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 Living the Impossible Dream (SOL)

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PostSubject: Living the Impossible Dream (SOL)   Fri Jun 15, 2012 10:16 pm

Blue couldn't wait.

She had called him. Told him to meet her on some backwater road. She didn't want anyone to find them. She didn't want anyone to follow. And she certainly didn't want him to figure out what she was doing. All she had said was that there was a surprise waiting for him and that he had to meet her here, where she and her car were waiting. She leaned against the car. Wearing her favorite pair of ripped jeans and a black vest shirt that was zipped up the front with silver zippers all over the place as accents. Her long dark hair was up in a loose messy bun while she waited. Sunglasses on her face as she ripped open a bag of Twinkies and slid half of one into her mouth.

It wasn't long, that she waited leaned against The Tank when she heard the sounds of a car coming. She looked over and saw Sol coming. In a taxi, which was what she had hoped for, as she was fairly certain he didn't have his own vehicle. They weren't very common. Still, when he got out, she tossed the last twinkie on the dash board of her car and walked to him.

Ethan's little unit, the little device he used to keep tabs on her, was flying slowly, and making many stops in the city of Librium. Albert had it on. She had chained it on a necklace and programmed Al to make random stops and to fly almost as slow as someone could walk, and then to go perch at the dump a few places, for a while, until she called him back so that Ethan would not think anything of it.

It was perfect.

She was alone with Sol. And she could have a good time. After a quick hug she motioned for him to get in the Tank. The outskirts of the city, where they were, was more wild life and open air than anything else. But she had a special plan. Something that she had done just for him in an old building. She started up the car and they began to drive. The top was down. Wind flew through their hair fast and a bit harsh, it was a very warm summer day, but Blue didn't mind, it was going to be perfect in the end.

Glad you could meet me. I am very .. glad you could come. How have you been since we last got together?

As she talked he would see a small building beginning to rise up in the distance. But other than it being just some random rusted out metal building.. there was nothing special about it.
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PostSubject: Re: Living the Impossible Dream (SOL)   Fri Jun 15, 2012 11:16 pm

Styx had to admit that he was curious to why Blue had called him out in the middle of nowhere. He trusted her of course, but he kept trying to think why she wanted to meet him out there. Maybe it was just to ensure that they weren't followed. Well if that was the case then he would make extra sure that he wasn't followed by anyone. He walked and took public transport toward the edge of the city where he eventually caught a cab to which would take him the rest of the way. Once the cabbie was paid and he was out the taxi pulled away with a smile.

"I've been good, been a little bit slow on the business side. However I did a couple of favors for some people so I was busy enough. How about you?" He smiled as he walked up to Blue and wrapped his arms around her. "Have you been getting enough rest and eating right? And do you have any new projects that your working on?"

He got into the car at her request and soon they were off. He didn't know where they were going and the anticipation was building in him. "So do I get a little hint at what we're doing out here?" He grinned, as he spoke figuring Blue wouldn't spill all the beans. However the inventor might tease him with a little information. Glancing out to the side, he noted that he could see a building out in the distance. He tilted his head in curiosity for a moment before he looked over to Blue. He couldn't figure out why she would want to come out here, and he couldn't wait to see the reason.

As they pulled to a stop in front of the building Sol eyed it with a small grin. He couldn't see anything special about it and he was starting to get a little antsy to figure out this little mystery. He stepped out of the car, but restrained himself by walking over to Blue first so she could lead the way. This was after all her little surprise. "Well I have to admit Blue, my curiosity is just about killing me. I can't figure out what it is you called me out here for. Besides quality alone time with no fear of people coming to check in on us at least." That last part was said with a bit of a grin, Solomon didn't really mind the fact that Blue had a bodyguard that much. Not nearly as much as the inventor anyways.

He offered up his arm and chuckled. "So should I close my eyes for a surprise?"
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PostSubject: Re: Living the Impossible Dream (SOL)   Fri Jun 15, 2012 11:24 pm

I have been doing okay. Just working.

As they drove she would answer his next questions. The ones about her work and if she was getting enough sleep and enough to eat. He was always concerned about her, most people knew just to leave her alone about it. She wouldn't pass out from starvation because when she ate, she ate like she was a starving person, and then she fasted for a few days and then hoarded again. It was not really a healthy diet, but it was the best one that she could work with.

Actually, one of the good things about working with John-boy on my ass all the time is he brings me food when he gets his own. Oddly, that's working out better. Sleep. Well I get about the usual.

