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 Returning the Favor (Liam)

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PostSubject: Returning the Favor (Liam)   Tue Jul 17, 2012 5:06 pm


The large structure loomed above. To say the Grand Temple was aptly named was even still an understatement. The blonde looked up. The large gates. The stones. The lovely architecture. It would be hard to believe this was destroyed during Enlightenment. But, it was still possible. Nearly everything was.

Kimber had her thoughts written down. The answers to questions that she assumed would be asked. She had the Sheperd's name written down. Butterflies swam in her stomach. Fluttering and flittering there. She stood there. Frozen. It was not.. easy for her. To stand here. With the plans of going inside. Of asking after Shepherd Grey. She was certain, certain he would be too busy.

An invitation of niciety. But nothing more.

Still, Kimber took that step. Silent heels. Silent in everything.

Ma'am, may I help you?

Before she could even open the door. There was someone there. Beside her. Having come up behind her. While she was busy. The awe of the building had not left her. The man took in her dress, violin case, and everything and gave a warm smile. She assumed, it was likely, that he was a Shepherd too.

The concert hall is down the street a few blocks, miss.

Kimber shook her head. Taking the note pad from her purse, she held it out to the man. Turned to the page. That she had already pre-written.

My name is Kimber Grace,

I am a mute. I was invited here, to visit with Shepherd Liam Grey. Please, inform him of my arrival if he is not otherwise detained.

The man looked at the note, read, and looked up at her. Brow risen. He merely nodded, giving the notepad back to her and motioning for her to follow him. A common misconception. That mute meant deaf. Still, she followed quietly and he motioned for her to wait a moment and motioned to a bench as he went to find Shepherd Grey. Kimber sat down. Purse, violin case, and her hands in her lap. Waiting. Blue eyes taking in every single detail of the room that she was in. She could hear music. Not just playing, but music in these halls and walls. Celebration and reverie. There were stories within this building.
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PostSubject: Re: Returning the Favor (Liam)   Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:47 pm

Liam had been tending to chores around the Temple when the runner had finally found him.  The men and women of the Clergy lived pious and humble lives, even the Acolytes.  They it was their hands that rebuilt the Grand Temple alongside the skilled builders and architects.  It was the Clergy providing manual labor, hauling bricks and mortar under the direction of skilled artisans.  This was their home, they built and maintained it.  This was their alter to the Collective for all mankind to come and worship.  They also sought to provide a good example for their flock. Hard work and care should always be devoted to one's home.  

After hearing the news Liam asked the runner to let someone know that a task was being left in need of finishing, because he was called away, then went to his room.  There Liam quickly cleaned himself off and dressed appropriately for the occasion. A simple pair off black pants, a black shirt, and a plain black cassock with the lapel half buttoned and pinned to the side to how that he was not taken by a task of duty.  He made his way down to the Grand hall of the main building where services were held.  The complex that served as home to all was quite massive, but he knew the short cuts and covered ground with a quick stride.  He may have even run if such things weren't frowned upon without urgent reasons for them.  Yes, he always displayed discretion and decorum as was expected of him as a Shepherd.  

Before long a door at the side of the Grand hall opened and Liam entered.  It was easy to find her among all the individuals who came there for various reasons.   Her short height and golden here made her stand out like a beacon fire.  Without realizing it Liam crossed the room with the same eager pace that had carried him through the twisting hallways and courtyards.  He was eager to see her again, to speak with her even if she did something other than speak.  The young woman had quiet the endearing personality.  "Miss Grace, you actually came. " he said in a quiet voice, almot whisper so he didn't disturb any of the other people present.  

He swooped in with open arms and embraced her warmly.  It wasn't until after that he thought that she might be made to feel uncomfortable by it, but he did only what he felt right.  The last time he saw her was anything but ordinary.   She had showed him the hand of the Divine in the seemingly random workings of the world around him, and gotten him to open up as he had only done with a rare few people.  Even if this was only their second meeting, Liam considered Kimber Grace a friend, and true friends were few and far between.  Letting her go, Liam stepped back, and she could see the embarassed but glad smile on his face.  "I'm very happy to see that you decided to come.  How have you been?" he asked her.  Either he had forgotten that she could not speak or just accepted her so completely that he trusted her to find some way to answer so he treated her no differently than anyone else.
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PostSubject: Re: Returning the Favor (Liam)   Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:56 pm

She sat there. For some time. On the bench. Waiting. Looking. Watching. Watching everyone. The way the people moved. Prayed. Held up the name of the Divine. The way they interacted with one another. The way, they moved back and forth. Going on about their lives. Moving through their existance here. Finding their rythum, becoming a symphony of their own. It was beautiful.

