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 Something Wicked This Way Comes (Open)

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PostSubject: Something Wicked This Way Comes (Open)   Tue Jul 24, 2012 3:34 am

Some other world:

Opening her eyes, the purple glow illuminating the face of her dear sister, Damani's eyes glowing their tell tale green. Clutching her sister's hands in her own, their powers swirling in an aura around them. She knew they were drawing too much, knew they could die in this, but it was their only chance. The drums filled the night air, the triple moons above adding even more power to their spell work. Across the sand at their feet, lines of runes pulsed purple and green to the beat of the drums, pounded by the minions Damani and Donnica had collected during their time trapped on this miserable world. It was nothing compared to their Terra, the grotesque and misshapen figures of the creatures that inhabited this world danced in the shadows of the fires. They were a stupid race, but useful.

She could feel the power welling up through her, back and forth between the two of them. Damani smiled at her, squeezing her hands reassuringly. The chant they'd painstakingly taught their minions reverberated in the air, in this world they'd had to learn the language, or their spell would have no power here as this world's magic was unfamiliar to them. They'd had to learn to control the magic, learn it's ways before it would respond to them. "It's time Sister, I love you, I always will, but you are the eldest, you are the most powerful. You must return." For a moment, true sadness crossed her dark face, and then Donnica pushed the emotion aside, replacing it with steel resolve. From the sheath at her belt, she pulled free one of her runed blades. There was no need for words, they held an understanding that only siblings could hold. They knew each other far better then lovers, they were blood, they were family, they were Talos.

Twisting her blade so it faced up, she brought it up into Damani's chest. Plunging it through her own sister's heart. At the same moment, Damani tilted her face upwards to the sky that pulsed with the storm of their combined power. She let loose a scream that shook the very world around them. Donnica didn't have time to grieve, barely had time to watch the light fade from her sister's eyes before she was pulled upwards and directly into the Rift they'd created together. She felt as if her every molecule was being torn apart, piece by tiny piece until there was nothing but darkness.

The world of Terra:

Above the Broken Peaks in the Wastelands, there gathered a storm of immense power. It pulsed with so much Mana that those monitoring the flows searching for rifts would feel it coming for hours. With each passing minute it would gather more power. It rolled and boiled, covering the peaks in purple and green lightening strikes that blew some of them apart. And then it all seemed to collapse in on itself, pulling in tight to form a Rift. A tear in the world that was not natural, but created with magic. From it's center shot one last bolt of purple lightening that impacted into the surface of Terra with such fury as hadn't been seen in nearly 12 years.

Rising from the dust and ashes of the destroyed mountain, Donnica stood up, a bloody dagger clutched in her hand, Her elegant form clad in leather she'd made herself over the last years. Though she didn't know it, parts of her exposed flesh shimmered with purple mist, the precursor to a new phase in her life that she did not see coming yet.

But she was home, and she could feel the familiarity she'd missed for 12 years, she was home....and they would regret it.
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PostSubject: Re: Something Wicked This Way Comes (Open)   Tue Jul 24, 2012 8:03 pm

Daven was sitting in an abandoned apartment building nailing some body parts to the walls as a decoration for his newest of slaughter houses. His trademark white sleeve shirt was rolled up tot he elbows and from the roll of the sleeves down to his finger tips were soaked in the blood of the four innocent young women he had slaughtered. There organs hung from the ceiling tied to there intestines the only one missing was the heart of each of them. One could guess where those ended up by the blood that covered his mouth and shirt soaking his chest. The place was a bloody mess and Daven was thoroughly enjoying himself when his eyes went wide and he looked out the window to the wastelands.

The power that was forming the storm was one he felt drawn to and was one he knew well. It took him only a second to figure out who it was that held such a familiar power and within an instant he was out the window and charging down the street at full speed ahead. Nothing stopped the demons charge in getting to that area and the one he knew to be returning from a long hiatus from this realm. People were tossed from his path as were crates and and animals and the like. Nothing was going to stop him from getting to the source of that storm and the one who held the power to fully unleash him on this realm.

