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 Surprises sometimes suck... [Malik, Nessa, Bree, Cyd]

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PostSubject: Surprises sometimes suck... [Malik, Nessa, Bree, Cyd]    Sun Aug 05, 2012 2:41 am

Party time.

Or at least it was in the young cheetah's mind. She was out and about in public. There were no guns blazing at them, no one hunting them, and nothing to care about… for the short moment. With her two counter parts along side her, she was at ease as much as the pride got. Lis could go from fun and reckless to ass kicking and name taking very, very quickly. For now, she was drinking happily, feeling good, and being very much, the youngest member of the pride. Her night had consisted of shot for shot with Malik and Nessa, and everyone knew a cheetah was not one to be the pace car. They were sprinters by nature, quick and to the point with the kill… drinking with Lisette was no different.

She was not over the edge of smashed, but she was buzzed and boisterous. McGregor's staff paid little mind to the burnette and her antics, they knew her companions would keep her at bay. Lis was not an annoying drinker, she just loved to party, gamble, flirt, and most of all, run her mouth at anyone who looked at her wrong. Slamming her hand down on the bar, she slowly peeled her fingers from the empty shot glass as it stood on its top, proving she'd downed all the liquid within.

Her other hand slapped down on the table and then she tapped two fingers. She wanted her cards. There was a four way card game happening between different tables. It involved dice, and cards, and a little strategy… and Lis was on a roll. Again, Again! Give me a six and two kings… She turned and glanced at Malik and Nessa. With a deviant grin, she mouthed the words, One more. It was noisy in the bar, and Lis relied on the two of them to make sure she heard and understood everything that was said to her. Head tilted slightly so that the other players voices would travel to her good ear, Lisette waiting for her luck to come in.

As the dice hit, and the others showed their cards, the cheetah raised her arms in victory. That's Fucking right! she said, bragging. She'd won four in a row and a healthy stack of cash. With one foot, she kicked her chair back and shouted her instructions to the dealer, Pay the beautiful black man there, I've got to powder my nose. Winking to Nessa, she strolled towards the restroom. Lisette was easily identified her eccentric choice of outfits. Tonight it was a camouflage skirt, a double layered tank top, white on bottom, black on top, ripped down the front to show a little cleavage… and to top it all off, knee high combat boots.

She strolled with a feline grace swaying her hips with each step. Hair was down and loose, and bounced with each step. She gave each person she passed a little smile, ran her fingers across the backs of a few shoulders, and to one lucky girl, she pointed her finger and blew a kiss. Lisette Lovett was herself tonight.
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PostSubject: Re: Surprises sometimes suck... [Malik, Nessa, Bree, Cyd]    Sun Aug 05, 2012 5:46 pm

Bree finally found her. It wasn't easy, let alone finding out that the cheetah who bit her that one, clumsy night was a her. That scent was a dead giveaway of another werecheetah. And where else would she find other werefelines grouped together? She kept her distance when she learned, unsure at first. The memory of that rift beast disaster still left a bad taste in her mouth, quite literally since she'd bitten into that monster's slimy flesh. Shaking her head, amber flecks appeared in bright arctic orbs, as she pushed her way into the bar. Another werefeline was a part of the fray now. Off duty, the guard wore her usually evening clothes. She didn't play up on her sexuality the way Lisette did, along with the other felines that accompanied her.

This eventual reunion was so wayward. Her maker was years younger than she was, which made this even more awkward than it really should. Not that meeting the one responsible for your change isn't awkward. Bree had purposely put this out of her mind... until she couldn't take the mystery anymore. She had to find that one cheetah, and just let her know that that wasn't an accident. She was a turned survivor.

While befriending a werewolf had been an unexpected turn, Svetlana had taught Bree to at least enjoy her free time. Being a cat had its perk, especially when she was a part of the quicker species. She sat at the booth against the wall, closest to the door, so that she could watch people come and go. It was crowded and lively. Laughter filled the building, bouncing off the walls and playing along her sensitive ears. She missed Mitch, since he was her partner and best friend. A shame he had to depart to take care of some unfinished business. She took a sip, and leaned back against her seat. She pictured how this could go many times. This could either be a successful reunion, or a disaster. What sucked is that Bree wasn't the best at speaking.

Loud, flirtatious, not to mention young; she watched Lisette have her fun, and taking shots. Bree simply nursed her drink, long wild hair kept to the side in that permanent windblown manner. She was always running, or finding reason to be out, instead of cooped up at HQ. Her outfit wasn't quite so feminine. It was the usual leather jacket and blood red tank top, with tight jeans tucked into calf high combat boots. She had her one sai tucked in one boot, with the other still missing, which infuriated her to no end. Once she found Ethan, she was going to kick his ass before he could even get a chance to say sorry.

Bree tossed back the rest of her drink. Standing up, she moved fluidly and made her way past the crowd, and to the restroom. She was there before Lisette, gold flecked arctic hues staring into the mirror as she pondered the many ways she could approach this awkward reunion. When the door opened, minutes later, her body tensed. She leaned away from the sink, and looked away from the mirror, to stare right at the object of her worry. Lisette.
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PostSubject: Re: Surprises sometimes suck... [Malik, Nessa, Bree, Cyd]    Sat Aug 11, 2012 2:08 am

When running a crew, there was one all important thing that its leader needed to remember: down time was crucial.  High stress jobs stayed with operators long after they were over, and having some much needed downtime kept them from breaking under the built up pressure.  Most mercenaries were former soldiers, and had the benefit of a constantly disciplined environment where everything was controlled unless they were out in the field.  Real life was messy and you could never take a true break from looking over your shoulder, just in case your past came to revisit you.  The best you could do was find a place you felt safe, and blow off some steam.  For the Pride, that place was McGregor's.  The owner, McGregor himself, had served in the war alongside Malik when they were both younger men, and saved each other's lives enough that they stopped keeping track.  It was a friendship that survived war, peace, and the test of time.


Malik stood at the bar with one of his combat booted feet perched up on the brass foot rail having a good laugh with the older man who stood behind the bar.  McGregor was in his fifties, but a hard life at war took its toll, and made him look like he was going on seventy, even if his body still had a firm to it.  The eyes and face had a way of giving away the truth of how much life experience the soul inside had.  Malik had the same aged look to his eyes even though his face still retained its youthful appearance.   Malik held an ice cold mug of Lager in his hand, while McGregor held a picture frame in his, and regaled one of the newer members of his staff with tales of the past.  The woman laughed at the hilarious tale, but she still wore disbelief on her face.  The picture the bar owner held was of him in his twenties standing alongside his platoon mates.  One of the people in that picture stood before her laughing, looking as if time had forgotten about him.  The only difference were his eyes.  The youthful light that shone in them then, had long sense faded away.


Age brought with it nostalgia, and even if he didn't look it, Malik was an old soul who enjoyed a good trip down memory lane.  The trip was over and the party was calling him back.  Regulars knew Malik, Lisette, and Neona very well, and knew how hard they partied when it was downtime, an Cyd was slowly coming around.  They were given more leeway than anyone else, but if anyone got to wild or stepped out of line they found out why McGregor trusted them to run free.  Malik saw McGregor as a part of his family, and that meant this bar was Pride territory.  Anyone who messed with the old man or his place, ended up as a scratching post before the McGregor could pull the double barreled shotgun from beneath the bar. 


Scooping up the four shot glasses in one hand, Malik carefully walked back to the table where they had posted up for the night.  His stride was long and smooth making the most of his feline grace.  The shot glasses that hung precariously from his fingers never even spilled a single drop.  His precious cargo was placed in the tabletop, and Malik dropped smoothly into his seat.  Without shifting at all he was instantly at ease, and looked across to the people he shared the table with.  "Alright.... Time to Set the wagers.  Who's gonna be the first person to put the moves on Lis tonight and will she try to break his or her nose for it.  Twenty bucks, ante up and make your choices."  The game was started off with the round of shots being downed and eyes turning to the crowd to find the people they were gonna bet on.  It was a fun game to play and they didn't have to keep it quiet because Lis couldn't hear them anyway, and the little firecracker was an explosive good time.  

Malik turned his eyes to the crowed and started to study it for more than just picking a horse to bet on.  He looked over the crowd for anyone that looked like they might get out of line.  Lis was part of their family and even though she could take care of herself, Malik was extremely protective of all of them.  He was like a lion at his ease on a hill.  He watched, relaxed, while they had their fun and lived their lives, but the moment someone threatened them he stirred to teach the transgressor regret. They were what gave his life any meaning so he would protect them no matter what. Lis was sounding off and pointing to him as the 'beautiful black man', so he just smirked and waved at them in response.  One guy didn't look where Lis had pointed, but kept his eyes glued to her little ass as she walked away. "Ok... I've got mine.... Guy with the Mohawk wearing the blue and black shirt. He's gonna get..... hit."

