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 Little Boys and Priests (Liam)

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PostSubject: Little Boys and Priests (Liam)   Fri Jun 22, 2012 7:38 pm

The sun was high in the sky casting its heat over the world and today was beyond the normal for a summer day. The temperature was high and most people stayed indoors to keep from passing out from dehydration. It was a very special day however for Daven as he had been in the city for two weeks now causing all kinds of chaos behind the scenes in an attempt to draw out his rival Liam Grey. It started with a few fires and panicked citizens speaking about demons in there midst and the end of days all because of some small tricks Daven had pulled leading up to the bigger picture. He had first managed to capture a small boy and using his own abilities and dark nature convince him that he was possessed by a demon who was hunting dear Liam Grey. The look on the faces of the temple priests was great when the young boy declared he was hell sent to this world in search of Brother Liam Grey for the purpose of slaughtering him.

The priests were shocked and would have taken the boy in but Daven stepped in pretending to be the boys uncle and took him away explaining that the boy had slight mental problems. He waited three days and on the night of the third day he had gone to the temple wall and with the dead body of the boy in hand he proceeded to dismember and nail the body parts to the wall. In blood he wrote on the wall a message to the Priests of the temple.

Bring me Liam Grey or the town shall be engulfed in Sin and Fire

The next day the whole town was abuzz about the evil that had come to there city. The parents of the boy were not an issue considering that Daven had killed them when he acquired the boy so that they would not be able to refute him as the boys uncle and so he simply had to wait for Liam to be contacted about the situation and dispatched to handle it. He had waited a long time for the chance to come face to face with the goodly priest once again and his time was at hand to exact the revenge he so deserved. All those years of waiting and wanting to eat the heart of the man who had crippled the demon so to speak would pay off when Liam arrived.

There was no way the church could ignore the message that had been sent for the priest to come and cleanse the evil. Daven was not a suspect in this so far and at the end of the final week he had convinced an older man who already had mental issues that he to had a demon inside that thirsted for brother Liam's blood. The man went to the temple and shouted about the apocalypse and how Liam Grey could prevent it and such. This time however he added a line to get the attention of both Liam and the higher ups in this regard as he shouted.

Send me Brother Liam the one who's body I possessed before! He knows who I am and I know the killer he truly wishes to be once more! BRING HIM TO ME OR THE WORLD SHALL BURN!"

At the end of this little line Daven who was standing in the crowd flicked his eyes at one of the torches that had been set along the walls and the fire jumped to engulf the man fully who screamed and danced around. After that word had been sent for Brother Liam and today was supposedly the day that he would be arriving and Daven stood in the crowd cloaked waiting for the city savior to appear. All the wall not to far from this very spot his final message to Liam was waiting before the confrontation would be had.
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PostSubject: Re: Little Boys and Priests (Liam)   Wed Jul 04, 2012 2:36 am

The End of Days, it was something that every Holy text had in common. The methods varied. Some said it would end in fire, while others said water. Seas were destined to boil, the sky was foretold to burn, and the land was to be torn asunder. These things were to be heralded by signs of blinding lights, deafening trumpets, and the spirits of men being broken. The moment of the end was the point of contention that allowed mankind to ignore the warnings. The texts were transcriptions of the Word made by men, and men were imperfect, so their writings were flawed. Mankind’s hubris was put to an end when all the warnings came to pass. The sky was burned, seas boiled, and the ground opened to swallow cities whole. Every prophecy came to pass as foretold, and the armies of darkness were set loose upon the world.

The world did not end and people lived. Their moment of safety in the light had come to an end, and now they needed to survive the long night. Governments knew of the dangers that the creatures of the darkness posed. They gave The Church special authority to seek out these beasts, and do what they must to protect the innocent. Acolytes of the Divine Collective reviewed police reports of crimes committed, searching for signs of the Fiends. Liam had been walking through the file clerks room a week ago, when something seen from the corner of his eye caught his interest. It was a crime scene photo. The bodies of two people, a man and a woman, husband and wife, were lain out in a ritualistic fashion. Their bodies were covered in cuts, short shallow incisions that were meticulously spaced so that they covered their bodies in a perfect semblance of order. In time they had bled to death, but they were alive and conscious through the whole ordeal.

Liam seeing that photo made the dreams that tormented him every night worse. Something about the artistry of the scene captured by the photographer, it was as if the only purpose for their deaths was to be captured in that single snapshot. The cruel attention to detail and painstaking brutality was familiar to him. His hands shook because they knew those motions all too well. His eyes ached because he couldn’t close them tight enough to blot out the memory of faces contorted in agony. The monster never looked away, so neither could he. He rarely blinked and those moments of blessed darkness were fleeting. Liam remembered them all, and relived them when he slept. There was no peaceful rest for this man of the Divine while he lived. Perhaps when he died, there would be peace. ”Shepherd Grey…..” came the voice of a man who entered his chambers while he prayed. ”It’s happened again. The Council has called for you, Cleric. It is time to hunt.” The peace of death had to wait. He had a life of service to complete first. There was work to be done.

”……armor my spirit to protect me against the attacks of the Adversaries. Empower my hands to strike down evil wherever it can be found so that which is good may flourish. Take this weapon as an offering, a tool so that thy Collective Will be done. Give us the strength to survive the dark night ahead.” The reverent words were spoken by rote, because they were etched in his heart, and a manifestation of his genuine belief. He raised a heavy bladed kukri up to his lips and kissed the cross guard that separated the handle from the death dealing edge. Instead of placing it in the steel briefcase, along with the rest of the weapons, Liam stood from where he knelt on the floor, and slid the curved blade into the heavy leather sheath.

It was the fifth of the seven weapons that he could imbue with the might of the Divine. He walked over to the steel case that held the other four, and one by one he donned them: the ceremonial dagger that was given to him upon becoming an Acolyte, a modified barrel 9mm, and a pair of composite metal fighting knuckles. The fighting knuckles were modeled after brass knuckles but made out of composite pieces of different metals that were all forged together, one on each finger. Each finger bore a special metal that some creature type of creature had an inherent weakness to: cold wrought iron, silver, platinum, and Greek orichalcum. Etched into the metal's striking surfaces where a collection of Holy Symbols representing the various aspects of the Divine Collective, symbols of power that he truly believed in. Each pair of composite knuckles was capped on the pinky side with a skull cracker of Lignum Vitae (type of tree with densest/hardest wood known to man), with a shaft that extended through the interior. It could be extended and detached if the situation called for it.

Each Acolyte Hunter, Defender and Cleric alike, chose his own weapons. Liam's composite knuckles were unique items that he had custom made by Temple Weapon Masters. Each morning he rose from bed, honored the Divine Collective, empowered his weapons, and locked them away. Today he did not lock them away. Liam armed himself, then slid his arms through the Shepherd's Shroud, a cassock that had been woven through with metallic fibers to offer some protection without weighing him down like a Defender's armor. The messenger was gone, but he left behind a folder that had a quick briefing of all the relevant material Liam would need to begin the hunt. He already knew of the little boy's appearance. The Council kept tight hold on the leash of his allegiance when the remains of the child were found. Now that another 'message' had been sent, they could no longer hold him back and let the innocent suffer. They released the leash, and set the boy who survived lose to do what he had been trained.

One hour later Liam arrived at the scene of the latest blasphemy, armed with what knowledge the church had been able to gather about the situation. It wasn't much but he had hunted with less, and this prey he knew all too well. There was a crowd of gawkers and onlookers. Most of them were the congregation of that particular temple, but others were media hounds looking for a story to publish. A slight whisper went through the crowd when someone mentioned his name. Some of them witnessed the man's speech before he burned to death. "Please... Move these people back. There may still be some danger." he quietly asked one of the members of the Military Police. He watched as they politely tried to disperse the crowd for a moment, and then tuned to enter the temple. Liam needed to see into the Ether and watch the events for himself.

"Merciful Collective your servant entreats your favor so that he may do your will. Between the Darkness and Light is the balance of all things. Pull the veil from my eyes so that I may see what lies beyond. Allow me to see the past so that I might understand the present." Prayer was the incantation that summoned his power, as the archaic words summoned the powers of a Mage. He walked towards burned carpet, that bore the charred remains of the man who claimed to be demon possessed. His eyes clouded, and took on an ethereal glow, as they saw mana give shape to the echoes of the past."Grant me vision so that I might find the path forward."
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PostSubject: Re: Little Boys and Priests (Liam)   Fri Jul 13, 2012 8:45 pm

Daven was standing in the back of the temple waiting for Liam to show his face in these parts. He had been after this man ever since he was cast from the priests body and had his body snatch ability stolen from him in the process. Liam was the perfect target for the demon because of the cycle that occurred every time he used Liam to commit some despicable act. He would murder someone or torture someone and not only did he get to enjoy it while using a priests body but the regret and sadness Liam felt as he was forced to watch himself commit these acts added ten times more enjoyment to the act. Daven was hooked on that feeling and he needed it back as soon as possible and so here he stood waiting for him to show up.

He had played this fight over in his mind over and over again and he took into account every single thing he knew about Liam and his powers. That was why Daven was waiting right here in the church so as to prevent Liam from producing any sort of runes or protective circles when he entered that might tip the battlefield to his favor. In fact he had been looking around all day in this very room to get the layout so he would have the home field advantage in this brawl that he hoped would take a few moments but in truth he knew it was going to be much longer then that. Liam was a powerful priest and had managed to get information about Daven as well when they were paired together....a fight for the ages.

The church was comprised of stone and wood the support beams and cross sections of the roof as well as the roof it self were made of wood along with the benches. The walls and floor however were made of stone and so that was not going to help his cause in the least He knew how he was going to open up this fight between the two and he cracked his neck getting ready as the door swung open. His head turned sharply and his eyes narrowed as he spotted his prey entering the church and thought to himself Come hunter of demons lets play a game

He noticed Liam covered in runes all over his skin and tilted his head wondering exactly what all of it was about. He smirked thinking it of little problem as he would just need to remove a few strips of the flesh if anything were to cause a problem. The priest moved to the center of the room and began to scry for the events it seemed and Daven got a sick smirk on his face and placed a cigarette in his mouth. Striking a match he held it to the sleeve of his white shirt and watched the fire build quickly. He drew the heat from it and spread it around his fist and then jumped the flames to his other first next. His fists were encased in flame now and he was drawing the heat from it at a constant rate to keep from burning himself.

