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 The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)

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PostSubject: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:07 am

Today was the day.

Ethan was so excited to start the day, he barely slept. Usually he could sleep anywhere no matter what the next day brought whether it be battle, a mission, or the perils of navigating social situations. The one true thing that could excite him beyond slumber's soft caress was redemption.

He was going to make it up to Blue Tiran about being a complete and total ass.

"John Rivers" couldn't have been more excited.

Eyes shot open at the feeling of his internal alarm, and within moments, Ethan had sprung from Blue's couch and he briskly walked to the bathroom and shower. Since their first "date" on Blue's day off, things had gotten much better for the two of them. They trusted each other more, and Blue kept giving him puppy eyes asking about the surprises that he had planned to redeem himself from his inappropriate and hurtful outbursts nearly a week ago. She was damn cute when she did it, but he'd never tell...the surprise factor was half the fun.

Hopping in to the shower, "John" showered quickly and changed in to work boots and a jumpsuit fit for digging through trash and grime, complete with work gloves and roughed up baseball cap. Blue wasn't supposed to be up for nearly another hour or two...but then again, she didn't know it was scavenging day. Ethan smirked at the surprise..it was forthcoming.

Quietly opening the door to Blue's bedroom, he slowly tiptoed across the carpeted floor and nearly burst out laughing at the sight before him. Blue Tiran lay sprawled out across the Queen-sized bed like a large dog would when the owners were away. He nearly ruined the sweet romantic wake up he had prepared by her position. Who knew that a small girl like that, who snuggled up in to a tiny ball after numerous make-out sessions on the couch, could take up so much space?

Kneeling down by her face, "John" slowly pushed back her hair and began softly kissing her cheek until she groggily awoke to his lips on her skin. Good Morning my Lotus flower, do you know what today is?

She tried to disregard him, but he flipped her over in her bedding. The squeak that emanated from her throat only added to her adorable look that switched to something more inquisitive as she took in his clothing.

Its salvaging day...and may I say, its looks like a beauty outside.
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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Tue Jul 10, 2012 8:46 am

((Prepare yourself for the absolute adorableness, of Sleepy Blue!))

Blue, unless sleeping beside someone, tended to move a lot when she was sleeping. She woke up and fell asleep a lot through out the night. There were nights where she slept with her entire body in the middle of the bed, under the covers, curled into a ball. And then there were nights for some unknown reason she was hot, and ended up spread out in some sort of awkward position all over the bed with not a lick of blankets on her except the mass of black and blue curls that covered the upper portion of her body and some of the bedding.

She didn't hear the door open. That was John's job. Albert, was off. Blue had been nice, making sure to put Albert in a sort of hibernation. He would only wake up if the building had been breached. Otherwise, he sat in his charging dock in the kitchen with a little blue light on.

Kisses and lips on her face. Blue's face scrunched up as her mind came to awareness. She groaned softly and turned her face away. Her mind instantly snapped out connecting to the servers of the internet that were always in the air.

didju-just-call-me-urlotusflower? Blue grumbled out as she tossed one of her arms over her face. Normally, she didn't like people to see her first thing in the morning. Always worried that she looked terrible, or that she had bad morning breath, or.. grumpy. Which she often was when someone drug her out of a deep sleep. Apparently, Rivers didn't know that. He asked her if she knew what day it was and Blue grumbled.

Kicking her legs like a three year old she groaned and snuggled back into her pillow as deeply as she possibly could. Deep Sea Pillow Sleeping.

Blue squealed as she was suddenly airborne and landed on the other side of her bed. She gave him a dark.. evil... cold 'Im-going-to-kill-you-' look. Then she noticed what he was wearing. Blue propped herself up on one elbow and cocked her brow. Was she seeing things or was he dressed in serial killer gear. Minus the trashbag jumper. He finally came out with it being salvaging day. Her still waking mind checked the date as she rubbed her palms over her eyes getting the grit to come out.

While I appreciate your enthuuuisi----asm.... it isn't. That is tomorrow. So umm.. yeah... sleep. Enthusiasm was broken with a large cat like yawn before Blue pulled her big duvet over her entire body and snuggled in assuming it was merely a mistake. Afterall, Rivers was not connected to the world the way that Blue was. He had just gotten the date wrong!
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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:11 pm

She made various excuses for not going, and it was beginning to get ridiculous. Grumbling to himself softly, he shook his head and began to think. He had to get her up, the entire crew he had hired were expecting them, sooner rather than later. This was all part of a hastily planned, perfectly executed, and unbelievably stressful mission of enormous romantic potential. He would not have any of Blue's shenanigans today.

Blue! We talked about this...we can't do the same day every week. Do you remember what happened last time you had a typical schedule?

A soft snore replied in uncaring response.

She had fallen back asleep, in almost a near instant! It wasn't like she was keeping late hours at work, either. "John" had her home by eleven at the latest, and she was more than willing to his the couch and relax by that point. It was like their relationship had completely sucked the early riser out of her!!

That just wouldn't do.

Slowly, Ethan crawled over the bed, slinking himself over Blue's duvet-covered form. Descending softly over her, he began whispering in her ear, running his hands up and down her frame.

The plan is to get dirty Blue. If you won't do that...I'll just have to lose my pants and get dirty a different way....what do you think?

At the word "think," his hand groped her inner thigh rather sensually.

That should get her attention.
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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:24 pm

Blue grunted.

She had been jumped on. By an Evil Couch Sleeping Monster Babysitter. She grunted again as he climbed up her and removed the duvet that she had burrowed under. Blue resolutely kept her eyes closed. She was not getting up. Today was not a dump day. If she went today, it would be an utter waste. His hand cupped her inner thigh and her eye shot open.

