A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Consulting Job

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PostSubject: Consulting Job   Sun Jul 08, 2012 3:34 pm

Kale slowed the Jeep to a stop, pointing out past the windshield at the huge, hulking machine they had driven up to. And there it is. The Leviathan. He gave Blue a faint smile, then climbed out of the vehicle. The machine was a tank of some kind, at least three stories high, with massive turrets on each corner. The cannons had to be at least a meter in diameter, and Kale shielded his eyes from the sun as he looked up at the vehicle.

Sixty thousand tons of rather unnecessary violence for the most part. Would have been handy during the war. Now it's just a dangerous relic, but... the Guard likes to hold on to dangerous relics. For a rainy day. Of course, 'rainy day' was a euphemism for 'big ass war', but Kale figured Blue was a smart girl, she'd know that without his actually bringing it up.

The problem is, the team had it out on a trial run, and the thing just shut down. We have a few dozen engineers tearing their hair out about the stupid tank. A couple of them have sort of been assholes about it, too, so... I thought I might bring you out here and see how many of them you can show up.

He flashed her a smile at that. Kale wasn't one to gloat about things, or say that openly to anyone else, but if he could subtly solve the problem that self-righteous asshole hadn't manage to, it would be essentially the same thing, and done without major words.
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PostSubject: Re: Consulting Job   Sun Jul 08, 2012 4:19 pm

Her Uncle had called her.

Kind of out of the blue actually. Asking her help with something. Something most people would never get to see unless it was moments before their death. So Blue was super excited, and she was more than glad to be helping out. She had informed John where she was going, since she knew that he would be playing super-sleuth and trailing her the whole way as far as he could. She had the locket on. And that was all that really mattered.

She was with Uncle Kane, about as safe as she could be in the world.

The jeep bumped over the countryside as he drove. Blue was quite comfortable and holding onto nothing in particular. One of her feet in her awesome shoes on the dash board as the ever so confident Blue Tiran made her way over towards the destination with her Uncle at the helm.

Blue's life had been hectic lately. Quite so. With John, and everything, it was really hard for her to feel like opening up to her family. Uncle Kale had always been the closest thing to a second father to her. When her own father, stricken by grief of losing Neona and Nathan at the same time.. Kale had been there for her. And she had a sort of bond with him. At least, on her side of things.

They rolled up to the huge tank and Blue could only grin. Her outfit was not what one would think of someone who was about to get really dirty while working on a tank. But she didn't care. Grease either came out or it didn't and it wasn't like she bought expensive clothes anyway. With her two necklaces hidden underneath her shirt jingling she jumped out of the Jeep with a grin on her face as Kale filled her in on what was going wrong. She was SO glad she had brought her satchel and her tool belt.

She couldn't imagine when she would ever be able to explore one of these. As far as she knew they were top secret.

Awesome. Do you have the keys? I really want to start her up. If you don't, I'll hot wire.

Blue shrugged. Only in her early twenties she had already made a fine name for herself. As they walked closer. Blue pulled her long curls up into a messy bun and secured it with a tie that she had wound around one of her wrists. The excitement in her face was palpable as she unlocked the door to the tank with a mere thought and swung herself in.

Heaven. Certainly. If one should exist it was here in Blue's little world.

What were the guys doing with it when it stopped working? I know you said test run, but test run of what exactly?
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PostSubject: Re: Consulting Job   Tue Jul 10, 2012 9:39 pm

Kale laughed, shaking his head a bit at what she said, looking back over to her. The girls – that was, Blue and her sister – saw a rather different side of Kale than most people tended to. Part of it was that he’d been there since they had been born, and he had been there as they grew up – almost as much as their father had, during the years of the war where they had both been on-duty. In that respect… well his soft spot for them had developed over a long time.

And, at least Blue didn’t get on him the way Neona and their mother did about his lack of a personal life. Not much, anyway… even if it had been a little stranger than usual.

"I have the coded fob, if that’s what you mean." he replied, chuckling again slightly – Blue could be a little old fashioned that way, but then so could he… his old Jeep still used a key after all. He took the smooth black RFID device from his pocket and tossed it her way, shielding his eyes again as he looked up at the vehicle. It had been painted in Terran Guard colors, though the black dominated most of it, giving it a decidedly forboding look, especially in the dark. Spots on it gleamed with the holoprojectors that would have made it even harder to see thanks to optical camo, but they, like the rest of it, were inactive at the moment.