Stepping from the back room he came into full view now and Liam would be able to see the demon in all his inflamed glory as he raised one fiery fist to the cigarette and lit it taking a deep pull and exhaling the smoke into the air. "Its good to see you again Liam. I have missed you dearly little puppet." He waited for Liam to process it all and he knew that the priest would understand exactly who it was who stood before him right now and that was when he started walking foreword.

"Did you think I would just let you go so easily?Did you think your nightmare was over and that you would just continue on your way?" Passing the first row of benches he waves his arms outward a a fireball about the size of a tennis ball shoot from each hand to fly across the room into two pall paintings igniting them both and still he walked in the direction of the priest. He was becoming aroused at the prospect of taking the priests body back and destroying everything he held dear. Just this thought alone sent a shiver up the demons spine.

"Your horror story is just getting started. As a phoenix from the ashes I have risen as a ghost from your past come to life once more. Ready yourself for years of pain and anguish." Daven was standing about twenty feet away from the priest and the smile grew wider on his face and sweeping his arms in an arc like motion for the ceiling a plethora of fireballs shoot upwards catching the wood of the roof and the cross beams igniting them all in a blaze.

"Your world will burn and become like hell where I am the devil and you are my plaything priest. I say our first order of business will be to kill your brother's of the cloth so we might never be separated again." as his sentence drew to a close his voice grew dark and his eyes narrowed showing to Liam how serious and angry he was because of there first separation. The fire was building quickly and the smoke in the room was slowly lowering itself around them. The demon and planed his battlefield based on the mortality of Liam and his own more durable frame. The first piece was moved in the chess game and war was set in motion....it was Liam's move now.
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PostSubject: Re: Little Boys and Priests (Liam)   Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:10 pm

The Divine heard his prayer and granted power to read the Ether.  His eyes were clouded by an unearthly glow, and to his perceptions mana began to coalesce and take shape.  The spell was meant to read impressions left behind by the events and people that took place in a location.  This location however, was the recent scene of a great trauma that was viewed by nearly one hundred people, nearly every one of them a true believer.  What was left behind was not an echo, but a chorus of screams that overwhelmed him.  Liam physically recoiled from the onslaught without relief.  There was no escaping what he willingly opened himself up to.  

The room burned with light, its intensity taking the shape of countless people screaming and running in reverse, returning to the site where they witnessed something terrible.  Turning in seeming unison, they looked upon a man who suddenly stood up from the ground, engulfed in a halo of dancing flames.  Mouths opened in silent screams of terror and agony, but the world was utterly silent until a single voice shattered it.  Liam thought the area had been cleared and sealed off to the public.  Perhaps it was a member of the Clergy.  The voice was unfamiliar, but something about the way he spoke tugged at memory.  The tugging became to an abrupt halt like a hangman's noose when he heard two words: 'little puppet'.

The fingers of death ran down the Cleric's spine and made his blood run ice cold.  Years facing down all manner of dark creature and he controlled his fear.  None of it made him feel the overwhelming terror he did now.  The words echoed over and over in his mind, 'little puppet.... little puppet', as memories never buried were renewed.  That was the monster's name for him.  Daven would kill again and again, and talk of how well his little puppet wielded a knife, how well his little puppet's hands fit around a throat.  That was all Liam was to him, a little puppet waiting for him to pull the strings.  Ice cold beads of sweet started to form on Liam's brow as his head swiveled back and forth.  He looked around blindly searching for the source of the voice, but it was no use.  The church hall was a sea of light taken shape allowing the past to completely drown out the present.  Acting on instinct Liam reached beneath his cassock and drew forth the modified barrel 9mm from its quick release holster.  Liam could feel the handle sitting uncomfortably in his now clammy palm as he squeezed of two rounds at where he thought the voice came from.

The bullets whizzed through the air, coming nowhere near where Daven stood.  Both slammed into the stone wall at the far end of the church, each of them smashing open a crater twice as large as it should have been, proof positive that the favor of the Divine was real.  The cacophony of the discharge, and stone breaking rang through the vaulted halls.  If that wasn't enough to tell him that he missed his target, the voice speaking again made it perfectly clear.  "Dammit...." Liam berated himself, and tried to shake off the effects of the spell he cast, but it was no use.  Though he had stopped channeling into the spell, the effects lingered because all that was already given had not yet been depleted.  Giving up on his eyes Liam tried to track the voice with his ears, but the acoustics that lifted spirits every service with song now worked against him.  

He brought the gun up once more and fired off three quick shots, two off to his right, and one just to the left of straight ahead. If there was a hit on stone or flesh from any of them, he didn't know.  The loud register from the gun's muzzle drowned out any sound of impact echoing back to him.  "N....no,"  he stuttered as he struggled to find the voice to speak to the beast that had stolen it from him for so long.  "I didn't think you'd let me go.  Thats.... thats why I became a Cleric.  I can fight you now..... I'm not afraid of you!!"  He was terrified, and his voice was laced with the irrational fear born from years of nightmares skewing reality.  Liam prayed for the Divine to forgive him for lying, and for the strength to make it the truth.  He had to get Daven talking.  It was the only way to know if he hit, and find his target if he hadn't.

The gun waved back and forth blindly until the voice came again.  He had missed.  Liam took quick aim and fired off four more shots, each in a different direction.  None of them stopped the voice.  It just kept going in that same calm tone, and that made Liam's fear even worse.  Guns were meant to be aimed, not fired blindly.  He knew that, but there was little else he could do.  Without thinking Liam turned the gun on the loud explosion of flame bursting on stone walls and tapestries, and squeezed off two rounds.  Panic was setting in, even though Liam knew that fear would destroy his mind if left unchecked. 

Eleven rounds gone.  Liam was trained to keep count of how many shots he fired off, so that he always knew how many he had left.  Even in the grips of terror good training held true.  Fifteen bullets in the clip and one in the chamber, never forget, never lose count.  Liam shook his head violently, trying to throw off the effects, but the glow persisted.  It faded and dimmed slightly, but there was another light adding to its brilliance now.  He could smell the acrid scent of wood burning, and feel heat blossoming upon his face, warming the cold sweat that coated his skin.  He was virtually blind, the church was on fire, and that voice never even raised its tone.  Liam began to back away towards the door.  Squeezing his eyes shoot he concentrated on one sense, and pulled the trigger.  

Each time Daven spoke, Liam listened for the voice, chose a spot, and fired.  A few more words spoken to let him know he missed, and he used them to reacquire a target, and pulled the trigger.  Four more shots were fired, and none of them even made the voice skip a beat.  The only thing that changed the voice was dark emotion.  Liam did the only thing one could do reliably with a gun while their eyes were closed.  His thumb pressed the clip release, and his other hand reached beneath his cassock in search of a fresh clip.  This motion was well practiced and fluid, done blindfolded time and time again.  Liam had made his move, he emptied a clip to no avail, now he was desperately trying to reload.  "I'm NEVER going to let you take me again!!!!" he yelled out in anger, even though he reeked of fear.
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PostSubject: Re: Little Boys and Priests (Liam)   Sun Jul 22, 2012 6:24 pm

Shot after shot rang out through the halls and never once did they land there mark even as Daven got closer and closer to the Priest. A few times the bullets managed to whistle past his ear or take a small piece of cloth from his clothing however they never made physical contact with him. He could see and hear the panic in Liam's voice with every shot fired and every time he realized he missed. It was feeding the demonic beast and he thoroughly enjoyed every second of this game that they now played. He was the cat and Liam the Rambo of mice doing his best to stop the stalking of his predator. He was backing away to the door and with a growl Daven thrust his arms out before him and the fire shot from his hands and the walls around them to engulf the door in flame.

Liam fire his last shot and went for the clip to reload but Daven would have none of that. Sprinting foreword with every ounce of demonic speed he could muster he would reach for the wrist holding the gun and attempt to lift Liam off his fee by that wrist. Drawing heat from the skin of Liam he hoped to numb his hand to the point of not being able to keep grip on the deadly projectile firing device. It was going to be a close quarters fight because in truth once Liam was able to see again the gun would level the playing field to a point where Daven would have to retreat. They were imbued with the divines blessing and would really go far in fucking his day up should they find there mark.

"Dear little puppet why do you fight this? You know you miss having me with you to bring your dark desires to life. Don't fight anymore it will only cause us more pain." He would jerk the wrist and try to force him to drop the gun before attempting to fling Liam across the room in the direction of the alter which stood as the main preaching point for services and the like. Referring to Liam as us was Daven's way of telling him that there would be no fighting the reunion that he sought so badly. What Liam wanted was of no concern to the fiery demon and that should have been well known to the priest. Daven would pivot around fully to look in the direction that he had aimed to throw the priest and begin to walk.

"You really should just give up now you know. The divines play a cruel joke on you dear Liam because if they really did care for you as you think then why is it that I am here. I am stronger and faster then you and I am burning down one of there holy sites and yet not a scratch has formed on my body nor a bolt of lightning from the sky. The truth is they don't give a fuck about you or the people of this realm because all you are is there version of TV. They bless your weapons and give you these ability's you covet so dearly because they want you to try and fight so they can laugh as you fail. Think about all those people we killed together and then ask yourself where the divines were then."

He was fucking with Liam and he was doing everything he could to make the situation as hopeless for the man as he could. Daven knew the divines were real and he knew they favored the humans more then anyone else but Liam only had his teachings and his books to keep his faith. Daven was going to do what he could to destroy that faith and break his will so that he might find an opening to take back the body he saw as rightfully his. It was time to test how strong Liam truly was in his faith.

"Tell me dear puppet why it is I exist if these divines are so against beings such as myself. Are you going to tell me that they just allowed us to continue breeding and forming and coming to this world so that the weaker humans could fight us and show there true strength? If that is the case then why is it I am still standing here much more powerful then you and your order together. Why is it your brothers almost killed you when they were looking to cast me from your body? It is because the fear drove them to the conclusion that killing you was a safer bet and they lacked the strength to deal with me...they still do. Your divines are nothing more then children who created you as a play thing and now watch you fall one by one like toy soldiers.