She shook her head when he tried to fish for any kind of information he might get out of her about what they were doing here and what was inside the building. There was no way she was going to give that away. He had surprised her, and greatly. But she wanted to surprise him completely. There was no way he could know what she had done for him. And there certainly wasn't any way that he would know, until they got inside, how much work on her off time that she had put into this. And he would probably even then understand, what Knightly was talking about when he showed up with her bank documents about all the large sudden withdrawls.

I cannot give you a hint without giving it away, you will have to wait.

They pulled up to the building and she told him that there was no need for him to close his eyes. Not yet. She lead him to the building and the hatch door opened sliding inward at her approach, only capable of opening for her direct signature. They stepped into an ante-chamber. It was a white room, almost bright with the lights that were on around them and inside were two neoprene suits hanging, one for him and one for her. She grinned and pointed to it. Not wasting any time she stripped down to her underwear and bra and then pulled the suit on over her, it was like she was going scuba diving but without the water.

Course, he didn't know that there was no water.

The door behind them was the way out. The door in front of them was a heavy duty sealed door. Like the kind you might see on an old submarine or something. It was completely sealed off from the room beyond which would of course, bring the question of 'what' was beyond the door. Blue sat down and she put her clothes in a small locker that was bolted to the floor, just incase, and she looked over at Sol.

Are you afraid of anything? she asked him curiously with a mischevious grin on her face.
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PostSubject: Re: Living the Impossible Dream (SOL)   Sat Jun 16, 2012 3:48 am

Blue answered his questions and he was glad that she was at least getting a bit more regular at eating her meals thanks to John-boy. He chuckled, knowing that Blue still wasn't happy about the Body-guard thing. But since her bosses had decided she needed a body-guard and so John-boy was there to stay. Still he probably shouldn't tease Blue about it, she was still a little bit annoyed with the fact. Plus today was about them so bringing up the recent source of ire might not be the best idea. So instead he had to chuckle when she mentioned that she couldn't give him any hints without ruining the surprise. he would just have to wait it seemed.

Styx raised a brow when he was told that it wasn't necessary to close his eyes yet, so he shrugged and followed Blue into the building. When they were inside he was surprised at how bright and clean the inside was. It was quite different from the outside. "Quite the disguise this place has, from the way the outside looked I would have thought it was abandoned." As Blue moved toward the suits hanging up inside the room. He grinned for a moment, enjoying the view as Blue got herself ready before moving up to join her. He stripped off his own clothing, looking down at his boxers before shrugging and deciding that the suit would probably fit over them. He started putting on his, wondering what the suits were for. He did know one thing though. "Looking good Blue, that suit really shows off your curves."

If Blue glanced his way she would see a wide grin on Solomon's face as he gathered up his own clothing and put them in the locker next to Blue's. His grin dropped a little as she asked him if there was anything he was afraid of. He looked down at the floor for a moment, then looked up at Blue with a wide grin on his face. "Honestly, there are a ton of things I was afraid of for a long time. I worried about my family being hurt, about dying, just... a lot of stuff. But the funny thing was, it reached a point where I was so afraid that I wasn't, like it all wrapped around to the point were something would happen and I just laugh at what should have been terrifying. Been that way ever since. So yes, there are a lot of things I am afraid of. And yet no there isn't, if that makes sense."

He laughed and rubbed that back of his head, knowing how stupid that probably sounded. Well he couldn't help how he felt, though he probably could have told Blue something different. However he was trying to be honest with her. She deserved that from him at least. They were figuring this out and if he hid stuff from her then they would never be able to really get close.
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PostSubject: Re: Living the Impossible Dream (SOL)   Sat Jun 16, 2012 10:19 pm

Blue blushed.

She couldn't help it, even now, even after they had been together and everything she still blushed when he mentioned things about her looking good or something. She just wasn't used to being considered beautiful by anyone. Muchless a man that made her feel beautiful like Sol. She came over to him to playfully ask if he was afriad of anything but instead of taking it as the little joke that it was, he took it as the serious question that she hadn't meant it to be.

He answered truthfully, and Blue listened softly standing there holding his hands in her own. They were all set to go. But she wanted to listen to what he had to say first before she went there. Still, she knew that everything was going to be fine. The next room was going to be a huge surprise for him. And, she knew that he wasn't going to be afraid she had only asked the question because she wanted to build up the suspense a little bit.

Well. I think you will enjoy what is in the space beyond.