The lion's voice trailed off at the end of the sentence when he saw someone down far too much to finish off their drink before heading to the bathroom door Lis just entered.  Anyone who drank like that was looking for courage at the bottom of the glass and needed it right away.  It was a dead give away for someone about to do something stupid.  Malik had clocked the woman when she entered the bar, but paid her no mind. It was a public place, but looking to the door when it opened was a habit you didn't let slip.  "Nessa.... " Malik said in a low voice that was suddenly devoid of mirth.  "all bets might be off. Did you spot the brunette that followed Lis into the ladies room?" It was a rhetorical question. Vanessa had better eyes than he did, and she constantly honed her habits.  She saw everything and Malik knew it. 
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PostSubject: Re: Surprises sometimes suck... [Malik, Nessa, Bree, Cyd]    Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:46 pm

Languid strides moved the feline woman away from the bar. A dark glass of red wine in hand, the quiet blonde was just as the ebony panther that inhabited the darkness within her ivory skin. Skulking out the territory with a silent breath. Azure hues capturing in detail everything and everyone around her like a photographer cataloging memories with a religious fervor. No one would suspect the leggy blonde of predatory thoughts. That such a Nordic beauty would section them all into pieces of one very elaborate puzzle.

Soft fingertips brushed the glass, as her head dipped slightly. Her chin giving a slight tilt, as the delicate line of her neck turned her attention towards the men eying the young Lisette. A silent huff through her nostrils pushed away the smoke filled room. The panther taking in scents, as well as sight. She would find the male with a Mohawk with a simple inhalation of his musky oily scent. The thin one in denim, his would be of whiskey and something citrus, an odd combination that was left to be puzzled at a later moment. And so it would be. Each that she slid past in long strides, as the reticent Cyd strolled towards Malik's table.

A sly grin found her mouth, tilting it in catlike fashion. Hearing Malik's determination to set a bidding war between those at the table over Lis' next faltered male. The thought would bring Cyd's attentive gaze back to the cheetah, then eyes would narrow. Watching a woman make a beeline towards the bathroom. Her stride saying more than the need to take a moment of nature calling.

Cyd stopped just behind Malik, soft fingers placed upon his broad shoulder. Her mouth falling into a pensive line. Her gaze slipping into an unfocused sight that allowed her keen senses to roam the room. An ear directed towards the restroom door, the other pin pointed towards Malik and Nessa. The blonde was used to listening to the two direct conversations. The two, Nessa and Malik, almost speaking together like a masterpiece of work. She didn't know how long the two had known each other, but Bishop was quick to tell that the two could read each other before the other would speak or even move. It was for this, that Cyd learned to absorb the melody in which they spoke. It was like listening to the wind. Would it rain today? Or would there be sun.
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PostSubject: Re: Surprises sometimes suck... [Malik, Nessa, Bree, Cyd]    Tue Aug 14, 2012 11:34 pm

Lifting her mug of Dwarven Ale, Vanessa let the hot liquid run down her throat. Most would call her choice of favorite drinks absolutely disgusting but honestly it smelled far worse then it tasted..and it only ever tasted good while it was hot. One booted foot was propped up on the table, the toes of her other foot tapping the floor in time to the music that filtered through the room from the old jukebox in the corner...how the owner ever managed to keep that thing running was beyond her, but electronics were never her forte. With her bad eye she watched Lis, with her robotic one she watched the rest of the bar. Constantly switching spectrums tended to give her a bit of a headache so she only did a thermal sweep every 15 minutes. This allowed her to pick out the Weres and the Vampires in the room. Weres since they burned hotter then humans and Vampires since they were dead and didn't burn at all.

While normally she might have been challenging someone to a game of darts, this bar knew her far too well and no one here was stupid enough to enter a game with Nessa. Most didn't know why she was so damned good at darts, they just knew they'd lose and lose horribly. So tonight she'd simply opted to sit and drink...though not too much of course. Despite the fact that she was surrounded by Weres who could drink her under the table and were more then willing to take care of her should she decide to get sloshed, Nessa preferred complete awareness.

Vanessa's cold face curled into a smile as Malik joined them with presents in the form of shot glasses. She picked hers out of the group and instantly tossed it back, setting the shot glass upside down on the table before her. This was one of their favorite past times, and while Nessa was still cold to Cyd, she had to admit the panther was starting to grow on her. Though she wasn't about to admit that to Cyd anytime in the near future. "Damn it furball, you stole mine." Nessa growled softly as Malik named his mark, the rather attractive male with the Mohawk who couldn't keep his eyes off Lis...there was a growing competitive nature in Nessa that wanted to get up and change his mind. The felines were wearing off on her too much.

"The bets are never off, yeah, I spotted her. Marked her when she entered the bar, We've seen her before. The night that rift opened up in the middle of the city and dumped out a Rift Beast...she was there. Didn't catch who she works for but from the equipment she carried with her before she shifted into a Cheetah...I'd say Terran Guard. Don't know much else though. I'll go check in on them." She took another drink of her Ale before she got up from the table. "Female in the red mini skirt standing at the pool table, Dash will kiss her but that's as far as she'll get." She added before walking away from the table. Her jacket she left on the back of the chair, though she still wore her Kevlar and leather body suit, Damon rested in her left boot and Lucy firmly rested in her right.

While she did not move with the ethereal grace of the Weres, she still moved with the grace of a cold blooded killer. Never letting anyone getting too close to her, weaving through the crowd without slowing. At the door to the rest room she stopped, nudging the door open silently so she could put her right eye to the door and peer in. With even the smallest amount of space, her eye would make up the difference, allowing her to watch Lis and the brunette inside without them knowing she was there. She'd burst in if she had to but she didn't want to interrupt, Were-cheetahs were rare, perhaps all the Brunette wanted was someone to talk to.
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PostSubject: Re: Surprises sometimes suck... [Malik, Nessa, Bree, Cyd]    Wed Aug 15, 2012 2:28 am

Her eyes traveled to each person as she made her way to the bathroom. There was an attractive man with a mohawk, but he was not really up her alley. Sure, fun to flirt with, but really, she wanted him to buy her a round and then hit the road. Mohawk's were not her thing, but she always managed to attract a weirdo or two. Just as she went to turn the corner to disappear into the ladies room, someone in a red skirt caught her eyes. 'hello…", thought Lissy to herself, but she left it alone for now. There was no real need for her to be in the powder room. She did not have to go, it was more of a dramatic exit to build the anticipation of the room she was commanding. Then again, she also needed to let the noise die down in her good ear so that the muffled voices would tune themselves back into regular ones.

She looked at herself in the mirror for a minute, checking for flaws. After briefly inspecting herself and running fingers through her hair, Lis heard the door open. The stealthy steps of another cheetah were no match for only one good ear, but the quick roar of the crowd when the door had cracked open was. "It's open, I'm just doing a make up check." She said without looking at her visitor. When Bree said nothing, Lis turned to eye her company. At first, she assumed maybe this was one of those odd, shy women who couldn't go with someone else in the room. Whatever. She looked her over quickly. Leather jacket, red, jeans, combat boots… it was almost as if she'd dressed to please Lisette herself.

"All yours, Doll. I'm headed back…" It was then that a scent hit her nose. Were. Feline. Familiar, yet, unknown. Her golden eyes narrowed, "Or, maybe I'm not. Something you need sweetheart?" Her tone was in no way friendly, more of a taunt that mixed with a threat. Size mattered in a fight. It didn't matter that feline ran through her veins in this one, it obviously had blessed the other. Lisette was small, stealthy, and swift in a fight, but one hard hit and she was going to be fucked. She had back up, but they might come too late. She had no visible weapons to defend herself with, so it would be speed that would save her… per usual.

Her tongue ran lightly across her teeth as she tried to fathom what action to do next. As Bree started to speak, Lisette cocked her head towards the other feline. She needed to hear every word clearly and listen for those 'trigger' words that a fight was coming. Lis knew that she would live through a fight, after all, Vanessa would start to miss her by now. As much as that human hated her, she couldn't get enough. She needed to get out of the confined space. Out in the open, where she could be seen or make a quick getaway.

"stop." She said, holding up her hand before Bree could get to the point. "Come on, no sense in being rude. Follow me. Someone else is sure to need to break the seal soon." She nodded towards the door and side stepped Bree, grabbing her hand in the process. As she lead the brunette out, she grinned as she saw Nessa standing outside the door. Her other hand came to palm the snipers cheek softly "Aw, Baby, You if you wanted it, you could of come on in and joined the party…" It was her way of saying 'thanks for looking out', but in Lisette language… there were few who spoke it fluently, but those who did, got it.

If this feline wanted to talk to her, that was fine by the half drunken cheetah. She drug her human and her prey back to the table and announced to the other two, "Friends, meet my number off the bathroom stall… this is…" She froze for a second and then looked to Bree, "Hell, how rude of me… I don't even know your name. Don't hold it against me, my mother was French." She gave a playful wink, "Introductions are key in this… That's Mal, Bishop, this is Van…" she didn't finish Nessa's, the look on her face kept Lis from it, "Ah, don't worry about her… and I'm Dash. You are?"

There, now it was all out there in the open.
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PostSubject: Re: Surprises sometimes suck... [Malik, Nessa, Bree, Cyd]    Wed Aug 15, 2012 3:03 pm

Surpises do suck. Bree wasn't a woman who got ecstatic over birthdays, or parties. She just wasn't the partying type. It was obvious that one look at this woman was enough for anyone to create a space for the towering brunette. Glacial pools zoned in on the petite werecheetah before her. Pupils contracted before turning sharper as she inhaled the scent of another cheetah - this was the same exact one, and what were the chances that she'd happen across another werecheetahs? Their kind wasn't as plentiful, or easy to infect like werewolves. They were a created species, and it was Bree's werewolf father that allowed her to take the bite of a Cheetah, so that she'd become something more. She was still on the fence on whether or not she appreciated the gift - or curse.