Daven was laying it on thick and with a growl he stopped midway up the center isle and braced himself with his hands thrust outward. All the fire in the room began to focus between him and Liam and formed into a massive fireball. The church was black and smoking but the fire now burned in the middle of the air between them. He smirked as sweat poured from his eyebrow at the concentration needed to draw all the fire into such a ball. It was around twenty feet around a rather massive ball of fire to be sure.

If your divines are real then I dare them to stop this ball of flame and destruction from causing all sorts of mayhem on the city. I am dare your divines to save the people and there buildings Liam. LETS SEE THEM FUCKING DO IT!" With that his arms shot back and his body turned as the ball of flame shot across the room and exploded through the front door and wall taking part of it with the roll it started. It gained speed and headed right for the large crowd gathered outside like a bowling ball headed for the pins.

Turning to Liam he would point as it continued its path of destruction not even watching it as it rolled. His voice was overcome with excitement and he screamed in the direction of his prize. Watch them all burn Liam! They are going to die as your Divines do nothing at all! I will show you the truth of your gods puppet and you will know that I am the closest thing to god you will ever meet!"
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PostSubject: Re: Little Boys and Priests (Liam)   Tue Jul 31, 2012 3:17 am

The answer to whether any of his shots had managed to do any good was answered by the sudden iron grip that closed around his right wrist. Pressure caused the numerous small bones of the wrist to grind against one another, causing the tissues between them to scream out in pain. The monster from his nightmares now had him in its grasp. In the face of all of his training, Liam gave in to fear, and forgot everything. Instead of lashing out with his free hand to strike at his opponent and do something worthwhile, Liam sent for his wrist. He tried to use every ounce of his power to pry Daven's hand loose to no avail. It was only an instant of trying before he gave up and began holding his own forearm in an attempt to stem some of the pain that shot up from his wrist.

Daven's arm raised and Liam was lifted off of the carpeted floor by his attacker's inhuman strength. Suspended there off of the floor, the ethereal light finally dissipated from his eyes, and his vision cleared. Liam was now face to face with the demon and he could finally see it. A mixture of shock and relief tore through his mind, making him forget the pain for a moment. It wasn't him. Part of him had been gripped by an irrational fear that he would look at Daven and see his own face staring back at him, but it wasn't him. For the first time in his life the beast had a face other than his own.

Liam hung there, suspended above the floor by his wrist, in a state of shock. Blue eyes twitched back and forth quickly, studying every detail there was about the face. He worked hard searching it for any hint of himself in it, as if there was some case of mistaken identity. There was none. Finally his eyes locked on those of his attacker. He did not know this face but he knew the evil in those eyes. Those eyes were so different from his own but he felt as if he knew them as well as he knew his own. Daven, his demon, there was no other way to say it.

The gun had long since fallen from Liam's weakened grip and lay forgotten where it had fallen on the carpeted floor of the church. Nothing else mattered except the face in front of him. The world had gone silent, and the Cleric no longer saw the church, or the flames that fell from the rafters to land on and ignite carpet and benches. Daven was the entirety of his world, until their gaze was suddenly broken. One minute he hung motionless, then the next he was flying through the air like a rag doll carelessly thrown away by a child.

Limbs flailed wildly as Liam traveled across the breadth of the church hall. He was doing everything he could to right himself and take control of his body before he landed or worse, hit something. For all his effort, the cleric was unable to control himself before he smashed into the podium that stood atop the pulpit. His back slammed into the wood paneling of its painstakingly varnished front. His arms and legs flew out to either side of it, still carried by the momentum. The wooden boards cracked, cushioning the impact slightly. The only thing that kept Liam from breaking his back was the distance between where his journey began and where it ended. The force of the throw had been largely dissipated, but it still took the wind from his lungs. Gravity took hold of him once again, causing Liam to fall. He hit the edge of the pulpit before crashing down to the floor of the church in a crumpled heap.

Liam cried out without sound because the wind had been knocked out of his lungs completely. When he finally inhaled his ribs flared up in agony. At least one of them was cracked, but it felt like more than one. The muscles of his back were on fire where they had tensed up to protect his spine. His arm was the stark contrast of cold numb tingling where Daven's crushing grip had held him. The lack of feeling was only a silent promise of pain to come. Awkwardly Liam tried to untangle his limbs, while he blinked away the stars, and looked up to see Daven across the room conjuring up a massive fire ball.

Slowly his head turned as inspiration struck, and his target was chosen. The doors, Liam knew him too well. There were people on the other side of those doors. He had asked for the room to be cleared and the crowd to be pushed back. They wouldn't have left, not this soon. It was human nature to gawk at tragedy so they could feel better about their own situations. Daven knew as well as he did, that those people wouldn't see it coming, and when they did they would be frozen in place. "No.... " he managed to get out hoarsely. "Don't do it!!!"

Those pleas fell on deaf ears and he knew it. How many people where on the other side of that door, standing at the bottom of the stairs that led up to it? Twenty? One hundred? That ball of flame was only growing bigger as he spun his fists and gathered the flame from the fires that slowly grew about the church. Desperate need began to overpower the fear that gripped him. He had to do something to save them, even if he couldn't muster the courage to save himself, someone had to save them. That was what he became a Shepherd for, to protect the world from the evil that no one protected him from.

He had to do something, but he didn't have a clue what. In his mind he prayed to the Divine to guide him, to show him the way to save those people. That was the tricky thing with faith. Without action faith was just hopeful wishing and got nothing done. One limb a time Liam braced himself, and pushed up with all his might. Pain echoed through his mind and body, but he accepted it. Pain reminded you that you were alive. As long as you felt pain, you could still do something worthwhile, even if it was just running blindly at the thing you feared most. Fight or flight had finally kicked in, and Liam walked the razor's edge between them. His legs pumped hard, forcing his body to run with all his might, but he ran towards Daven instead of away. The closer he got the more adrenaline entered his veins, and the harder his heart pumped it.

There was no plan in mind, just the blind need to do something, anything. He slammed into Daven's body from behind with a full head of steam and all of his weight, but it was too late. The infernal ball was already cast away and rolling towards the door. Liam fell to the floor, forgetting Daven. He watched that ball of death leaving a trail of flame in the carpet on its way to the door. When his body came to a halt on the floor, Liam saw a silver blur gleaming in his field of vision. It was closer than the door so his attention drew back, bringing the blur into focus. It was his gun. It lay not too far from where he dropped the empty clip that Daven had stopped him from changing out.

Thoughts clicked into place like a bolt of lightning striking him. He was changing clips the way he had been trained to. All clerics were taught to load their pistols with full magazines, in addition to a round already chambered. They were drilled with the technique of counting their shots, so that they would stop before they fired off the last round. That last round was saved so it could be fired off and start the use of the new clip, eliminating the need to pull back the slide. Even scared out of his wits, Liam had counted his shots. Fifteen, he had only fired fifteen before muscle memory kicked in and did what they were supposed to. The Divine had given him a chance. He reached out and scrambled to take hold of the gun.

His right hand fought his control. The limb was nothing but numb tingles and throbbing pain, making it almost impossible to take proper hold of the 9mm. The ball of flame slammed into the double doors, instantly igniting the frame, and its magical substance broke through the barrier like a wrecking ball. Even over the din of roaring flames, Liam could hear the people's screams ring out when they saw their impending doom. Refusing to give up, Liam reached up with his left hand and cupped it around the gun, helping his right complete the task that it could not. The ball of flame was so large that Liam didn't need to waste time aiming, he just needed to pull the trigger.

The hammer fell and the slide kicked back as the bullet was fired and the last shell casing ejected. Unable to out run the speeding bullet the ball of flame was an easy target. The spinning projectile tore through its fiery surface, and plunged its way through the burning core. Had this been just a normal bullet, nothing would have happened, but it was more than just a bullet. It was Liam's faith. It was his devotion. It was a physical manifestation of the Divine Collective's faith in his mission. That was the power that warred with the demonic magic that gave the flaming sphere its substance. A fraction of a second after Liam pulled the trigger, the bullet embedded itself in the wall of a building opposite the church, and the ball of flame exploded outward, in a wave of flame that raged over the crowds head before rising skyward to dissipate. The explosion of flame broke the spell like panic that entranced them to spots they stood,, and they fled in all directions screaming. Liam drop finally let out the breath that he had been holding since he pushed himself off of the floor. The crowd was safe. Unfortunately he wasn't.
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A sudden shot of pain focused itself on the lower back of the demon and spread upwards through his spine and muscles as he was forced to the floor from Liam's tackle. The wasted attempt of the priest trying to stop the ball of death from doing its job and even as Daven looked up from the ground the smile never faded from his face. The doors were gone and the ball was rolling its fiery way into the crowd ready to burn them all alive and take them to hell where they belonged. Liam scrambled across the floor and Daven howled with an unholy and black laughter at the futility with which Liam seemed to struggle in a plan to strip Daven fun from him.

The ball hit the top of the stairs and jumped into the air blocking out the sun that crept its light into the church. Climbing high into the sky it seemed to remain there lingering a few seconds before it would start its decent. Everything was going to plan and the screams of those about to be crushed under the fiery inferno were drowned out and everything around Daven fell silent. The sight of the beautiful ball of death ready to drop almost brought tears to his eyes and he laughed all the harder as Liam struggled on the floor. His attention snapped back to the ball that now began its decent upon the crowd who seemed to move in slow motion to try and escape it.

The silence was shattered and everything moved quickly once more as the sound of a gunshot brought Daven back to real time. A gaping hole formed within the massive fireball and before it ever touched anyone the flames died out and a heavy ash filled smoke fell over the crowd but aside of some coughing no one was harmed. The demons eyes wide in shock followed an invisible line tracing it back to Liam only a few feet away the barrel of his gun still smoking from the shot.

Rage welled up inside of Daven as he stared in disbelief at the priest for a moment and how that one single shot from the blessed weapon managed to destroy not only that ball of flame but every lie he was attempting to place within Liam's head. How could he convince the priest that there was no divines to help him when in his most desperate time of need he had been given the tools to halt the deaths of many with one single shot. A single shot that found its mark true and in time no less and halted the demon's attack in its tracks.