So much so, that she got lost in it a bit. Lost in her own little world. She took her notepad out. Slowly, she wrote notes. The notes of the Temple. The notes of life. The notes of the Divine. It was a beautiful melody, one she wanted to preserve, and one that she wanted to write, play with, and create.

Perhaps one day, she would play it for Liam.

His voice came. Her name falling from his lips and she smiled. Putting away the small notepad. Looking over at him as she stood. Waiting for him to come to her. Not because she was lazy. But because, she was not sure exactly what she was to do. What was allowed. She did not want to offend him or others. A conversation in a dressing room was one thing, and, here was his place of business. Thus, she would not want to offend him or others.

He embraced her. She softly embraced him back. It was rare. Rare that anyone wished to touch her. Especially, once they realized the touch would silence them. She was sure. People believed her condition to be contagious. It was not. Only while the touch remained, but she did not transfer her disease to another. It merely, effected her.

Kimber gave him a smile. As he pulled back and asked how she had been. She nodded. Motioning to him that she had been just fine. She was actually some what excited to be here. To see what they could do together here. Perhaps a tour, she was not sure. But he has asked her to visit. And so she had. She nodded to him, as if to ask him how he was, or had been, since they had last seen one another.
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PostSubject: Re: Returning the Favor (Liam)   Fri Aug 17, 2012 4:43 am

Liam was by no means an experienced host. He had never before invited someone out visit him at the Temple. The only interactions he had here that were not with fellow clergy members were with the congregation and they usually came here to attend services or see guidance from the Shepherds. Once the greetings were said and done with, Liam was at a loss for what was to come next. He internally berated himself for not putting more thought towards it while he had the time, but he truly didn't think she was going to show. However much a surprise it was, it was still a pleasant surprise for him to have. He would think of something.

The first straw that he grasped at was the tour. It was the most obvious thing for him to do since she was a newcomer to the Temple. "Please. Come with me. I'll show you around," he said to her as he stepped out of the isle and lifted his hands in a welcoming gesture. He waited for her to step out and join him in the main isle and started with the only thing he could, the facts. "This is the Grand Hall of the Temple grounds. Even though it's called a Temple it's more like a small city. The Clergy live and train on the grounds, and there are a lot of other buildings, but this one is the largest. Its open to the public and anyone who wishes, may come here and worship. They hold services here daily. These doors are never closed and locked." Liam motioned to the massive doors that she entered through that would look perfectly at home on a fortress if it weren't for the ornate craftsmanship.

"This place was chosen because on this very site, a church managed to survive the Enlightenment. The Council saw it as a sign. That building still stands today, it serves as the gathering hall for the Clergy. This building, however, was the first of the new construction." the hall they were in was a mixture of stones and metal accented by wood and other materials that were shaped by skilled hands of master artisans. "Skilled architects and artisans who survived the cataclysm came to help us rebuild, but our hands carried the bricks and mortar to carry out their orders. This place began the tradition that the clergy build the houses of the Divine with their own hands. This is our gift and example to the world. " Liam walked her around the inner walls of the temple so that she could see the fine work up close, and his voice wouldn't disturb anyone. "I wasn't a Shepherd yet when they built all this, but I did help build a church out west in one of the border towns. "

Liam guided her over to a section of the grand audience hall near the raised section where Shepherds stood to give sermons. To the left of it was a massive section of tiered rows of seats. "This is the choir pit. The acoustics if the building are made to radiate from up here. They say the architect who designed it was a genius. Whether he was or not, we were blessed to have him. ". Liam looked around at all the people who were going about their business in their own private worlds and a smile spread across his lips. "Want to try them out?" he said quiet enough for only her to hear. He pointed to her hand where she held the violin case. She probably didn't even think about it in her hands. The musicians at the church all seemed to have their instruments ever present. "You brought your violin case all this way. I don't think anyone will complain." He gave his head a sly shift up the stairs letting her know it was ok for her to go.

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PostSubject: Re: Returning the Favor (Liam)   Sun Aug 19, 2012 12:11 pm

A tour.

Kimber was delighted. She followed. Not making a sound. This was probably, the only place where her silence could be completely appreciated. Even if she was dancing or jumping or laughing no one would ever be able to hear her. She really did, want to see the temple though. She achieved inspiration from many places in life. This, of course, she was certain would be one of them.

