A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Aria Larithlyn

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PostSubject: Aria Larithlyn    Wed Jul 11, 2012 2:36 am

• Aria • Ellowen • Larithlyn •

Name: (Aria Ellowen Larithlyn)
Nickname: (Arie, Ariellowen)
Age: (37)
Weight: (135)
Height: (5'11")

Eye color: (Sage Green)
Hair color: (Blonde)
Race: (Druid Elf)
Residence: (The city of Librium)
Nationality: (Elyrian)
Affiliation: (None)
Occupation:(Aria is the owner and founder of "Floral Essence", an organic flower and gift shop in the heart of Librium. Entering the shop is like entering an luscious indoor garden with fountains, vines and stone steps. On the weekends she is a gardener at "The Librium Organic Farm and Garden", where the flowers for "Floral Essence" are planted. The gifts at the shop are hand crafted materials such as greeting cards, vases, jewelry and other home decor. All gifts are made by Aria and some of her elven friends. )

Face Claim: Josephine Skriver

• all in the details •

(Aria's most striking features are her green eyes that generally appear a light sage green and full pink lips that match the flush in her cheeks. She possesses a pure and seemingly ageless beauty that is so common to her elven kin. Thus she was born with the distinguishing elven features of surprsing height and pointed ears. Her skin is pale, and rarely falters even through all of her time in the sun. Her hair falls long down her back in blonde waves. It is often decorated in braids and flowers of various design and color. She carries herself with grace, not only in the swift way her long legs walk, but in the soft and careful way she speaks to you. Aria would most often be found demonstrating a unique blend of style between human modern dress and elven tradition. She is often in loose shirts or flowing dresses, and is often barefoot.

(With a heart so bound to nature, Aria's greatest instincts are the kinds rooted deepest in the wilderness. She is reflective, and knows how to bring peace and calm to herself and to others. Her family and close friends treasure her happy disposition most. Yet she is two sides of this coin. She desires the serene nature of the elves, and to accept her place among them. But she is tied to an insatiable desire of exploration that leaves her impatient. The life she is expected to lead as an elf is tedious, when she knows there is more out there for her. Her difference from the others has created a conflict within her. She strives for peace, but has a tendency for violence. She strives for patience, but has a boundless energy within her. This has left her at a great odds with so many of the content and peaceful elves. As a young elf, she is believed to be naive and foolish by her elders. But she is enduring and demonstrates tenacity and a strong ability to cope with the tragedy, loss or other evils of the world. Although her reflective nature leaves her at times reserved and quiet, she is friendly and instinctively caring. Her compassion runs as deep as her inevitable bond with mother nature. With that passion comes the fighter who would do anything to defend what she believes in. Aria gained a sense of humor unique to an elf and learned to let go of some of that serious and serene nature. )
(None that are not granted to all elves)

(Aria is a druid elf, born without supernatural power. But that never meant she didn't seem powerful. All elves share a magnificent connection with their earth, but Aria's from birth was seemingly unparalleled. Her intuition and open mind seemed to have enhanced this bond. She knows the time the sun will rise and set, how to find her way in any land, how to read the sky and how many seconds until the rain will fall. She can read the ground and know when the flowers will bloom. She can observe an animal and sense its basic thoughts. Through meditation, she believes she gathers some of her own power from the energy of ground below her and air around her. "Yes we are a part of this universe. But the universe is a part of us"
Other specific skills include, gardening, swimming, running, biking, motivational speaking, crafting, drawing, and she has a hauntingly beautiful soprano voice. )

• the tale of a lifetime•

(Aria Ellowyn was born in 185 AC in an unnamed forest within the land of Elyria to farmers Rhovarion and Gwenestri Larithlyn. In the last fifty years of the 200 year war with the humans, the elves loss of life was a threat to their longevity. Gwenestri had always wanted to have a child, but because of the pressure to induce their population she had ten. This was through the optimism that they could protect their children and give way to a new generation that would know peace. And so Rhovarion and Gwenestri had these ten children over the course of less than forty years. ( Because of the length of time that elves can live, the period of safe fertility is much longer). Aria was the sixth. The eldest was Faelwen then Nyvorlas, Srindin, twins Rohan and Renestrae, Anneliese, Aria, Melinya, Kindroth, and the youngest Elora. The eldest, Faelwen, is now fifty years old, while the youngest, Elora is sixteen. The elven community of Elyria was always proud to have the Larithlyn's. Despite their place as farmers, They were known as a noble line who led modest lives and treated others with kindness.