The blood pumped through his veins as the demon stood once more and his face was a twisted visage of anger and hatred at that very moment. The veins in his body bulged as the blood and adrenaline coursed through him. He was literally foaming at the mouth as he stared still at the priest his body shaking from the well of emotions that poured through him at that very moment and it all came crashing together as Daven rushed to close the distance between himself and Liam.

He had no control at that moment as a horrific blood curdling scream infused with his true demonic voice sprang from his throat to cut through the air like a hot knife through butter. As he rushed across the floor he scooped up a fallen cross from the floor and continued rushing at the priest.His legs pumped quickly and as soon as he was within range of Liam he would aim to soccer kick him in the stomach. The desired outcome here was not only to shatter a few ribs with his shin but to launch the priest upwards into the air as he kicked with all his might.

Should Liam go flying upwards the rage in Daven would not halt the attack there but he would reach outward in an attempt to catch the man by the front of his shirt and hoist him up before him. Then punch after punch would be thrown with the cross wielding hand in the direction of Liams face. They were punches of average speed for a human because they were purely power driven with the intent of doing as much damage as they possibly could shot after shot was thrown and Daven was not sure how many he landed or did not because the rage blinded him so badly that he couldn't even feel if his fists made connection to there target or not.

Finally standing or not Daven would spin his body and kick at Liam in an attempt to launch him into one of the smoldering walls and he would follow behind him pulling from his pocket those matches he held so dear. He would catch Liam with a foot planted to the Priests chest and stand there looking him over as he light the match and set it to the cross which burst into flames before them both. His rage would give way to sinister thoughts as he looked between the cross and Liam.

You love your fucking Divines do you not? Lets always remember this little discussion we had then." With that Daven would take the cross and removing his foot attempt to replace it with the now burning cross. Pressing his palm against it the cross would be pressed in firmly to Liams chest stripping away the fabric the covered him and burning the skin beneath in a beautiful cross like scar upon his body.

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Watching the fireball explode in a shower of flames and ashes that rained down over the fleeing crowd was the most gratifying sight ever. Even the shrieks of terror were music to his ears. For a moment Liam forgot about the flames spreading about the church as they found more and more things to consume. A smile would have come to Liam's lips if he wasn't in so much pain. The feeling of relief quickly evaporated when he tried to gather his arms beneath him and push up off of the floor. Swollen and inflamed muscles along his back screamed in protest against the strain he put on them. Unbeknownst to Liam he was putting himself in perfect position for the enraged demon who's fun he had just spoiled.

The quick rustling of footsteps caught the Shepherd's attention, and he turned his head just in time to see the brutal field goal like kick speeding towards him. All he could do was grit his teeth and brace himself for the pain that was coming for him. His muscles tightened but it did little good to protect him. He felt all three of those ribs in his chest shift on impact. If they weren't broken before, they were now completely broken. The sickening crunch echoed through his body, making him want to empty his stomach but that was not an option. His stomach was too busy being lost in that weightless feeling, as Daven's unnatural strength set him airborne with that kick. All was peace and tranquility for a moment, that split second when rising turns into falling, but that never lasts.

This time it was snatched away by the hand of a demon who yanked him out of the air by the front of his collar. Liam was still too disoriented by the pain of the kick, and confusion of flailing through the air like a rag doll. He had no chance of defending himself from the rage driven onslaught that Daven unleashed on him. The first punch caught him square in the face, knocking his head back so hard that it rebounded to meet the second. That punch dazed him so badly that Liam's eyes lost focus, and started to dance about his skull, free of all muscle control. It was only prima instinct of self preservation that brought his arms up to shield his broken and bloody face.

Daven unloaded punch after punch upon Liam and each one struck his forearms, elbows, and shoulders. Liam held them up tight because it was the only thing keeping him alive right now. His nose was broken and blood poured freely from it into his mouth. He only knew that because he was starting to choke on something. His lips and tongue were completely numb. The only sign that they were still there, was the ice cold tingling that went through them. Finally Daven tired of punching him, and let go of Liam's collar. The Shepherd fell to the floor like a ton of bricks, a crumpled heap of broken human flesh and bones.

Delirious from pain and barely in control of his own body, Liam rolled over on to his back and looked up at the ceiling which was now burning. Glowing embers fell from the rafters like stars falling from the night sky, and each one of them brought with it a wish, the dying of hope. Weakly he tried to roll his shoulders and somehow crawl away from Daven, but it was no use. The Fiend was too strong, and Liam was too weak and broken. He could barely comprehend what Daven was saying to him as he held a cross, one of the symbols of a Divine in the Holy Collective. If the monster of nightmare holding it wasn't sacrilege enough, he set it on fire.

The entire scene was beyond surrealistic for the young Shepherd. He was face to face with the beast of his nightmares, his body was broken and beaten, he couldn't hear the words that were being spoke, and an object of his faith was being desecrated so it could be used against him. Deep down inside Liam knew that it was coming. There was no disbelief in him. Daven did nothing without purpose. With him, things only seemed random because you could not think as far ahead as he. Liam had been trapped with his mind and knew the intellect that was the driving force behind his actions. That was the most terrifying aspect of him. Liam started to squirm and fight to get his limbs under control as Daven leaned down with the flaming piece of formed silver in hand. It was a losing battle, but he fought anyway. Giving up meant death, even when fighting had an almost certainly meant dying, it was better to meet the Divine able to hold your head high.

The flaming symbol was rested upon his chest. At first there was no burning. His cassock, with its layers and composite fibers, offered him protection, but that didn't last for long. Thankfully the fabrics were specially treated to make them flame retardant, but they weren't immune to the extreme temperature. The fibers started to dry, and crinkle to cinders and ash. The heat started to scorch the flesh beneath, and Liam let out a howl of agony. "AAAAHHHHHGGGHHHHH!!!!!" It was as if a white hot spike had been driven through his mind, body, and soul. The pain brought him back to crystal clear presence of mind, and he seized control of his limbs in a wild flail.

His arms and legs came up as if he was going to crouch into fetal position. Instead of clenching his body into a tight protective ball, his right hand went to the ankle of his booted foot, muscle memory guided his hand, and fingers closed around the hilt of the ceremonial dagger he kept sheathed there. In two quick motions he snatched its it free of the sheath, and made a quick stabbing motion at the meaty part of Daven's thigh, trying to embed the blade deep into the muscle of the leg that held the burning cross to his chest. His other leg swung wide using its weight like a counter balance to shift Liam's body. He brought it around, over and across the leg that was planted on his chest, and thrust upward with a hard kick aimed towards Daven's midsection to drive him back if it landed. Regardless of whether the knife or kick struck, Liam's twisting would be enough to get him out from beneath the boot.

The cross clattered to the floor beside him as he pushed up onto his hands and knees. Tears stung his eyes, and he coughed blood up through his sputtering sobs. His word was pain, every part of his body hurt, but he found comfort in it as a gift. Pain, meant he was still alive. "Ho...holy Divine," he sputtered trough a mouth full of blood. Forgive me. his thoughts screamed in his mind. "your servant begs mercy. My body is broken, but my will is strong. " he sobbed. Divine, please forgive me.... The words were mumbled through teeth clenched against pain and ragged breaths that sent daggers through his chest. "I beg you, give me strength, left me up so that I may serve your will. " I beg you... forgive me.... I have no other choice. His voice was broken by the sharp breaths as jolts of pain echoed through his body, but he forced the words out so that he could be heard. He clenched fists in the pile of the crimson carpet as if looking for something to hold on to so he could keep himself up. "Lay hands upon me." I'm sorry.

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The scent of the fire was over taken for the demon by the scent of the flesh that was bubbling under the flaming cross which was now pinned tot he chest of the priest. He was sure a scar would form and that was exactly what he wanted to happen. He wanted Liam to remember this day vividly every single day of his life and he wanted him to have to explain it to his loved ones and the people who saw him everyday of his life. He wanted him to always think of what a hopeless situation this was for him and how easily Daven could dominate him inside and out. A wicked smile came over his face as the priest screamed under the pain of what was happening to him and that sound that echoed through the burning church to mingle with the sound of burning flames was pure ecstasy for the demon.

The embers that floated down from the ceiling burned brightly to the floor and seemed to highlight the malice and hatred within his demonic eyes. The orange glow highlighted his face and seemed to add to the menace of his visage while enjoying the torture he was putting fourth to the priest. Anyone who looked upon his face would see that he was not simply toying around anymore but rather that he seemed to be enjoying this more then anything else in the world. This was something far better then sex to him as he stripped from Liam all power in this situation to make him feel helpless. Or so he thought.

The motion of the knife being brought out shocked him and before he could move his leg from the priest's chest it was buried into his out stretched leg to the hilt. Liam had hit his mark exactly on target and a howl of pain escaped the demons lips that sounded as if it was dragged from the depths of hell. His leg dropped so his foot hit the ground and he bent to take the dagger from his leg thinking that Liam had used the last of his strength to plunge that knife into his thigh but again he was wrong.

In moving his leg he had dropped Liam to land with his one foot planted on the ground while the other one came in for the kick. That dropped the kick lower and would have struck the demon more in the stomach or groin rather then the chest. However Daven had bent down to try and remove the dagger and as his hand wrapped around the hilt he was greeted by a firm foot to the bridge of his nose that sent him falling backwards and rolling twice before he stopped and slid another foot or so one his stomach.

The hand that was on the knife had jerked from the kick and all he managed to do was succeed in widening the wound by forcing the blade to slice to the right cutting through more tissue and muscle as it did so. Shaking his head Daven began to try and get to his feet and as he did he noticed that his vision was obscured by tears from the impact on his nose. A natural human response to such a blow and because of the body he was trapped in he was forced to deal with it. Signals shot from his nose to his brain to cue the sharp pain that know spider webbed through his entire skull and he felt a headache coming on quickly.

After a few moments his eyes adjusted and he wiped the tears from his eyes to see a puddle of crimson upon the floor where his nose was just above.Reaching up he swiped his finger gingerly just under the nose and a long dark line of red liquid now coated that finger. His nose was bleeding and badly from what he could tell and it was only confirmed when he looked down into the pool of red liquid. He pushed off his hand as anger coursed through his body once more and he took a large step foreword determined to get to the priest but was halted as he feel to the left and hit the floor on his ass once more.