"The entry access is through the first set of treads." he said, indicating where he meant. Each link in the treads was bigger than either of them, and heavier than his Jeep – though the tank was faster than it looked thanks to the mana drive and countergravity built into it. And, of course, there was plenty to be worked on within. "They were spinning up the main gun – it’s hard to see from here, on the top between all the corner guns. Rail-driven monster, six ton kinetic projectile. I’m actually surprised the Council is letting us keep the bloody thing. I’m glad to have it in our garage as opposed to anyone else’s, but it’s not exactly a machine made for peacetime operations. Unless you somehow find a bunker full of nothing but badguys and have a kill order on all of them… and a lifting craft that can handle a few houses."

He shrugged, ducking his head slightly as they walked through the slightly opened armored treads, past the huge gears and drive wheels, and to a roughly circular hatch that looked designed to stop a nuclear warhead. "Hopefully aux power is still working… give it a shot. I snuck you onto the approved list." He motioned to the fob she held, there was a button to press her thumb into for verification. When she did, the hatch would hiss and groan open a few inches, loose… but the multi-ton door creaked to a stop before opening large enough for someone even a quarter their size.

"Well, shit." he said, taking a deep breath, then he stepped up to it, slipping his fingers into the crack. He grit his teeth, and his muscles tensed, lines of golden light creeping down his arms, a light from his very veins as the mana his mutation produced activated the implants and neurochemical augments he’d been given as a young man. They had saved his life at the time… but there was more to it, he’d discovered soon. The door opened slowly, before he planted his boot on the wall and grunted sharply, pulling it another couple feet before it hit some kind of stop – but now open enough to squeeze through.

He released it, lowering his hands and rubbing at one shoulder idly as the light faded. Not as young as he had been… The inside of the tank was spotlessly clean, gunmetal gray bulkheads and open maintenance ports jam packed with wires and microhydraulics, and he looked back to Blue. "After you?"
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PostSubject: Re: Consulting Job   Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:00 pm

Well whatever you use to open this sucka up.

He tossed her the fob which she caught easily and she grinned. They entered the doorway underneath the first tread set and began to work their way to the hatch that was above them that would ultimately lead to the cock pit. When she pressed the button, her brow rose when the hatch barely opened at all. Came loose but she was certain that heavy ass door was supposed to open all the way.

She watched as her Uncle slid past her so that he could open the door with his super strength. She watched. He was older, but he wasn't old. At least, Blue didn't think so. But then she had always idolized her Uncle Kale. He had always been there for her, and there were a lot of times she felt a great deal closer to Kale than she did her own father.

There wasn't anything wrong with her father. But she had felt vastly betrayed when her parents basically forgot she existed when Nathan died and Neona had run away. She had felt as though she was unimportant, and had felt that way since. Maybe that was why she was such a work-a-holic. Maybe that was why she worked as though she had something to prove. Because inwardly, she felt that she did.

Come on old man, push.

She clocked him softly on the shoulder with a chuckle and gave him a one armed hug as she hoisted herself easily into the cockpit. She grinned. This was the kind of badassery that Blue lived for. Making room for her Uncle, she sat down in the pilots chair and she looked around. Not yet touching anything, as she watched the schematics and blueprints for it's build coming up in front of her eyes. Blue loved learning new things, loved touching new things, loved taking apart new things. With child like glee she clapped her hands and began to tap into the system.

Once her mind was connected with the computer, she started up the tank. It died instantly. Blue's mind was already running a diagnostic with her head tilted to the side as she read through the information that was being processed and going through the blueprints piece by piece she leaned back in the chair.

This thing was massive. It wasn't going to be a quick job.

The fact that it had been running but then stopped, said something. That meant it wasn't put together wrong, but something disconnected. Or burnt out. Whcih meant she was going to have to comb through this sucker wire by wire, fuse by fuse, gasket by gasket, and figure out what was out.

So... seduced any hot army babes lately? Blue asked her Uncle while she mentally combed through the information, occassionally restarting the tank to let it die so she could watch where the power went before it died.
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PostSubject: Re: Consulting Job   Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:11 pm

Kale glanced back at her once he had finished pulling the door open, and lifted a brow. "Old man, huh? Kids these days…" He shook his head but declined further comment, letting her move in ahead of him, then stepping inside. Within, there was more than just the cockpit area (or perhaps the bridge was the better term), as there were several passages and more than a few rooms within the behemoth of a land vehicle, for loading and servicing various weapons. It was surprisingly roomy, but by the same token not overly spacious – a man Kale’s size wasn’t going to be moving around in it easily. That being said he settled into the copilot’s seat, watching while she fiddled with the controls and then giving her a brief look.