Blue squealed and kicked.

Squirming around on the bed until she had fallen half off the bed and looked over at him. She tossed her pillow into his face and headed over to the closet to get something that she could wear to where ever they were going. Apparently, they were going to get dirty. She grabbed her normal dump jeans and a tshirt that she didn't much care for that had once been a soft silver color but was now more muted faded grey and splotched with different colors here and there. Mostly varying shades of black.

Blue went into the bathroom and washed her face. She got herself dressed and pulled her hair up into a messy bun. Putting the locket and her sisters necklace on underneath the shirt she came back out with her hands on her hips.

Coffee. Then go.

Oh sure, he got her home by 11. But that didn't mean she went to sleep then. Her mind was always active and she had a small work table in her room that she piddled in, or snuck out to the garage, or just surfed the net mentally. Blue was a night owl, and her mind worked and worked until she crapped out. Blue went downstairs and grabbed her largest travel mug and filled it with the black tar that she considered coffee. Then added two sugars to help the zip come faster and screwed the cap on.

Grabbing a couple packets of twinkies, non-verbal Blue moved to the door so they could head out to the car. She was slowly waking up. It wasn't her fault. She was just.. not a morning person, really. Except on Dump Days when she was so excited. She hadn't figured out what they were doing yet, so her excitement was held at bay. In the car, she drank her coffee and inhaled her first packet of Twinkies before she looked over at John.

Wait.. you said we're getting dirty. But the dump won't have anything new today. Where are we going?
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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Wed Jul 11, 2012 3:45 am

The way she squealed and kicked as she nearly threw herself off the bed sent Ethan doubled-over in laughter on the other side of the mattress. He sat up just to get a pillow directly to his face as Blue headed to the washroom, setting his cap flying. Tossing it aside, "John" gave an indignant look at her back, his arms spread wide.

Is that a no to the mindless hours of potential sexual congress I alluded to? Blue?

As Blue readied herself, Ethan went about to finding his hat. He had already set her coffeemaker to go on since he knew she would need some sort of caffeinated jump start. After scouring the carpet on the floor, he finally found his cap and replaced it on his head as Blue emerged from the bathroom and exclaimed her need for coffee, as expected.

They finally headed out to the car without a word, and Blue sipped her coffee and inhaled some ever-present Twinkies. Finally, she asked the question that truly brought a smile to Ethan's face.

Wait.. you said we're getting dirty. But the dump won't have anything new today. Where are we going?

The smile widened as "John" turned a corner and headed down another side street towards the destination. You will see very soon, my dear. Its a surprise. Do you remember when I told you at the cafe that I was going to make it up to you for saying all those awful things?

Blue simply nodded, a nod that spoke of knowledge of what he was talking about, but suspicion over their actual destination still overpowering her facial expression.

Well, consider this the first of my true apologies...and making it up to you. Oh, that reminds me. Car? The vehicle beeped in response. Please turn off the map display. He smiled at her as the map winked out while they idled at a red light. Wouldn't want you figuring it out early.

They traveled for almost twenty minutes as "John" took an extended route through the city proper and some other random back roads and allies...anything to throw Blue's sense of direction off. This was going to be perfect.

Finally, the car pulled up in to a spot at the local Librium Metal and Salvage Yard. It was the one she mentioned to him on their first Dump Day, the one where Ethan had been shot, that Blue had said was too expensive. Today, nothing was too expensive....especially when your romantic endeavors had the backing of a nearly unlimited corporate account.

Here we are. I told you...its Salvage Day.

As he was speaking, two large New Dawn box trucks pulled up in adjacent parking spaces with six large men that exited, waiting for orders.

I have the Salvage yard for nearly the entire day, and these gentlemen, myself included, are at your beck and call for the entire time. The trucks can and will make multiple trips, and you can have whatever you like in any quantity from the yard.

With a big smile, he looked over at his passenger.

So, do you like it?
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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Wed Jul 11, 2012 8:38 am

He wouldn't tell her. Not that she really expected him to. But, she couldn't imagine that it hurt to try. Blue yawned and leaned down further in the seat. He reminded her about the cafe, when he promised her that he was going to make it up to her. When he had said those horrible things to her. Sometimes, she was afraid, that he had been speaking the truth. He was actually terrified that she had no idea what she was doing and he was going to short circuit or something some day.

She hadn't asked yet, but she wanted to.

He shut off the car's navigation map and she rolled her eyes. As if she couldn't figure out where they were going still. She didn't, because it was rare people surprised Blue and she was actually looking forward to it. So she let him think that would stop her and her eyes closed as she sipped her coffee and enjoyed the ride. Still waking up, but getting more and more awake with the sip.

By the time they were turning off the road. Most of Blue's coffee was gone and her Twinkies were mere wrappers in the cup holder of his car. She felt more awake and she felt ready for whatever this surprise was. He told her that they had arrived. And when she actually paid attention, she found them at the Salvage yard. Her brows furrowed. He knew this stuff was too expensive, she wouldn't be able to do enough good here.

Two huge New Dawn trucks and a crew pulled up as well all waiting for .. something she wasn't sure. Blue's multi-hued eyes looked over at John as he explained. He had the salvage yard for most of the day. That the guys were there at her beck and call. That she could take back anything she wanted to the lab.

Her eyes grew wider with everything he said.

They shifted to the gates of the salvage yard, and she grinned nice and slow until it turned into a smile. Well, what are we waiting for then! Lets hop to it! This is a rarity boys!

She jumped out of the car quickly and put her coffee on the hood. This was going to be AWESOME!!!! Blue was like a child as the men unloaded rolling carts so they could transport things from the salvage yard to the large trucks. These things were built like old school garbage trucks, with an arm, that picked up the cart and dumped it inside. She remembered having worked on them herself from time to time when things went bad or had to be replaced. She was no mechanic but sometimes she was quicker.

