A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 The Longest Day of the Year

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PostSubject: The Longest Day of the Year   Sun Jun 24, 2012 1:12 am

June 20, just before the crack of dawn for the Summer Solstice.

While the other Others hung on to Terra's every word, the Avians were completely mesmerized by Sol and Luna. Their theology literally revolved around the sun just as the Earth did. They were almost completely solar powered. Physiologically, Avians drew their sustenance directly from the sun's rays. Their power grids generated most of their energy through photo-voltaic cells. It only made sense that the Summer Solstice was the Christmas equivalent to the people of Celestis. This year, however, was a special occasion.

Celestis' "underground" had recently been drained. The Civics Guild had spent the last few months making repairs to breached compartments. More importantly, they had reinforced the ventral surface of the city. That meant the mana thrusters could fire without ripping loose from their moorings......or generating even more stress fractures which would only postpone the city's return to the sky. A few Civics had even learned the skill of scuba diving. Wings meant for flying made swimming clumsy and difficult. It made them wonder how penguins did it. Most of the underwater work had been contracted out to the humans. The proverbial green light (for Avians did not have ground based traffic) had been given to "fire up the engines." Today would mark the day that Celestis would no longer have to use the phrases "city north" and "true north." The city would be properly aligned again.

Originally, the realignment festivities were going to be held privately. Every Avian abroad had returned to Celestis days ago in preparation. However, the case had been made to allow the Other races to be present as well. After all, the day would mark another milestone in the world returning back to some sense of normalcy after the Enlightenment. The outer gates had been opened to several foreign dignitaries, members of the Terran Guard, and a first come first served to the rest of the world. Those still left on the banks of the Great Lakes could watch the festivities from various media outlet postings. News cameras had been granted aerial shots, but only on Celestis approved aircrafts. All air and aquatic travel around the floating city was literally being watched like hawks. Flare patrols monitored every craft surrounding Celestis.

As for Seinshun, he had been assigned as part of the Auroral escort to the Spheres. The battlemage followed Vanya, the Sphere for the Arcane, even though the Aurorals were more under the command structure of the Flares. She and Calanon had supposedly debated over who would get him. Being a stormcaller tended to have that effect, as he was a child of both Spheres. It had been decided that since he had worn the Flare hat for the previous dignitary tour of the city, Seinshun would accompany Vanya this day. He fstayed in step behind her in silence and took care not to reflect any of the festival goers many torches and lights into the Sphere's eyes.

Like any festival, the streets were decorated exquisitely. Barely any mundane surface remained naked. Banners with the Celestial symbol, a fist silhouetted by the sun, hung out of every window. The greatest artisans in Avian society had strung the lanes with crystal prisms. They would create a kaleidoscopic pattern that would change as the sun made its trek across the sky. Right now, they hung eager for the first ray to crest the horizon. Seinshun caught a deep whiff of foods in various stages of preparation. Avians didn't need to eat to survive, so anything they did cook was for enjoyment purposes only. Gourmets showcased their goods to all those gathered in the streets.

Vanya led the way to the amphitheater where the celebration would begin. Parun Garen was already present. The Sphere of the Arcane approached the wizened Messenger and bowed her head. Her hands crossed over her chest with her thumbs hooking together, fingers splayed out. The gesture was to resemble their people in flight. May the Sun ever rise for you.

And may the Moon light your way if He doesn't, Garen replied. The leader of the Avians made the hand gesture to all the guards in attendance. Seinshun returned it but said nothing. His reflective armor was a badge of office. That office did not speak unless spoken to first. Of course, Avians were experts in reading body language no matter how imperceptible it may have seemed. The stormcaller's perfect military posture declared how honored he was for this assignment. Garen's lack in a verbal response meant everyone was doing their job. The Avians were known as wordsmiths, but now was not the time for words. At least not for an escort. Garen and Vanya moved off to greet the other Spheres as they made their way to the stage.
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PostSubject: Re: The Longest Day of the Year   Mon Jun 25, 2012 7:19 pm

Raina was among the company of the Arcane. While the fetival headed toward its beginning, Raina, along with several others of the Arcane took flight around the city. The doors of Celestis were opened to outsiders as this celebration took place for the summer solstice. The Dawn had yet to rise from her horizon, but soon the city would be filled by the beauty and glove of her light. There, the Sun would be well positioned to bless the fallen city.

Home, how she missed the sky and the clouds. None of the city mishaps of being on ground among the earth dwellers. She may be young still, but she appreciated the life she'd had and even now, when she'd gotten to know some of the terrans, she would still rather return aloft in the heavens. Humans were a race to forgive. Even with the grudge she held, she could see past their attempt to aid Celestis in some form or way. Not that she was going to admit it.

Large white wings flapped, as she gestured for the other two to go eastward and westward as she flew north over the city. Her silver armor gleamed, with symbols of the Arcane that represented her circle. She will defend Celestis to her last breath, and ensure the safety of her people. A hawk eye's lense enabled her to see the bright colors and artistry of the other avians as they ambled toward the ampitheater.

She flew lower, knowing that the time would soon come for all to gather and watch Garen speak before them. Their beloved leader, as well as the other Spheres were mingling among the other Avians for this celebration of the solstice. She swooped low, white feathers woven into strands of raven locks fluttered behind her. She was dressed properly in a short white dress that wrapped around her slender form like a toga. Her armor glistened from her shoulders and arms, chestplate gleaming as well as her shins and calves.

The time she'd spent patrolling would soon come to end, as the rest of the Arcane came together to descend. Fair, sandaled feet landed on the ground with one final flap, and she folded her wings behind her as the others already descended walked with Vanya. Seinshun was the main escort for the Sphere herself, which had startled Raina a moment since he was more in the Flares circle than Arcane. Yet, he possessed attributes from both.

Nodding to him, Raina looked to the others, smiling as a sparkle took over her wintry orbs. Celestis was beautiful this time around, waiting to embrace the Sun's rays. Food was available at every corner, for those who need it especially. Whether or not it was for show, she'd rather enjoy savoring the taste of what was offered. She would indulge herself later as she walked with the company of Vanya, Seinshun and several other Arcane avians.

Her smile didn't fade, rather it was surprisingly bright as she greeted Vanya properly with a bow to her head and thumbs hooked. The Arcane Sphere smiled, before ambling on. Raina looked to Seinshun curiously, but it was better to not ask silly questions. What was done was done, and he was the escort for her Sphere. She wondered who had taken his place at Calanon's side. Slowing down, she took in once more the breathtaking sight of Celestis.

Soon... She thought, soon... She looked up to the sky with much hope until lowering her gaze to walk toward the ampitheater. She had yet to exchange any words. Raina was rather known for her silence and intense stare. Today, she was less intense, more so relaxed, but that didn't stop her from warily eying strangers. Other guests were cordially invited to this event, and she would make sure that no trouble would arise. She hung back, watching as Vanya and Seinshun disappeared inside. He was on duty, as she was, who stood by the door. She may not have a weapon, but her light would be called upon, sharper than any blade however sharpened.
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The Longest Day of the Year
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