"No, Blue, I have not. Sorry to disappoint you." he drawled, shaking his head a moment – there was a faint smile on his lips, though. She always had to ask something like that, and his answer was always the same. Of course, there were the infrequent encounters with Sabre, but he wasn’t sure that counted as either seduction or her as an army babe, and so the answer was perfectly valid. Besides which, it WAS too infrequent to have any real bearing that he would need to inform Blue of. That, at least, was what he told himself.

He was quiet for the most part, letting her work while pulling out a roll of hardcopy he’d brought and combing through a few intelligence reports he’d printed before they left on the way out here. Kale was old-fashioned, and most of his work was done in hardcopy one way or another. It had become a security thing, in point of fact – too often during the war computer systems had been somehow corrupted or stolen from. If he knew where all the copies were, it was harder for someone to make a copy. At least this way if someone stole secrets, he would know they were gone. It had served him well enough in his career. Now it was mostly a habit.
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PostSubject: Re: Consulting Job   Fri Jul 20, 2012 11:24 pm

Blue's brows rose.

Really? Uncle Kale. You should try to take someone out at some point. Really. I mean, you can't always be all work.

Of course, this was coming from a girl that never went outside of her lab. But then, lately, she had been. Though Kale didn't know that, and she liked to keep her life personal. He knew that too. She was not big on telling people about herself. There was no reason to.

But she found herself pulling away from her work, which was sort of not like her. Blue prided herself on her work Ethic and it wasn't like she was being paid. This was a favor. She bit her lower lip for a moment. Something John said, drove him nuts.

I uhh... I met someone. I.. umm.. well we've just really started dating. It's kinda low profile cuz we work together.. but ummmm.. yeah...

She shrugged her shoulders, and went back to work. She opened the maintenance hatch that was above her, and slid the panel across into the ceiling before she lifted herself up with her arms into the hatch. There were for sure, some inproper wiring in this beast and she was certain that was probably most of the problem, though she wasn't positive. But she had a feeling, who ever was working on this thing.. was colorblind.

So have you visited my parents lately? You know dad likes it when you stop by for a visit. You shouldn't stay a stranger. Besides, you know that you.. well anyway.

She didn't want him to know. Not really. She didn't want him to know that he was more of a father to her than her real father. Her real father, was all right but they had grown estranged when Nathan died and Neona had run away. Kale had some what become that for her. She didn't know how he would take that though so she kept it to herself.
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PostSubject: Re: Consulting Job   Fri Aug 03, 2012 8:40 pm

Kale actively rolled his eyes at this, but he let out a long breath and looked back to her. "Yes, yes… because, you’re my mother. Oh wait." His tone was bone dry except for the sarcasm that fairly dripped from the words, but there was really no malice to them. He could muster some up if he wanted to, but against Blue that would have been a serious trick. He considered again for a moment the idea of mentioning Sabre, but that would end up being a very long conversation in all likelihood. Still…

She mentioned her own significant other though, and his eyes narrowed for a moment before he glanced up to her. "Is that so now…?" he said softly, deliberately exaggerating the level of danger in his tone, though as he thought about it, a bit of danger might not be a bad thing. He was going to have to look into this man, though Blue had probably already guessed that he would. She was smart enough to know that Kale could be easily as protective of her as any parent.

He was also pretty handy with a sniper rifle. Hopefully she was confident that this man of hers was one of the good ones, or he could easily end up with his insides redecorating any number of nearby walls.

So, for the moment, one of the Terran Guard’s most senior and most dangerous special operations commandoes just reclined in the oddly comfortable seat of the great tank, and watched his niece work. "I talked to your father four days ago. Then your mother took the phone and said that the next time I come over, I should bring someone. Your father was Not giving me the advice you just did rather loudly, but you ladies don’t share the same tact we old soldiers have." He paused for a moment, then leaned over to peer up past her into the tangle of wires. "I always did find these sorts of things much easier to break than to fix. Handy when it’s something you need to wreck… less so when the Commander wants it for parade-ground duty next week. But yes. I'll try to be around more. Some work took me out of the country is all."
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PostSubject: Re: Consulting Job   Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:08 am

Blue glared at him. Don't get pissy, Uncle Kale. I'll hack you. Don't make me prove it.

Of course, she never would, and never had. That would be a gross mistrust. But, she liked to toss it out there occassionally when she hung around with her uncle. She wasn't even actually mad at him, they were teasing each other in that easy way that she had with her Uncle, in which she did not have with her father. Her Uncle just seemed to underneath her need for such a human like world.