The fight had been a messy one. They happened to be at the wrong place, and the wrong time. Bree was doing her job, and the cheetah just happened to prowl around the area she was scouting.

Lisette had to be the cheetah. The memory was still vivid in her mind, as she stared at the younger woman. This was so twisted. She thought she'd come across someone roughly the same age as herself, or older, not a kid. It was the way Lisette spoke to her like she was candy that made Bree narrow her eyes a bit. She watched silently like the predator she was. Young, vibrant, she had the energy that could wear down a werebear. She circled slowly around Lisette, ears listening in for any unexpected guests. Lisette had friends. Bree didn't. This older, female cheetah was alone.

Bree was on the fence. She could simply let out her anger for now. Instead of talking, she could just grab that smaller woman by her slender neck and slam her against the wall. She could spout a string of obscenities, tell her to be smarter next time because she'd left Bree dealing with this infection. This bathroom could turn into their personal arena. Her nostrils flared, the gold oozing into the arctic rings. The issue of a challenge didn't go unnoticed by the older woman. Bree's lips twitched, close to releasing a feral snarl before she shook her head.

"You and I have some unfinished business." That fight resulted in Bree having to use her gun. Lisette was lucky that she didn't load it with silver bullets.

She raised a brow when Lisette told her to stop. She didn't say anymore as the cheetah restlessly paced within, knowing fully well the scent and sight of its maker. Bree allowed the girl to take her out. She slipped her hand back, so that Lisette's grip was around her wrist. She got a scent of gun powder and human - female, and one that they'd pass. Bree made deliberate eye contact with the one Lisette greeted. She looked away and watched the group that Lisette was taking her to. She allowed herself to be steer and brought into this "game."

Well, two can play.

Bree was still on the fence about giving her maker a brutal beat down, or just sharing the truth before making it clear that she wanted nothing to do with her, or her group. Just KNOW that the human she thought she'd killed was right here, in the flesh and a friggin' cheetah. A polite smile spread across Bree's lips with a soft dimple in one cheek. Her eyes matched each face with the name introduced before she slipped her hand away from Lisette's and rested it against the small of the younger one's back.

"She doesn't remember me... but I remember her very well." She turned her gaze to Lisette and stared intently into her eyes, a challenge between two predators. The arctic melted, replaced by vibrant amber. "It was the same, last time we met, except that we didn't know each other's names then. Seven months ago, on a night much like this...except that it was the full moon." Bree smiled sweetly, but it didn't match the harsh light in her eyes. She suddenly leaned in close to Lisette, an intimate distance that would have the older werecheetah's lips by the curl of Lisette's ear.

"Hey mommy, remember me? I'm the one you left behind that night." As much as she'd like to, in front of them all, she decided not to fight. The cheetah was yowling in her head, but Bree stepped away before turning to stalk off.
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PostSubject: Re: Surprises sometimes suck... [Malik, Nessa, Bree, Cyd]    Fri Aug 17, 2012 5:42 am

When Malik felt the touch of a hand on his shoulder, he knew inherently that it was Cyd's, and without thinking he leaned his head into it so that his fuzzy scalp caressed against the skin of her forearm. It was yet again, just the way of felines, and how they sought out the touch of one another, responding on instinct. It was amazing how Vanessa had grown accustomed to it even though it flew in the face of everything that made up the woman's nature. She even reciprocated when she was alone with the Pride. Malik didn't know whether it was just a side of her they brought out, or if they finally wore her down and she gave in to them. Either way, he was happy with it. She still had yet to warm up to Cyd, but there was no rush. Neither of them was going anywhere if he had anything to say about it. Family stuck together.

Family also watched out for one another. He felt the tension cause Cyd's touch to grow tentative, so he looked up and gave her a confident smile, as if to say 'nothing is going to ruin the good night'. That smile grew when he heard Vanessa give the strange woman an identity. The woman truly did see everything, and didn't forget anything. Malik felt it was a blessing until she decided to be mad at him about something. He watched as Vanessa stood up from the table with every intention of keeping Lisette safe. Vanessa would never admit it but she was very protective of the youngest in their group. If Malik didn't know any better it was almost Nessa was almost possessive. No one got to give Lis shit but her. Divine help anyone else who tried when Nessa was within line of site.

"On your six. Down and left, " he said as she walked by in a low rumble that he knew she heard. Vanessa would know exactly what it meant. He was watching her back, her six, and if things got violent, she was supposed to open the door to give him line of site, and get out of the way to her left. He wasn't as good a marksman as her, but he could keep a tight group at this range. Knowing which way she was going to move, would allow him to acquire a target and put rounds in it that much faster. Malik relaxed the leg that had been pushing his chair back so he could rock on its back legs, and shifted slightly so he could watch her without turning his head too much. His proud smile turned into a very manly smirk. Vanessa wore leather and Kevlar like it was a second skin, and it fit her like one too. Most people would say it left nothing to the imagination, but it sent Malik's into overdrive. Still, he kept his thoughts on task, and made ready because his family was on the line.

If this chick was Terran Guard that meant she was not only military trained, but that training was driven to the next level by the best of both armies. There was a reason The Guard was a force to be reckoned with even though they were so few in number when compared to the governments and corporations. The other thing that stuck in his mind was Vanessa's revelation that the woman was a Werecheetah. That brought confusion to the mix. They were rare among the New Breed because of low birth rates, and them being spread out among the army turned them into individuals with solitary natures. Perhaps she was a friendly looking to make a connection. Malik was determined not to draw unless he had to, he didn't want to spook her. It wasn't every day that one got to see two cheetahs together in the wild.

Malik relaxed when he saw the bathroom door open with Lisette being framed by the pale florescent lighting. She had the other woman in tow, and was dragging her back to the table. The body language was relaxed and the way she touched Nessa told him that so far everything was copacetic. His hand, however, didn't stay too far from the spot that put it in optimal position to draw the 9mm that was holstered at the small of his back. He was too old to make the mistake of relaxing too early. With his left hand he picked up his cold mug of lager which was now beaded with water from melted frost and condensation. He raised it in greeting to the new comer, and then took a sip of the amber brew. It was a most welcomed refreshment after the tension that went through his body. One good turn deserved another so while the new cat spoke, he took another sip.

That was a mistake. He had one ear on the conversation and both eyes on her, but what he heard took him by surprise. Malik's throat closed and he choked on the beer that was caught on it, because he tried to talk. "Huaaghkkh..." Malik sputtered as he leaned forward, and tried to keep beer from spilling all down the front of his chest. The mug hit the table with a loud thud that echoed in the silence of stunned disbelief. "Whowhat?!?!" he spat out as he stood up from his chair. He didn't look down at the spattering of moisture that darkened his pants. His eyes were firmly on the bouncing baby girl, until they slid across to 'Mommy'. "Lis..... what the hell's she talking about?" By now Malik's voice was fully recovered, and the baritone timber definitely had the no nonsense tone to it. She was claiming that Lis turned someone against their will. That was a serious accusation with serious consequences if charges were filed and proven.
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PostSubject: Re: Surprises sometimes suck... [Malik, Nessa, Bree, Cyd]    Mon Aug 27, 2012 8:38 pm

[Skipped without permission, if either of you has an issue with this, please PM me and I will remove (and/or) edit accordingly]

"Oh Really…. Get in line…"

Was Lis's sly reply to the unfinished business comment, but the rest was let alone until they moved into a more populated room. The cheetah felt a bit more at ease in an environment surrounded by her Pride. Cyd, Malik, and Nessa would not allow anything to happen to her. She was fast enough to escape, Malik was strong enough to fight back whatever feline lay within, and Nessa would pop her full of lead before paws hit the floor… Cyd was still a mystery to Lis. The youngest of the group wasn't sure what the panther would do, but she was willing to bet she'd fight along side the pride to protect the cheetah.

"She doesn't remember me… but i remember her very well." Lisette snorted, "Doll, that's what they all say…" She gave a flirtatious wink, but the way Bree looked at her made her feel on edge. Somewhere, deep within, her feline hackles were up. Was this a challenge? No one challenged a cheetah… it was not worth the fight. Eyes locked and she listened as Bree explained the night. Lisette was too careless to keep a mental count of what she did or when, but apparently, she'd rocked this girls world.

Full Moon

lis cocked her head slightly, good ear turned towards the animal in front of her. She wanted to make sure she was hearing correctly. As Bree leaned into her suddenly, it merited an inhuman growl from the big cat's throat. She didn't like people she didn't know getting in her space… not without being invited. the words whispered in her good ear made Lis's blood run cold.