The wastelands were a very dangerous place for most but anything that might have thought the demon was something to mess with was clearly of a different mind when her sped past with pure excitement written on his face and adrenaline coursing through his veins. He arrived at the site of the storm and looked to the sky with the eyes of a child on Christmas when they see all those presents under the tree waiting for them to rip the paper from and enjoy. Licking his lips he waited anxiously for the storm to conclude.

He stood there unmovable for hours as the storm built in its fury and the bolts of lightning shook the very ground he stood on. The time was drawing near as the blood soaked demon continued to stand waiting and with great hope for this witches return. He had not seen this one since she summoned him to this realm and it seemed only fitting to him that her return be met by the one she herself had brought her.

Finally the last bolt of lightning struck the mountain and reduced it to rubble before the mighty demon. Chunks of rock and boulders went flying past him and he inhaled deeply and held that breath waiting for the dust to clear. When it did he could clearly see the outline of the witch Donnica standing before him in all her glory. The purple mist of her body was not something he remembered of her but he had an idea of where it came from and a smirk at the thought came to his facial features.

He stepped foreword and finally stood before the all powerful witch of Terra once more. She oozed more power then he recalled and it seemed she had grown considerably more formidable then last he recalled which was good because it gave him even greater hope that she would release his true form upon the world. She was the only one left who would be able to do such a thing and that was why he stood before her now ready to welcome her home.

"Donnica my dear it has been awhile..."
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PostSubject: Re: Something Wicked This Way Comes (Open)   Tue Jul 24, 2012 8:06 pm

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf
the big bad wolf
the big bad wolf....

Kiri had woken from a dead sleep with the thoughts of something brewing in the air. INVESTIGATE! Her mind told her. So she woke up Bitty, poor Bitty had been sound asleep in his little bed of pink fluff. But she had woken the stuffed cat up. Latched it to the pink leash and already it was dragging the ground behind her. The wheels of her Barbie case drug in the grass more than they rolled.

Kiri was.. dressed for the occassion. Her outfit was unique unto herself. She had picked it out special this morning.

Great power was coming.

She could feel it in the air. Dancing on her arms. Tingles tingles.

If you sprinkle when you tinkle
be a sweetie and wipe the seatie

She had heard that somewhere. So she walked in the area even though it was not really a place that you could use heels in she was making it work. With magic she had colored her hair dark instead of it's normal strawberry blonde and died the ends bright pink so that they matched her outfit. It was handy being able to use magic for many things.

"I know you're here witchy witchy! I can feel your power! I have come to greet you Mistress of the Magical Powers of Awesomeness!" she called out into the air as she began to head towards the feeling of power.

When she came upon the witch Kiri couldn't help but give the woman a slight smile and a little nod of respect and happiness that she had indeed found the woman responsible for all the power.

"Well hello there! I'm Kiri, this is Bitty, and I felt you coming." she beamed brightly in her amazingly bright outfit. She stood out, that much was for sure.
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PostSubject: Re: Something Wicked This Way Comes (Open)   Fri Jul 27, 2012 10:47 pm

When the figure of a male stepped towards her out of the dust and ash of the fallen mountain, Donnica pulled free her other dagger, twisting them both so the blades ran down her arms and she could defend herself if need be. She had no idea how much Terra had changed, how different everything was. Even the Mana of Terra felt different, and somehow...more. She could almost see the remnants of her spell floating in the air around her, feel it against her dark flesh. When he spoke, her dark lips curled into a knowing smile, his aura colliding with her own, though he wouldn't have known it. This was her new senses as a Shade, and even she was not prepared for it.

"Daven, my, my how you've changed...I think I like this body better, it fits you." She purred to him, stepping into him until their bodies nearly touched. Her own body still crackled with the energy and power of the rift, sending tingles though his flesh where they touched. She knew Daven all too well, though this form was unfamiliar to her, she hadn't truly cared for his last meat suit anyway. She did not move to embrace him, that was not her way, should he decide to touch her, she would allow it...to a point.