The Temple was beautiful. The architecture. The stones. The carvings. Everything made by hands. Everything made together. People working together. To build something amazing. To build something so fantastic. The building they were currently in, was the only one open to the public. As well as open all the time.

He described the history of the clergy. How this place was chosen to build the Temple instead of so many others. It was a lovely idea. The only church left standing. A sign from the Divine. And they had taken this knowledge, building a truly beautiful place here. Something elegant and timeless, yet powerful and strong.

Apparently, though this was the Grand Temple. There were other smaller churchs that had been built, other places. One of which, he had worked on after becoming a Shepherd. The cathedral was beautiful. The carvings and the stone were fantastic. She had not even paid attention to where he was leading her. Towards the choir pit until he mentioned it. The voices, they would be beautiful. Especially in a room with acoustics that were ready to carry the sound to the furthest reaches of the room.

She turned sharply to face him when he asked if she wanted to try it out. Pointing to her violin case. She blushed severely. Cocking her brow as if to ask him if he was serious. She loved places like this. They were fantastically beautiful and the acoustics could not be surpassed. Of course, she had not brought her violin to play here. More instead, just because she never went anywhere without some sort of musical instrument.

She nodded happily. Excitement shone through her eyes. She put her case down on a pew. Opening it silently. Again, not a single thing she did made a sound. As she lifted the white violin out of her case she smiled and gave a soft sigh. Music was truly her life. It was all she had. She rushed, to the front. To the stage where the Divine would stand for their services. Getting up there she turned and gave a soft blush and a smile bringing her violin up to her shoulder.

Closing her eyes. She began to play.

The Divine.

The Divine Light of the love and acceptance. Here where you could seek out solace. Here where you were accepted no matter your crimes, no matter your needs. Here was refuge. Here were those that worked together. Building a beautiful home for the Divine. Here where people gathered. Here where people shared. Here where people connected and loved.

It was a tree, in a courtyard. Branches thrown out in all directions. Grasping. Gathering. Taking the sun. Making it energy. Providing shade, shelter, and warmth. Providing life.

This was the Divine.

This was what she began to play today.
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PostSubject: Re: Returning the Favor (Liam)   Wed Aug 22, 2012 11:47 pm

A smile broke Liam's face when he saw Kimber given into her desire to test out the Temple's acoustics.  He had not heard her music since that night in the city when he attended her concert, and what she played that night left him wanting more.  Liam stood off to the side and watched as she mounted the pit, and began to unpack her violin.  A slight stir behind him drew his attention, so Liam turned to look at the gathering hall.  A number of people took notice of the slight blonde climbing up into the choir pit, and uncasing her violin.  The whisper's began causing more people to take notice of her.


Finally KImber was ready and the first notes came from her violin testing pitch and resonance of the room around her like the first toe being stuck into the water of a warm bath.  Finding it comfortable, she began stringing notes together.  One after another, notes became melody, and sound became song.  Anyone that was not caught up in the initial whisper now heard what began it all.  Heads turned to face the choir pit.  Kimber was now the center of attention for the whole of the Temple.  A few people who stood close by one another, turned to whisper, trying to figure out what was going on, but that didn't last that long.  The song overtook them here just as it had in the concert all.  All fell silent.  Some stood and watched, while others sat down and looked on.  Her audience was captivated. 


Liam watched in stunned silence as her spell fell over the crowd before turning his eyes back to Kimber.  She was amazing.  The world seemed to slow down and take on a soft glow around her.  Her notes filled the air with a soft melody that touched the skin and then soaked deeper into the listener.  The heart quickened in a rush causing goosebumps to prickle across the skin, and hairs to stand on end.  Eventually the chills subsided, and hearts slowed into the comfortable rhythm that seemed to be in time with the music.  "Amazing..." Liam said breathlessly. 

Absently thinking about what he was doing, Liam crossed his arms and wandered two steps to the side so that he could lean against the support column. His gaze was transfixed on Kimber just like everyone else's.  It was just like the night in the concert hall when the music carried him away to some place inside himself.  There he remained until the last notes were brought out of the violin.  Silence reigned for a few moments after until Liam stood up and began to clap breaking the spell.  One by one hands joined in, and soon everyone was applauding. The room was more filled than Kimber remembered when she started playing.  Liam walked up to her and said, " It seems people are just drawn to you no matter where you go." He turned to look around at the room, which now had more members of the clergy in it. Apparently the acoustics of the choir pit were made so that they traveled over the grounds of the Grand Temple. 
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PostSubject: Re: Returning the Favor (Liam)   Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:10 am

This was a magical place. The way that the music filled every corner. Drifted out towards the hallways. Soothing musical waves. Sliding and gliding. Finding themselves to the ears of those that were not even close. Calling to them. Calling and calling. Like a siren with her music calling the people closer and closer still. Kimber's eyes were closed. She had no idea, the effect her music was having on those around her. Or that it was calling people to the large cathedral where she had stood almost alone with Liam not too long before.