A sharp pain shoot through his leg up to his hip and that was when he registered once more the knife that was embedded within his leg. Reaching down with a shaking hand he gripped the hilt and pulled the blade out forcefully. As the blade came free there was an arc of blood that flew from the knife to fly through the air to land in a beautiful crimson splatter within the fire and boil there a few moments making popping noises as the bubbles rose up and popped under the intense heat of the flames. Pushing himself from the floor adrenaline coursed through his body but as it did he could feel yet another issue rising from the depths.

He had been using his enhanced speed and strength a lot as of late to carry out the murders and place people where he wanted them. The fight with Liam was taking its toll on him as he had been running around and tossing him like a rag doll. He was forced to shut that power down now or risk becoming so weak that he would no longer be able to stand which he was already having trouble with thanks to the knife. He stood there now stronger or faster then Liam now but he did not make mention of it thinking maybe if he did not the priest would lose his luster for the fight.

The thought of leaving crossed his mind as he had done the damage and proven his point. However the only thing that kept him here was the fact that through the immense beating he had handed Liam and all the things he had done to this point the priest had not given up once or asked him for mercy. He fought tenaciously all in the name of the divines he had never met. The resolve of his will and faith would not allow him to quit and Daven saw this now clear as ever. The only way to put this man down and keep him down would be to kill him which was not what he wanted. The only other thing he could think of now was outlasting him for this fight at least and being that Liam seemed in worse shape he was sure he could do it.

Even then however he was sure Liam would get whatever healing he could and would be at mass the next day speaking to everyone as if nothing had happened. That was the strength of will that Daven wanted him for because it would be the ultimate pleasure to break it in every way shape and form. He had to see this fight through and give Liam the beating of his life here and now because if he ran it would simply bolster the man's resolve and in a way Daven respected him more then anyone else for it. This man was the ultimate prize and the demon would have it one day.

His mind made up the demon pulled the flames from the burning cross to his hand once more and pressed it to his leg letting it burn the flesh as he howled out once more in immense pain as he cauterized the wound that was there. His flesh was burned but he had done what needed doing and again pushed himself to his feet but made no quick motions to get to Liam. He simply tried to smile which turned into a grimace of pain as he stared at him with a blood soaked face.

"Laim....I am far from finished my dear boy. Get to your feet so I can put you down again." He tried to make his voice sound as clam and even as he could but he could not hide the slight shake and sharp breaths he took due to the wounds inflicted on him. This was far from over it seemed and if Daven knew anything about Liam and his resolve then the priest was far from done himself.
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Warmth seemed to flood into his bones, seeping up from somewhere deep inside of him, some place he never knew existed. He had called upon the Divine Collective in the past to deliver their healing blessing to those in need, but this time was different. Before, the energy flowed through him as a vessel until it found its home in the injured and afflicted. Now that energy found its home in his own wounds. Some of the places where his flesh had been bruised and torn, agony quieted into a dull ache. The broken ribs in his side that pulsed painfully now burned as if that burning cross had been shoved into him, instead of smoldering where it lay on the floor.

Liam struggled against fatigue and pain to push himself up off of the floor. The charred and melted flesh of his chest cracked and split to show raw meat beneath. Daven's taunting demands were echoing through his ears and mind. The Shepherd grit his teeth against the pain, and for the first time since coming here, anger. Healing wasn't the magical cure all that the suffering masses thought or wished it was. There were rules, both mechanical and personal, and Daven had just forced Liam to break his personal beliefs and rules. He wanted to make him pay for forcing him to violate something he held sacred. Liam's hands slipped into his pockets, finding the set of composite metal fighting knuckles that rested in each, and fingers slid comfortably where they belonged.

As a Shepherd Liam would give what aid and comfort he could to those who were in need, but as a man he refused healing. When injured Liam suffered his wounds, and nursed them back to health as nature would have it. Only when necessary did he accept the bare minimum of healing, so that he could face his flock. If they could look upon his face and not see the horrible truth of the work he did, then he gladly endured the wounds that could be hidden beneath clothing, and keep his face stone against the pain. Magic saved his life once, but at great cost to many, and that is why he asked know more of it or anyone else. He refused healing because he knew the true rules that governed the Healing Arts.

Nothing in this world is without cost. That is the unbreakable rule, and nothing proves it more true than Healing. Superficial wounds and minor hurts could be healed easily and their cost is so minuscule that it goes unnoticed, causing people to think that it is a miracle. The magic is just the tool that makes Healing possible. Life had to be paid with life. In order for someone to be relieved, someone else had to suffer. Clerics understand this, and when they heal others, they give of their own life force to mend wounds and drive away sickness. They take the Miasma, the dark energies of pain and sickness, into themselves and suffer them for those who could not bear it themselves. Sometimes it manifested an injury which had to be given time to heal, or a violent illness for which there is no cure, that must be survived until it ran its course. The greater the healing, the greater the cost. If a wound or illness was fatal, then the ultimate sacrifice was necessary, and that was something the Church forbid. All things died when their time came. There was no sin greater than to make one leave this world in the place of another.

Until this moment, Liam had never called upon the Divines for his own wounds. He bore every injury as part of his self-imposed penance for the wrongs that were committed with his body. Wrongs that his body was forced to commit by the monster before him. He was now forced to commit another wrong, but this one was for the greater good. It was time to make the monster pay for everything: every nightmare, every cry of fear and agony, every drop of blood, and every morning woken up drenched in cold sweat. Clenched fists were pulled from their pockets and Liam looked at Daven and said, "I'm sorry." There was remorse in his voice. It was a true an genuine apology that he was giving for some reason, but the look on his face was something different. His features were contorted, in a mix of pain and rage.

Liam strode towards Daven on shaky legs but his eyes were focused on his target, and his target was all that mattered. The embers and bits of burning wood rained down around them, but he didn't pay attention to any of it. Liam could feel the heat settling down into the pit of his soul, burning him with an ethereal pain. It was the Miasma collecting, the anathema of life, byproduct of his wounds healing. He closed the distance, hands raised slightly so that he could guard himself against attack, and his body quartered away in a balanced boxer type stance. Once they were toe to toe Liam's hands lashed out quickly with the blessed metal knuckles. First it was a quick and precise left jab aimed at his face followed by a wild right cross that he threw too much of his weight into. The sloppy punch tipped Liam off balance causing his guard to drop, giving Daven an opening to exploit.

The opening was feigned, a calculated ruse that played his injuries and fatigue to sell it as genuine. He wanted Daven to attack him, to walk into his trap, just like so many of Daven's victims walked into his traps. Whether Daven attacked at the opening Liam created for him or not, the Shepherd would show his true style, He was no boxer, he was a holy man, trained in the centuries long traditions of holy men that were a part of the Church's formation. Before the his center of gravity was truly lost, Liam's stance slid wide as if gliding along silk.. His left hand would circle up to quickly guard the opening or attack at Daven's face to make him defend, while his right opened to snake around low. It was a tiger claw strike, five animal Shaolin kung fu, aimed at Daven's rib cage. If it landed strengthened fingers would slam into the lower ribs and curl beneath them in an iron grip. It would be in that grip that Liam would unleash the Miasma within him. The magic of healing made the Cleric a conduit for the energies, and the river of life and death flowed both ways. It was time for Daven to experience the pain he inflicted on his victims. With the force full thrust of destructive energy, Daven would share in Liam's broken ribs.
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Watching Liam who was having a difficult time moving made Daven think this fight was over already and that the attack that Liam launched to stagger him back was everything left in him. It made the demon swell with pride and laugh at the broken and battered priest before him. For all the training and all his faith in the divines Liam was bested in the temple home of the deity's he prayed to and worshiped by a demon. The irony in it would have made him laugh out loud if his jaw hadn't still been throbbing.

However as Daven thought the fight to be over Liam began to press up up slowly from the ground and that steel will of his remained unbroken or even tarnished from the beating he had been thrown. The mans body was clearly broken and battered to the point that he should have been near death and praying to the divines in his final hour but no Liam was moving. Not only moving but standing on his feet under his own power. It was infuriating and Daven could not compose himself any longer.

"Why don't you just stay the fuck down priest. You can't win this fight and you know this to be true. Prey to your divines and ask them to grant you mercy because if you take one step I swear to both them and to you that I will send you to the afterlife." It was a hollow threat and his voice carried with it bot the frustration and exasperation that he was feeling at that very moment in being unable to put the priest away.

His eyes grew wide as Liam began to move now and was not trying to make an escape but seemed more like he was moving in to continue the fight anew. Demons did not feel fear as it was not in there nature to feel it but rather to cause it. At this moment however Daven felt worry pure and simple and this was the first time in his long life that he had ever experienced it to any degree. The priest had taken everything he threw at him and was still walking and not only walking but carried an air of confidence with him.

Daven was shaken to his core at the sheer power of this mortal human who was defying him and his own body to continue to fight for what he believed in. The blind faith he had in the divines was what carried him foreword and the demon knew this to be the truth of the matter. His puppet not only found religion but he found himself and with it the confidence and resolve to face his tormentor and nightmare head on.

They stood toe to toe and as the jab came in Daven leaned his body back and it missed by only a few inches. The blessed weapon came in so close that Daven swore he could almost smell the holy power upon the weapon and he was glad that he had ducked back rather then taking the hit. As the right cross came in he ducked the sloppy punch and the opening that was left for him was far to tempting to leave alone and play the defensive with.

Taking the bait he brought his right hand in a downward haymaker with every ounce of strength he had in him. Liam was off balance and he would easily put him on his ass and then be able to pounce upon him and hammer is perfectly mortal skull into the ash covered stone floor. His surprise was clear when Liam blocked the incoming attack and there was a sudden pain within his side.

The feeling was like that of a knife making a small cut at first but Daven's eyes grew wide and time seemed to slow down drastically. It all happened so fast but for him it seemed like an eternity as the position that Liam was in registered with him. It was not possible for him to move like that so freely and with the beating he was thrown. He shouldn't be able to bend and move like that not with the battered frame he called his body. It all clicked in his mind and as it did time caught up with him in a big way.

The pain exploded in his ribs and he felt two of them fracture almost instantly as the misma seeped into his body and took a strong hold within him. The force of the destructive energy gave the demon a double dose of the pain he had dished out as he not only felt it from the shell but also in his true form locked away within its confines. It was unlike anything he had ever felt and he stumbled back a few feet looking at the defiant priest.