A new voice rang out through the dust, and Donnica turned her still glowing eyes on the newcomer. A different smile crossed her face at the sight of the small girl, the tiny adorable, yet powerful witch...in her way. Kiri Nihara held the capacity for greatness, but it was obvious she was young, too raw to truly understand what she was capable of. Stepping away from Daven, Donnica would turn to face Kiri completely. inclining her head and her body slightly in greeting to the girl.

"I am Donnica Talos, it is a pleasure to meet you both Little One. To what do I owe the pleasant surprise of this Welcoming Party...and how long have I been gone?" This last she directed to Daven, glancing back to him over her slender shoulder, her dark hair cascading down her back in it's famous curls. The amulet at her neck still pulsed slightly with the power she had used to work the magic of the Rift...she doubted she would ever be able to achieve that again, at least not alone. Her sister's sacrifice had not been in vain. They had succeeded and Donnica was now home. She would need to put her sister to rest properly later. For now, Donnica needed information, and a lot of it.
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PostSubject: Re: Something Wicked This Way Comes (Open)   Sat Jul 28, 2012 10:40 pm

Donnica made her way in his direction and the world seemed to stop for the demon at that moment leaving everything in a dead silence as the sight of the beautiful and deadly witch became more clear. There auras colliding was not seen by the demon but to those it could be seen by would see them smashing against one another as she entered the field of his own aura and the two would embrace and swirl around them. None of this was noticed by the demon as she stood before him easily within reach of his embrace and a smirk came to his face as she mentioned his body.

"You have no idea how glad I am that you like it." His arms would slide around her waist and pull her against his hardened and blood covered body as he touched her his body lit up tingling from her power. His face grew closer to hers till they were inches apart. His body pressed tightly to her own and he leaned in closer his lips about to press to hers when her head turned and his did as well to take notice of Kiri standing there before them. He was glad to see the psycho witch here but his desire to ravage Donnica was going to be put off a bit longer due to her announcing herself.

As Donni greeted her Daven got a good look at her from behind while the tingling of his body began to slowly fade. Her new power was greater then he thought she would ever achieve but then again he put nothing past the sly and cunning witch. When she summoned him she had formed a pact with him before letting him go on the world. Should she need him he would be there without question as the simple agreement that was made and so here he was standing before her as she returned.

They had been together a few times in the adult sense and he rather enjoyed those memories of her sweating and moaning and he himself doing much of the same. She had vanished however and since then he had gone about his life causing terror and death to follow his every step. She was back now and it was time to see what plans she had for this new power and of course if she planned to unleash the full fury and rage of Daven's power.

The question snapped him from his thoughts as her beautiful visage turned quizzical of him and how long she had been gone. "I honestly have not kept track. All I know id with you back im here to make good on our deal." He did not need to make up a story or hide the fact that he really had not marked the date down in his calender as to why she vanished. He was a demon and while he enjoyed her company he did not care for her with emotions because of the fact that he was void of them.

She was not only powerful but wise and would expect nothing less of the hell spawn and so the question was wasted on him. However as he began to think he tried to recall exactly when she vanished so he could give her a rough time of how long it had been. That alone was enough to show that while he may not have had feelings for her she did have a special place within his mind where memories of her remain at all times.
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PostSubject: Re: Something Wicked This Way Comes (Open)   Sat Aug 04, 2012 8:49 am

She was lovely. This witch. Dark and beautiful. Kiri surveyed the surroundings. Surprised to find Daven here. But what surprised her the most was that he had been in the arms of the witch. She wondered if he was going to do to that witch what he had done to her. Kiri wasn't bitter. She wasn't like that. She would either at some point make him regret stringing her along, or she would shrug it off and make sure that he never got close enough again.

Donnica. This womans name.


Yes, that was what she would be called. At least in her mind.