When she mentioned John, and he seemed to give her 'that look'. The one that said 'when do I get to meet and painfully interrogate this person' she blushed a bit and shrugged. Blue wasn't really a girly girl. She could be, she supposed. She had dresses.. in the back of her closet somewhere. But, the thing was, she had given up a long time ago on being loved by someone that would really make a difference in her life. John had merely fallen in her lap. A fact of which she was happy for.

Yeah well, he's new, and you don't get the chance to scare him away yet. He's probably around here somewhere anyway I'd bet. she grinned. She wondered if John could hear her from where she was, probably not, this armored tank was enough to put anyone off a signal. She began to reconnect the wires that had been put wrong last time they were serviced and she saw why it had been serviced in the first place.


Who ever did this job, needs to be transfered for fired. This is such shitty work.

She pulled her satchel close, and opened it. Rifling through it she pulled out a brand new wire, still coiled up. She uncoiled it. Grabbing her wire cutters she stripped the outter portion of the wire, the plastic insulator, and then scooted back over to the wire and began changing it out completely.

You're fucking lucky this thing didn't blow. she sighed honestly. Kale began to talk about how he had talked to her father four days ago, before mom stole the phone and Blue laughed, the kind of carefree laugh she only had around people she could really be open with.

Yeah, well Mom doesn't know about John yet, and.. she keeps bitching at me about the very same thing. Niara.. darling... I'm sure that you have someone you can bring to dinner. Niara.. I'm getting old dear, I need to have those grandbabies to keep me young. Niara, aren't you just so lonely in that lab of yours all the time. Blue did quite the good impression of her mother's voice but she still rolled her eyes and shook her head.

Where did you go out of the country?
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PostSubject: Re: Consulting Job   Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:54 pm

Kale gave her a brief look of ‘oh please’, but let her riposte slide. It was without malice, after all, but it bore being mentioned (even if silently) that while she was better with advanced technology, Kale had been working the ol’ cloak and dagger since before she was born. There weren’t too many people on the world who could claim to be as dangerous. Of course, in peacetime there weren’t many opportunities to prove that. It let some kids get a little uppity.

Which of course brought them to the topic of HER little significant other. "Well, if he is, he’ll be on sensors and probably shot at. The defensive systems came up when we closed the area. The proving grounds are considered fairly restricted… and no one else has clearance for today." He gave Blue a slightly wolfish smile, though he seriously doubted that the person was that close by. Actually, he hoped not – he hadn’t been joking about the somewhat aggressive security. The tank was likely to be wanted back by the people who it had been taken from.

"Regardless… I imagine he’ll have to have something of a backbone. I’m not the one he needs to be scared of – that’s your mother." the old soldier drawled, settling back for a moment and letting her work. What she said caused him to arc a brow, and he leaned to the side, peering up past her and into the compartment. "Well then, I’m glad that I’m not the one in charge of that sort of thing then… that will make a certain tightass awfully annoyed."

Which, Kale tactfully didn’t mention, had been essentially his goal.

"Yeah, like I said, your mom. Scary. And nowhere I can talk about. If I can get you cleared to eye the tech, I will." Kale gave her a momentarily serious look. He doted on Blue in his way, and he was willing to be loose with certain ‘secrets’, but when it came to the real thing Kale was entirely too professional to be letting those drop. Blue would know better by this point than to push when Kale said he couldn’t tell her something. Not to mention the fact that he’d let just enough tension into his voice to let it be known that he was deeply uncomfortable with SOMETHING about the mission.

Either way, it wasn’t him being regulations-happy. He only meant to keep her out of some sort of danger… what that was, it would be impossible to say at the moment.

"So. What did fuckup's little fuckup minions fuck up?"
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PostSubject: Re: Consulting Job   Fri Aug 24, 2012 9:03 am

She almost laughed at her Uncle. He thought she could not protect her lover. Well he was wrong. She had tapped into security the moment she got here. Hacked it, like she was cutting through butter, and then slid in undetected. That was just how good Blue was. She was a genius when it came to technological things. She was horrible at social stuff, but if you put her in front of a computer, something to fix, something to desgin, or hack, and she was someone amazingly gifted.

I'm all ready in the system. If they spot him, I will shut down the alert before it even gets to the main base. But, you'd like him Uncle Kale, he's very smart, a military man himself. John is just.. I don't know, a guys guy, I guess.

The thing she liked about John the most was how he made her feel completely like a woman. Even if she was covered in grease, exhausted from working several days straight, and dead on her feet... he still called her beautiful, took her home, made her dinner and put her to bed. He didn't care that she didn't dress in dresses or do her hair just so. He didn't care that she never had make up on, or did anything girly like get excited over shopping or spend the entire day over a carton of icecream and her favorite soap operas.