It was then that he gripped the his side and recalled the apologetic words of Liam as he approached cursing himself for not understanding at the time and blowing it off. Liam was in no way sorry for what he would do to the demon but rather what he would have to do to the human body he controlled in order to get to the demon. It all became clear to him and he howled out in agony shaking his head and trying to deny the very real feeling that was racking his body.
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The movements were smooth and fluid, as he made them. It was like he was outside of his body and it was moving on its own. This is what his teachers called this belonging to the art. It was the culmination of countless hours training until exhaustion, pushing his limits, and conditioning his body. By all rights he should be unconscious or dead right now, but hours of having his body tortured and beaten to hone and harden it, and introduce him to pain as Shaolin monks had done for centuries were his salvation. He was still a novice by their standards, but he was devoted to learning the art. Liam breathed through the block and the strike. One hand deflected the haymaker to the side while the other slammed iron fingers into ribs, and curled them under to grip hard.

All at once he focused his mind and forced the miasma out of himself. It felt like emptying his stomach of some rancid food, finding relief in the release. The pain and sickness vanished as Daven screamed out in pain. Liam looked up to watch the monster and saw his human face contort and seem to separate into a nightmare visage. The Shepherd couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing before his vision blurred. This was a problem. Liam closed himself off from the healing energies, and pushed away the comforting warmth as urgently as one stamped out burning embers before they caught fire. For all the good dealing did, it exacted its price by exhausting the healer and the healed. When one healed himself, he paid both.

Light headedness made him want to swoon, but he resisted the impulse and pushed through it. His vision had transitioned from being hazy to distorted. Before him stood two Daven's whose bodies were overlapping. Liam did the only thing that he could do, he worked the middle. Bringing his stance together he stood up using his legs to power the first strike. His arms rotated like pistons along the center line of his body to use all the power of his muscles and momentum, and struck out at what he thought was Daven's body. Four quick Wing Chun style piston punches fired off as Liam forced his way forward and advanced on the Fiend, whether they landed or not. He couldn't afford to retreat.

His heart pounded in his chest, his body ached, and his flesh screamed in agony with every movement. The piston punches compacted his arms, and moved them quickly which jarred the charred and melted flesh that had not been burned or ripped away by the cross. He sought the gift of pain, the reminder that he was still alive, and hoped it would clear his mind again. It felt like being caught in the middle of a yawn, where his ears closed and the world seemed to slow. Liam sucked in air between strikes hoping that the extra oxygen would break the bubble he felt trapped in. He couldn't pass out, not now. This monster had finally come to him. He was terrified but he couldn't let him get away. He had to keep fighting. If he passed out Daven would kill him for sure, and then move on to kill again.
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Recovery from such a viscous strike was in no way and easy task or one that he would accomplish fully before Liam got the chance to launch into another assault. He held his ribs and looked on at Liam through squinted eyes blurred from the agonizing pain of the strike dealt to his ribs. His face poured with sweat not from the heat but rather from the sheer amount of force he was exerting in this battle and the toll it was taking on his human form. From the position he stood in Liam looked the worst of them both but Daven was feeling more pain then he had ever felt in his entire existence. He managed to stand as Liam seemed to be faltering in his aggressive press foreword and this renewed a sense of victory within the demonic entity.

He moved foreword with a limp in his step as the pain from the stab wound shot through his leg into his hip with every step. Pulling back his arm he was bringing it in for a quick jab when he was jarred backwards by four rapid punches to his midsection and ribs. The shots landed flush and as they did the pain he felt increased ten fold as three of the shots landed the misma laced wound he had just received from the priest. He countered each shot with hammer fists raining down wildly for the face and head of his attacker. Every blow received sent his body into violent shakes of pain which in turn morphed into something else completely.

Blind hatred and rage were building anew within him as the priest and the fiend swung away at one another. All of it centered around the simple fact that this simple bag of flesh and bone was daring to stand again one such as himself. He was evil and malice incarnate, he was what nightmares had nightmares about, he had been around long before Liam or the human race evolved from there shit slinging counterparts. This was unacceptable and he would stand for it now longer!

The emotions he felt burned a fire within him that replaced the pain with desire and ill intent. He was no longer going to play with his prey rather he was going to beat it into a puddle and watch the raging fires dry it up. His eyes took on an orange hue as he fed upon his own emotions of hatred and...something else? He could smell it upon Liam and he tasted it in the air around the man who fought so valiantly against the fiend. Desperation was clearly hidden below all his bravado and courage and he was unable to hide such a feeling from the fiend as a smile crept to his face.

Curling back his right arm and launching it foreword Daven put every ounce of what he had into this one simple move. His muscles were corded steel as the adrenaline and his own desire to break the priest poured into this one simple uppercut. He aimed for the underside of the jaw and hoped to launch the attacking animal that was the cornered priest through the air and back upon the floor. It would never be enough to simply beat the priest Daven knew he was going to have to kill him.

Hit or miss it made no difference as Daven sprinted back and ran up a wall two steps to grab upon one of the tapestries that lined the walls. The burned material ripped easily enough and he stripped the rest of it from the wooden pole that it wrapped itself around at the bottom. Taking it over one knee he cracked it in half and the splintered ends not pointed in Liam's direction as vile intent spread across Daven's fiendish visage to show that this had now escalated beyond a simple fight and that now this was going to be to the death.

The realization for Daven was that Liam would never break and never bend. He was going to fight until he was laid to rest and even then he would most likely crawl from his grave to fight the fiend every step of the way. The only answer was to make the priest a martyr in the fight against the fiendish forces that the holy order wished to destroy. There would never be a way to take that body from him again because the fact of the matter was that Liam would simply end his own life before letting Daven have it and if he could not have that vessel then neither would he let Liam hold onto it.

Stalking in the direction of his prey the limp would barley be seen as he ran on the fires of rage and the pure high of the thought at eating Liam's still beating heart. He came in at the priest with little care for the backlash he would suffer and preformed a spinning backhand to try and throw the priest off from his actual plan of attack. His fist would never connect because as he came around he dropped low and aimed to jab the first broken piece of wood through his right thigh followed by the second through his left.

Daven was beyond any sense of preservation for the body he wished to control once more. This was do or die and Liam had signed his own death certificate in the eyes of the fiend. As he jabbed in he would release the grip he had on the poles and place both hands upon the floor. Pushing back with his hands he would let his feet shoot out from under his body aimed at the ankles of the priest. His hope was to not only stab Liam through the legs and render him immobile but to cause the weight of his body to sink down on the wounds.

Daven kicked off the ground and rolled backwards to stand once more a few feet from the hopefully kneeling and impaled priest but his thirst for blood was hardly sated. Running the few feet to close the distance the fiend jumped into the air and aimed a missile dropkick directly for the freshly burned flesh of the priests chest. Daven would hit the ground regardless of if he hit or not and his ribs would take the full shock of the pain and his brain would register that he should cradle the wound.

The issue with that however was Daven was now operating like Liam did without the ability to stop and call it quits. This was war and while his hand moved to hold the ribs as he stood up he was in no way finished. He had to press foreword and destroy this icon for human spirit and faith. He needed to make an example of the holy man and bring the church crashing down to expose the faith that kept him going as the sham Daven knew it was not. He had to convince everyone that the church and its workers were lying to the masses. He had to prove it all and he was going to use Liam as the canvas for this masterpiece.
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The sickening thud of metal against flesh and bone was a comforting feeling to radiate up Liam's arms, as the hits struck in rapid succession. The victory wasn't without its loss though. Daven was still alive and more than able to fight the Shepherd. After the first blow was struck against the demon's chest, the Fiend fired back with a hammer fist towards Liam's face. The first one struck against his forehead, luckily hitting on the place where his skull was the thickest. IT still drove his face downward to protect against damage, and caused Liam to reevaluate his strikes. Instead of the rotating piston that came from the chest, he brought them down from above so that he could protect his head. The remaining hammer fists rained against forearms, but it left a monumental opening for Daven to exploit.

The uppercut that came from beneath took Liam by complete surprise. He had just finished delivering what he thought was a telling blow, when the fist came up, beneath the arm that was guarding high. The fish smashed just beneath the jaw, sending Liam's head backwards, and robbing him of all his forward momentum. The Shepherd went reeling as he fell backwards to land flat on his back, and be enveloped by sweet darkness. The world felt like it was sinking away beneath him, and all the sounds were pushed away to great distance. Blessed rest was finally his, and moments stretched out into infinity. Somewhere in the back of his mind an urgency screamed at him to go back, go back or else he would never leave. He listened to it and fought to leave this perfect place even though he wanted nothing more than to stay. There wasn't any pain here.

No pain, that realization set Liam into a panic. He fought franticly searching for pain, and then he found more of it than he could ever want. The connection to his body and consciousness was now firmly in his grasp once more, and white pokers stabbed in to him from every direction. As best he could Liam struggled to his feet. His eyes wildly searched for Daven. How long had he been out. The crack of the pole breaking over the fiend's knee brought Liam's attention where it needed to be. It was and there was only one of him, even if he was blurry. Liam stayed where he was, buying himself more time to wake up. Every second counted when death was this close.

The backfist was an impractical attack when fighting an opponent who was in front of you. Liam saw it coming and had time to duck his lethargic body beneath the attack. His hands were ready to guard against whatever it was Daven was trying to lure him into. It wasn't that long ago, he used the same tactic to steal back some of the momentum in this battle. He saw the wooden stake coming for his right thigh, and his right hand intercepted by grabbing hold before it was driven home. His left hand was quick to follow, swinging down like a hammer upon the wrist that held it. Physics and anatomy were in his favor with this move to disarm an attacker. One of three things would happen: an attacker would abandon the weapon to avoid the strike, get hit and have the weapon torn from his grip as the two were pulled in opposite directions, or have his wrist broken because he tensed his grip refusing to let go.

