due to her animal nature, sight, smell, hearing all increased beyond a human. This is both a gift and a hinderance as humans tend to be very loud and smelly creatures.

Echolocation: (Ondine Form Only) While swimming through the ocean depths, Nerissa uses Echolocation to see her surroundings more clearly. As the light in the ocean must come from above, the deeper you go, the darker it becomes. While Nerissa can use her eyes, her echolocation helps to paint a picture in her mind of what's going on further ahead of her.

Ondine Allure: As Ondine are all female, and must mate with males of other species in order to further their race, they all have Allure. Any male of another species that would be capable of helping an Ondine create more Ondine will fall victim to this Allure. It is a sight based ability and one that Neri cannot turn off. The male who looks upon her will feel an urge to go to her and touch her, even seduce her. This urge will increase with eye contact or physical contact. The urge will decrease once they are no longer looking at her. Her allure strengthens if she is in her Ondine form. This is the way they get males to become attracted to them who normally would not find them appealing. Those species that are not compatible will not feel the Allure.

Omni-linguism:Nerissa has the ability to learn any language around her, by kissing someone who knows that language fluently. While handy, this ability can also have some drawbacks. She has learned that not everyone in this world appreciates being kissed by surprise. Also, it must be a full on kiss, taking a long enough period of time to fully copy the language into her own brain. This takes about ten seconds. The language must also have been the last language they used. If someone speaks German and Russian, she will only take the last language they spoke in and only as much of the language as they themselves know.

Accelerated Healing: While in the ocean Nerissa only needs to worry about predators bigger and faster then she is. On land her healing ability is directly related to how long she has been away from water. Normally her healing ability is only slightly faster then a human's in her human form, though pouring salt water into the wound can speed up the process to it's normal acceleration of about 4 times that of a humans.

Marine Mammal Empathy: This ability only works on mammals who live in the sea, such as dolphins and whales. She cannot know exactly what they are thinking, but she can focus enough to learn whether or not they are in pain, or happy, or missing their offspring. Animals do not think in words, but more in emotions and images. A Dolphin could show her an image of a school of fish further along the tide, or show her when it got attacked by a shark.

Nerissa was once a warrior for the Ondine Kingdom, beautiful and deadly. While she does not remember her past, her muscles do. On land she does not come equipped with her natural weapons, so she is perhaps a bit more defenseless. However she is still stronger and faster then a normal human. She holds about the same strength as a werewolf in it's human form, though she would be hard pressed to match on in their were form unless she can get it in the water. She is capable of using more medieval weaponry such as daggers and bows and Alistair has been training her to use more modern weapons such as guns. Her warrior mentality would force her to learn all that she could in case she had to fight in this modern world.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Once the Ondine kingdom was vast and formidable, they ruled the seas of Terra with fear and seduction. Finally, the Others could take no more. They banded together to create a spell that would seal the Ondine race away at the bottom of the seas, in the deepest trench they knew. The Ondine kingdom faded into history...and then became myth till not even the Others truly recalled them. Then the war with the humans came, and the Others could have used the ocean might of the Ondine they had once scorned, but too late as none could remember how to free them or even that they were simply frozen and awaiting to be awakened once more.

And so the war raged on without them, and they slept in their frozen coffins. Until one day there was a great sea battle between the Others and the Humans. Far above where the Ondine slept and waited. A stray spell penetrated the ocean depths, smashing directly in the magical ice and freeing a large chunk from the spell. Without the constant magic to keep it hardened, the ice melted away and Nerissa opened her eyes for the first time.

At first she was disoriented, confused, she couldn't remember who or what she was. While she had been frozen, the many cells in her body had died and been reborn due to her accelerated healing abilities and the salt waters of the ocean around her. The memories of her past were gone, destroyed, she couldn't even remember her name. Noise and light from above caught her attention and she swam upwards, her curiosity getting the better of her as she needed to know what was going on. Debris and bodies floated past her, spells shot down into the depths and still Nerissa did not understand.

Poking her head above the water, she let her eyes take in the chaos around her. Massive floating structures she would later come to realize were ships seemed to be launching projectiles at each other that exploded on contact. Small creatures swarmed over their decks, some lobbing spells at the other ships. Mostly she was attracted to the pretty colors of the fire and Mana, the entire air alive with it. The closest ship exploded upward and she ducked down beneath the waves on instinct. One of the creatures hit the water near her, but seemed to be dragged down by something attached to his foot.

She watched him struggle for a moment before swimming over to him, curious as to why she did not look like he did. She swam around him, uncaring that he was literally dying as she observed him. Finally, she came to rest directly in front of him, staring into his eyes. He made motions to her, motions that made her look upwards in confusion. Something seemed to click in her mind and she freed him from his trap and brought him to the surface.

She helped him find his ship and followed it back to the shore, she knew no one else but him, though she didn't even know his name. Since then she remained close to him, learning all she could about this world she didn't remember. It was difficult, her animal instincts warring against the very human ideals Alistair was trying to teach her. When Alistair left the military and went to college, Nerissa went with him. While he was studying Engineering, Nerissa studied Oceanology and Marine Biology. Her mind worked almost as well as his and they earned their Master's together. Still, something was missing, and it was really starting to eat at Nerissa's soul.

Finally she could stand no more, knowing leaving Alistair would be difficult, especially with how close they'd grown, she wrote him a simple note and disappeared. She returned to the sea, searching for whatever might have been missing from her life. She never found it, she was alone, the only Ondine alive. Now she returns, unsure what awaits her when she finds Alistair once more.

Ondine operate using a Hive Mind like system of telepathy, as they do not have a spoken or written language of their own. The communicate with each other much as they do with other marine mammals. Emotions, images, even memories all sent along this telepathic connection faster then a human can think. This was what made them so formidable an enemy. They could move and think as one in the blink of an eye, coordinate an attack and change their plans mid way without the need for the lag of messengers and letters. As Nerissa is the only Ondine alive, her mind is empty, leaving room for an almost genius level intelligence waiting to be filled with knowledge.

Is this a Canon?:No

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:Vanessa Sirnos, Neona Tiran, Iris Kelrina and Donnica Talos
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PostSubject: Re: Nerissa Ilirran   Mon Aug 06, 2012 11:31 pm

Nerissa is done!
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Nerissa Ilirran
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