Ugh, her mother.

Yeah, they haven't met yet. And that, is totally on purpose. My mother's first question, no doubt... 'what are your plans for the future John' or then there is the classic 'are you ready to settle down and make a family?' or my favorite 'how many children do you see in your future?' she rolled her eyes and finished changing out the wires.

Touching them, she tested them, the wires were perfectly fine, but she knew the shorted out wires were going to have caused an issue. With the wires being incapable of communicating properly, there would have been a bit of a confusing jumble and possibly a short else where, slowly she let her power leak into the wires and follow along them to see what else was going on in this tank. She didn't want to start it up again yet and fry the new wires.

Her brow rose at the mention of clearance.

You're going to get me clearance? Wow. That's big. Normally, you're all, no Blue this is too dangerous for you. she glared at him as if the fact that he thought her weaker pissing her off was a new concept. I would like that, and besides Neona would have a total cow. Which, would be a major upside, she's always trying to get me into the TG's good graces somehow.

She pulled out of the tank at his last question and looked over at him with her multi-colored eyes. Her parents' different races really showed vibrantly in Blue. She was really, half and half. Green and blue eyes. Black and blue hair. Slightly pointed ears but not too pointed. Slight in stature, tall in nature, but not Elvish tall. She was definitely an amalgamation of her two parents.

Well, it looks like they fried the circuit board that controls the movement capabilities. Which is why when they started the beast it died when they put it into drive. It won't take me long to fix it, but you have idiots working for you.

She slid across the crawl space and opened a black box that was filled with circuitry. She grabbed the one that she needed and her fingers brushed over it like she was stroking it but she was actually searching for the weak spots. After this, the whole thing should be fixed.
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PostSubject: Re: Consulting Job   Sat Sep 01, 2012 2:14 pm

When Blue started talking about breaking into the system, the mirth vanished from Kale’s eyes entirely, and he looked back over to her – for once, his eyes almost harsh. Yes, she had done a few things, and she was probably one of the best in the world. She was also a kid. A kid who was breaking into some of the best security systems on the planet as though it was a thing one just ‘did’, and to let her boyfriend into a secure testing facility where he had no business whatsoever?

”Blue. There is some shit you don’t do. You’re good. As good as anyone I know. But if you really have the insufferable arrogance to think that one of the hundreds of security personnel at the Guard who don’t have their heads shoved up their asses isn’t going to stumble across your intrusion path, you need to get your head checked. And you’re taking that risk – with my goddamned security clearance, because I’m the one who allowed you access to this base I hope you remember, meaning I’ll catch the blowback for your shit – so you can let this guy wander around a secure area he has no access in. You realize that regardless of your affection for him, if I see him on these grounds, it is my sworn duty to apprehend him and kill him if I can not?”

He didn’t want to be harsh with her, but he had to be. She was playing with fire, and in a serious way. ”Maybe I would like him. But these are things you do. Not. Do.” He left it at that. As much as he loved her, Kale was never about to shy from giving it to Niara straight – she was used to that, though this was a slightly more severe speech than he had given her in a very long time.

”Yeah. Your mother is like a bloodhound on a scent when it comes to the slightest whiff of those things… I don’t blame you for keeping it quiet.” he muttered, returning to the panel he was reading, though he paused for a moment when she spoke about clearance.

”Yeah. I was planning to. This was an audition of sorts.” he said, putting an emphasis on the ‘planning’ part, though he let out a slow breath and rubbed at his face for a moment. ”Assuming you figure out that it isn’t the sort of crap you take lightly. That comes with responsibility. I want to bring you on board. But you’ve sort of betrayed my trust here.” He paused for a moment, considering what she said about the circuit board and giving a nod.

”Like I said. That asshole. Promotes his people from the asskisser pool. That’s why we shoved him out here to the weapons testing where he can do the least damage. But, considering this shit keeps up, I've been leaning on the Commander to make a change. I had someone in mind.” He gave her a somewhat pointed look, then watched her as she took the circuit board out and went to work, nodding slightly at her explanation. ”Like I said. You do good work.”
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PostSubject: Re: Consulting Job   Sun Sep 16, 2012 11:02 pm

Her Uncle lashed into her.