Blue walked to the front gates and she and Rivers were let in, the gates opened wide and Blue stepped into the dew covered salvage yard. Man! If she could only come here instead of the dump. She wouldn't have to get half as nasty, and certainly not as smelly. She could come here from time to time, but it was just so expensive. Okay boys! I need metal. Sheets mostly. I also need springs, hydraulic pumps, motors.. lots of different things. So keep an eye peeled, any questions, find me.

The men nodded and she motioned, so they headed off to do her bidding.

Let's go get dirty, Rivers. I like that get up. Very serial killer of you.
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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:35 pm

As the realization came over Blue what Ethan had meant by "salvage day," her eyes grew wider by the word. It was plain she was trying to contain her excitement, since there were other people around. That made sense, they had a completely professional relationship...in public. He smiled at her, mockingly of course, while she began ordering around the workmen about what she needed. "John" took mental notes.

1: Sheet Metal. 2: Springs. 3: Hydraulic systems. 4: Motors. Also, anything else at her discretion. What the hell is she building anyway?

Deciding the questions about her current project may not be all that fruitful at the time her collective brain power rivaled that of a seven-year old. She always reverted to a childhood state of glee when she got to salvaging and rummaging through various states of filth. Once the workmen went out and started searching the metaphorical gold mine that was the salvage yard, Blue turned to him, the spark of glee cresting her eyes.

Let's go get dirty, Rivers. I like that get up. Very serial killer of you.

Yes ma'am. I'm glad you like it. I was going to kill you this morning in your sleep, but I figured getting to see your reaction when I finally did it would be far more interesting.

He smiled jokingly at her as they traversed deep in to the East side of the yard. The majority of the workman had began their work on the West side, so it was good to cover many bases. "John" and Blue headed off behind a large pile of what appeared to be airplane-type aluminum. Once they were out of eyesight, Ethan reached down to squeeze her hand.

So, what do you think?
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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:53 pm

Blue rolled her eyes and she headed off to the Eastern part of the salvage yard since most of the men were on the other side getting what she needed and piling it into carts that were going to fill the large trucks. Blue was so excited, she could barely contain the glee. She wished that she could pull Rivers close and give him a nice hot kiss. But they had already agreed that work was work, and any sort of relationship was to take place completely after work had ended.

Sometimes, it was very hard, when they were working close not to lean up and touch him, or run her hand across his back, or even kiss him when he headed off to get their lunches. Luckily, work kept her distracted for the most part.

She climbed up one of the large shimmering piles of things and grinned. Feeling as though she was the Queen of the mountain of rubble. This was the best. day. ever. She was sure that he knew that, though she would make sure to itterate it to him more later. She crouched down and began to look through some of the things and already she was finding way more stuff than she would on even the best of dump days.

I think it's fantastic! That you would think to do this, it's very sweet. Thank you.

She had her arms filled with things, but on the way to the cart where she was going to drop them off she stopped and her eyes softened looking up into John's. So that he would know, things that she couldn't say here in public with so many work people around her. She knew it would probably take her weeks to go through all this stuff, categorize and organize, but she was going to appreciate every single ounce of anything that she could find here. Moving past him she tossed her finds in the bottom of the large plastic cart where they clanged and thudded as she turned back.

Lets go John-boy. Let's find some gold! she popped him hard on the back and grinned over at him. Fully in her element here as she dug down and gasped. Giving a little heave she came out with a microwave. It was old. She had never actually SEEN one in use, they didn't exist anymore, not like this. She was already pressing buttons and opening it. She was running blueprints and diagnostics on it right there in the salvage yard as if it was some sort of rare treasure.
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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Thu Jul 12, 2012 2:14 am

I think it's fantastic! That you would think to do this, it's very sweet. Thank you.

Ethan nodded and smiled back at her. He was really glad that she was happy. He thought he had seen the glee in dump on previous occasions...but he apparently wrong. Blue moved through the piles with a swiftness that he had only seen in small children playing Hide and Seek. The thought of a young Blue playing such a game let the small smile he still held grow bigger. He really needed to get a hold of his expressions.

He was ruining his own image.

She gave him a soft-eyed look before tossing a slew of metal items in a plastic cart. Lets go John-boy. Let's find some gold! Slapping his back, and proceeded to nearly dive back in to the pile. She gasped and Ethan spun around, ready for action for whatever caused her to gasp.

A box? Why is a box with buttons so important? What did it used to do, anyway?

Fact was, in the modern times, people didn't have a need for traditional microwaves. Most cooking apparatus had been consolidated in to one or two major appliances, and a standard oven could now do the same thing...with better results! As Blue combed over her new discovery like a prize of unimaginable value, Ethan began digging through the same pile. He found a similar device, this one looked like it had been covered in a hard black plastic. Most of the plastic had cracked away, leaving its metal undercarriage.

Blue, I have another mystical box here for you...for whatever the hell you're doing with them.

He always wondered what exactly she would do with all the stuff. She always tried to talk him in to cataloging it, but he usually messed up her system in a couple of items. This would get her irritated to frustration and she would shoo him away. It originally was a purposeful way to make her angry, but the fact was her catalog system was just way too complicated for him.

Ethan Kelly could break down, clean, and reassemble an assault rifle in six minutes flat, but Blue Tiran's Catalog of Metal Knick-Knacks and Random Crap was an impossibility.

Placing his own box in the cart, "John" met her by his side digging in the pile, and he nudged her lightly. She nudged him back and smiled.