Aria was twenty five years old when the war finally broke. The same age that the elven community considers a child to become a young adult. In those twenty five years she was looked out for by the community (as is the elven way). Aria never lived in the same place for more than a few years. Until she was nine years old, they were a part of a small community of elves that still managed to live in the trees. On the day their last tree home was bombed, many of Aria's family sustained traumatizing injuries during escape through the fire and falling tree limbs, and her eldest brother Nyvorlas was killed. Though her parents has suffered many losses over the endless war, it was Aria's first and the first within the family.

For the next four years the small community hid within the caves alongside the dwarves, who were not hospitable, but kind enough. It was there that the elves nearly suffocated in their own grief at times. Music was their refuge. The elven community believes that they were graced with two things, and it was their long lives, and music. The group of them sat along the bonfire, playing their instruments and singing away their troubles. Aria was praised for her voice from a young age. They practiced meditation and Communion (a deep form of bonding between the elves in which they focus on each others thoughts) to heal themselves of their grief. They had enough to live by, but life was not comfortable. They struggled to support themselves off of a land that seemed to be dying around them. Aria's emotional endurance was promising to some of the community, as some of the others found their spirit dying along side the earth.

As a family of farmers and caretakers to the earth, most of the elves within the Larithlyn bloodline were druid elves and did not possess the gift of magical powers. Aria was no exception to this, however her sisters Anneliese and Melinya were. Anneliese and Melinya's duty was to heal the desolate land with their destined power. Aria wished more than anything she had the power to heal the land that she felt such a painful bond with. She resented Melinya, who had such power but did not appreciate it, often misusing it. Yet, Aria didn't want the spotlight and expectation that having such powers brought either, and so she coped with her place. All of her brothers and sisters seemed to have a strong identity and purpose within the community. Aria felt that something was missing for her. She did her work diligently within the gardens along the mountainous slopes that housed the dwarf caves. She was quiet and many times, unnoticed. But as days, weeks and years passed at the caves that were so unlike a home to her, Aria began to wander off. At the age of twelve, she travelled a little farther and back each day, always back in time for dinner and to share the only real "gift" she had with the others, her singing voice.

Aria's longing to explore was insatiable. She did not share the same level fear that caused the community into hiding. She sometimes traveled by horseback, sometimes by foot. But the mountainous slopes were dangerous. At times Aria wondered how they had even gotten here. After some time, it was Anneliese who first noticed her sisters disappearance, and searched for her. The day that Anneliese found Aria at a cliffs edge, she convinced Aria to return, and not travel so far again. As they spoke, they stood alongside a steep slope of rocks. In a moment the ground began to rumble, and the rocks slid down the slope toward them. They ran with all that they were from the rock slide, just reaching a safe ledge in time. But Anneliese slipped, clinging to the edge of the cliff with only her finger tips, her body dangling hundreds of feet from the nearest ground. Aria pulled her to safety. It was this near death moment, that brought Anneliese and Aria closer.

It was on this same day that the girls were spotted by the humans, as they rode above them in a helicopter. Aria and Anneliese returned home, warning the others of what they saw. The elves and dwarves too, had no choice but to evacuate. Sure enough, mere hours after they had fled, the caves were destroyed. The dwaves saught deeper caves, while the community of elves traveled to the Grove, the longest lasting garden that still exists today. For the rest of her childhood, thier home was never threatened. Though the war waged on, and her elder siblings Rohan and Srindin fought. Aria studied martial arts, and trained for a day she might fight as well. But on the year that Aria was old enough to fight, the war ended. Aria kept her bow, but she never picked up a sword again.

For years, Aria led a surprisingly peaceful life, only hearing word of the battles that waged on. She occupied herself with her travels on horseback, her gardening, and singing. At 21, she fell in love for the first time with an elf named Rilien. Rilien and Aria were an adored couple, and it was believed that their love would last the generations. When the war ended, there was more focus on love and marriage and more joyous celebrations within the community. But in 215 AC, three years after the war had ended, humans arrived. A peace treaty had been signed, and elves were asked to join a new city formed where elves and humans would live side by side. Aria was astounded by the idea of living with those who she had been taught to fear and hate. But as the adventurous one, it was all but expected that Aria would be the one to go. So Rilien and Aria traveled to Librium, with her sister Aneliese. Rilien didn't last long in Librium. He could not find it in his heart to forgive the humans or be accepting of their faults. He lashed out not only at the humans, but at Aria. While Aria adapted quickly, Rilien became bitter and angry. He took his anger out on Aria. On the day that a fight ended in violence, he became afraid of the elf he was becomming and fled back to Elyria. Aria did not follow. For the first few years her case worker Neona helped her to become well adjusted. Aria set up her shop and became busy and content in a new city, and way of life.)

(None yet.)

Is this a Canon?: (no)

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:First

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Aria Larithlyn
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