Her eyes grew wider and the whole room stopped speaking all at once. At least, that's what the cheetah felt like. She felt deaf in both ears for a moment, and remained completely still. She felt frozen, but instinct told her she had to move. Quick as a cat, she reached out and caught her minion's wrist. Clamping down, she jerked it towards her hard to make her point. I'm stronger. In feline form, this would of been when the big cat flattened her ears against her skull and beard pointed teeth… but this was a human form. It didn't matter, Bree had been an animal for seven months… she would know a firm threat when one was issued. "Tsk, tsk, tsp… Darling… Manners. We still don't know your name." The growl was evident upon her voice, but Dash was trying to keep her temper in check. No need to cause a huge scene… then again, who was she kidding? She was Dash Lovett.

"Malik… " She said, trying to decide how to tread lightly on this. Her eyes cut to Vanessa for help and then to Cyd for empathy. This was bad news… but it was too late to lie. "…this is nothing." She turned her infamous 'puss and boots eyes' to him. "This is a mistake." She said motioning to Bree. It was unclear if she meant the situation or the person.
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Cyd is on LoA and from what I am told asked to be skipped this round. It is officially Vanessa's post.
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Vanessa also has a LOA up... making it Bree's turn.
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PostSubject: Re: Surprises sometimes suck... [Malik, Nessa, Bree, Cyd]    Sun Sep 02, 2012 9:36 pm

What the hell was she talking about? Bree would've pegged them for having a better sense of smell to notice some kind of connection between this cheetah and that one. Bree's gaze narrowed on Lisette. She paid no heed to the Lion after his sputtered shock. He didn't seem too pleased, but the surprise was more pervasive than whatever conflict of emotions he might be dealing with. She wondered what Lisette really thought of this.

Scratch that, she couldn't care less because the truth was finally out there, and she was not going to have this kid be "mommy dearest." Bree already had her own mom to deal with. This was like a bad reality show. All of the elements were falling into place, except that this was a far more dangerous pot of brewing catastrophe. If she didn't tread too carefully... Bree sucked in a breath sharply through her nose. "Doll" was not a term she liked to be refered to, but she was silent for now as Lisette talked that talk.

She watched Lisette's expression change, the dark humor replaced by the silent denial that she'd done something out of line. Bree's plan to walk away and perhaps go for a run to think things through was sorely interrupted. Her eyes flashed gold, muscles in her arms tensing before fingers curled into her palm. Knuckles turned white from the tensed fist as she stared down at Lisette. It didn't matter that this youngling was her superior in animal form. Bree felt the heat of her anger flare up as the tension thickened.

The cheetah within paced furiously, fangs lashing and tail flexing as if prepared to pounce. Bree kept her control tight. Although she was less than a year a were, she could prevent herself from shifting. Bree wasn't exclusive about her were identity. Her lips peeled back, golden gaze sliding to the Lion known as Malik. She easily disregarded the other women, the human and blond were, before flashing her burning gaze on the petite brunette before her. "Nothing? This isn't some dream. You can't just wake up and think nothing's happened. Oh, I've tried. I didn't ask to be like you, but I got over it. I figured that I should at least find the one responsible for this 'mistake.' Bree growled back and almost laughed, "Bree." She spat venemously, "and if you think this is nothing, then I'd rather be on my merry way."
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Malik had more than enough time to recover his composer while the two cheetahs bickered back and forth. Seeing the display soured his good mood, and he more he saw the angrier he got. While they were distracted by one another Malik made two hand motions which were obscured by his body from Lis and Bree's eyes. The first was a gesture Cyd would see that motioned her to Bree, and the gesture Vanessa saw was putting her on Lisette. "ENOUGH! Both of you!", he let out in a booming voice when he finally snapped, that was akin to the roar of his Lion form. It was enough to bring the entire bar to a full stop, and put all eyes on him. When he had the attention of the two he wanted he said in a calmer, but no less stern voice, "The time for walking out has passed."

"Nessa, Cyd make sure they come. We don't air our dirty laundry in public." he shifted his eyes to McGregor who was watching the scene warily. Malik was seldom apologetic, but the expression on his face was completely genuine. His old friend simply gave him a chiding nod and then motioned to the door at the door behind the bar. Cyd's purpose for living at its inception was stealth, and she was good at it. Good enough that Malik would sometimes lose track of her when he knew she was there. She was a Werepanther and much older than Bree so she would have the advantage of strength should it be needed. Vanessa on the other hand was human, but Lisette knew that the sniper was good enough to place a bullet that would keep her from leaving for the moment, and heal without giving her a limp if she had to. Dash was fast but not faster than a bullet. If push came to shove, Malik would had his own strength to the mix. Between the three of them, the whole group was going through that door.

McGregor unlocked and opened the door for the small group and let them pass unhindered. They room they were being allowed in to was a rather spacious storage room for bar supplies, alcohol, and other dry goods. Shelves lined the walls with a few piles of boxes here and there, but the center was clear and spacious enough for them to all stand comfortably, even sit on one of the box piles. One they were all in, Malik waited for the click of the latch behind them to signal they had privacy and then spoke. "What do you mean it's nothing, Lis? She's a person, and both of you seem pretty damn sure that you're responsible for making her Breed." His hand raised to rub over his head as he paced back and forth a few steps so he could think things through.

Malik was old school, a soldier born and breed in the tried and true methods that Omni established over the course of decades of perfecting its program. He didn't know how Wolves treated one another in their society, but New Breed looked out for New Breed. Regardless of species, all New Breed looked out for the young, and taught them how to survive. Just because this woman was turned, he didn't see any difference. She was new to being Breed and she shouldn't be left to fend alone. The whole affair just seemed wrong to Malik. "Breed teach their young. They don't leave them out in the cold to fend for themselves. We're better than that." He looked to Cyd for some sort of support in his argument. He didn't know whether she had any children of her own, but she certainly took a motherly liking to Lis in the time that she was with them.

Malik turned to Bree and he did his best to try to remove the tension from the muscles in his face. "Bree right? I'm Malik, the quiet one is Cyd, top shot over there is Vanessa, and mommy's name is Lisette. Thank you for not getting the police or the Guard involved in this." He looked to Lis at that and raised an eye brow hoping to drive home the point that she could be in serious trouble with the law for attacking a human, whether she turned or not. There were laws that had stiff penalties for such things. Bree came alone, and there were no sirens or guns going off which meant she wanted more than to point fingers and cast blame. "You tracked us down. Now I'd like to make this right."
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Out of the corner of her view, she could see the movement of his features. His warm bristly scalp no longer making contact with the soft skin of her arm. Cyd didn't like trouble. At least, she didn't like anything that would bring a lot of attention her way. Visibility meant death in most cases. Not necessarily now, but perhaps soon down the line. The Panther preferred the shadows. And suddenly, it seemed the mischievous cheetah had found a friend to yank them all on center stage.

The heel of her boot twisted, moving her stand. Cyd looked down to meet Malik's chocolate gaze. His attempt to calm and comfort her was met with an arched brow, then a shooting narrow glance towards the women moving towards them. Shoulder's stiffened again. Her body turned sideways to those oncoming, giving a more narrowed view of the older blonde. (And in Cyd's mind, less area to shoot should there be trouble.)

And then, it happened. The reality of the situation, and the reason to which the stranger had been stalking the young Lisette.


And one pissed off woman facing a new reality.

Wonderful. She thought. Infection was the last thing a Breed wanted to spread. It seemed to piss people off real quick. Made the target on your forehead beam brightly in brilliant color. And, then there were the posters. Not always the most lovely images of yourself, with the word wanted stamped in big bold letters overhead.

Cyd's mouth twisted into a crooked frown. And then, she moved.

Fingers slipping from their perch, she prowled in a long stride that would sweep the distance between quickly. The tall woman stood just behind Bree. Without touching the brunette, the Panther was imposing enough with her height and her vivid blue glare. She would move. And Cyd could get out of the sudden limelight that she loathed.

Capturing a quick glance from Bree, Cyd motioned with her head towards the unlocked door. Her smile was as polite as she could offer considering the circumstances, "After you."

She could taste the woman's hesitation, but they were soon moving. Walking into the room that seemed more like a cavern with towers of items stocked away ready to fall in on you. Her mouth remained in the same almost sour thin line. Taking in the corners and objects within, and making note of another door that might be an exit outside. It was always good to know your exits.

Looking about to Malik as he began to speak, Cyd shoved her hands into her dark brown leather jacket. Her attention moving from Lis, to Malik, then to Bree and back again. Somehow, in all her years, she had managed to never infect anyone. She had been careful. Not wanting her name on the roster of anyone's hunting list.

Then Malik said something that bit within. Not that he would know, but it was something that for a moment couldn't be hidden from her face. Young. She had them. Three, that she knew of. But, the Panther had never tasted the chance of motherhood after any of them had been born. She took a step backwards. Her blue eyes meeting Malik's in a quiet moment. Sure, they were better than that. But, those who had been nothing but stock and soldiers were not all allowed to prove the fact.

Cyd nodded her head at her name, but kept her quiet distance. It would be Lisette who she looked at now. Mommy. The girl was just a kid. But, Cyd had been about the same age when she first gave birth to new Breed offspring. Lips pressed together firmly with her thoughts. Lis was not exactly mother material. She was still a wild one.