And to be honest, it hurt more coming from him than it ever had when it had come from her father. She looked up to her Uncle. He had always supported everything that she could do. She was merely trying to protect someone that was trying to protect her. She had not actually thought about it harming his own reputation with the company. She just wanted to help John out and make sure that he could keep an eye on her. Because, if he couldn't, he would come in all guns a blazing and be mauled down by all the security that was out there. Manned and Unmanned.

Look. I'm sorry. I can't.. not.. be in the system. I'm.. I'm not sure if you understand how my brain works. It melds with every security system, network, anything that is technological. I can read your phone log in a heartbeat if I wanted to. It's like.. a .. a jelly fish. With tenticles. All of those small tenticles reach out and touch everything electronic. I chose, whether or not I want to use the tenticle or not. If it's a big network like here, I use several, if.. I'm not connected to something, I can't think. I..

Blue looked down at her hands. She didn't want to be causing her uncle any trouble. She just wanted to be sure that everyone was all right and she knew that John would be out there waiting and watching to make sure that she was safe.

There.. I just sent a text to John, he won't come near the boundries. That's all I can do, I won't actually touch the system, or change a thing, I can't help but be in it, but I won't touch it, and your people won't know I'm there, unless they have a technopath, and likely, he'll understand because he'll be the same way.

When he said she had betrayed his trust, tears stung her eyes.

She had never meant to do that. Her brain worked the way it worked. She slid in and out of networks all day long. Usually, when she was at work, it was her own network. The one she built, created, where no one could hide anything from her. But, as she walked around in day to day life she was always connected. The only time she wasn't was when she slept, and it was bliss until she woke up. In fact, before she even really woke, her brain would connect to the network around her and then she would fully wake. That was merely how her body seemed to be.

I .. I.. I'm sorry I ... I can't help how my mind works! I don't.. get to pick it you know! It just does it! I'm connected to every freaking wire in this entire beast! I know exactly what goes on, and where it goes on. I could blue print this for you in five seconds and send it through my mind to your printer at HOME! It is just how I am. I did not mean to breach your trust I just.. this is who I am.. I thought.. I thought you knew that.. I would never... ever.. betray you...

The circuit board was fixed, with a bit of solder, a bit of wire, and a bit of plastic. She pulled all of those from her bag and then when it cooled replaced the board back into the black box she had taken it from. Closing it she put it back where it went and closed the hatch.

Should work now. I'm going to go get some air. she told her Uncle as she slid out of the space, then out of the cockpit, taking her bag with her, and out into the fresh air. She leaned on the outside of the large tank and looked up at the sky, she'd been in there for about an hour or so tinkering with it but she knew it would run now. She figured that Kale would fire it up before he came out just to make sure anyhow.
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PostSubject: Re: Consulting Job   Wed Sep 19, 2012 7:47 pm

Kale looked back to her for a few moments, then shook his head slightly. Well, now what were they going to do about that? He rubbed at his temples slightly, closing his eyes and just going silent while he considered. He nodded when she said she hadn't meant to do anything wrong, though his pale eyes regarded her evenly for much of it, not interrupting, just letting her finish. He didn't condemn any further, or react much at all... though when she had finished, he climbed out of the vehicle as well, putting a hand on her shoulder to stop her.

"You never talked much about it. So I never pried. Being in the system is one thing - intentionally circumventing security for an unknown - and I already know that you don't know him well enough or for long enough to know for sure. But I'm a paranoid old soldier whose business it is not to trust people, It doesn't necessarily make me wrong - is not something you do. Sure as hell not without clearing it with me, in this place." He quieted, giving that a moment, before he let out a sigh and followed her gaze up to the sky.

"Which of course leaves the question of what to do with you. Even without the issue of your boyfriend, the fact that you've been in the system and scanned so much of this classified equipment leaves me with three real choices." He held up one finger each as he ticked them off. "I can arrest you. I can shoot you. Or." He paused, potentially for dramatic effect, as he reached into his pocket and drew out a slightly thick identification card, which she would no doubt sense the RFID chip embedded within. He tapped her on the forehead with the card, and dropped it into her hands. "I can use the emergency situation to give you the goddamn security clearance I wanted to give you three years ago, and make you an official consultant. We can hash out the rest later."

He put his hand on her head and mussed her hair the way he had when she was knee-high, then turned and walked back into the machine. He fired it up, and she would see the turrets track for a few moments before it shut back down, and he sealed the machine back up. "Just so you understand... I may be a paranoid old bastard, but I would be dead otherwise. Maybe in peacetime it just makes me an asshole."