This was the only time, mostly, that she was visible to the world. Being silent all of the time, she was easy to miss. Easy to overlook. Easy to forget. The lives she touched went on with little thought to her. It had been remarkably hard to get a soul to listen to her music when she began trying to break out into the music world. But, then she decided she would not take no. She kicked open the door to the auditions room. Walked in playing her violin. And walked out, signed.

It wasn't as though she sold her music really. But she had an agent that helped her book things. Allowing her music to reach all over Terra, and yes, she sold her songs online, but they did not have the same exact power as they did over people in person. In person, there was just an aura.

When the silence descended on the cathedral, she basked in the glow of the amazing acoustics. Knowing it would be hard to find another place as magical to play as this. The Divine had certainly blessed it. When the clapping started, her eyes shot open, and widened. Certainly, she had never expected so many people here. They must have come as if her music had called to them. She blushed, and gave a small proper professional bow.

Her violin placed back within the carress of the velvet within the case she did the clasps and turned to find Liam standing there. She beamed at him. This experience meant so much to her. She could not wait to get home and write down the notes, and tweak here and there, and to show others the feeling of the Divine with merely a song. She wanted to enjoy it on the piano too. Notes already danced in her mind. Melodies played through her bloodstream bouncing off of her nervous system. It was almost a high, when she was so inspired.

He mentioned people were drawn to her and she blushed. Only when I play my music. she thought. Luckily, she did not believe him to be a telepath. Kimber was used to being alone, but there were times it weighed heavily upon her heart and soul. To play, and for people to love her music, helped a great deal. Though, to say Liam was her first friend in a sense, was not a lie.

'Thank you' she mouthed, exaggerating her lip movements so he could read them easily. Since it was such a short phrase. But the experience of playing here, had settled warmly within her heart. Something she would likely never forget. The people began to disperse, talking, whispering, and heading back to their duties to leave Kimber and Liam to their own devices again.
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PostSubject: Re: Returning the Favor (Liam)   Wed Aug 29, 2012 10:33 pm

Even if he couldn't read the shaping of her lips, the smile on her face plainly showed her gratitude. How could such a talented woman still remain so humble, he asked himself. She had just given them an amazing performance for free after being put on the spot, and here she was thanking him. "We are the ones that should be saying thank you, not you," Liam said to her as she continued to look around shyly. All around them people departed, but a few brave souls ventured closer. They walked by her with smiles on their lips, a few with tears being dried from eyes, and quietly thanked her for the performance, using many words that all meant the same thing: magnificent. Once they said their peace, they returned to their lives and business.

The Acolyte that had instructed Liam how to fight in the traditional way of the Church, taught him that everything in life had its own rhythm, and there was music in every moment. Because it was the philosophy of combat, Liam only saw it in that narrow view until now, thanks to Kimber. The way she seemed charged and eager now caused a curiosity in him. He'd watched the Music Director compose music with that same fire, and now he wandered something. The music she had played seemed to fit this place and this moment so perfectly, too perfectly. Now he questioned it. Was there a song for every moment, or did every moment have its own song? "Was that something new, or a piece you've played before?"

Once she gave him the answer, he closed his eyes for a moment and gave a slow reverent nod. Being a man of faith had taught him that miracles were not always grand spectacles that caused the entire world to stop and look. Most times miracles were small things that usually went unnoticed or unacknowledged by those who were present. Liam made a point to look for those, so that he could be thankful for them. This miracle did not go unnoticed. He had just heard the music of a moment. "I thought so. The music director gets the same look on his face while he is composing a piece, right before he writes something down. Did you want to write it down now?," he asked her, and then quickly stepped around her.

Three quick steps took him over to the bench that rested in front of the massive pipe organ that played music for the choir to sing to. He lifted the base of the seat to reveal a large collection of note books and paper. He pulled up one of the note books and thumbed through it looking for something. A smile came to his face and he reached in to get a pen. He returned to her with the two items in his hand, the notebook's cover folded back so that the pages were exposed. They were covered with grouped rows of horizontal black lines that Kimber would recognize as musical staff waiting for notes to be written in on them. "I'd hate for a song like that to be lost because I was making you walk around while I rambled. We have a courtyard with a covered pavilion. It has tables and chairs. You could work on the song there. You can even play without disturbing anyone."