"You cannot make it on your own out there. Not...with what you are now. Untrained. We'll .. " Cyd paused. Not exactly the social butterfly of the group. But, she knew the hunger for feline companionship would begin to eat at Bree. And, she needed to be trained, to know what she was now, or would become, "..help you. I'll.. help you."
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Allowed Lis to touch her face for a moment before she pulled away from the cheetah's hand. She knew exactly what Lis was saying with the gesture, typical Lis...getting all up in Vanessa's bubble without giving a crap that the sniper hated being touched like that in public. In the beginning Vanessa and Lisette had fought constantly, before they'd finally figured out how to understand each other. Despite her annoyance, Nessa knew it was usually easier to just play a long instead of fight it. Nessa met Bree's gaze unwavering, she wasn't scared of her. She let the cheetah drag her back out to their table. Once they were close enough, Vanessa pulled her hand free and crossed her arms over her chest to watch the show. She knew Lisette well enough to know that a show was coming...and Vanessa Sirnos was not disappointed. She glared at Lis when she went to introduce her to the other Cheetah, she hated people knowing her name without her permission.

Vanessa had both eyes focused on Bree, studying her movement for any signs of trouble, every muscle tensed and ready to spring into action. She'd been around Were's for far too long, learned the way they moved, the way they spoke to each other more with their bodies then with their words. Eye contact, a flip of the hair, a stomp of the foot, a smile that hid thoughts of revenge. Nessa recognized that smile...the divine knew she'd done it herself a few times. At the mention of a night seven months ago on the full moon, Nessa's steely eyes widened a bit in recognition...that was the night Nessa had to dig all those bullets out of Lis after she lost control in her wereform. Lisette had sworn she'd killed the human, not exactly moral sure but who was Nessa to judge...she killed people just cause someone told her to, not cause instinct and hundreds of years of magic and genetic manipulation made her do it.

However...if Bree was right...and Lis hadn't killed her but in fact spread her curse even further...Malik was going to be pissed. And Vanessa wasn't wrong. It took everything she had not to smile at the sight of Malik choking on his beer. though she'd have her own private chuckle about it later. This was where Vanessa's membership in this little family got touchy. She wasn't a were, she wasn't a part of their world, had no reason to follow their laws. But she'd learned them anyway...Were's took their rules very seriously, and she made sure not to give them any reason they might get angry at her...at least not on purpose.

This was not her fight, and not her problem...the only reason she stuck around was because she knew Malik was going to get pissed that she had kept Lisette's secret. Killing an innocent always put them on his shit list for awhile, and killing one on the full moon....yeah, they'd both agreed to keep it from him for their own good. Now it had come back to bite them in the ass, what a surprise. When Lisette looked to her for help, Vanessa heaved a soft sigh, but didn't step up to help her. She saw Malik's gesture with her good eye, acting surprised when his booming voice filled the bar and everyone turned to look at them. Nessa quickly ran a scan of the room to make sure no one was stepping up to put their nose where it didn't belong. Though at this point she'd have been happy for the diversion...and the chance to punch someone's stupid face in.

As Malik gave her a command, Nessa's years of training kicked in and she stepped up to Lisette's side, gently setting her hand on the Cheetah's elbow, her other on her hip. "Come on Dash, lets not make this any worse." Nessa whispered to her, gently pulling her along. She gave a thank you smile to McGregor as they passed him, once a soldier, always a soldier. Rather then put herself directly into the circle of felines, Vanessa hung back, leaning up against the door frame and making sure no one was going to be eavesdropping on their conversation. Malik was very upset...he only paced when he was upset. Malik's next words only reminded Vanessa how very different she was, and how much she didn't truly fit in with the rest of them. She'd never have that connection. They would would outlive her, eventually her humanity would catch up and she'd be too old to protect them in the only way she could.

When Malik introduced her properly, Vanessa dipped her head in greeting to Bree, though she didn't smile. Even Cyd barely got Vanessa to smile at her. At the mention of getting the police involved, Vanessa did visibly wince. They were already involved, the Guard was standing right here in the supply closet proclaiming that Lisette had illegally bitten her. She saw the look on Cyd's face when Mal looked to her for support. Nessa recognized it, how could she not? They were all bred to be soldiers, and then forced to pass on their own skills and talents and personality to the next generation. And then Cyd opened her mouth and practically invited the new cheetah to join the Pride. Forget that.

"I didn't realize we were in the business of picking up strays. In case the lot of you forgot..she's Terran Guard. She doesn't need us. There are plenty of Were's in the Guard who could easily teach her the skills she needs, and from what I've already seen they've done a decent job. When was the last time any of you saw a yearling not turn into a Furball and fly off the handle with how pissed off she is. It's not your responsibility Blondie, and it sure as hell ain't mine." She looked pointedly at Malik with this one, reminding him that Vanessa hated newbies, and she only tolerated Cyd because he'd asked her to....and bribed her with cookies.
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The more the other cheetah talked, the more pissed off Dash started to feel. How dare she come strolling up in here on their turf, drunk on liquid courage, and calling her Mommy. That was a title that Lis was very, very unfamiliar with. She'd never even really known her own. She could feel her body tingle, the anger was starting to build and soon would spill over, the spotted mammal would pounce. The animal inside was watching now. Golden eyes stared into those of her offspring as Bree crept closer to her face. Lisette didn't like people in her face.

The same way that animals can pick up and anticipate a threat worked in the new breed line. Lip curled back, eyes watching Malik and Lis, posture changed a bit and the older cheetah recognized a threat when it was thrown at her. In her mind, Dash reached out and grabbed her progeny by the throat, squeezing the air from her windpipe, showing her who was Mama around here… but in reality, she stood very still.


The name felt like venom in the air. She had a choice to make and anyone who knew the cheetah knew that she generally made the lesser of good choices. Her lip curled as she showed teeth to the stranger, a growled ripped though her chest. She was about to loose it. Lis could feel her teeth starting to shape into the animal form, and they would have, but the lions roar drew her back. Even being deaf in an ear, she felt the air vibrate.

Malik rarely yelled, and when he did, it was usually aimed at Lisette. She knew the tone. A lion was a laid back king, let the females bicker and tend to the everyday needs, but when one roared… the whole world stopped. This was no different. Dash turned her gaze from Bree to Malik now. She could feel every eye upon her, something she was not opposed to normally, but she was in no mood right now. As he spoke his next words, Dash knew that she was getting in deeper than she had ever wanted. The group was going to move.

The old lion was a smart one. He had Cyd take Bree and move her towards the door where they would regroup into a supply room. Meanwhile, Vanessa took a step towards Lisette. Hand touched her elbow and Dash growled, but at the sound of Nessa's voice, Lisette cut her shit and allowed herself to be escorted. The brunette muttered at her best frienemy, "Thanks a lot, Sirnos, I appreciate the shout out." As she entered, there was hesitation. Lisette hated being in a crowded room with no visible exit. It reminded her of a cage.

Malik turned to her now and defended Bree's existence. "Hey… I never signed any papers on her. I never said I did this… that was all her. they were on thin ice. Tempers in a small space could flare quickly and this was not something that Nessa could soothe over with her usual graces. No, this was a fight waiting to happen if it continued down this road. Malik was siding with Bree, as was Cyd. Lisette cut her eyes to the panther and stared. She'd just started to like the other female cat… and now… it was like picking at a wound that was almost healed. She cocked her head sideways to make sure she heard Cyd's soft words correctly. She was offering to help, as was Malik. This was not good.

Lisette had not grown up like a normal Breed child. She'd been taken from her mother very young in the breeding program. It was thought this was 'in the child's best interest', so it was thought that cheetahs were terrible mothers. Lisette had no idea how to be a mother figure. This was not what she'd planned. Murder had been on her agenda that night, not maternity. Now she was on the parenthood track with no chance to defend herself… oh, hell no.

Just when Dash could feel her anger about to spill over into something violent, she shot a look to Vanessa. There were times when people looked at Bullseye and Dash and wondered why they were friends… but this was an obvious moment. Like a black knight, Ness spoke on in Lisette's favor.

She gave Vanessa an appreciative nod and then looked to Malik. "It's a democracy Malik. We can't make her stay. Nes might not share our blood, but she does share our thoughts. Lis saw an opportunity and she was going to take it. "Seems it's a tie vote… so leave it to her… What do you want to do… Bree?" It was apparent to Lisette that Bree had no desire to be here… and once again, Lisette would weasel out of responsibility.

Next on her list… kill the younger Cheetah when she got the chance. She knew that Ness would help her. The look in her eye would tell Nessa just what she was thinking… sadly, it would be read by Malik as well. Even Cyd was starting to catch on to Dash's moods and nonverbal… it was written all over her face.
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Like children, they were silenced by the Alpha of males between them. Bree didn't care that she was getting in Lisette's face. She could give a flying fuck who this little brat was. She had been reckless, to have bitten her and left her. Maybe Bree was dealing with severe abandonment issues. Maybe it was that her father was a werewolf, killed in the war, thus leaving her and mommy alone. Bree wasn't certain anymore why she was suddenly livid with this girl. The only plausible reason was that this little cat was the cause of this infection.

Yeah, she had the Terran Guard to back her up. Unfortunately, her best friend, Mitch had left to God knew where, so she felt even more abandonded by that fact.