He thought for another moment, then he looked back over to her. "Incidentally, I never keep access codes or anything else on my phone. If I had a choice in the matter I wouldn't carry the stupid thing... as many of them have been stolen by counterintelligence operatives..."
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PostSubject: Re: Consulting Job   Thu Sep 20, 2012 9:16 am

She hadn't talked about it. To practically anyone. Even John didn't know about how she was connected to something unless she was asleep. Still, she didn't really talk much about herself. Her father, was human but he was more about guns, fighting, and being a man. Her mother was a full elf, full of love, and nature. Neither of them could connect with their daughter and it wasn't like Blue made it easy either, she was not really interested. She supposed she was still bitter from when she was younger, when her brother died, when Neona ran away, and when they basically forgot she existed.

Blue was not emo, but she could hold a grudge, and that time in her life was quite a painful memory.

I don't really talk about myself. Or what I can do. As you might understand it isn't like the family can relate. I'm sorry about not mentioning it before. Sometimes I forget that not everyone can do what I can.

He seemed to think while she was in there she had read classified security heavy files. She hadn't. She wasn't a hacker unless she had to be. She wasn't nosey unless she wanted to be. She didn't usually go around hacking networks for fun. She was too much on the straight and narrow for that. It was a good thing too, her kinds of powers in the hands of someone that was interested in doing wrong could be devestating.

He began to tick off their options before she could admit that she wasn't reading anything classified he told her he could arrest her. Earning him a glare. Or shoot her. Earning her a bigger glare, and an arched brow. She doubted, seriously, her Uncle would do that when he brought her here. She supposed that she should have been more open about her powers, but that seemed a great deal extreme.

He brought out a card, and she grinned when he popped her in the forehead with it. She caught it, and ran her thumb over it, her eyes got that far away look for a moment to show she was testing it and learning it, and then her eyes cleared and refocused as she put the card into her back pocket.

Thanks Uncle Kale. she gave him a big hug and a kiss on his cheek. He had always been a second father to her. Blue had always felt a lot closer to Kale than her own actual family. He was just rough and gruff but he also seemed to really know what kind of person that she was and how to reach her in ways that others didn't. She loved more than anything when he asked her expertise on something, like a blueprint or something like that.

It was very hard not to hack his phone when he mentioned it again. Not because of her wanting to invade his privacy, that was why she didn't do it, but, because, she figured there was information on it, even if he didn't think so.

You'd be surprised what you can glean from a phone. That's why I don't hack them unless I have to. The one time my lab got broken into, I hacked that dudes phone and was able to throw him off his guard by learning his name and everything about him after that. she shrugged. It wasn't a big deal, though she didn't often tell anyone about that day.

So.. since the sucker works now, and I'm a consultant, does that mean we can go have a coffee in the cafeteria before I head back to my real job? she teased her Uncle with a grin.
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"No shit. You freaked me out back there talking about your boyfriend." Kale drawled, though there was a lopsided smile on his lips as he said it to show the amusement that his voice didn't quite communicate. No doubt she was used to that too though. Truthfully whether or not she'd actually read anything in there wasn't relevant, just the fact that she'd violated the system was enough to cause a serious stir at Guard command, but he had gotten through what he needed to with her, at least up to this point.

Of course her glares as he listed the options were all part of the buildup to his eventual, actual solution - he had a hard time avoiding winding her up like that, it was both a bit of a joke and a certain punishment for not having told him all of this before. Regardless, it was the sort of thing he should have known before bringing anyone onto the base, and there was a part of him that was angry with himself as well for not having looked into it, but she needed to understand the gravity of matters as well.

Otherwise, the look on her face was good enough reason to give it a try. "You're welcome. Don't make me regret it." He hugged her tightly in return while she kissed his cheek, setting her back down and giving one of his rare, real smiles before standing back a little to look up at the thing. "Well, at least we got that fixed. The thing worked fine when it came in, apparently it was the asshats trying to take it apart and figure out how it worked that broke it. Wonder who originally built the damn thing." He shook that question off after a moment, then looked back at her to laugh while she explained her little revenge scheme.

"Well. Atta girl..." he muttered, chuckling finally then, after which he nodded, walking back over to clime into his jeep and fire up the engine.

"Not only that, but it's Tuesday - that means there's pie. Come on, it's on me."
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PostSubject: Re: Consulting Job   Mon Oct 01, 2012 9:00 am

There is no telling who made it really. The programming is written in our language, but, there are elements of different species in there. After that, who knows if there was a pre-Enlightenment company that made and used it, or made it for the war, who knows.

It was hard to know those kinds of things, especially when some things were really old, or before the Enlightenment came. Now, it was like some people didn't like to talk about the before times. Others talked too much, and some seemed to have disappeared into the wood works. Blue had been too young to really remember one way or the other. Life had always just been life.

