A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 The Rifts, Rift Beasts, and Rift Wastes

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PostSubject: The Rifts, Rift Beasts, and Rift Wastes   Tue Mar 06, 2012 3:11 am

The Rifts

Science and Magic both offer theories and ideas that support the existence of multiple worlds. Whether they be planets like ours, otherworldly realms, or alternate versions of our reality there are far too many every day miracles to rule out the possibility. The global cataclysm that became known as the Enlightenment inadvertently gave credence to these theories. Mana is an energy that flows through the world, theoretically connecting it to realms beyond this one. During the Enlightenment mana became so unstable that it ravaged not only the planet, but the boundaries between realms. In the years following the cataclysm there have been instances in which tears in the barriers between realms open, allowing passage between them. The Rifts are tears between our realm and one of the countless others that exist. While they are open, creatures and objects could unwittingly pass through, and be trapped on the other side, when the Rift closes.

These tears between realms, or Rifts as they have been officially named, are only temporary and happen at random. While there is no way to predict when and where they will happen, Rifts seem to occur with greater frequency in places where ley lines are untapped and their manna flows strongest. This lends greater credibility to the theories that manna is an energy that flows between all realms and worlds that exists. While the larger cities of the world are built upon converging ley lines, the inhabitants tapping them to power everyday life functions, reduces the risk of Rifts occurring. Even though the risk is greatly reduced, there is still the possibility that Rifts could open within their borders.

Rift Beasts

When Rifts occur there is the risk that individuals and objects from our world can pass through to the other side. There is also equal risk that creatures and objects from other realms can pass through into our world. Magic users who practice the art of summoning, use magic to pull the essence of non intelligent creatures into our realm temporarily. Rifts allow these very same beasts to enter into our realm completely, without a summoner's will to control it. The result is an unknown creature, away from its natural environment, confused, and extremely dangerous.

Rift beasts are a very real danger in the post cataclysm world. Cities on both sides of the tension keep a vigilant watch out for the rare occurrence that one could appear and rampage through populated areas. Outside the large cites, smaller settlements are wary of the danger that Rift Beasts pose to their inhabitants. Rift beast attacks in populated areas are not common place, because natural instincts keep them away from large concentrations of people. Usually attacks are isolated incidents of an individual being killed while alone and away from the settlement.

While extremely dangerous creatures, the Rift beasts hold great interest to the people of our world. Individuals who have devoted themselves to scientific pursuits see the Rift Beasts as a window into the unknown. Being otherworldly creatures mean that they possess unique properties that could potentially lead to scientific breakthroughs. Arcane practitioners of all disciplines seek out Rift beasts for their potential use as components in magical endeavors. Some spells that have been developed since the cataclysm require components from non native creatures. Because of the unpredictable nature of Rifts, certain species command a kings ransom from those who desire the power that can be drawn from them. This lucrative demand has given rise to dangerous occupation. Hunters risk life and limb to make a fortune, should they survive to spend it.

The Rift Wastes

Rift wastes are the name given to locations where the highest concentration of Rifts occur. These areas are usually locations that have been heavily damaged by the Enlightenment, and mana remains highly unstable. These areas tend to have especially strong ley lines, but have not been tapped by attempts at construction because of the inhospitable nature of the land. Examples of such broken lands are: The Dark Forest, The Glass Sands, Broken Peaks Mountain Range, and The Proving Grounds. In these areas the dangerous landscapes are populated by the many creatures that inadvertently wandered through Rifts into our world.

Once they passed through a Rift and entered into our world, these strange beasts have given over to their natural instinct to survive. Removed from their natural surroundings, the Rift beasts have created their own ecosystems of kill or be killed. Stronger beasts prey on weaker creatures in order to survive and adapt to their new surroundings. Anyone or anything entering into the Rift wastes take their lives into their own hands because they too become part of the unforgiving food chain.
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The Rifts, Rift Beasts, and Rift Wastes
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