She could be taking out her anger on Lisette. She was channeling all that pent up fury, and the one at the very top was the cause of her infection. It didn't help that Lisette was little and played tough cookie with Bree. The female guard glared with open hostility, but she fell quiet. She went from glaring, to averting her gaze when she realized that she had been causing a scene. Bree usually kept quiet and to herself. She was usually the one who watched before it was time to make her move.

She was doing the exact opposite of what was normally protocol. Kale would be disappointed with her outburst, her anger, but the cheetah within her blood demanded answers and some blood. She didn't feel satisfied with how this reunion happened, but what could she do? Her maker was a kid, and that alone pissed her off more than anything else at this moment. The blond woman shadowed Bree while the other, human, had Lisette. They were all led into the storage room where private matters could be discussed instead of aired in public.

The young cheetah could feel the imposing aura of the panther without any contact. The proximity was enough to have Bree simmer down, as she stood there with arms crossed and a tight frown to her lips and brows. The female guard never did smile, much, neither did she care to. This moment wasn't all sunshine, or rainbows either. What Lisette said only grated her nerves. She also felt a pang somewhere, and she wondered if that was hurt. Hah, Bree with her feelings hurt. That's just rich.

Her arctic gaze hardened as she listened to the word spilling from Lisette and the human's mouth. Beautiful as they were, their charming looks had no effect on the female guard. Malik and Cyd were the most reasonable, and the most open to providing Bree assistance. She genuinely appreciated the gesture. She couldn't take kindness for granted however, because she was still seriously pissed at Lisette for not taking the responsibility. At least the girl acted like she wasn't the one responsible for Bree's change.

"Yes... Dash," she said, echoing Vanessa's familiar nickname with the cheetah girl. "Don't," she had a wry bitter smile before turning her gaze to Malik. "It was my problem. I didn't want them involved any more than necessary. Don't need any thanks... and I'm not a charity case." She pointed a heated glance at Vanessa for referring to her - however indirectly - as a stray. "I don't know if this is anything any of you've experienced, but it's an itch I can't ignore. I can't fight it. I had to look for the one who did this to me. I ignored it for well over seven months, but here I am." She slid her gaze back to Lisette.

"Funny." she said quietly. She had expected more from her maker, but she shouldn't have been surprised. What Cyd said made her hesitate from making any more biting remarks. It seemed that Cyd had the better intuition as to why Bree made contact. The cheetah was restless. While it appreciated the company of others like itself - but not - in the Terran Guard, it was the definite need to seek others like your kind. What other cheetahs do you see running around? As much as Bree hated to admit this truth, she had thought along the lines of some form of companionship, rather than bitter estrangement.

"Someday, I'd like to my teeth around your throat." She said in a voice void of any emotion. She eyed Lisette as she made this promise, "but I appreciate your offer... Cyd... Malik." She glanced over to the older felines of the group. Her response wasn't exactly a no, but it wasn't a yes either. She was stuck in a rut with this one.
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Malik had spoken his peace and now he remained silent as each member of his Pride responded in turn, and finally heard what the outsider had to say. Cyd was the first to speak up and he was thankful for what she said. Out of all of them she was the only one to see good sense when it looked them in the face. He appreciated her experience and levelheadedness. He felt it was the best way to proceed, because the way things were going, blood was about to be shed one side or the other. Malik nodded his thanks to Cyd and then turned his attention to both Vanessa and Lisette who were arguing in tandem.

Listening to the two of them go back and forth did nothing, but make him angry. Vanessa was approaching what he said as taking this girl into the Pride and making her one of them. Malik didn't know the first thing about her, other than she got bit by Lis and they both kept it a secret from him. The two of them should have known him better, and know he was far more protective of their group. He wasn't the type to just pick up strays. Every one of them earned their place in the group, and brought something unique to the whole.

Lisette's behavior was the one that was truly riling the beast within him. She was doing the same thing she always did anytime something went boom, up in smoke, or she did something that pissed one of them off. She would try to pass the blame and put it any and everywhere but on her. If that didn't work she would start an argument trying to get people on her side, and hope she was forgotten while everyone was busy yelling at each other. And if all else failed, she would just get angry at whoever was mad at her forcing it to be a wash just so things could get back to normal. Here she was pulling everything out of her bag of tricks, but Malik refused to let it go down that way.

Malik was about to explode and roar once again when the newcomer's voice pulled him out of his own anger. Yes....Dash The words echoed in his mind and his eyes shot to Vanessa and refused to move. He listened to the words spoken, but watched Vanessa slowly building to a boil. This was one of the many reasons they got along so well. She was just as territorial as him, but she wasn't driven by the nature of some magical beast that shared his soul. They coexisted so well because they were comfortable enough together that their territories overlapped and they protected one another's interests. Dash belonged to Vanessa. She had given her the name because she was always dashing off and getting into trouble. She shared Dash with everyone in the Pride because they were a family that shared. He saw that tremor building to an eruption, so Malik moved to protect what he cared about. Two quick steps and a slight twist of his body put his large frame between Vanessa and Bree so Vanessa collided with his large frame. Vanessa was a trained solider and damn deadly, but Bree was an unknown. He would have no problem betting on Vanessa if she was just a well trained woman, but she had the unfair of advantage of being New Breed.

On the side that no one could see, his thick arm wrapped around Vanessa to press a hand into the small of her back, and lock her against his body. She would be able to feel the tension in his body and know that he was the wall she had to get passed. Malik locked gazed with her technological wonders to let her his protective eyes and know it was her he was protecting. He flicked his eyes to Cyd first, and then to Lis to let Cyd know there may be a problem. Once Nessa settled Malik would relax his hold and take a step back to have Bree at her back. "Let's get one thing straight...." he said with a strained tension in his voice that spoke of how much he was fighting to keep his temper under control. "I didn't say anything about anybody joining the Pride. I said do the right thing by her."

He turned his eyes to Lis and said,"Democracy? This is my crew and we're a family. YOU were the one who dragged Cyd into our mess and into our lives, and I don't remember you calling for a vote, you just did it. I DO remember backing you up when Vanessa wanted to drop her off at the gates everytime we came close to Librium. I'll always back you up, I'm just hoping this time you make a good decision. A piece of you is what turned her, and that's what drew her to you. It's how the magic works and we all know it. Eighty million people in this shithole city and she finds YOU, and you make an enemy rather than take responsiblity."

Malik turned to face Lisette and walked towards her. His voice was very quiet and she could hear the concern in it. "How do you think this is gonna go down? Either she kills you or one of us kills her because I'm not just going to stand by and let it happen. The Terran Guard comes looking for you, and I'm not going to let them take you without a fight. I can't take on an army, and I'm not going to ask Cyd or Nessa to fight that battle. It isn't right to ask them to die for this." That concern had managed to leech the anger from him, because it was all that she could feel in his voice and his gaze. He cared for her, and would die protecting her even if she was in the wrong. "What's done is done. Are you gonna grow the fuck up and take responsibility for once, or are you gonna be a child and run out the door because I'm being unfair?"

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PostSubject: Re: Surprises sometimes suck... [Malik, Nessa, Bree, Cyd]    Sun Oct 07, 2012 11:02 am

I didn't realize we were in the business of picking up strays....

A lift of the chin turned Cyd's head to circle about and turn her attention towards Vanessa. She wasn't certain if the remark was partly a stab toward her, but it did feel like it. It had been clear that Vanessa was still holding off on the idea that the panther was apart of their group. The two hardly spoke. There was a distance kept, respectful probably because Malik decided it would be so. Cyd was used to being a loner, but it wasn't something she had wanted. Still, she wasn't used to being part of a group, and that kept her quiet. At least, for the most part. But, this, was stirring the want of family within, even if she didn't have much right to say anything.

"I know it's not my responsibility. But..she'll be dead, if she doesn't learn to control what she is," She replied, holding back her tongue. Because it sure had become the group's responsibility, in the moment that Lis had infected her. It had been a fact when she'd been in her small tight group working as a soldier. You cleaned up your mess, and those assigned with you. If you didn't, it meant that everyone would die. The whole. I've got your back, you've got mine, "And if she isn't killed, she now certainly knows what we are, and how to find us and turn us in. Dash is her beacon to lead them right to us."

When Lisette tried to turn the decision towards Bree, Cyd frowned. Bree was an outsider, a guard, and now a pissed off infected. That made her dangerous. Fingers curled and shifted uneasy in the pocket of her leather coat. A dip of her chin glanced towards Malik, wondering his thoughts. It seemed he wanted to make sure this was cleared up, cleaned so to speak. But, Lis and Vanessa had long been his family. Would he decide to go with their wishes? Or would he realize the danger of throwing a newly infected out?

Cyd had spoken more than enough. In fact, more than was usual for her earlier. And so, when Bree told her 'thanks', the panther just gave a nod. There wasn't much more she could say. It was all up to Malik, when it came down to it. And so she looked to him. His dark eyes soaking up everything that was happening and being said in front of him. He gave her a slight glance, a signal towards Lis. A signal that caused the older feline woman to move away from the wall and a bit closer to Dash. That she might need to keep an eye on Lis didn't signal anything good.