You know, this isn't the only thing I have planned today. We can only stay here until three, then we have to get ready for dinner reservations. Oh...and there is a caveat to me getting this for you....
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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Thu Jul 12, 2012 9:05 am

Blue looked up at John in confusion.

It's an old microwave. From before. It used to cook food quickly, by using waves, to cook food from the inside out. It was an amazing invention, and almost every household had one of these. But after. They were obselete. They were destroyed, energy was different, our world doesn't support devices like this anymore. But, to study one! And .. to see if I can, alter it to work again, or, salvage it for parts.. wow....

Blue was in awe.

By 'before' and 'after' she was talking about the Enlightenment of course. When the world rose up and revolted against the war that was scarring her soil. Blue had never fought in the war, and she was too young during it to remember too much. Plus she was kept sheltered with her mother. It wasn't until Nathan died, that the war really touched her, and in more ways than one. She knew that Rivers had fought in it, he was a bit older than her though, a fact that didn't bother her considering she could live for centuries, depending on how her body worked with it's half human side.

He found another one, TWO!!! She hoisted her own up and balanced it on her shoulder as she made her way towards the cart and nestled the two prizes in the bottom. She was so excited. Turning back to the salvage pile she saw some old motors, some from hand cranks, and some from machines, and a few from sewing machines which were always good for things. She began to collect those as Rivers came and knelt down next to her giving her a nudge.

Blue nudged him back with a chuckle.

It was so hard to be professional all the time. She had to admit, they still had their bickerings. But that was something that she actually loved. The only difference was, most of the time, they would end up laughing and then kissing instead of her storming away angry. Though that still happened. He knew how to push her buttons in the worst way. 'No coffee for childish bitches' ran through her mind.

He told her that they had more plans for the day. She looked over at him and rose her brow. Curiously. She had no idea what he had in store for her. She had never figured out he was taking her to the salvage yard either. He said they had to leave by three, and her brows rose higher.

Blue stood up. All right boys, double time. We have to leave here by three because Rivers has a schedule to keep. Blue rolled her eyes, and grinned. Giving him hell as she headed off to dive deeper into the piles now on limited time. What was it like.. eight in the morning? Yeah, they had to hurry to cover as much ground as possible here.

Then she paused.

Wait.. what's the catch. To all of this? What is it? of course there was a catch. Rivers didn't normally do things just because he was a 'nice' guy. Though he could be, he usually wasn't, unless they were alone.
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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Thu Jul 12, 2012 11:11 pm

Ethan still really didn't understand her awe over this "microwave." It was a metal box....that cooked. Big whoop. He may not see it, but he knew she did, and that usually was all that mattered. She carried the two boxes like they were priceless gems to the plastic cart and began rummaging again, mocking him about leaving early for other things. "John" could only smile...if only she knew.

She wouldn't be complaining then. But she would know, in time.

Don't let them off so easily. They get to pick around and fill trucks until their shifts are over around five. We just have better things to do.

She seemed a little miffed that she would have to miss the tail end of the best dump day she ever had, but the look he gave her quieted her down quickly. Blue always seemed to get him, like she knew when something was important to him.

Wait.. what's the catch. To all of this? What is it?

With a sigh, Ethan continued picking through a small pile of nuts, bolts and screws in front of him. He knew she wanted none of those, but it made him look productive. Stalling was something he was not very good at doing, unless there was a gun pointed at him...who knew why that mattered? Anyway, he looked up at her, in to her eyes. She looked on the verge of being angry, like this whole amazing trip was a ruse.

There was no way I could do this with my own money...so I got creative. I used the majority of my Security budget. The catch is, the Director of Security would only allow me to use so much money because....you agreed to make Security something. It can be anything useful to them....but its the only way I could get the funds to do this amazing thing for you.

He didn't give away that a large chunk of his personal savings, including his Paladin money, went in to the private dinner and the gift he had made for her. He really hoped she wouldn't be mad.
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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Thu Jul 12, 2012 11:31 pm

So he had sold her services for this day.

Blue paused. Her hands full of things that she had already collected. Small sheets of metal. Some valves, never could have too many of those, and some other things as she watched him. He seemed a bit wary about bartering her services to get enough money to get here. But when she thought about how amazing this day was going to be. How all of the things that she needed and wanted would be in her lab tomorrow morning via these trucks.... the glee was almost palpable.

That's fine.

She went back to work, excited for their day to continue. They had filled up her cart quickly and they, along with the other men where moving back and forth to the large trucks unloading and then going back into the yard ready to start again. The men were covered in sweat, but she was already so excited about all the things they were finding.

She was so excited.

By the time three o'clock rolled around, she was nearly exhausted. But John had ideas, and she knew that their day was not over. They said goodbye to the boys and she told them to put all the trucks' loads in Bay 3 and 4 tonight and she would start putting it away tomorrow and have Albert help. Because, unlike Rivers, Albert understood her system.

She got in the car with Rivers and she was tired.

In fact, she was so tired that she fell asleep on the way home. With her hand in his. Her hand felt warm, and it was nice to finally be able to touch him again. It was getting harder and harder not to touch him while they were at work. Her head was on his shoulder. She slept until he gently nudged her awake when they arrived at her place again and she rubbed her eyes sleepily.

Oh wow. Sorry. I didn't mean to fall asleep. She looked over at Rivers. Okay so, what do I need to do now? Do I have time for a shower? What is next? Do I have time to get ready?
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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Sun Jul 15, 2012 4:17 am

She was fine with the decision he made behind her back?

The very notion perplexed him, but he chalked it up to her being as excited as she was for the salvage yard trip. They continued their assault on the various pieces of salvage and metal pieces that were strewn about the yard until it neared the time Blue and he needed to leave. The workmen were going to be around for a couple more hours, but the majority of the work was generally done. While they had spent nearly seven hours rummaging and gathering from the salvage yard, it still looked like it had been picked over. The place was huge.