Knowing that Kimber was shy in nature and didn't want to impose on anyone, Liam decided to push her hand, or in this case, take her hand. In that moment of skin to skin contact, Liam felt a tingle run through his body. He had never noticed it before, but this time he had been looking for it. The Shepherd knew that silence was going to envelop him as magic robbed him of the ability to make a sound, so there was no fear. As a good Shepherd should, he went to his charge to guide her in the face of all things. Being able to wield the Divine's gift to men, he was sensitive to magic and now felt her power. In the back of his mind he pondered it, and its purpose in this world; they were just the thoughts of a man who wanted to help his friend.

Quickly but carefully, Liam lead her out of the main cathedral, through a large hallway that had doors branching off of it, and then finally through large double doors. The doors opened up into what seemed like a little city within the walls that gave The Grand Temple Complex its name. Through road and walk ways that lead between other structures, Liam guided her to the center of the area. Once they reached it, the buildings disappeared and it was nothing but open grass, trees, and gardens. There were people everywhere either walking and talking to one another, or tending the landscape. It seemed as if Terra was alive and healthy here, and she was well tended. There were places for recreation and fenced off portions were gardens grew food stuffs, all existing in harmony. Liam pointed to what looked like a large pavilion and led her to it. There were benches here in a circular formation that made it look like a place where lectures were given. Around the rowed circles of benches were desks and wrought iron chairs that she would be able to use to write her music. "Go ahead. It's ok," he said to her after finally releasing her hand.

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PostSubject: Re: Returning the Favor (Liam)   Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:31 am

He was wrong. She was saying thank you, and it was a true moment to do so. He had given her an opportunity she doubted many would ever recieve. To play here. Where her music could flow down the hallways of the temple. Finding the ears. Tickling the senses. Creating peace, and serenity in the world of the Divine. She felt Divine, in that moment. Having played for those that were here in the Temple. They deserved a treat. She was more than happy to be the person that was able to give them that exact thing.

A few were adventerous. Coming to thank you, while others flowed away softly whispering to one another. She made a point, not to touch unless she had to. But, Kimber was not so rude as to refuse a hand shake, hug, or anything. People, she understood, needed to be able to express themselves. Thus, she waited until they had all said their piece, and gone. She was happy. Touching the lives of others, with her gift.

Was it a piece she had played before. No. She shakes her head softly. Was it new? Yes, yes it was, and she nods softly to make that clear. Kimber hears, melodies in the world. So many do not. They go about their days, rushing and rushing, from one place to another, never stopping long enough to really listen to the world breathe. To know how the world turns and spins and evolves.

Kimber had a gift to hear that very thing.

She did in fact plan to write it down. Soon as she was capable. Of course, that would be later. But, she answered the question when asked. She wanted to preserve the song. Perhaps, she would send it back to the Divine Temple. Allowing the music director that Liam spoke of to play it for his congregation when he felt the need. She gave a smile as he moved past her, she had no idea what he was doing. But, her curious blue eyes followed him in his sure movements. Liam was handsome. Sweet and kind. Kimber had long since stopped, actually thinking there was ever a possibility that she would be the kind of girl someone would want to date. She didn't even dream the possibility anymore.

Usually, seeing herself as single for life. It was merely how it was.

He came back, redirecting her attention to focus on him, and handed her the music pages. She beamed. She didn't really wish to steal the pages from the music director but Liam seemed sure that it was fine. Gently, taking the pen and pages from him she held them as he lead her towards a place outside that she would be able to sit down and write the song down. Though she pointed to her forehead when he said he hoped she wouldn't forget the song. She would not. It would play in her mind until it was written down.

It was merely how it worked when she was on a song. A melody. Even a lyric.

He took her hand. A smile came to her face. She was so rarely touched. But, his touch was not.. it was not sexual or heart-racing in nature. It was the soft confident touch of a man that was her friend. One that understood the dangers of taking her hand, and caring not for the silence that would envelope him until he let go of her hand. She walked beside him. Letting him lead her, and relishing in the touch of flesh on flesh. Some said, she was more sensitive to things like that, because so few times did she touch another person. She did not spend much time holding hands or touching anyone. They were terrified of catching her 'illness' and she was terrified of the backlash.

