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 The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)

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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:28 pm

I don't care what it looks like. That's where I really want to go.

He took her downstairs. She enjoyed the way that she could snuggle into him while they walked and they didn't have to worry about appearances. She was tired of hiding it all the time at work. One day, she was just going to smack a kiss on his lips and let the whole world screw themselves trying to figure out what John Rivers had that no other man before him seemed to have. Well, except Sol, but he had mysteriously disappeared almost a month now ago.. and she hadn't heard from him yet despite calling a lot in the beginning.

In the car he made a joke about how he had often slept in his car out front of her apartment. She knew that. Back when they didn't get a long so well this was where she had found him sleeping often. He brought up the time he spent on her couch and had been guarding her broken door.

Oh yes, one of my favorite lines from you. No coffee for childish bitches. I'm sure I'll never forget that one. Or the bill.

They took off into the city and she was all too happy when they pulled up in front of the New Dawn Cooperate Apartments. She had a place here too, one that she never used. They got out of the car and he took her up to the floor where he lived and they walked down the hall way to his apartment. When he opened the door the smell of dust was heavy in the air and she stepped in looking around.

Wow. I hope you fired them.

She chuckled as she looked arond. She had always wanted to come here. He had gotten to see her place first because he had kicked her door in when she was screwing with his panic button. But she had never gotten to go into his place. It was shocking to her that someone used their apartment less than she did. But even still, she ran her fingers along the back of the crappy couch and began to explore. She found his bedroom.

Dust covered the comforter. She tossed it off the bed, and the sheets didn't seem too bad for having been covered with the comforter. If she was spending the night here though she wanted a new pillow case. Blue explored more. Finding the bathroom, the closet that barely had any clothes in it. She felt almost like he really didn't live here at all. He must keep a bag of clothes in his car...

You know, you're place is a lot like mine. No personal effects or anything. she said softly as she took the hair piece out of her hair and lay it gently on the night stand. She almost wished she had something to leave here. A way to mark it for him. She turned to look at him and gave a slight smile. Holding her hands out for him to come to her.

You are... a strange and hard to figure out man sometimes. I am grateful you let me in. she whispered softly.

Leaning in she kissed him softly. Standing beside the bed with her arms around his shoulders and her head tilted to the side gently. Hair falling all around her, and those heels making it so much easier to kiss her.
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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Tue Jul 17, 2012 2:09 am

Smiling as she entered, "John" watched Blue explore his apartment. It was a humble abode, with connected open kitchen/dining area that connected to the living room. All had the basic furnishings: tables, chairs, and the like. All were New Dawn standard issue, which meant they had been used by generations of workers before him. Unlike Ethan, however, they usually changed out their furniture to something more personal.

Ethan followed her in to the bedroom, watching her look around, like his room was some new place in the world to explore. He leaned on the doorjam while she peered in to the bedroom and walked in to the bathroom. She came back and tossed the comforter, causing Ethan to laugh out loud, which developed in to a mild cough from the dust that rose from the heavy sheet.

If you don't like the comforter, there is another one in the drawer. he joked as he stepped a little further in to the room.

You know, you're place is a lot like mine. No personal effects or anything.

Well, I'm a lot like you, especially when it comes to the job. I work like I'm married to my job, doesn't give me a lot of "me" time alone in the apartment. I spend a lot of time in the first room you saw on the tour. He teased, smiling at her as she beckoned him over with her hands.

You are... a strange and hard to figure out man sometimes. I am grateful you let me in. She whispered to him when she had her arms around his shoulders. She leaned in and kissed him, which he very much kissed her back. When the kiss broke, he smiled at her and stared in to those soft, multi-hued eyes he had fallen for over and over.

You are a unique, amazing woman who still keeps me guessing. I'm glad I could get the chance to let you in. He whispered back as he leaned in to her for another kiss. This time, he let his weight push her back on to the bed, laying her down and letting her hair spread all across the white sheets. As they kissed on the bed, him on top of her, they finally broke apart, staring in to one another's eyes.

I couldn't be happier right now...being here with you.

...I love you, Blue.
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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Tue Jul 17, 2012 8:52 am

Well.. maybe I can find room in my room for you or.. something when we aren't at the lab.

He kissed her back and she fell into that strange space. Where her heart was beating heavily in her chest, and her pulse was racing, and her knees wanted to go weak but she held them still resolutely. Still, when the kiss broke and he began to speak she could only smile at him.

John kissed her again, and this time he lead her to the bed and lay her back on it. Her hair pooled around her on the matress and the sheets. Her arms softly held him around his neck and shoulders, one hand running through his thick dark hair. She broke for air and he began to speak again.

And he said he loved her.

Blue's eyes widened, and her jaw dropped just slightly, enough to part her lips in surprise. She really had not expected him to be the first one to say it. She was certain she would get tired of not saying it and would eventually say it just to get it off her chest. But, he had said it, and her heart melted. The biggest most beautiful smile on her face.

I love you too, John.

Her lips found his again. Pulling them both completely up on the bed. Screw the dusty pillows and the dusty room. It was perfect. Though somehow she had imagined, before, a fire place.. and warm blankets. But there would be time enough for that later. Right now, was too perfect a moment to let pass. They would spend their night here. Together. Enjoying one another. and in the morning John would find Blue laying almost on top of him, her hair covering the both of them, sheets around their waists sleeping blissfully.

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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   

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The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)
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