They climbed into his Jeep and she made sure that she had her tools and things. Settling in he mentioned that Tuesdays was pie day and she grinned. Never turn down a good pie.

Lets go then.

They drove to the main complex some ways away, since you couldn't see it too well from the Tank they had been at. As the complex came into view, she let her mind wander, settled in the network, she just let it sit there, connected because it was very off putting not to be, but she didn't go scrounging around. She resolved not to do that unless she was asked to.

So when do you leave on your next assignment? she asked as he parked the Jeep and they hopped out. She grabbed her things, not taking a chance to leave all her priceless, precious, irreplaceable tools in the Jeep. Slinging it over her shoulder she let her hair down. The black and blue locks fell all the way down to her waist, she always kept it up when she was working. Being half elf, she was thin, and had an ethereal beauty to her, while the human nature from her father kept her from looking too waiflike. All ready she was catching the eyes of men as they walked towards the cafeteria. Of course, Blue was completely oblivious. If she and John hadn't kissed she never would have known that he was interested in her.

She just.. didn't really know how to do anything about men, or attracting them.
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Kale thought about this for a few seconds, then nodded. "Might just be a conglomerate, then. The factory that contained it hasn't yet been tired back to any one group... which is one of the things that worries me about it. Sooner or later perhaps we'll get it tracked down to someone."

It wasn't that uncommon for these things to simply go cold, however. So many research projects had been ongoing at the time of the war, and it was damned hard for many of those scientists to just cut them off. But as the funding dwindled, many had just been abandoned... and there wasn't a lot else anyone could do about it. It was almost like defusing landmines - the technological monsters that men had carelessly left buried. The magical horrors the Others had conjured for the same purpose and then left buried or sealed when they could not be properly destroyed... or when someone hadn't wanted them to be destroyed.

Each side tended to think that the other had a monopoly on horrors, on perversions of nature. They were both wrong. Kale had seen the worst of both sides. Sometimes he thought neither side had deserved to survive the war... but both had. That was fair enough, too.

He brought the Jeep to a stop near the mess hall and climbed out, waiting a moment for Blue to collect her things, and caught a few of the passing recruits looking... at least, until they caught the look he gave them. It hadn't been angry... just very, very cold. Kale had a reputation that stretched back almost two decades, and he'd just made one thing clear: She was Off Limits. The girl didn't even realize how lovely she was... she thought her sister was the one everyone looked at. She didn't have a clue...

For such a smart person, every now and then she could be endearingly stupid. "Next month I'll be deployed for two weeks. Things to handle in Aisa, the Guard outpost there has requested some specialist backup. I'll see what I can dig up for you to look at while I'm done."
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PostSubject: Re: Consulting Job   Wed Oct 10, 2012 9:44 am

She looked over at her Uncle.

I could look into it, if you wanted me to. But, that's up to you. I wouldn't normally go into who made it, but since it's kind of my job now. I'd be willing to do that for you. I might find it faster than the paper route.

Before she would leave today, she would integrate her mind into the network patterns of the machine. That way she would be able to really get a feel for the programming, the dates, and so forth. Also, if she hacked it properly, she could probably find a bit of the blueprints, perhaps, if they had been used. Or she could diagram the blueprints herself, and then scan them with any work ever uploaded onto a network, that would probably be the easiest way. But, she would have to wait for the go ahead anyway.

They got out of the Jeep, and Blue was oblivious to the looks of the men around her or the ones that her Uncle was shooting back at them. She merely was in her own little world. A common occurance for the technopath who was much more at home in her mind and in computers than she was in the face of other people.

There was John, and she actually thought he was a fluke. That at some point he was going to get tired of all her crazy work schedules, her lack of care when it concerned herself, and her constant need for a project. She had no idea that she actually had anything to offer. Kale was right, she believed that Neona was the much better catch. She was beautiful, smart, and she knew how to dress. Niara was always calling her sister for advice.

They headed to the messhall and he explained that his next trip was in Asia and he was going to try to get her something to look at by then. Inside the hall, they walked through and Blue got herself a tall black coffee and a huge piece of pie. It was organic, which was rare these days, and she was excited because it was strawberry one of her favorites. They found some seats by a window and she relaxed into the chair, taking a long sip of her coffee.

You should come to New Dawn sometime. You've never seen the lab. And besides, you could meet John at some point. Then he wouldn't be a creepy lurker. she grinned, knowing he might be able to hear that just made it better.
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Consulting Job
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