Kiri giggled at her little joke.

The witch asked why she had a welcoming party and how long she had been gone. Kiri tilted her head to the side. She had no idea when the witch left. That probably meant that she was OLD!!! Daven liked the oldies apparently. (And the asians).

"I felt your power. It woke me up. I came to see if we could play!" her voice was happy and fine, and then fell to finish the sentence. "But, you already have a toy."

Her eyes shifted to Daven. He obviously, was the sort that got around. But, Kiri at least, wasn't into him. She was the kind of girl that would probably never actually fall in love. She was a liiittle too cracked up for something so serious. But she had brought herself some candy.

Who's afraid of the big bad witch!!!??

Not Kiri! That's who!!!!

"So.. what are you doing here? My Dark Mistress of the Uber Power of Darkness!? I have never felt powers like yours before." she admits with a bit of a glimmer in her eyes. She was in awe, and excited, and .. well just super ready to have some fun!
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PostSubject: Re: Something Wicked This Way Comes (Open)   Sun Aug 05, 2012 4:14 pm

The fact that Daven was covered in blood didn't phase Donnica, her own blade was still stained with the blood of her sister. It slightly pained Donnica that she would not be able to collect her sister's finger bone for her bone bag. A witch that had been through the Rift and seen other worlds would have been a powerful addition to her collection. The feeling of his arms around her waist was familiar, yet some how alien. It had been so long since she'd seen another human besides her Sister.

She was perfectly aware that Daven had been about to kiss her, and she was almost glad for the distraction that was Kiri Nihara. Her goal had been achieved, she had returned to Terra, and now it was time to find new goals. For that she would need knowledge, she needed to know how long she'd been gone and what she had missed before making any movement to disrupt it. The Talos witches were only out for themselves, they were the type of villains that simply liked to watch the world burn.

Donnica wore her leather and fur lined jacket, so Daven wouldn't be able to see the tattoo on her left shoulder blade that still glowed purple. It wasn't really a tattoo, it was the mark of the Shades. Her own sigil burned into her flesh for all to see. She would wear it in her human form until she burned out, however long that might be. Shades were mysterious creatures, and not much was known about them. Daven's answer to her question came as no surprise, time felt differently to a Fiend then it would for a mortal, and his concept of it would be skewed.

The difference between the two witches was nearly blinding, Donnica was tall, dark, sensual. Kiri was small, bright, exuberant. The young girl's words made Donnica smile, and she couldn't help but laugh when she referred to Daven as her toy. Such words were fitting, however much they may have grated on Daven to hear them. Donnica had the power to release him, or send him right back to where she'd found him and leave him their to rot for a few hundred more years. Daven knew this, and Donnica understood she meant nothing more to him then what she was worth.

"I am here Little One, because this is my home. I was taken from it some years ago and I have been fighting my way back ever since. Now that I am here, this world will once again know fear. If you have not felt power like mine before then I fear my family is all but destroyed. No matter, the Talos witches shall rise again. You hold much power yourself Little One, I can teach you to harness it properly, teach you to be your own version of the big bad witch...or perhaps I should say little bad witch hmmm? They never suspect the small ones after all." The corners of her mouth curled up as she made her own joke. Normally this girl's personality would grate on her and Donnica would want to be rid of her as soon as was possible, but Kiri was endearing and Donnica found she enjoyed the exuberance of the young girl.

She glanced back to Daven. "Do you know what has become of the Talos Manor? You remember it I hope? It was the place I summoned you to all those years ago." They'd done a lot more in that manor in Donnica's younger days, though she knew she didn't need to remind Daven of that where Kiri could hear it. Evil she might have been, but she was also a mother, and those instincts never truly disappear.
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PostSubject: Re: Something Wicked This Way Comes (Open)   Wed Aug 08, 2012 12:01 pm

Watching Donnica break away from his grasp he simply moved his hands back to his sides and watched her go over to Kiri and begin her little chat. It seemed that her time in the rift did little to steam her need to remind people of what she could do for them should they play ball with her. That was who she was however and Daven was very much the same way so he respected her for that. However being called a toy was something that irked the demon to the point where the thought of snapping Kiri's neck flashed across his mind for a moment. He set it aside however as Donnica seemed to be looking into getting the witch to join her crusade on Terra.

