A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Adrien McKinley, also "Myr"

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PostSubject: Adrien McKinley, also "Myr"    Fri Aug 03, 2012 7:24 pm


Name: Adrien Joyce McKinley
Nickname: AJ, Mickey
Age: 119 years old; appears 19
Weight: 130lbs
Height: 5'6

Eye color: jade green that turn yellow when hungry, or livid
Hair color: ash blond
Race: Fiend
Residence: Nowhere... and anywhere...
Nationality: N/A
Affiliation: Clanless
Occupation: resident cannibal and medium.

Face Claim: Colton Haynes

• all in the details •

he is a slightly built "young" man with fair skin, and bright colored eyes. Ash blond hair is kept short and up . His mode of dress is simple, but never casual. His soft features stir up confusion until he speaks, in a soft tenor that betrays little emotions. His smooth, unblemished skin is cold to the touch, barely flushed whenever he has his fill. He prefers slim fitting clothes and no shoes. His bare feet would collect the city's filth, but they are easy to clean off. He only wears shoes when it's... appropriate. Behind the painted mask of faux sincerity would be the devilish smile of the fiend living within the supposed youth. He is often mistaken as a vampire, but it's the cold aura of death that would provoke his other image - of long incisors that would transform his maw into something beastly when it's time to eat. The hunger that would fill him when the night comes would turn his eyes yellow.

Adrien is soft-spoken and quiet. He doesn't ever raise his voice. He finds no need to, since his cadence rings with the disharmony of two occuring at once - his own, and the other voice that could only be heard by Others, or gifted humans. That is Myr speaking, and the fiend is dangerous. He is a temporary ally, but will always ask for something in return of a service perform. He has no side but his own, and often toes the line of being caught. Often underestimated, Adrien takes complete advantage of how others would perceive him as a friendly individual. Despite taking complete possession of a human vessel, Myr is at odds with the insufferable fate of humanity to feel.

Adrien's mind, however locked, still lingers and affects the fiend regarding specific situations. Emotions are puzzling, as they are frustrating, so he could fall into fits of rage when least expected. He has no control over Adrien's genuine reaction to certain things, the boy who thought to have made a friend, when in the end, he was being used by an evil entity. Myr could care less, but would have to cope with being human, however much he dislikes it. On the other hand, he does enjoy the simply pleasures immensely, like food - especially sweets and sunlight, despite the sun's holy grace being a repellent to the fiend's... fiendish nature. Classical music seems to provoke an emotional response for some reason. He would find himself reacting with tears instantly, but feel nothing. All in all, Adrien had grown even more complex since the possession.


Adrien is at his best when night comes. He is three times stronger and faster than a human, without any strength enhanced abilities. Despite his light, ash colored hair and vibrant eyes, he blends well with the shadows because of his fiendish aura and notably dark clothes. He moves quietly and quickly, and tends to play mind tricks. He speaks with two voices, the notable human male that has a soft tenor, and the fiend known as Myr. A rattling dissonance rings within the other voice that calls out to the ghosts. He can see the dead, sense them if they're unseen, or smell them when they are about.

The dead are either drawn by his attention, or afraid of what Myr might ask of them. Not that it'd matter to the fiend. He is self-serving, but that wouldn't render him incapable of "helping" others - for a price, of course. He could effectively communicate with the deceased, and find out the names of those recently passed. Few spirits are angry with Myr, since he goes after the... "bad" ones. While he can possess a control over them, he cannot harm them, at all. He cannot lash out at the incorporeal, but he can block them out with a psychic shield over his. That is the equivalent to slamming a door in front of someone's face.

When night falls, Adrien is immediately subject to a cannibalistic hunger. That is the only way he could really amp up his powers, and remain active during the daylight, where his supernatural abilities would be considerably weaker. He is more human with the sun up, so a good meal the night before will keep him above average throughout the day. He specifically has to eat the flesh of the living. He could feast on the recently deceased, but once they reach rigor-mortis, their nutritional value plummets.

Deceased flesh makes him weaker and sick to the point that he would vomit black muck, if he doesn't find a living source to feast from. Animals temporarily staunch the hunger, but the human flesh is more satisfying. He cannot feast on vampires, or necromancers. He'd suffer severe adverse effects from something as simple as a bite. Feeding on Others, like elves or werecreatures for instance, would leave him in a "fuzzy state." Their blood alone would make him experience what is the equivalent to being drunk. He wouldn't be able to eat them... since he'd be intoxicated.

Being the type of fiend he is, he would rather spend less effort in obtaining his meal. His healing rate isn't as instant as a vampire's. He could only suffer so much before he has to escape and recover which could take up to an hour or more if he doesn't find a food source to replenish immediately. He can easily absorb light damage, but heavier, critical damage would leave him in a vulnerable state. Again, he would have to rely on his speed and cunning to get what he needs before utilizing his strength. He is the type to save the best for last. Adrien is at his weakest when he's asleep. He falls into a near comatose state, and prefers the darkness of a catacomb, or tomb to get his full rest.

Emotions are something he has a terrible time connecting with. Growing up was not an easy task, neither was it enjoyable. The fiend suffers conflicting leftovers from the human It took over, so it is more difficult to process certain feelings and how they correlate to certain reasons - like for instance, music. Classic, orchestral music moves him and they lack words. Adrien, as a human, enjoyed it immensely, but the emotional connection puzzles the fiend.

Adrien is naturally gifted with music - but only to the extent of listening, before playing. He cannot read notes, or write his own. He plays by ear, and the instruments include the guitar, the violin, piano and flute. He recently picked up the harmonica.