Hands slipped out of her pockets, to hang at her side. Prepared, for whatever was about to happen. She was now standing between Lis and Bree. The two cheetahs did not like each other. That was for sure. And being cheetah and young, they would be damned fast. If either took to the other's throat, it would be a moment of blur that hardly any of the three could stop a first contact from happening.
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PostSubject: Re: Surprises sometimes suck... [Malik, Nessa, Bree, Cyd]    Sun Oct 07, 2012 4:08 pm

Vanessa remained silent after she'd given her two cents, simply contenting herself to watch and listen. This was a heated situation yes, but something else was grating on Nessa. Lisette had lied to her, sworn to her she'd killed her gun happy assailant that night as Nessa was prying bullets out of her hide. Either that..or Lisette had actually thought she'd killed Bree that night and like all of them when they killed people she put it behind her and forgot about it. Though it wasn't like her to not confirm a kill...a dead body and a freshly bitten Werecheetah were two entirely different things.

And then it happened. Dash. That word, her name for Lisette, uttered by this interloper into their family...and then the interloper looked her directly in the eyes. A challenge. Vanessa's anger hit the boiling point, fury filling every vein in her body and her hand moved for the knife strapped to her thigh. Before she could step forward however, a brick wall stepped between her and Bree. Turning her silver eyes up to Malik's face her heart warmed slightly that Malik would think to protect the Interloper from Nessa's rage. And then she saw Malik's face and her heart turned to ice as rage took hold once more.

The shock of what she saw there had her frozen in place for a few moments. Malik wasn't protecting Bree from her...He was protecting her from Bree. And that was it...the last straw, the one perfect flake of snow that started the avalanche. And even worse, the object of her rage was fucking ignoring her, like she was nothing but an ant scurrying around her boot, easy to step on and just an annoyance. Her hands curled into fists, the armor of her gloves creaking slightly. There wasn't any way she was getting through Malik, that much was for certain. She brought her eyes up to meet Lis' gaze over their "protectors" shoulders. Her right eye spun slightly as she zoomed in, Lis might have been able to see the tiny metallic movement. She lifted one hand and made the motion for twenty and then ducked under Malik's arm and twisted away from them all for the door.

There was nothing Nessa could do in this situation, she was human, just getting dragged along by their New Breed bullshit. She needed to cool off, needed to get her head on straight as anger wasn't a good emotion for someone like her to be feeling. Nessa wanted to punch something right now and she hated working without getting paid. She made sure to slam the door as she left the supply closet, making her feel just a tad better at the teenage outburst she'd never had..mostly cause she'd never been a teenager with outbursts. These felines were getting to her...emotions were crap.

She would miss Malik's speech about responsibility, which was probably for the best considering it would have just pissed her off more. Their little family was getting a bit too extended for Nessa. She moved to the bar and McGregor set a double shot of whiskey in front of her. Turning her face up to him she gave him a thankful smile and lifted the glass to him before downing it. The burn helped a bit but she needed a walk. "I'll be back in twenty McGregor, if the furballs come out of the closet..let Mal know I'll be back." McGregor nodded and took the glass from her and handed over her fur lined jacket. "I'll let them know Artemis, it's always nice to see you...try not to get in too much trouble alright?" She winked at him and sauntered out of the bar and into the crisp night air. Cold, that was what she needed to cool off her unending rage. That was the one emotion those assholes back in the training center where she was raised cultivated in each of them...anger. They deadened every other emotion Nessa could have ever felt, but anger...no that was the one emotion that would make a better soldier. Anger could be the last fuel on the proverbial fire to get them through when they had nothing else.

Pulling on her jacket, she zipped it up over her armor. It was long enough to cover her hips, but leave her knife handle clear so she could draw it if need be. Malik had told her to leave her firearms in the mule, McGregor didn't like them bringing them into the bar and Vanessa had enough respect for her fellow soldiers to agree...didn't make her feel any less naked however.
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PostSubject: Re: Surprises sometimes suck... [Malik, Nessa, Bree, Cyd]    Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:32 pm

This was by far the biggest mess Lis had ever landed herself in. She was illiterate, deaf in an ear, and clumsy, yet, one mistake in the night and this was bringing her family against each other. Anger was not something Lisette dealt with well. She had a temper, but her revenge was more of a sneaky silent type. She could emit some nerve gas through the vents or set a trip wire for a bomb… but this was different. She'd never permanently harm anyone in the room… save for one.

At the sound of her name falling from Bree's lips, she turned her head to ensure her good ear was listening. So many things were going on in head hear, Lis was having a hard time hearing and concentrating. Normally, her Pride would protect her from this type of thing by either taking over the conversation or asking the right questions to the speaker, making sure Lis clearly understood. Now, she was struggling and no one was here to save her.

There was tension and anger, and it was all upon Lisette's shoulders. There was movement, and Malik placed himself between Vanessa and Bree. Dash remained still, only taking a step back towards Cyd. When Malik spoke, Lis heard his baritone vice clearly. She shifted her weight to get a better look at Vanessa, but only saw her turn about face and march out the door. "Ness!" She called after her and took a step, but a gentle hand on her shoulder stopped her… as did looking into the lions face. His eyes locked on her and the cheetah knew there was no getting out of this, no matter how fast she could run.

He turned squarely to look at her, get on her level, his eyes on hers. Malik was an expert in dealing with the cheetah, he leaned a little to her good side and spoke loudly and clearly. There was a fight brewing. It was almost as one in the wild would be… a cheetah growls, a lions roars, and the spotted, smaller cat has a choice to make… fight or flight. Lisette was much better at one than the other. Her ally was not here, no Ness to come out swinging.

Lis drew in a breath to fight back, but the lion stepped towards her. This caught her off guard and she took a step back into Cyd. She was on the defense now. Everyone was against her and her decision and to make it all worse, Vanessa had left in anger. Malik was on the rise and ready to fight, Cyd was siding with Malik and Bree… she needed to be put in her place but it was obvious Lis couldn't do it here. She snorted at the threat Bree grumbled to her, but that was all, no words. She'd spoken enough. Many things could be said for Lis, but one was that she knew when to flee a fight.

Anger, shock, regret, and concern brewed within her now. As Malik finished she cut her eyes to Bree. " I am leaving, but not because you are unfair. But because I cannot let Nessa be alone out there. She's not one of us by blood and angry she's off her guard. I'm going after her. Of everyone here, I've cut her the deepest and we know Nes doesn't know how to deal with feelings. She turned her head to Cyd, "I'll do my part. I never had a mother, I have no idea how to teach. But I'll do my part." She took a step towards Bree and raised an eyebrow, "Maybe'll you'll get your chance kitten… but I doubt it." One finger tapped her neck to taught Bree's earlier statement about biting it. " Whether she comes with us or not is up to you, Malik… she knows how to find me. I'm going after Nessa." With that said, she shrugged off the hand on her shoulder and passed Malik. As she opened the door, she quickly looked at ee one last time, "Until we meet again, Sweetheart," and blew her a kiss.

Closing the door, Lisette nodded to McGregor, "That way Love," he said, pulling his hand from drying a cup and pointing towards the front door. "She said she'd come back…" Lis nodded, "Thanks Mac." He knew what Lis was looking for before she'd asked, he knew that where the human treaded, usually a large feline was close behind. "She said she'd come right back!" He hollered as Lis headed out the front door. His words were no good, she didn't hear him. Drawing in a deep breath, she smelled the air, looking for the familiar scent of perfume in the air. She had some explaining to do but first, she'd have to find her human.

"NESS?!" ......she listened.... "NESSA?!?" you can't run from me... she thought, and took off in a direction Lis was fairly sure her friend would have gone. She started out slow, speed could always come, but there was no need to rush. Let her brew a little first...
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PostSubject: Re: Surprises sometimes suck... [Malik, Nessa, Bree, Cyd]    Wed Nov 28, 2012 12:08 am


This was what it was.

Bree knew she had crossed a line when she said "Dash." The nickname was the catalyst... and boom.

The sad thing was that Bree didn't care what she had caused. She was hurt, confused, angry, and a lot of things. She hated the variety of emotions she was experiencing. They made sense and didn't. She was so used to being in control, stoic. In this instant, she was the exact opposite of what she normally was. A part of her was afraid... afraid of the stupid R word that was rejection. She didn't belong with them. She didn't belong in a 'pride,' but she felt obligated to finally meet her maker...

Who turned out to be a brat.

Cyd's words were surprisingly calm. Bree regarded the blond woman with respect. She also figured Malik to be the leader. In a pride, the male was king. This wasn't any different it seemed.

When Vanessa left, Bree didn't bat an eye. She was far too engrossed with the growing animosity between Lisette and herself. Cyd diffused the situation with her present and Malik's words were clear cut. The tension radiated thickly in the air. Bree ended up a part of it rather than the casual observer. Gritting her teeth, the woman pinched the bridge of her brows. The lecture could've been given to a child, but what did she know? She was well into her thirties, unmarried, no family. She knew how to lead a team of trained soldiers into battle, but not.. not deal with...

She didn't even know what this was. She had friends in the Terran Guard, others that were born shifters. They were patient. They taught her things, but the magic as Malik described didn't pull her to them as it did to Lisette. Of all people, this young, cocky little brat drew Bree to this bar, to this pride.