In any case, Liam would follow through the hammer fisted strike, swinging it to his left in an attempt to block the second stake that Daven held. It all seemed to happen in slow motion, and Liam's motion was too slow. Jagged splinters of broken wood ripped through his flesh, and drove deep into the muscles of his left thigh. "GRAAAHHH!!!!" he yelled out as the sudden stab of pain forced the world back into fast motion. Liam lashed out with primal ferocity at the source of the pain. His right hand, which had been flinging away the stake it held, curled tight around the composite metal knuckles, and drove them right at Daven's face. It came at the same time that Daven was moving to position his body for double sweep, and had less distance to travel so it could interrupt the attack. In order to avoid it, Daven would have to abandon his attack and roll away early.

While Daven rolled back to his feet, Liam's left hand went to the wounded thigh. Instead of cradling the wound, he tore it from his thigh and flung it carelessly into the far reaches of the burning church, leaving an arc of blood in the air from the force. Something had snapped inside Liam, and a violence, pure and primal came spilling out of it. Daven was coming back at him, not running away. There was no running anymore, no holding anything back for another day, there was no more tomorrow. All there was for them was here, now, and suffering. As Daven leapt high into the air, because Liam was still standing, his legs loaded to kick out with all his might, Liam's lips parted to show blood stained teeth. It was impossible to tell whether it was a pained grimace or a sadistic smile.

Liam moved towards the flying Daven, his guard opening to expose his chest like a madman. At the last moment Liam turned his body to the side, robbing Daven of his target as both of his feet kicked out to meet empty space. Arms to either side, like the crucifix he bore on his chest Liam now stood beside the airborne Daven, and closed his embrace. The right arm looped beneath Daven's legs, and the left crossed above his chest. The demon's return to the ground was inevitable, and Liam would help deliver him. His right arm rose, his left hand pushed down, and his torso cranked downward with all his might. He worked like a machine to change the vulnerable Daven's orientation so that instead of coming down flat, he would land solely on his shoulders, neck, and back of his head with all that added force.

Whether Daven crumpled on the floor like a ragdoll being dropped carelessly by a child, Liam wouldn't relent in his attack. Gravity dictated that Daven go down, so made his body follow. Before Daven would have the chance to get up, Liam would drop himself on the demon fists first, and begin to rain down punches upon his demon. He wasn't particular about where they landed, he just wanted to hurt him, he wanted to crush every bone, he wanted to see his last breath bubble out through a choking pool of red. Somewhere in this battle Liam forgot the host, and only acknowledged the demon. If at any point he looked up through the wild flailing of fists to see his foe's face, Daven would see himself staring back at him. Liam's face and eyes were swollen and blood stained, but the expression was powerful enough to come through the distorted flesh. Lips pulled back in a malicious grin, forcing blood through his teeth as each breath seethed, eyes wide and burning with violent passion. The bloodlust, the excitement, the need to inflict pain and see it reflected on someone's body, and the joy that came from it... This was the face of a killer. This was HIS face staring back at him.
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The first spike driving hand was caught within the grasp of the priest and Daven was forced to release the weapon to keep his own hand from being broken. It didn't matter because at the same moment his right hand was coming in with a swift attack to stab the other half deep into the left thigh. The strike had found its mark with such force that traces of blood flew from the impact of the wound and some managed to hit Daven upon the face. The fiend was quick to lick the sweet liquid from himself and grin as he launched further into the attack in an attempt to press his advantage on a distracted foe.

The problem however was that his strike only seemed to solidify the resolve and alertness of Liam as the fist came flying in quickly and before Daven could see it. It struck the bridge of his nose in a solid blow and sent him rolling back and landing on his back. He laid there for a moment holding the shattered and splintered bone as tears streaked down his face. It was the natural human reaction to the breaking of ones nose and as much as he tried to fight it his puppet was still a human being.

Blood covered his face as he scrambled back slightly before standing to try and look at Liam. He wiped the blood from his gushing nose and spread it upon his face as he tried to clear his vision. Finally with a shake of his head and after a few painful blinks the light of the room began to sting his eyes once more with there orange ferocity and he could see his target standing once more with the improvised weapon removed from his leg and tossed aside.

Moving like a freight train Daven closed the distance ignoring the burning sensation from his recent stab wound and the difficulty to breath as his nose was no longer working for him. He sailed through the air thinking that he would send the priest sprawling in return for the punch delivered but within moments he felt his head crack upon the ground and bend slightly at the neck to look up at his feet pointed up at the burning ceiling. Darkness surrounded the edge of his vision narrowing his ability to see clearly but not blinding him fully.

His legs refused to move and he was unable to turn his hips in any specific direction as the fist came flying down upon him and mental sang out a sickening thud as it collided with the bone of his right cheek. Liam mounted his paralyzed frame and began to rain blows down upon it as Daven raised both arms to block the incoming blows as best he could. He knew his time was up and that Liam had won this battle for now. There was no route of escape but he searched for one anyway as he looked about while trying to fend off the incoming blows.

It was while he looked for this exit that he managed to see Liam's face twisted and distorted in a way he had not seen since he had been in that body. The room grew brighter for the fiend and through a cracked and broken face a smile formed exposing blood stained teeth as it clicked in his mind on what he had to do. He could win this fight in the ultimate way and while he looked at the murderous rage on Liam's face he summoned every ounce of strength he had within him and screamed.


The fiends arms dropped from guard as the punches began to rain down upon the face and as they did that sick smile never left the face of the shell that Daven used. It did not leave but something indeed changed as all the murderous intent and sadistic perversion let the eyes of that poor soul and regained a very human softness that seemed to lead to the priest. That spark of humanity was there only a minute before it was snuffed out with another metal clad punch from the priest and lifelessness gripped the hunk of meat that was formally the body of Daven Nevad.

The only thing that remained crystal clear and unblemished where those human looking eyes that seemed to stare back up at Liam in pleading. They were locked with his own stuck in time with that look of fear mixed with elation forever frozen within. Liam had won this fight indeed but those eyes told him the story he needed to know to figure out that this was long from over.
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Rested her head back against the headrest of the town car that had been appropriated to drive her where she needed to go. In the front seat was one of the Elven Terran Guardsmen, her bodyguard for this trip as she somehow hadn't been able to weasel her way out of an escort. She closed her golden eyes for a moment, letting them rest as she pinched the bridge of her nose between her forefinger and thumb. "My Lady are you alright?" She opened one eye to regard the elf. "And-ion, How many times do I have to tell you, I am no lady, call me Neona or Nys-Elmiy. And yes, I'm fine, just tired that's all. Would you turn on the radio please? I don't really care what I just need some background noise." She closed her eyes once more as And-ion reached over to turn the nobs on the cars radio panel.

Neona was on her way to the Grand Temple to finish off some paperwork and negotiations with the Divine Collective about funding the new Orphanage in Librium with the Terran Guard. There were a lot of parties involved but they made up the largest of the two...and also her largest headaches. The smooth baritone voice of some newscaster filled the car. As much as she hated listening to the news, she felt he had to in order to keep on top of the current events that could potentially ruin all of her hard work and well laid plans. The Newscaster was interrupted and she opened one eye as the tone of his voice changed from monotony to apprehension and fear. And-ion heard it too as he glanced down at the instrument panel.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm afraid I have to interrupt our normal program. It has come to our attention that there has been an attack on the Bastion United Church. Some reports say it is the result of a Fiend. The area has been evacuated and the Divine Collective has been refusing to comment. It seems the perpetrator has singled out one of the Acolyte Clerics by name, a Liam Grey. We're told he has been dispatched to the scene. Wait a moment..." There was the sounds of whispering as he spoke to someone off microphone and then the caster returned."It seems that the Cleric was seen entering the church to answer the challenge and now the church is on fire. Emergency response teams have been dispatched but there is no news of the Cleric."

Without realizing what she was doing, Neona let out a loud and very animalistic growl, if she'd been in wolf form her hackles would have been raised and her teeth would have been showing. Liam was hers. The growl startled And-ion who turned to look back at Neona only to see her staring at the instrument panel, her lips pulled back to show her teeth. "Drive And-ion...take me there and I don't care how many laws you have to break in the process." The tone of her voice must have scared him because he whipped around and instantly did as she ordered. Neona could feel the wolf within her clawing away, begging and howling to be let free, to claim the male she'd chosen as her mate...though she hadn't truly realized up until that moment that she'd done just that. She'd have to deal with the emotional repercussions of that later, now was most certainly not the time.

Because this wasn't supposed to be a truly formal meeting, Neona hadn't dressed up all the way...of course her attempt to dress down could still be considered dressed up for almost everyone on the planet. The blue dress she'd chosen today, she'd found in an old thrift shop and added her own lace decorations to give it new life and that perfect amount of flare. Her golden curls were pinned up with a couple of decorative hair sticks, tiny leaves hanging from the ends, her ornate push dagger nestled in the mess. Her elegant blue shoes had been a gift from a business associate last year, and they just happened to match her dress perfectly. Tiny stone feather earrings hung from her slightly pointed ears but barely moved as she held herself still as a statue on the edge of her seat.

The moment the car arrived, Neona didn't waste time. She practically leapt from the car, her emotions getting the better of her and she heard the slight snapping of the door welds as she pushed the door too far. Mentally admonishing herself to be careful, she pushed through the crowd, leaving her poor body guard behind. She pushed through to the barrier that the emergency crews had managed to set up to keep people back, horror rising up inside her as she got her first real glimpse of the Church. It was practically engulfed in flames, and it was obvious the emergency crews had given up on going in to search for survivors.

Ducking under the caution tape, Neona set her eyes on what looked like the officer in charge. Another tried to get in her way and she put one hand on his chest and shoved him aside so she could walk forward. "Has Liam been found yet?" she asked the Officer, pulling her Terran Guard badge out of the pocket of her dress so he could see it and hopefully wouldn't fight her. "No, he hasn't come back out and it's too hot to send in anyone to search for him." Neona narrowed her eyes and turned to observe the church once more and then ran for the steps. With the Wolf within already so angry there was no way any of them could catch her. The first thing she noticed was the smell, her heightened senses instantly bring the smell of burning wood and plastics and melting metals to her nostrils. If she'd been in wolf form she might have sneezed in annoyance.

