A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Dolora Delisi Bazmek

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PostSubject: Dolora Delisi Bazmek   Sun Jul 15, 2012 1:37 am

• dolora • delisi • bazmek •

Name: Dolora Delisi Bazmek
Nickname: Warrior Princess; Dolly
Age: 150 yrs
Weight: 100lbs
Height: 4ft

Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Race: Dwarf
Residence: Elyria Mountains
Nationality: Ireland
Affiliation: Dwarves and Avians
Occupation: Protector and Warrior

Face Claim: Cecily Fay

• all in the details •

The only distinguishing feature of any Dwarf is their height. As a full grown female, Dolora stands at four foot eight and weighs in at approximately one hundred forty five pounds without the weight of her weaponry added in. Her brown hair is long, with it touching the backs of her knees and most of the tendrils grouped into small braids. Her dress is typical Dwarf; thick, handmade pelts sewn into skirts, boots and gloves as well as cloaks for keeping warm during the winter months. She accessorizes with the teeth and claws of large, feral feline and canine or any other carnivorous creature.

Her stout physique is mostly muscle mass with very little fat, honed over years of intensive physical labor and training. She has no distinctive markings, other than the many scars that mar her body from previous battles. The bones that she collects from her kills are used to dress-up her attire. Where a more fashionable or even richer person might pursue the use of buttons, Dolly binds her clothes together with the larger of the teeth and bone.

Likes: Dwarven Ale; A good joke; A good fight; Men; Storytelling;

Dislikes: Egomaniacs; Really tall people; Evil; Sexest jokes/comments;

Strengths: Loyalty; Honesty; Lively; Determined;

Weaknesses: Loner; Stubborn; Aggressive; Cynical;

Dolly, like her male counterparts, is a much laid back woman. She has a good natured humor that endears her to most and often offends them as well. Short jokes do not bother her, because it is plainly obvious as the nose on her face that she is indeed short. What does anger her is being treated like some fragile thing; like she cannot take care of herself. Dolly has proven time and again that she is equal to any man, be he Dwarf or some other race.

She is fierce when she angry, but more often than not Dolly simply wants to blow off the steam instead of hacking someone into pieces. She isn't the type to hold grudges, but neither does she forget when someone has done her an injustice. So long as she is given the proper respect, then she has no quarrel with anyone.

Sword Fighting: With a Claymore of the toughest Dwarven steel --which she has named Lady-- Dolly has bested most of her male counterparts in the arena and battlefield. It is here that she tends to play upon her gender role as being a “weak, defenseless female” to get the best of her opponent.

Tracking: Known for being one of Terra’s children and closer to her than even the Elves, Dolly has lived and thrived upon the land for over a hundred years. As did her father and his father before that, on and on to the very beginning of her lineage. At one with nature, she can spot the telltale signs of a path left by any walking, crawling, or slithering creature (even those that are greatly concealed).

Scavenging: Mostly for food, she hunts her own game. No simpering female here. Dolly can field dress any animal and sew her own clothing.

Sewing: Because she lives alone, Dolly has many 'domestic' skills at her disposal. For instance, she relies only upon herself for clothing and uses the pelts of her kills to make them. Over the years she has fashioned an extensive wardrobe for herself; leggins, jerkins, skirts, cloaks, boots and gloves. All made from the fur of deer, wolf, rabbit or any other unlucky creature that she so happened to kill.

Pugilism: Mostly practiced as a past-time sport, Dolly has learned through the years the basic art of boxing.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Carrauntoohil Tooth, also known as The Bones, not near to being Ireland’s highest peak was once stronghold to the Bazmek clan. The first year of the war saw the beginning of the Bazmek with Ragnok and his wife, Tila. Both were of little means, though Ragnok had a smithing trade skill that afforded them a life just above poverty. Their children, Durrag, Gharth and Holgar were of the same mind; three boys to carry on their father’s smithing business until the war hit them hard.

Durrag and Gharth both joined forces with the Avian nation, while Holgar stayed behind to smith the weaponry. The line of succession continued with Holgar’s brood as both Durrag and Gharth perished during the first hundred years of the war. His sons either joined the fight or turned to smithies themselves. So on and so forth it went, each new generation of Bazmek adding something new to their mountain stronghold until it was not only their home, but also a series of tunnels that ran all throughout Carrauntoohil Tooth.

During the last fifty years of the war, Ireland has become largely uninhabited and overrun by beast of a large scale. The Bazmek fled in time, though reluctant to leave behind their homeland and journeyed across the ocean to Elyria where a new city had been formed within their mountains. Ragnok the Second, namesake to his many times great grandfather took up the mantle of smithy there while also carving out a place for his family in the mountainside with the other dwarves.

Throughout this, Dolora had been a quiet observer for many years. A surviving offspring of one of Ragnok the Second’s great uncles only because she had not been properly allowed to join ranks with the others. Because of this, she spent her time honing her own skills and when their dwarven town became buried within the mountainside, trapping some and preventing others from reentering, Dolora had been spared so much ill fate.

Now, as Darnorn sits upon the throne of the Shadow Court (a personal disgrace for the Elves in her opinion) Dolly is among those with a strong wish to see her people once again rise to their former glory. She travels between the lands of Elyria and Celestis from time to time, yet mostly decides to remain within the higher peaks of the Elyria Mountains.

Dolly hates being called Warrior Princess. Dolly's weapons: Lady (the claymore), Battle-Axe

Is this a Canon?: No

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?: Svetlana Kozlovski, Arwyn Lu'karn
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PostSubject: Re: Dolora Delisi Bazmek   Mon Jul 16, 2012 9:19 am

Ready for judgement.
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PostSubject: Re: Dolora Delisi Bazmek   Tue Jul 17, 2012 8:57 am

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PostSubject: Re: Dolora Delisi Bazmek   Wed Jul 18, 2012 5:02 am


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PostSubject: Re: Dolora Delisi Bazmek   

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Dolora Delisi Bazmek
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