He would play nice and bide his time until he got what he wanted and then he would really be free of all the silly games and rules he had to play by at the moment. Donnica had far to much in her arsenal to use against Daven for him to make a move against her and to be honest that thought never crossed his mind. She was always good on her word with him and never really did anything that pushed the demon to find reason to act against her. She was beyond smart and ruthless to the core but she was also a strategic genius. All of these things combined to make the perfect woman in Daven's eyes and so it was they were locked together for the time being.

Daven had to be careful however because should he outlive his usefulness to the witch he was positive she would have no problem sending him back to the depths from which he came. Finally Donnica finished speaking with the younger witch and turned to question him again about the state of her families home. The last time he had been there was with her in her bedroom and he walked out thirsty with soaked in blood from the claw like marks she left upon him with her nails. The memory was there clear as day and a smile came to his face.

"I regret to inform you that seeing as I have not been able to sense a power like yours in awhile I can only assume it is in a poor state. I have not been there in awhile but I doubt it will be found in a livable condition." It was the best answer he could give her at the time and he did not beat around the bush. A direct and honest answer was the best he could give her because to lie or to try and give a glimmer of hope only to have it dashed would mean her wrath turned on him.

Fear was not something a demon felt but logic played a big part in there lives and logic would dictate that her wrath would mean his banishment. All moves needed to be planned out then looked over then planned again and then finally made. It was a process when dealing with the witch but even with the years gone past he was still rather good at this game even if slightly rusty. He looked about for a moment before adding "I have a place set up for you here in the wastelands. I can take you there and then go and check out the manor if you so wish it."
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PostSubject: Re: Something Wicked This Way Comes (Open)   Wed Aug 08, 2012 10:24 pm

Home is where the heart is!


Kiri tuned out. At some point. She heard something about this being her home. Her family was destroyed, annnnnd


Kiri's attention span tended to be rather short.

What actually got Kiri interested was the amount of power. The ones that Donnica mentioned, how the Talos witches would be known and feared again. This excited Kiri. She was a powerful witch. She might not look it, with her bright clothes, red hair, and her stuffed cat. But there was potent power running through her veins and she really wanted to USE it.


"You want Kiri's help! Yes please!" she beamed over at her. Then her face got suddenly serious. "You know what, your sugar is probably really low. Especially, after the spell that got you here. The rift of magic was rather large. It woke me up from my beauty sleep! Every Princess needs her beauty sleep! Here!"

Kiri dug into her bag and she pulled out a small bag of sweet soft candies. She hoped that would please the woman. It wasn't really an offering, but it would help the woman replenish some of the effort expended by getting here. Whether the witch took them or not was up to her. Kiri did not really care, nor would it change her attitude.

Daven seemed to have known this woman was returning to the world. Having even prepped her home. Kiri's brows rose. What a good little errand boy. She said nothing though. It wasn't her place. But Daven was certainly shining in a different light than he had before when they had fun on their date.

"I can go with you, My Lady of Power, if you want." she didn't offer anything specifically but she wasn't sure what she might be needed for, or wanted for, still, she was loathe to leave the woman's side just yet. "Perhaps, help you get set in. I bet there is TV! Was there TV when you were here before?"
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PostSubject: Re: Something Wicked This Way Comes (Open)   Sun Aug 19, 2012 4:46 pm

Daven's answer to her question again came as no surprise, it had been wishful thinking on her part as it was seeing as he probably wouldn't have given two thoughts about her family was she had disappeared. Donnica was perfectly aware that she was the only Talos Daven had carried anything about, and the only reason he'd kept coming back. His answer did match with her own thoughts however, so she'd have to postpone her trip to the Talos manor for another time. Kiri's outburst brought her attention back to the girl, and Don found herself smiling at the girl's obvious want to learn. Her hunger would be good, moldable, useable.