She went to the airlocked door and she pressed her hand over a panel there and the door slid open. The room was nothing special. In fact, it was mostly empty. It was black in color. There was two pin lights on the ceiling. And... that was it. She knew that he would not understand what exactly was going on but she closed the door behind them, plunging them further yet into darkness. Then, taking his hand, she lead him to the center of the room. She smiled at him in the dim lighting of the room that she had spent hours and hours of her off time creating for him.

I know.... that sometimes I'm really busy. And sometimes we don't always get the chance to forget about our jobs and have fun. I know that, sometimes, I'm really preoccupied about work, and how, I'll drift in and out of attention because I'm handling things mentally without thinking about it. she began softly. Her eyes shifted up locking onto his.

I wanted, to do something for you. Something that you won't ever forget. And if you wished to return to revisit, it would still be here, for a while. I also, wanted to give you something that no one else, I hope, could. A dream.

Blue held his hands in her own again, and for his benefit she said these next things outloud.

Projection, on.

A click sounded and the entire room was morphed into the stars. 3-D images of the stars surrounded them. Not just projected on the walls but out in the room in the middle of nowhere, just hanging there as if they were actual stars. She gave him a moment, to let that all sink in.

Gravity, half.

The gravity lightened, and they bounced a little but didn't leave the floor. But she knew that he would start to get it.

Gravity, zero

Then, they were floating. Up among the stars. The air in here was completely breatheable and they were.. for all intents and purposes. .. in space.
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PostSubject: Re: Living the Impossible Dream (SOL)   Sun Jun 17, 2012 12:23 am

Blue blushed and Solomon barely managed to suppress a chuckle. Even now she was easy to tease, which was even more entertaining when all he had to do was tell her the truth. Though perhaps the most fun came from how quickly she recovered and the topic changed. She was holding his hands as he told her about his fears and he smiled gently. Then it was over and she was still here. His fears revealed, something he hadn't even told... That wasn't important now. Blue had a surprise for him it seemed and she said that he should enjoy it. He had to admit, the suspense was nearly killing him. "I can't wait to see then."

They entered the room that Blue opened and he looked around. He wasn't sure what to make of the room, completely black with minimal amount of light to allow them to see around the room. He glanced at Blue as the room was sealed and she took his hand. They walked to the center of the room and he returned the smile she gave him. Her words had some hesitation at first, but he just kept smiling. She was busy, he knew and accepted that. She was who she was and what she enjoyed. He tilted his head as she then mentioned that she wanted to do something special for him. He raised his hand to her cheek and smiled, not sure what the surprise was, but was glad she was thinking of him.

The the projection turned on and they were surrounded by stars. His head turned right and left, looking at the floating orbs of light as his eyes widened. This, this was part of... He had missed hearing the inventor's second statement. He did feel the effect however and he blinked as he looked down at his feet. Bouncing on his toes, he was surprised at how little effort he had to put in to lift his feet off the ground. And then she finished the room's transformation and they were floating.

He, he didn't know what to say. For several long minutes he just floated there, stunned. This must be what it felt like to be in space. Only he didn't have to wear a suit. His silent awe was broken as he noticed something sparkling in the light of one of the glowing orbs. He blinked and reached out, touching a small drop of some liquid. It was then he noticed that his face seemed damp as well and he felt the corners of his eyes to note the dampness was coming from them. He was crying, he hadn't cried in a long time. However these tears held no sadness in them, it really was a dream.

Solomon pulled Blue to his chest with the hand that still held onto her's and kissed her with all the passion he could muster. He couldn't say in words what this meant to him, his tongue was still to tied to be of any use. Besides he didn't think he could really think of the words to say even if he could form the words. So instead he tried to tell her with the kiss. The Joy of having a distant dream that had seemed impossible come true. The gratitude to the one that would do this for him. All the feeling that poured from his heart he tried to pour into the kiss and he held it until he had to break it for need of air.

So there they were floating, Blue held tightly to his chest and he whispered words he knew he had to say even though the kiss probably got the point across on its own.

"Thank you"]
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PostSubject: Re: Living the Impossible Dream (SOL)   Sun Jun 17, 2012 10:50 pm

Sol .. said nothing.

But she watched his face in the light of the stars and that was enough. She could see, before he even realized, the tears were coming from his eyes, and it touched her that she had been able to do something so amazing for him. She didn't really have a huge dream like this. Except maybe for someone to love her. But, then again, she didn't have any real hopes that was going to happen. She figurd that Sol would dabble with her for a while before he moved on. He seemed more like that, they were good together and had fun but she wasn't sure if he was the 'long haul' kind of guy.