Outside, was a garden, in the center of it all. There were trees, and flowers, and grass. In the center of all that was a large pavillion. It was beautiful and seemed old. But, it was nice. He let go of her hand, and told her to go. She blushed and nodded. Walking into the pavillion, she stepped up the large stone steps. Walking to one of the many benches that were underneath the pavillion and taking a seat. Her violin case beside her, papers on the table. Pen resting atop them. The breeze played gently with her hair and her papers.

Uncapping the pen, she took a deep breath, closed her eyes to start the music playing slowly in her mind. Soon, Kimber Grace was lost to herself and the world around her as she began to fill the crisp pages with ink filled notes and bridges.
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PostSubject: Re: Returning the Favor (Liam)   Tue Sep 11, 2012 8:46 pm

Liam was more than happy to quietly watch Kimber work.  He chose a stone bench not too far away from her to sit upon.  It was a beautiful day, a blessing to be thankful to the Divine Collective for.  He crossed his hand across his chest, interlacing the fingers so that they hung loosely, while he leaned back on the table behind him with his elbow.  Ever since meeting Kimber he became fascinated by her craft.  Music was a mystery that he never gave much thought to in the past.  He thought it was simply just people stringing together sounds to make songs.  It wasn't until her that songs became magical things to be given his full attention.  

Watching her work was answering a great many questions that he had never asked.  Every time her hand moved he saw a new symbol that represented a sound.  Watching her write down the notes made it seem as if she were inscribing a language that was all her own.  He knew personally how it felt to be able to do that.  Liam had spent so much time, countless hours, and sleepless nights studying the runes of power that went into his spell forms and wards.  Each one conveyed a thought and purpose within it, and it contributed to the whole. They all worked together and if any one of them was incorrect, the whole would come crashing down.   Liam thought about the consequences that would come from her setting down one of those notes incorrectly.   It wouldn't be the same song because the harmony would be broken.   As Liam watched her he knew that the song was safe, because he recognized the intensity on her face.  He looked the same way when he drew the runes.  

While she continued to set the song down another man who was dressed in the robes of a Shepherd approached him quietly as not to disturb Kimber.  He placed a hand on Liam's shoulder to stop him from getting up, and leaned down so that he could talk to him quietly.  There were moments of hushed whispers, and then Liam nodded his head in understanding.  The other Shepherd rose, and patted him on his shoulder before walking away once more.  Whatever the subject of their talk was, it must have been good news because Liam now seemed to be in an even better mood than he had been before.  

He waited quietly until Kimber was done writing the piece, and capped her pen.  The Shepherd stood from where he sat and walked over to her.  He stood behind her, looking over her shoulder at the finished product.  Part of him wished that he knew what he was looking at.  Liam was blessed with a photographic memory, after such a good look at it, he could recreate mark for mark, but it wasn't the same.  This feeling reminded him of years ago when he first joined the Clergy.  Now when he saw spell forms, wardings, and rune inscriptions he knew what they meant and understood them, but back then all he saw was beautiful artwork.  He'd almost forgot what that sense of wonder felt like.  "So that's it?  The song you played for us inside?" He asked her as he leaned closer, the melody still echoing in his mind.  "I have a bit of good news.  That messenger just told me that you are officially welcomed to come here and play anytime you wish." he said to her with a smile.  "Now that you are a welcomed musician instead of just a guest, what would you like to see next?  Your choice."
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PostSubject: Re: Returning the Favor (Liam)   Fri Sep 14, 2012 10:51 am

She wrote.

Her fingers moving. Her pen scratching the paper. The black ink filling the paper more and more as the song had been rather complicated. Though, it wouldn't have sounded that way, it sounded soft, simple, and smoothe. But, there was a lot of work to achieve that sort of thing.

A visitor came and went. She had no idea what he wanted. But, to break her concentration was nothing she was interested in. At least, not yet. She was the kind of girl, that was always interested in the things around her. Yet, kept herself out of them. Many things in life were not her business. Thus, she merely kept to herself. If the world itself decided it wished to touch her, then she was more than willing to let it reach her. But, otherwise, she kept to herself.

When the man left, Liam hovered slightly. But she was done now. Setting the pages down so they could dry properly. So the ink would not later get smeared. She looked up at him. Watching him read and try to interpret the notes on the page. She gave him a smile as he looked down at her. Ready to speak.

Telling her the messenger brought them news. News of her acceptance here. Her eyes widened when he mentioned she was no longer a guest, but instead, a musician here. She smiled brightly. Her eyes watering a little bit with tears of joy. To be accepted here, or anywhere rather, was something of a novelty. She felt real joy in that, and she got up and gave him a warm and polite hug. Plunging them both into silence for a few moments before she pulled back.