The idea of who killing whom brought a downward turn to her lips. Bree frowned darkly. This situation could've gone sour if it'd been the two of them alone. Perhaps it was beneficial that the pride had been present. There wouldn't been a fight, or worse - death. Her cheetah was both drawn to Lisette and infuriated that it had been left alone. Again the confusion hit her. She huffed softly, and crossed her arms. She did appear more relaxed than usual, but she was still uncertain.

Where did this leave her now?

"The Terran Guard won't do anything." Bree finally said. "I'll make sure of that." Ice blue pools flicked to Lisette. The younger woman was finally going to make a move. Her electric gaze narrowed as Lisette baited the older woman. She resisted the growl that was rumbling in her throat, and kept her composure. "Tch." Instead of a formal farewell returned, Bree merely nodded. Her bright orbs tracked her maker.

"Yeah. Until then." she finally murmured, revealing her perplexed nature. She shook her head and uncrossed her arms. She looked between Cyd and Malik. "I think I've worn off my welcome." She awkwardly rubbed the back of her neck, "I honestly don't know what to think... or what to do in this moment, but I do think it might be... better for me to leave."
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PostSubject: Re: Surprises sometimes suck... [Malik, Nessa, Bree, Cyd]    Wed Dec 05, 2012 9:03 pm

The streets were empty with the exception of what seemed to be a simple beggar who was sleeping in the archway the hung over a business long since closed down. The person laying in wait however was much more then what they seemed and as highly trained as Nessa was even she did not see the rouse for what it was and simply walked past without a second glance. Part of it was the disguise but the largest reason for missing the signs that she normally would have picked up was that she was far to angry and wrapped up in her own business to care about some random fucker on the street. This played into the hands of that 'simple beggar' who sprang to life a few moments after she passed by and silently rushed up behind the expert sniper. A normal person would have been caught off guard but because of the years of fighting and the extensive training that Nessa had she was not so easily taken even by someone as silent as this assailant.

Nessa spun at the last second with her dagger aimed for the side of the neck but her wrist was caught in a vice like grip that halted the attack dead in its tracks. The beggar smirked as it used its free hand to sink a needle into Nessa's neck and injected ethorphine into her system. The drug was supposed to knock out the victim instantly but Nessa was beyond average and she found enough strength to pull the dagger from inside her sleeve and swipe again at her attacker. The stab fell short but a dark crimson line showed on the womans chest as Nessa managed to make a decent slice in her chest before a massive fist caught her jaw and aided the drug in its attempt to put her on her ass. The last words she would hear would be "Pathetic fucking humans." and then the darkness would grip her.

The beggar removed her disguise and picked up the knife that slice her skin and looked at it angrily before tossing it to the ground with a growl. She then looked at her shirt which had a decent cut in it along with her skin which was already knitting itself back together. Bending down she picked Nessa up with ease that betrayed her five foot one frame and carried her a few feet to a black car that pulled up right as Nessa had spun around. The trunk opened and the small woman placed Nessa inside of it and spit on her unconscious body before bounding her tightly and slamming the trunk shut. Hopping in the front passenger side. The car pulled off calmly and headed down the street with the human member of the pride tied up in the trunk.

(Modding of Nessa approved by typist. THING TO KNOW: Upon getting to the scene you will find one of her knives with some blood on it, the needle, the beggars clothing with a gash in it, and some splotches of blood on the ground.)
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PostSubject: Re: Surprises sometimes suck... [Malik, Nessa, Bree, Cyd]    Sat Dec 08, 2012 12:52 am

"Take all the time you need," he said to Bree. "You know how to find us, even if that way can be brat sometimes. She isn't so bad when you get to know her." It was the only comfort that he could give the young cheetah. He didn't want to overreach and scare her away. Malik had had enough hands in his life forcing him to do one thing after another, so he did his best not to be that hand forcing anyone else. Giving orders to his crew was different. They were a well oiled machine most of the time, and a formidable force capable of anything. Outside of jobs, however, they were a family. They each did their own thing, and had their own lives. The common thread was that they were all a part of each other's lives. That was why he didn't order Lis to make nice. She had to make that choice for herself. All he could do was provide advice, and stand by her whatever she chose.

Malik watched as Bree made her exit back into the world and then looked to Cyd who was the only one of their number who was still there. "Sorry you had to get drug into all of this. It's a family so that means there is bound to be some dysfunction in it." He did his best to smile through the remnants of anger that still pumped through his veins. It seemed that having a group of people meant that there was to be a little bit of drama around them, but the alternative was too costly. Malik didn't want to be alone. He'd walked that road for a long time and didn't like it one bit. For allt he trouble that came with family, he wouldn't trade it for the world. They were his.

He gave a jerk of his head towards the door to let her know that he was intending on getting out of there. "Nessa storming off, Dash running after her..." he signed and said, "... that's a new one. Usually it's the other way around. Ness is usually a block of ice, and chases after Lis to calm her down before she tries to burn the city down." Malik walked out of the store room and went over to McGregor. "Thanks, Mac. Sorry about the drama, you know how women are. Nothing got broken back there." He reached across the bar and shook his old friend's hand, then left money on the bar for the tab and the tip. It was still a business and Malik made sure he helped it thrive. A few free drinks here and there was one thing, but he knew that business was business.

"They both went out the front door. You might be able to catch them. Ness looked like she would put a bullet in Lis's leg so she could be left alone." the bartender said as he tugged a thumb towards the door.

Nodding his thanks Malik headed towards the door, and held it open for Cyd. He didn't know how fast either of them were moving, but they had a head start. He didn't hurry because he was going to have to track them both by sense of smell. He knew their scents as well as he knew his own so tracking them would be easy even in this city since the trail was so fresh. When he got out of the bar he stopped dead in his tracks. He saw Lis standing there looking around, and he smelled fresh blood on the wind that was blowing towards him. Keen feline eyes searched the street and he saw the source of the smell glinting in the street lights. "What the fuck?" he said and walked to kneel over Nessa's knife.

She never left any of her knives behind. She would pull them from a corpse, wipe them off, and put them back where they belonged. Something wasn't right. "Lis, that way. Cyd, that way." He motioned in opposite directions to send them off looking for signs of Vanessa. Malik picked up the dagger, closed his eyes, and drew in a deep breath. He drew in the scent of the blood and knew it wasn't Vanessa's. Moving it away from his nose, he started to smell the area around it. Thankfully it was late at night and there were no passersby walking around. He wanted to find the scent of anyone that wasn't Vanessa. The beast was stirring within him. He was getting angry. Malik wanted to know who touched a member of his Pride. As he drew in the air and filtered Vanessa's scent out, he searched his memory to see if he knew who took her. He wanted to know who he was going to kill.
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PostSubject: Re: Surprises sometimes suck... [Malik, Nessa, Bree, Cyd]    Sat Dec 08, 2012 5:34 pm

One by one, they left. Leaving the newly infected soldier staring at the two older were creatures for answers. Only, there wasn't any. And as Bree realized this, she decided that now wasn't the time to make her decision. It wasn't like choosing a color for your wedding. This was a family. And not exactly one of the easiest to become apart of. If Bree wanted to be among her own kind, then she had a lot still to learn about how they worked. It was up to Bree to decide if it was worth it enough, or if she could really hide what she'd become from the soldiers of her unit.

Having said more than she was used to, Cyd waited silently as Malik handled Bree. Then, as the newly infected were left, Malik tried to apologize for the other two. The blonde shook her head, and stepped up beside him. A hand trailed along his arm, fingers like a feather soft caress that cascaded against his skin, until fingers fluttered back away, "It's alright. They are allowed their opinion. Besides, they are still getting used to having me around."

She bobbed her head in a gentle nod, and slid out the door. While Bree had left to decide if she wanted to be part of Malik's family unit, there were still the other two who needed to be found.

Cyd strolled through the bar, heading easily towards the door in the liquid roll of her feline gate. Hips narrowly passing by tables, chairs, and bar patrons, with each subtle swivel of her hips. Stepping out into the fresh air, she lifted her nose. Nostrils flaring, as she pulled in the mixed soup of scents that drifted just outside the bar.

She had seen Lis, but Nessa was no where about. And that wasn't a good thing. Cyd didn't know what the sniper might do on her own. How exactly did she ease off the tension that had boiled inside her skin, back in the back room of McGregor's? Vanessa didn't like newcomers to the fold. And not knowing the other woman too well yet, Bishop felt an edge of concern that she just might decide to take pot shots at anyone who didn't look or smile just right.

Hearing Malik curse, Cyd lifted her chin to look over her shoulder. She watched as Malik picked up the glinting piece of metal. It's tip coated in blood. A frown pulled upon her mouth, then she gave Malik a quick nod, taking his orders.

With a turn on her heel, she spun about in the direction she'd been sent. Heading around the bend of the bar, Cyd strode into an alley. In the darker view between the buildings, she stopped. Giving herself a moment, pupils began to dilate and change. Irises began to pale, crystal facets changing into a pale golden hue. Her damp tongue squirmed between parted lips, swiping a lick against her coral pout. The air tasted of tin, copper, and grease. No blood. And no Vanessa. With a frown, the panther continued to move on. But, something told her, she was following a cold set of tracks.
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Surprises sometimes suck... [Malik, Nessa, Bree, Cyd]
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