Blue and "John" set their final instructions with the labor teams and the truck drivers, and they got in "John's" vehicle and began to head home. Her hand was quickly in his, and they drove slowly towards her home. Ethan smiled at Blue as she began to doze off. Their interactions had been escalating by the day since the decided to start dating, which was completely fine by him. Every drive they held hands, and they brushed one another whenever it seemed like they could get away with it. It was an exciting and fun experience especially considering thy hadn't been on an official "date" since the cafe on the boardwalk.

Blue finally fell asleep, and let her head softly fall on his shoulder while they drove. Smiling to himself, Ethan made a decision to take an extra fifteen or twenty minutes to the normally ten minute drive. She deserved the extra nap time. Besides, he really enjoyed her partially curled up on him while she slept. She always looked like an angel when she slept: so innocent, so beautiful.

I made a decision Blue...a long time ago. Its that kind of decision that may get me killed...or worse. I'm doing it for you. You may never know I did it or why things had to change, but I am going to make things right. I swear it.

The decision he alluded to while she slept peacefully was his mission with Paladin. He wasn't going to complete it, and he was going to do everything he could to protect her. Especially from Paladin. She was the link to hurting him now...and that made her a target.

Man...emotionally compromised was really complicated. No wonder no one does it.

When they finally got back to Blue's apartment, Ethan lightly nudged her awake, and met her with a smile as she opened her eyes.

Okay so, what do I need to do now?Do I have time for a shower? What is next? Do I have time to get ready?

You need to get ready, yes, we're going to dinner, and yes. "John" answered, chuckling. He really did love how nosy she was sometimes.

He shooed her in to her apartment and pointed to her rooms.

Be quick now, I lost some time shuttling your cute butt around while you cat-napped. The dress code is just a hair under formal. A dress and makeup would be appropriate. I have the shower after you, so..go. We can't be late.
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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:30 am

Blue's gaze narrowed.

I didn't ask for the extra long drive! You volunteered that, so don't put that on me!

She got out of the car and headed up to the apartment. She was covered in sweat, and grime, but at least she didn't smell as bad as if she had spent seven hours at the dump. She opened the door and stepped into her place grateful to be blasted on by the air conditioning. She headed upstairs immediatly and was already peeling her clothes off as the shower popped on and began heating to the temperature that she liked.

Blue kicked the door clothes and stepped into the shower underneath the amazing warmth of the water. She had a great shower head, one she made herself. It rotated and pulsated, depending if you wanted one, both, or none. It was fantastic on days like today where she spent most of it hunched over a pile of rubble searching for treasure.

Fifteen minutes later she stepped out of the shower and she dried her hair as best as she could with a towel. Getting the rest of her body she slid the towel around her and held it in place as she exited the bathroom so that he could use it and headed towards the closet. John and Blue had done nothing more than a few make out sessions. She wasn't sure when it might go further, but Blue was someone that had patience, and enjoyed waiting for the bigger things sometimes...

She locked herself in her closet. That way he couldn't watch her while she got ready. Her hair was usually curly on it's own. But today she fired up the curling iron that was on the vanity in the back of the closet. Her sister had bought her a bunch of crap that Blue always found useless. This was the curling iron's virgin mission.

Blue spent the time to curl her hair and to apply the slightest bit of make up. To her eyes, and her face. Barely noticeable except that her eyes were just a little darker. Making her blue/green hues stand out more. She found a dress in the 'dress' section, which as many might assume was rarely used and she put it on over some sexy underwear because.. well.. one never knew. Then she went to the also rarely used heels section and picked out some that would work.

Thank God her sister insisted on filling out Blue's wardrobe with 'girly' things. Saying something about 'Grease isn't going to get you anywhere'. And she was probably right, but so far, it hadn't stopped her much. Getting some jewelry out of the jewelry box beside the vanity in her large closet. Her outfit looked pretty good, she thought, anyway. She hoped that John would like it.

Afterall, this was.. maybe.. a second date for them.

She stepped out of the closet and saw that the bathroom door was open which meant John was probably done. So she went to go find him. John? she called out nervously. Feeling very unlike herself when she wears a dress.
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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:11 pm

Ethan only smiled at Blue while she bickered at him about driving around with her in the car. She can be as snippy as she wanted to be, she'd change her tune once the night was over. Without much more complaint, Blue left for the shower, and Ethan got on his cell.

Yes, this is John Rivers, just confirming my appointment tonight. When? Thirty minutes!? No! We are going to need at least an hour. Just push it back, we have them for the night anyway.

The access code was included on the information for the reservation. Yes, the apartment will be clear for a good thirty minutes from then. Yes. Yes. Thank you.

It was settled, the romantic dinner at home was all set, and the personal chef and assistants would be at the apartment in an hours time. Plenty of time to change and leave to "dinner" before coming back. That was half the surprise.

Blue was out of the shower quickly, and "John" was right behind her. He showered quickly, barely taking ten minutes before he toweled off quickly and headed to a small room across from Blue's bedroom she never seemed to use. If Blue had decided to crack the door in her search for "John," she would see him pulling on a pair of dark blue boxer-briefs, getting a fairly good view of his rear. If she decided to enjoy the view, he would continue to dress without stopping.

Once he noticed her, he buttoned his pants and slid in to a pressed white button-down shirt. He smiled at her as he buttoned the buttons.

Hiya gorgeous. You look amazing.