He had mentioned they could go anywhere. Her eyes roamed over the grounds. There was so much to see. So many places to go, and yet she did not know what places were the best. An idea came to her. She picked up the pen, and a small tablet out of her purse and wrote a quick note. Silently scribbling on the paper before she handed it to him.

~Where is your favorite place~

She decided that, would be the best place in the house. For he seemed to understand true beauty. So she packed up the papers, folding them gently, now dry, and placing them in a small alcove in her violin. Closing the small flap there, and securing it with the small wooden toggle, she closed the case all together, picking up her things. Ready to go with him where ever he decided they would be going next.
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He took a moment to lean down slightly and look at the words she scrawled onto the page of the notebook that she held up before him.  The question give him a moment of pause.  He had to think about it good and hard because this Temple was his home.  He didn't know if one place stood above the rest to him because he loved it all as a whole.  His eyes shifted to the side as he thought, and images filtered through his mind's eye until one drew him back to it more than the others.  A small smile formed on his lips and he gave his head a slight nod.  Yes, he did have a favorite place.  That frown faltered for a moment because he wasn't sure if he could take her there.


THe smile came back after a moment, "There is a place, but I'm not sure if I can take you there."  With a cant of his head he motioned her to come with him, and waited patiently so that she could gather up her things.  Once Kimber was ready he turned and led her from the pavilion in the park.  It wasn't a very long walk because they were already in the center of the compound.  THeir destination was on the other side of the Grand Temple Complex.  There was a building that had a wall extending from sides of it.  That wall arced out in a slow crescent shape until they met with the great wall that encircled the Temple grounds.  It was large enough to hold the same area as two, perhaps three football fields. 


There were no guards at any of these doors, just like there were no guards anywhere on the Temple grounds, but Liam still motioned for her to stay where she was outside. He walked inside, and looked around until he an older man who looked oriental by his features and skin color.  The exchanged words for a moment and then the older man nodded which brought a grateful bow from Liam.  With haste in his step he almost jogged back to Kimber and opened the door again.  "Its allowed, Come on," he said as he motioned her to join him.


Beyond the doors was an entry hall that was spacious with benches along the walls.  The decorations were a number of decidedly Asian statues, and hanging wall scrolls that were written in unfamiliar characters of foreign dialects.  "I wasn't sure if you would be allowed to come here, but I told Sifu Chuan about the welcome that has been extended to you, and he extends his as well.  He gave his permission for me to show you around."  There was a set of doors at the other end of the entry hall that were identical to the ones they entered.  Liam opened them for her to walk through and on the other side Kimber would find the last thing that she would think to find on church grounds. 


Stretching out before her was what looked like a dojo.  The hard wood floors were occupied by people who knelt in silent meditation in some spots, while other places were host to gatherings.  People stood around and watched as instructions in hand to hand combat were given.  Instead of a solid back wall there were a series of columns to act as supports, and between them was open air.  The entire expanse of the walled in area was a mixture of stone courtyards, and beyond that, grassy fields that had various structures for training purposes.  A chorus of rhythmically spaced yells echoed in through the open arches.  Orderly rows of men all moved in unison through a complicated series of fighting forms. It was like a deadly dance with each strike punctuated by a forceful yell.  They were behind the temple walls so they were priests, but training to be fighting men.  During the war, the Clergy we're known as ferocious fighters. It would seem that peace had not stolen their claws. 

"This is it, my favorite place," he said to her and placed his right hand above his head, so he could lean against a column with his elbow.  His eyes had the far off look that said he was seeing his memories of his place as much as the scene before him. "I remember when I joined the Clergy.  I was devout in my faith, but there was something missing.  They asked me if I wished to join the Acolytes, and I said I would try.  Sifu Chuan took me in and trained me long before they found out I had the gift to be a cleric.  I realized that I didn't feel safe.  In training to protect the flock I learned how to defend myself.  This place gave me the final piece of the puzzle. It gave me my life, my faith, and my strength. "
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They walked.

She hoped they could go. See this special place of his. She was intently curious of just what, this place would be like. Somehow she pictured a sort of garden. A quiet place. Filled with birds chirping and soft flowers. Swaying grasses, and warm sunlight. But, perhaps instead, there was another place. As, the place in her mind, was more likely a place she would enjoy instead.

There were no guards outside the doors they finally stopped in front of. She stayed, as asked, and waited. Looking at the building. It was different, from the rest. She had a feeling, something unexpected was within the walls, of this unusual building.