Next came the heat, though this wouldn't hit full force until she kicked in the door...high heels or no there was nothing that was going to stop her. "LIAM?" She yelled into the flames, her eyes searching for him amidst the flames. Finally she spotted him, darting forward to leap over the wreckage of the roof as it collapsed down. "Liam, please, come on, you have to get out of here." Her mind was sharp enough to piece together what had happened, the smell of blood and fear and adrenaline mixing in her nose as she fell to her knees beside him. Her fingers clutched at his sleeve, trying to pull him away. She didn't recognize the man Liam had so obviously punched to death, but she knew Liam's heart...he had to have had a good reason for such an action.

The Wolf within gave a warning howl and Neona turned her face upwards. As she couldn't seem to pull Liam out of his trance she pushed forward, wrapping her arms around him and carrying them both sideways as pieces of the roof fell free to land where they'd been sitting, burying the body in debris and flames. There was one thing she wanted now...to get them both out of the burning building alive. Soot and ash already covered her dress, and marred the flesh of her arms and legs. She didn't care, the fire could have them all, she just needed Liam to live.

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He was consumed by rage. Mind, heart, body, and soul burned so hot that the church around them may have well been a perfect reflection. The stone, wood, metal, and glass melted, turned to ash, and disintegrated all around him. Flamed and embers rained down from the ceiling like falling stars carrying the failed wishes of human beings. Heat bore down on him from all directions, forcing his skin to produce sweat that boiled away as soon as it left his pores. This place was a reflection of him, and all he built since gaining his freedom crumbling all at once, ready to come down completely. His life, his faith, his psyche all teetered on the edge of the abyss that he was looking in to. Those glazed dead eyes. He didn't truly hear the words when they were spoken, because the fists continued to rain down. It wasn't until he saw those human eyes staring up at him lifelessly, and the undiluted terror in them. The eye's he looked into brought him to a dead stop because it was him they saw.

The words would not stop echoing through his mind. It was as if they chased away every other thought, because he heard them now endlessly. Liam couldn't even summon the mental effort to form the thoughts to say, 'I killed him'. Daven's words were now his thoughts because he was too exhausted to form his own, they seemed too close to the truth to be anything but. He was stuck there in the moment, transfixed on the glazed eyes, wishing that the roof would just come down already, and end this nightmare. Larger and large pieces began to fall when he felt something touch him, and like a house of cards he collapsed. Flames were dropping down all around him, and he was ready for the pain to go away. It was time for darkness, it was time for all of it to end.

Liam's body went limp in Neona's grasp, as he collapsed from the combination of exhaustion and his injuries. He was dead weight, not putting up any resistance or giving any assistance. Luckily the half elf was something more than she appeared or else it would have been the end of both of them. When she burst through the doors, after the wave of smoke and ash, people were too amazed that she survived to ask how she was dragging someone so much larger than her. The two Clerics that had been doing their best to control the crowd and keep them back, turned to the cacophony of the collapsing roof, and saw Neona with a cassock clad body in tow. They both ran up, splitting to move around her at either side, and flank Liam. "Dear Gods.... is he?" one of them exclaimed as he dropped down beside the broken body of one of their own.

The other Cleric said nothing, and set in to work. He grasped both sides of Liam's head and closed his eyes. Liam's own eyes began to twitch wildly behind their lids. "He's alive, barely. No signs of possession, the wards are still intact. I think he exorcised it. Get him to the ambulance." the other cleric said as he withdrew his hands, and Liam's eyes stopped fluttering. The two of them worked as one and lifted Liam up by grabbing his cassock. What was left of it was still strong enough to hold his weight as they got to the open bay doors of the ambulance, and they put him on the gurney inside as the paramedics moved out the way. Once he was on the table the Cleric began to check his wounds.

"In the name of the Divine Collective, we are commandeering this vehicle. Please take us to the Grand Temple as quickly as you can. This Shepherd's life is in your hands." The one Cleric was almost pleading with the driver, instead of ordering him to do what was asked. The Acolytes were Shepherds still did not make demands even if there was precedent that stated they could. The world was a dangerous place and they were the only ones who know how to protect from some of the dangers. The Paramedic was, by some divine fortune, one of the faithful, and floored the accelerator once the back doors were closed. If Neona choose to come along with them, neither Cleric would argue against it because she was the reason Liam was still alive for them to try and help.

In the back of the ambulance, the other Cleric began to murmur softly while his hands set to work, "Merciful Divine, please send to your servant the gift of your power. Allow me the insight to see what ails your servant. Grant me your blessing so that I may see your will done. " While he prayed to the Collective for assistance, the Cleric took a scalpel from its packaging and began to cut away the tattered remains of Liam's Cassock so that his wounds could be exposed. The first and most noticeable wound was the image of the cross burned and melted into his flesh. The crux was a cracked and bleeding sore that spanned the center of his chest. Bits of cloth, metal, ash, and wood were embedded into it, and would have to be cut out. The other was the bleeding wound in his thigh that was revealed when his pants were cut open. Splinters of wood were still lodged in it, preventing the wound from closing properly.

The Cleric's hands began to glow and he slowly started to move them over Liam's body, delving into his energies, to divine what was wrong with his body. As he worked his way down he recited he wounds as if he was memorizing the list to give to someone else. "Concussion, fractured eye socket, broken nose, broken jaw, severe burns to chest, three broken ribs, radial fracture right arm, small bone fracture left hand.... " the list continued as the other cleric moved to apply a bandage and pressure to the bleeding wound in his thigh. There were so many other wounds on Liam's body that weren't being named or bandaged because this one seemed the most life threatening. "bruising on the spine, deep tissue puncture in the thigh."

It wasn't long before the speeding ambulance came to a stop at the gates of the Grand Temple. It was already met by a large group of people who were summoned by the commotion of wailing sirens. The entire church knew of what was going on either through announcement or word of mouth. People on the site that had been a part of New Bastion's clergy called ahead to let the Acolytes know that one of their own was coming and severely injured. The Ambulance was waved through while one of them shouted directions and pointed off in the distance. From the back the Cleric who held Liam's thigh closed with a bandage told the driver what landmark to look for and head to. Finally the Ambulance came to a stop and the back doors opened. Strangers all dressed in similar clothing pulled the gurney out of the bay, and rushed off with it focused on their fallen brother.
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Darkness started to swirl up to try and grab the entity that was Daven holding to the body of his host but he still had one desperate trick up his sleeve. He released his grip upon the body in the same way that he had done with Liam all that time ago and his ethereal form floated from the body to hover in the air and look down upon the priest as he pounded away at the hunk of flesh he had once claimed as his own. He had no time to simply wait around and watch as his former captive beat upon his old body because his window for finding a new host was closing rapidly.

For a fiend who could manage this little trick the world was one that changed rapidly and while he could not be seen floating upon the winds of the Terra he could see those that milled around below. The issue was that he was now floating between two realms as the call from his home world that he was still tethered to tried to pull him back once more. He had maybe thirty seconds to find a new host before he would once more be trapped within the confines of his old realm never to grace the world of Terra once more.

His eyes watched as the ground began to form into the cracked and blood boiling surface of his home world and the sky was turning a bright orange with black and red clouds. within those clouds lightning was jumping around and among the people below the demons were mingling but neither side could see or touch one another. He was slowly fading back into his home realm and he needed a host as quickly as he could get one. He dove from the sky at one of the men below and crashed into the body.

No one would notice the change as it was instant and took almost no time at all for Daven to gain control of the man and even a few of his memories and thoughts. A moment later he was looking out over the crowd as the proud owner of a new shell to call his own for now. He was being addressed as sergeant and as he fought to recall the memories within his own mind he knew that he was now inside of a police officers body and the man running the scene at the moment.

He was getting ready to run back inside and pop Liam in the back of the head with the gun he now had on his side when he was being approached rather quickly by a woman who seemed to have no time to waste. She walked right up to him with a look of intensity on her face as she asked "Has Liam been found yet?" The question was one that almost caused a smirk to form on his face but he simply shook his head in response to the question looking her in the eyes.

"No, he hasn't come back out and it's too hot to send in anyone to search for him." With that the woman narrowed her eyes and ran for the building within and as a few of the officers ran to try and catch her Daven held his hand up within the new body. "Let her go boy's she can throw away her life if that's what she wants." They looked at him a bit confused but his glare back at them seemed to have them rushing to go back to controlling the crowd.

Daven stroked his chin and began to wonder about the woman who asked about the priest and ran in to grab him from the flames. She seemed to be worried about him and was enough so to go in after him so she had to me important to him right? He had no name just a face and a Terran Guard badge to give him clues. With a smirk he searched his pockets and pound a pack of cigarettes and a lighter within. He pulled them out along with a badge and everything seemed to click in his head.

He had spent all his time devoted to hunting Liam and getting to Liam and hurting Liam physically and mentally through brute force and games. He was by all rights a cop now and in his absence it seemed that Liam had found friends and maybe...more. He needed to come at Liam from a different angle to break him in ways that would hurt more then anything else. That fight showed him that the priest was not afraid to die in the name of destroying the fiend but what if the fiend went after everyone he knew and cared about?

He needed to make Liam feel hopeless and weak in the face of the fiend and he was going to have to take his time to find out who this girl was and who else Liam knew. The smirk upon his face grew as he called over one of his fellow officers and nodded tot he door "I want everything we can find on the woman that went in that building and I want someone to watch her movements for the next few days."

He was a cop now and he was going to do everything in his power to get every scrape of information on Liam and his friends as he could before he removed them one by one from his life. He had rushed this confrontation and because of that he lost a body in the process. He was smarter then that and he let his own greed cloud his judgment this day. He would be more careful from this moment foreword and he had to plan every single move carefully as this was now a game of chess not checkers.

Pulling a cigarette from the pack he placed it between his lips and lit it up taking a long draw before exhaling the smoke into the air with a smile. He saw the woman exit the church with Liam in had and licked his lip's as he saw the ambulance peel off with the priest in the back of it. The fire was dying out and emergency personal were moving in to clean up and find his old body. He knew where it was and he moved to it before digging through the rubble a bit and finding what he was after.

He pulled a leather bracelet from the wrist and on it was the symbol of Clan Rose which had gifted him the lovely piece not to long ago. He was not going to drag them into this nor would he let anyone think they were in league with what happened her. He walked down the steps of the church and shook his head "Time is on my side....Yes it is." He flicked the cigarette away in to the street and got into his patrol car before driving off and heading to the station to fill out paper work.

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Little Boys and Priests (Liam)
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