Whether she stayed or not, Ethan calmly finished buttoning his shirt and quickly tied a tie. Tucking in his shirt and adjusting his belt, he finished the look by sliding his arms in to a soft, new pinstripe jacket that matched his pants. The suit was new, paid for by New Dawn since he got shot.

You ready?

When she said she was, they headed to the car where they drove off to circle around the city, stopping at various fancy restaurants. At each one, Ethan would check his reservation card, and exclaim that they were at the wrong place, and drive to a new one. Once the time the catering company had told him had passed, he drove back to the apartment, stopping in front of the entrance.

Here we are...I knew we'd find this place.
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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:20 pm

The spare room.

Would have probably been a guest room in anyone else's home. But for Blue it was nothing. She had a garage for her work. And so the other room remained relatively empty outside of the desk that sat beneath a window looking out. So when she came out of her own room she saw the door ajar and she went over to see if he was there only to catch his boxers just going over his nicely formed rear.

Blue couldn't help but smile. Leaning against the door frame watching him as he got his pants on and picked up his shirt before he realized that she was there. Blue gave a soft blush and entered the room when he finally noticed her and she helped him put his coat on and smoothed it down over him gently. Letting her fingers run over the soft fabric. She almost hoped there would be a little dancing in their night at some point.

He asked if she was ready to go, and she could only nod as she took his arm and they walked down the stairs. Blue was excited. This was a real date. And, she was eager to see what was going to happen.

They got into the car, and began to drive. She swore that he was toying with her. Stopping off at other restaurants only to exclaim that it was not the place that he wanted and continue driving. she didn't mind though. Any time with John was time well spent as far as she was concerned, especially tonight.

Her hand in his, they drove through the city. She almost didn't even realize that they were headed back to her place until they had turned down her street. Her brows furrowed with confusion. Maybe he was lost, and needed a better started place. But if he had just told her where they were going she could have done a mental map in seconds. So, she was really confused when they pulled back up to her apartment and he mentioned they had finally found it.

I don't.. understand.

John opened her door and she got out with him. Still looking very confused. She didn't understand any of what was going on. Had she really gotten dressed up just so she could spend the evening in her own apartment. They headed up the stairs, and Blue was really uncertain of what the night was going to bring.
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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:38 pm

I don't.. understand.

"John" smiled, of course she didn't. This was spontaneous, romantic, and genius.

You will in a moment, my dear. But...something's missing. Wait. I have it.

From his jacket pocket, Ethan produced a thin, long jewelry box, which he promptly opened and turned the jewelry within to face Blue.

I think this will be perfect.

The box contained a long hair clip made of crafted silver metal. It was platinum, but she never needed to know how much it really cost. It had engraved markings and filigree over its surface. The centerpiece of the hair clip was a small, fitted wrench that lay diagonally across the majority of it. If it wasn't for this little piece, he could have done this perfect day nearly a week ago.

What do you think? Do you like it?

He helped her put it in her hair, and then he took her by the arm. Leading her back to her apartment, he knocked on the door twice, paused, and then once more. The door opened and the apartment Blue knew had been transformed.

In the living room, a small, intimate dining table had been placed, and candles adorned most of the apartment itself, giving it a dim, romantic light. When they walked in, a man in a white tuxedo led them to their table, and seated them. A waiter appeared, and poured them water and wine, both red and white. The gentleman informed them that a personal chef was on staff, and welcomed them to "Chateau Tiran," at which "John" promptly chuckled.

The waiter glared at him, but Ethan didn't care. The man was paid by him, he could laugh when he wanted.

"John" ordered appetizers from the man, who nodded and left, and he turned to face his date. Her face seemed to glow even more than the candles, at least in his eyes.

So, this restaurant is kinda new. I thought we could try it...very intimate setting. What do you think?
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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:48 pm

He turned to her and said, something was missing.

Blue bit onto her lower lip. Worried, wondering, what was she missing. He pulled a box out from his coat and her eyes widened. Like any woman, Blue loved jewelry and gifts. She just hid it better than most. When he turned the box, her breath litterally caught in her throat as she looked at the lovely hair piece that he had gotten for her. She had no idea .. what it was made of, how much it cost, because, even if it was made of crap she would have loved it.

It's.. fantastic.

She knew, that she would cherish it. He helped her place it in her hair. And, Blue had to admit, she loved the way his hands ran through her curls. She always had, from that very first kiss, to the time, that he woke her in the hospital stroking her hair when he had been shot. There was something romantic, soft, and relaxing about it. Still, they were now ready to go in.

A secret knock was performed and a man in a white tux answered the door.

Blue was .. almost frightened because she had never given apartmental admittance to anyone, save three people. John, Sol, and her sister. They stepped in, and her blue green eyes danced in the candle light that was all over the room. She almost hoped these guys were set to descreetly leave at some point because she had ideas running through her mind already. They were seated at a two person table, and John pulled her seat out for her and she sat down.

Chateau Tiran.

Even Blue had to give a little chuckle. It was corny, but in this instance, corny meant sweet. She sat down and placed her cloth napkin in her lap. She may be more at home among grease and grime, but her mother had instilled manners into all her children from an early age. The appetizers were ordered and the waiter left, allowing John and Blue to enjoy the ambiance. Her hand reached across the table to find his. As it had the day, that lunch before the dojo.

I think, that it is perfect. The candles are a nice touch. Overhead lighting would make this seem too much like an apartment. she teased with a smile. So.. you snuck people into my apartment, I love it, but.. it kind of creeps me out. she chuckled a little nervously.

They were in her personal space. They had been here when she wasn't. A part of her felt as though she was being violated, but she knew that John would never inadvertantly put her into danger. She trusted him with her life, and she wasn't going to let her paranoid delusions ruin tonight.