When the girl offered her some candy it forced Donnica to realize that for as much power as she'd used in getting here...she wasn't tired. She wasn't even hungry. This had her narrowing her eyes and glancing about her, really letting herself feel the area. Don could feel the power she'd used, feel her sister's magic still touching her flesh. She could see Daven's chaotic dark aura, and Kiri's brilliant one that screamed out how loud and obnoxious the girl could be. That was certainly different, Don had never been able to sense mana like that before. She would need to take some time and puzzle that out.

Daven's words brought her back however and she found herself turning to glare at him. "Don't you dare lie to me Daven Nevad, you did not prepare anything for me. My return is a surprise so don't act like you've been planning to serve me like a good little lap dog. You and I both know what you like to do to lap dogs." she growled, if it'd been anyone else she might have marked her words with a bit of physical violence, but getting into a physical confrontation with Daven would get her no where....yet.

Still, she didn't have any other options now did she. Heaving a sigh she glanced between the two of them and then nodded to Daven. "I need to rest, lead us Daven, There is much work to be done." She decided not to let on that she wasn't tired, when people thought you were weak they made mistakes. Donnica took a piece of candy from Kiri, popping it in her mouth after she'd unwrapped it and moved to walk with Daven. Kiri of course was welcome to join them but Donnica didn't need to hold her hand...and probably never would. She despised weakness, though she often exploited it in her prey.
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PostSubject: Re: Something Wicked This Way Comes (Open)   Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:46 pm

The way that Donnica snapped at him for his answer brought a smile to the face of the demon. She was the same beautiful and twisted woman he remembered her to be from all those years ago. Fearless and full of venom who would not be intimidated by anyone or anything no matter what or who it was. It was what drew him to her and made him want to help her accomplish the goals she had in mind even now after all the years gone by.

Fearless was by far the trait that he loved most about the woman and she showed it even now in the way she spoke to him. Almost every spell she had to attack with was based upon the element of fire in some form or fashion and Daven was able to control fire so should she use them they would not only be useless against him but they would be turned against her. Still she spoke to him as if he was just some common male walking the street. It was because she knew that Daven was in no way stupid and he knew how crafty she could be.

For all his strength and stamina and abilities he still did not dare to challenge her because while she had those spells that he knew about she had many others he was sure that he did not. She had brought him to this plane, one of the oldest demon's among his plane and she not only gained his respect but earned it. She was not your run of the mill witch with a few spells and parlor tricks. She was a Talos and but Davens own opinion the strongest of her clan.

When she told him to lead them he bowed his head still wearing that smile of his "As you wish my dear." He was playing by her rules once more and it honestly felt refreshing. He was not capable of fear and he had never met anyone that he thought of as a challenge or his better for that matter until of course he met Donnica. She was a challenge all those years ago and even now she was still one that he was not ready to gamble on defying or angering.

However she seemed more then just a challenge with her powerful return and he had to wonder if she was now his better. They were always rather even in there dark desires and the power they held but he couldn't help but feel that something had changed her and that she was now beyond the simple powers of the woman he knew before. She was a new kind of monster and not one that he would be able to challenge even if he wanted to. Not while he was confined to the simplistic human form he was currently in anyway.

He walked along the wastelands remaining in quite contemplation of these new developments with the woman he lusted for above all others. Until of course they finally arrived at the cave Daven used as his base of operations. It was furnished for the most part with torches along the wall to keep the place lit so that others could see what was going on. There was dried blood on the walls, ceiling, and floor as well as a pile's of bones littered about the place. "Welcome home. Sorry about the state of the place but my maid has the day off."

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PostSubject: Re: Something Wicked This Way Comes (Open)   

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Something Wicked This Way Comes (Open)
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