• the tale of a lifetime•

The moment he took his first breath, a premature child with lungs that barely survived the near collapse, his mother died. He was fatherless, and was sent immediately to the orphanage in Bastion. The orders were clear, send Adrien there to be raised, no questions asked. He didn't need to know what his mother did for a living. It would also be a waste of time to guess who his father was. That knowledge would remain buried, in the bosom of the midwife whose life would be taken by curious circumstances in the later years. Life wasn't perfect, and he's grow up with an unsound childhood.

Even he couldn't be safe within the four walls of his solitary room. He had always been a quiet boy, reserved and oddly polite. Because he was born on the threshold between life and death, he was marked as a potential vessel - but what would get to him first? As fiends and celestials of the other realms watched, a careful eye would especially be kept on him by a certain fiend. With the veil so thin for Adrien, he was able to see what others couldn't. The shades were especially clear for Adrien to pick out, but it was the truly dead that refused to move on that took up all of his attention, including those that clung to vitality. He had grown to be afraid of people because of the things he saw.

He refused to get close to anyone, even though his features struck up even more attention. He was a handsome boy, adored by men and women alike, especially the predators hidden behind the mask of sweetness. Even humans were far more frightening than the monsters daily kept at bay. His youth was not a time to cherish. In fact, he'd sometimes wished he'd never been born. Subject to cruel and unusual punishment, he very little got along with the other orphans who saw him as an odd commodity. The boys were worse than the girls. They picked on him and even attempted to coerce him into activities against his will. However, a reputation began forming, having to do with Adrien Joyce McKinley. Those who ever laid a hand on him ended up harmed, or in an accident.

The odd thing was that Adrien never laid a hand on them, and no one thought to suspect the quiet, soft spoken boy. He had a secret, and that was secret was befriending a fiend. Myr had crawled into Terra from the rift. He was a spectral fiend who needed a host. Adrien would attract Myr, not only because his body was a vessel to the otherwordly entity, but because of the power the youth possessed that was similar to Myr's, for Myr specialized with dealing with the dead. He would call to ghosts when need be, to call upon favors or answers in case he needed a question answered. Myr would attract Adrien in his lowly days in the orphanage. Trust was bridged between the entity and the human. Myr needed Adrien to grow up a little more however, before taking him as a host. The boy's body needed to be fully matured and stronger. In the mean time, It would stick close to the boy and take care of certain problems. Help always came with a price, however. The fiend was a hungry, flesh-eating entity after all.

Eventually, Adrien was left alone in the orphanage, but outside, in the darker parts of the city, was a different story altogether. Myr's hunger had prompted Adrien to make a trip outside of the orphanage. In order to thrive, Myr needed to feed, in a manner similar to vampires, except that it fed on living flesh instead of blood. His sight was like a damaged on and off switch. Myr had yet to make a choice in possessing Adrien, since the boy still needed to grow - but all of that changed when a leery group approached the youth. One women, and three men, each holding a favored weapon - a chain, a knife and a crowbar. One must remember that this was a different time, and a different place. Bastion wasn't always the perfect white city everyone painted it to be.

The look on their faces immediately told Adrien what they had in mind. The fiend waited until Adrien was attacked. Feeling betrayed, the boy called out to his spectral companion. Adrien had to get to that point of near death for Myr to take possession. Those were the rules It had to abide by, especially when It was a entity summoned by those who needed assistance with the afterlife. That point would open the doorway for Myr to take a hold. The brutal beating, the morbid art of destroying something beautiful painted the alleyway as blood splattered the ground. With a chain around his throat, he was dragged along the ground, bones broken as he stared numbly into the night sky. He thought he saw a woman looking down at him - was it sadness, or disappointment that he detected? She was only a shade however, and soon disappeared. They were not done with him yet. The fun was only starting, but they wouldn't realize what was coming their way. When Adrien drew in a sharp, shuddering breath, Myr seized the moment to slip inside the vessel.

Adrien fell into a seizure before blacking out. The possession took complete hold, and Myr finally had a body, as well as a name to go with it. Adrien, still body, healed when he smelled the sewers. The underground passage to the sewers yawned before him, but his luminous orbs flashed open as the fiend awoke within him. He was no longer human. The bloodcurdling screams was the start of a symphony that would end in bloodshed. Stronger than ever, but still restricted to the unspoken laws of Terra, Adrien was truly able to defend himself and this time, the accidents became cold-blooded murder. The hunger that gnawed in his gut led him to a gruesome feast, and then leaving the remains by the sewers. Their blood would soak the water before Adrien vanished, and he would remain that way for the next century.

No clean record was left behind the elusive fiend. When the hunger struck, a bloodbath would ensue - but only for specific victims. He watched the people and the world slowly change over time. Rifts opened and closed all the time, either taking away his brothers, or throwing them into this world. Adrien, however, didn't bother to find others like himself. He was a lone wanderer, and he kept to himself unless something caught his interest. The war bore no effect on the fiend, since it fed off of blood and death. This vessel was too perfect, for no one would think to suspect a handsome, young fellow like himself.

One of Adrien's prized possession is a violin, given to him on his sixth birthday by a loving caretaker, Matilda who had unfortunately been transfered to a prestigious school after ten years in the orphanage. Even while possessed by a fiend, Adrien keeps the violin close, since it carries a high, sentimental value.

The Enlightment barely affected Adrien. He had watched the war, which was more like an open buffet for Myr. When the cataclysm hit, he had been lucky to have survived, sleeping deep within the underground and recovering from a particularly nasty fight.l

Is this a Canon?: No

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?: Formerly, Raina.
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Adrien McKinley, also "Myr"
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