Do they have dancing here? she asked him curiously. Picking up her red wine and taking a long slow sip of the decadent fluid.
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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:32 am

So.. you snuck people into my apartment, I love it, but.. it kind of creeps me out.

Ethan nodded, chuckling with her. She sounded nervous, never something he wanted for her. Yes, I did. I also did a week's worth of extended background on every single person who got near your apartment, their connections and families, and I personally...warned them all about consequences of doing something stupid.

They held hands across the table. It was like the restaurant before the dojo. It was fantastic.

Do they have dancing here?

He smiled, he had thought of that too. Who knew she would want to dance? It was a good thing to plan for contingencies.

I don't think the live band is here tonight unfortunately. However, I hear they have a great music selection with a file selection. I'm sure we...uh...they can find a good selection for a nice slow dance.

The appetizers came, which they made quick work of before a small feast was set before them. Cornish hens with seafood stuffing, green beans and small red potatoes, all cooked and seasoned to perfection. Ethan had to admit, the personal chef he had hired was worth every penny. The final course was a set of mini cheesecakes with various fruit toppings. As Ethan toyed with his cheesecakes, he smiled at Blue while she sampled the various fruits toppings.

Did I tell you that you looked beautiful tonight? Because...I think I was wrong, you're absolutely stunning.

With that, the table was cleaned and the personal chef and attendants took their dishes with them as they left. They were alone at their private table. Two people in a quiet, subtle setting. Ethan quietly excused himself, and turned on the surround sound system in the living room to light music, perfect for slow, intimate dance. He approached the table and outstretched his hand to his lady.

May I have this dance?
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So they had a chance to dance.

Blue was excited with this prospect, and soon the appetizers came. They talked quietly and ate. The food was amazing, but the appetizers were nothing compared to the food that came next. The hens and the vegetables were cooked to perfection. Some Elves were vegetarian, but Blue had grown up learning that there was a cycle of life. Eating plants, was no worse than eating an animal, and vice versa. Plus, with her father being human, he was big on his meats.

At the end there were tiny little cheese cakes with fruit toppings. She even fed him a few pieces. With a smile and enjoying the softness of the moment. The way that the candle light reflected on everything. The way that she could just sit here and enjoy her time with John. No work. No posturing. Just John and Blue. Such an average name for such an amazing man.

Well I think the actual word used, was amazing. But I do like beautiful and stunning. she teased back but she was blushing as she said it. Things like that got to a girl like Blue. One that didn't hear such things every day. She heard 'hot' and various other crude comments directed her way almost daily. But there were some, that she wished she had heard, and John was saying them right now.

He disappeared when a bit of the dessert was gone and came back when the music started holding his hand out to her. She put her hand in his, and with her heels, she was actually almost as tall as him. One of the many things she liked about Rivers was the fact that she could still curl into his arms and chest and be small. Something that most women her height didn't always get the luxory of.

In his arms, she was happy. She rested her head on his shoulder, as they danced. Nothing fancy. More of a sway with some steps here and there. Just savoring that soft moment with the music, having eaten the fine foods that were cleared off their table now. Her new hair piece glistening in the candle light.

You know.. you do this kind of thing for an average date, I cannot imagine how you will live up to and surpass such things on anniversaries and birthdays. she chuckled pulling her head off his shoulder so that she could look him in the eyes.

This.. has truly been the very best day ever. Thank you so much, John. she whispered and kissed him gently.
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As he assisted her up, Ethan noticed that Blue was nearly as tall as he, with his chin brushing her nose. He decided immediately that he liked her in heels, made it far easier to kiss her. Once their bodies met on the dance floor, which happened to be the sitting area's carpet, Blue sank in to her own little place on his shoulder. Ethan had to admit that he loved how she just found a spot and cuddled in, made him feel like he was truly protecting her.

They swayed together for a while before Blue took her head off his shoulder and stared up at him. It was one of those stares that always got his attention, where her eyes softened and "John" always wanted to meet those with his own.

You know.. you do this kind of thing for an average date, I cannot imagine how you will live up to and surpass such things on anniversaries and birthdays. she chuckled at him as he looked down in to her eyes. He stopped their sway for a moment, looking at her seriously.

Wait...I have to remember those sort of things too? Jeez, you are really getting on the needy side Blue if you expect all that. He gave her a smile that showed he was kidding, which got him a light slap on the arm in response. Laughter bubbled out of them as they gathered each other up in one another's arms and began to sway again.

This.. has truly been the very best day ever. Thank you so much, John. she whispered, forcing him to lean in to hear, and after she spoke, she kissed him gently. It was one of those gentle, passionate kisses filled with emotion. Ethan closed his eyes and kissed her back, letting the one gentle kiss develop in to a few dozen more passionate, gentle kisses.

The kiss broke and they found themselves in the familiar position of catching their breath mere centimeters from one another. He let his right hand softly cup the side of her face, which she almost immediately snuggled in to, he smiled.

I love how you do that. He whispered in to her ear as he went to kiss her neck softly for a moment before coming back up to her mouth to share more soft pecks.

I just couldn't let what I said at the dojo stand. This is partially an amazing evening together, and part of me saying that I'm sorry that I could be such an ignorant jerk. Can you ever forgive me?
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They kissed.

Like so often, Blue got lost in that kiss. The way that his lips and hers felt against each other. The way that she was held tightly in his arms and the way that they fit together. It was like they were meant to be together. The kisses broke and she couldn't help the wide smile that crossed her face. His hand came up to her cheek and she snuggled her cheek into it softly. Her eyes looked up at him. Nearly spilling out the words -I love you- but stopped herself. Last time she had said that to someone it hadn't been said back and it had stung.

I.. I really like it when you're gentle like this sometimes.