He came back quickly, and mentioned, that it was all right for her to follow him within. Eagerly, she stepped forward, interested to see what was within such a building.

They walked together, through an entrance and through to another set of doors. When the doors were opened, she could not believe what she was seeing. It was, a room for training, physical training. Not a gym, no, that was the wrong word. The word for this was on the tip of her tongue but she could not for the life of her reach it. Still, she stood in awe, at the polished wood and the people that were training and meditating. It was a peaceful room, to be sure.

A series of cries from a courtyard caught her attention. She looked to see several people out there, changing forms as they were supposed to. In unison. It was almost like a dance. Beautiful, in it's own way. She couldn't imagine, something so amazing going on within the walls of a temple. To be honest, she figured it was mostly praying, or working to train for their missions. She was not actually entirely certain what the Shepards did.

He admited, that he had always been lost, even after finding the Temple. But, they had asked him to come train with them. He needed to feel safe. Thus, he had found his place here. She could understand that though. Because, she remembered he had told her the story of the demon that had infiltrated his body. She bit her lower lip and looked around. She was amazed at the whole thing. It was beautiful, in it's own way. She stood beside him, her hand rested on his arm for a moment. Wishing that he could understand her when she used her sign language for saying something. Pulling back from him, she got out her paper and pen and wrote.

~It's truly beautiful, thank you for sharing something so personal with me. You are a truly wonderful person. I am honored to know you.~
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This had been the first time that Liam ever brought a person to this place of his. Other Acolytes, even other Shepherds came here, but he saw this place as his. Him bringing her here was a massive act of trust being placed in her. He wasn't the type to trust lightly or easily. Something about this young woman caused him to open up. Perhaps it was the hardships that she suffered against her will that caused him to relate with her. Maybe it was just the fact that she couldn't talk so he believed she wouldn't be able to tell anyone what he told her. It was irrational, but it didn't change the fact that he opened up to her.

A few of the other people who were training in the dojo recognized Liam as the passed and gave an inclination of their heads to him. They saw they that he was with someone so they did not interrupt him. The clergy was polite even when they trained to fight. Liam looked out on the practice yard. Seeing the movements and hearing the sounds of their training made him want to join them badly. If he had anything that could be called an addiction, this would be one of them. Training brought him a singularity of mind and a sense of peace. The world was pushed away to the edges of notice and he could simply exist without thought.

"I'm glad you think so," he said to her after reading the note that she wrote on her notebook. "I'm glad that I used that concert ticket. If it hadn't been for that I never would have met you." Liam looked up at the sky and then closed his eyes for a moment as if he were looking inward. One hand touched to his heart, then he brought it to his lips, extended two fingers, and kissed them. Finally that hand closed and pressed the knuckle of his thumb to his forehead. It was a sacred gesture of faith that symbolized the unity of heart, spirit, and mind. "This was without question the hand of the Divine at work. I truly believe that," he said opening his eyes to look at her once more.

Liam extended his hand forward gesturing her to walk out into the open practice yard. It was certainly safe for her to be out among them, because they practiced restraint and precision in this place. He took a step out first as a gesture of trust to the people that were moving about in the yard. He had no fear from the punches, kicks, and possible weapons practice. He was trained and very well aware of his surroundings. He was however on alert just in case there were any accidents. Liam wanted to keep her safe and would move to protect her should anything happen. She was one of the few.... no, the only friend he had outside of the Order.

All around them people moved in their balletic combat, which walked the razor's edge between beautiful and deadly. Even though people were focused on what they were doing, and almost seemed entranced, there was no doubt that they were aware of the presence of the two guests. Together they walked until Liam felt someone coming two close to them for his comfort. He quickly spun around to face a young Shepherd that was not wearing the training uniforms of those around him, but the same type of cassock that Liam wore.

Liam relaxed when he realized that the approaching man wasn't an attack gone awry that could hurt Kimber. The Shepherd stood there for a moment in silence, so Liam leaned forward slightly. The young Shepherd spoke with Liam briefly, delivering a message to which Liam nodded in understanding. He turned to Kimber and gave a slight frown. "I'm sorry Kimber. I'm going to have to cut our visit short. Something's happened and I have to go. This is Shepherd Roberts, if you wish to continue the tour he will be your guide. I'm really sorry." He leaned in and gave her a tight squeeze, the hug of genuine friendship, and then trotted away to go somewhere in a hurry.

<<<Exit Liam>>>
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Returning the Favor (Liam)
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