It made her heart beat fast. It made her legs liquify. It made all those stupid horrible romantic TV movies, and shows, and books, true.. somehow. He kissed her neck softly and came back to her lips where they shared another few soft kisses before his little confession of sorts came out.

Blue's face grew a little more serious.

You know.. I would never hurt you.. not like that, especially. It hurt.. that you thought so little of me and what I could do to accuse me of doing faulty work on your cybernetics. her mouth quirked slightly but she didn't move from his arms, she knew that this was an appology and she had to admit she was enjoying it a lot.

Her fingers brushed inside his coat over the area where his Junction box had been revealed as she worked on it. Her fingers running over the spot through his shirt as she brought her lips back to his. They kissed, and this time there was a bit more passion to it. It was still soft, but there was something almost urgent about her lips on his. The hand on his chest continued to move up and down his chest just slightly, changing the tone of their kissing.

Breaking it, gasping for air, she brought her nose to his and put their foreheads together while she caught her breath.

I am sorry about the locket. I hadn't had time to test it, and honestly, I didn't think I would have such a reaction to you, to set it off. she blushed softly. You were my annoying babysitter, not someone I was supposed to find attractive.
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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:57 pm

Blue's faced turned serious after "John" had made his confession of sorts. Honestly, he didn't know if it was a good serious or a bad serious, and that frightened him a bit. Had he gone too far in admitting that this was partially an apology?

You know.. I would never hurt you.. not like that, especially. It hurt.. that you thought so little of me and what I could do to accuse me of doing faulty work on your cybernetics.

Ethan stood there, this amazing woman in his arms, and he listed to the words she spoke. There is no excuse for the things I said. I should've known better than to question your work. I was wrong, and I'm sorry.

She responded by sliding her hand under his jacket, pulling on his shirt softly enough to give him the message that she wanted to kiss some more. He responded, and felt the passion she fed through this set of kisses. She played with his shirt while they kissed, and he smiled throughout the kisses. He wasn't sure, but he thought she might have nipped at his lower lip at one point...which he was definitely a fan.

The kiss broke and they stood there, foreheads together and breathing hard, resting for a moment before they continued with whatever else the night had in store.

I am sorry about the locket. I hadn't had time to test it, and honestly, I didn't think I would have such a reaction to you, to set it off. She blushed, and he smiled. You were my annoying babysitter, not someone I was supposed to find attractive.

"John" motioned upward for a moment, softly kissing the tip of her nose. Maybe you just like being babysat? The look she gave him made his smirk evolve in to out loud laughter as he squeezed her close. Don't apologize about the locket...it was what brought us together. Granted, we probably would've figured this out eventually. But, in this case, I think sooner is far better than later.

With that, he kissed her again and when he pulled away, he swooped her legs out from under her and held her in his arms. She squealed and giggled as she lay suspended in the air. We had an amazing dinner, a wonderful day, and we both look fantastic. Where would you like to go now, my dear? Name anything, and I will make your wish my command.
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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:03 pm

He was right, though she didn't say it. He never should have questioned her work. That was what had cut her to the quick. The thing that had made her want to slap him across the face and cry at the same time. She had done the latter, but he had never needed to know that. She hoped that he would never see her cry. She was certain, that wasn't likely to happen either.

They kissed, and enjoyed the music and the dance. She nibbled softly on his lower lip as they broke the kiss and suddenly she was up in his arms. He told her that he would take her anywhere that she wanted to go. All she had to do was say the word. She was torn. There were so many wonderful places they could go.

Her room.
The balcony.
The roof.

There were romantic spots, and riverboat rides, there were amazing things she could think of.

Watching the sunset on the river.
Enjoying a walk somewhere.
Taking time to watch a movie in the dark.
Cuddling in the moonlight.

I want to go to your place.

That was the place she most wanted to go. And besides, it was a place she had never been but always wanted to go. And he had just told her that she could name anywhere that she wanted to go and he would take her there. So she had named it and now they would go. She hadn't realized, while they danced that the people had cleaned up everything and left. She had been in her own little world but when she checked the security footage, they were all gone, and so she had no reason not to want to go.

If John was up for it, then she was too.
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PostSubject: Re: The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)   Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:12 pm

Blue seemed to take her time in his arms, her face intent in thought while she considered the places he could take her. Ethan didn't mind, she wasn't heavy at all, he could hold her like this literally all day. Finally, Blue turned to look at him, meeting her yes with his. She spoke simply, and confidently.

I want to go to your place.

That wasn't what Ethan was expecting...

He smiled and nodded at her. Then that's where we go. I will say its not as nice as here. Shall we?

He let her down slowly, cupping the small of her back with his hand, pulling her in for one more quick passionate kiss before offering her his arm to be escorted out. She took his arm, and they slowly walked to the car. He loved the way she snuggled in to him anything they were together. He opened the door for her, letting her get comfortable before closing it.

This is the first stop on the "my place" tour. My car has been my primary residence ever since I became your bodyguard. I have done stints on your couch when you had...erm...door issues. But you don't want to know about those.

Putting the car in drive, Ethan took them quickly through the city, his hand enveloping hers as they drove. He lead the vehicle back towards New Dawn, where the corporate apartments were located. Parking in front of a large tower, Ethan placed the car in park and walked around the vehicle to help her out.

Here we are, my humble abode.

He led her to the elevator, and pressed the button to get them to the seventeenth floor. Squeezing her hand as the door opened, Ethan led her to his apartment. They entered the apartment, which was drab and simply furnished.

Sorry...the housekeeper and interior decorator never actually existed. I think I've spent three, no...four days here. Can I get you something to drink? I have....water.
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The Redemption of John Rivers (Blue)
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