Only time would tell.

He pulled her close and pulled her into a kiss that rocked her socks off. She pulled herself so that she was basically wrapped up against him and kissed him back with everything that she had. She wanted him to have fun, to enjoy her gift to him but if he wanted to spend the first few minutes just kissing, then she was totally fine with that too. When the kiss broke he held her tightly to his chest and whispered the words that she had felt in the kiss, but it was nice to hear.


She pushed away from him and showed him how to zoom around. How they could go through and around the stars. Bouncing off the walls and doing fun little flips and turns in mid air before they hit the wall. She showed him that there were straps hanging here and there if he wanted to stop and hang on a wall for a few minutes. She laughed as she flipped past him, and grabbed onto his hand and pulled him to the wall. Once they were there she grabbed the strap and held them there. She had tested the room out many times on her own so that she could work out any kinks and figure out where straps and things needed to be.

We can do anything we want in here. This night is yours.
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PostSubject: Re: Living the Impossible Dream (SOL)   Tue Jun 19, 2012 11:40 pm

Blue pushed away from him after the kiss and started to show the thief how to move around the room. Sol just watched at first as she bounced off walls and maneuvered around the stars before he decided to join her. It was a little awkward at first, one did not appreciate what gravity did for your maneuverability till you lost it. He had to twist and turn his body a couple of times as he figured out how to shift in this new and strange environment. However it was a bit like swimming and while he wasn't nearly as graceful as Blue he did know a thing or two about acrobatics considering his job. Eventually Blue grabbed his hand and pulled them to the wall where she grabbed onto a strap. Styx pulled up next to her and gripped his own strap as he listened to Blue.

"Anything I want huh? Well I got a couple of ideas, one of which we can save for last. I always was curious what making love in Zero-G would be like." He gave Blue a grin and waggled his eyebrows for a moment before going on. "But first, can you make one of the stars a different color, or make one of them Blink? I feel like having a little race. And we could even have a prize for the person who wins, how about one request from the other?"

He got confirmation that it could be done and he grinned. Well how about this then. We start off at opposite ends of the room and then we count down to zero. The room changes one of the stars to the target and we race to get it. Then when someone gets the star, the next pops up and we have to race to that one. And the first one to get five stars gets a kiss and a request from the other." Sol was wondering what sort of request he should ask of Blue if he did win. Then he shook that thought from his mind. No counting chickens before they were hatched and all that rubbish.

If Blue did agree, then Sol would be the one to cross the room to set up on the other side. He needed the practice since Blue was obviously more use to this room then he was. Actually when he thought about it he was probably setting himself up for failure since he didn't have as much practice as the inventor. However this was all about fun and games and he probably wouldn't mind whatever request the Mistress of Machines came up with for him. Still, he could probably play a little dirty to even the odds. Not the random elbow kinds of dirty, but the tickles of opportunity and stolen kisses kind. The kind of cheating he wouldn't mind if Blue started back on him during the race once she saw what he was doing.
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PostSubject: Re: Living the Impossible Dream (SOL)   Wed Jun 20, 2012 9:45 am

Making love in Zero-G?

She hadn't actually thought of that. But, it did sound like it would be a once in a life time type of thing. Still, he then asked her if she could make a star do something else. Her head tilted trying to figure out exactly what he wanted. When he explained the little game, she grinned. Sure, she could cheat, make a pattern that she already knew. But she wouldn't. It would be much more fun for the actual challenge if it was random and see who really was the faster of the two.

She slid into the computer and quickly programmed a small random program based on an algorithm that she had come up with on the spot. That would make it all very random. Then she made the star chosen by the algorithm blink and change colors. From blue, to red, to green. And then once it was touched, the computer would chose another random star and it would do the same thing until six stars had been touched.

Done. Get ready.

Blue waited until he was on the other side of the building and hanging onto the strap so that it would be fair. Blue readied her legs against the wall, straight on since she had no idea where the first star was going to appear. This way she was ready to kick off all she would have to do is adjust for angle.

Initate Program.

It took a moment, because she had made sure to have the program randomly delay the star creations here and there, at different intervals so you couldn't count the seconds in between and know when they would start to appear.

There. On Blue's right was a star, blinking Blue. In the middle of the room. She pushed off to the right trying to stretch her arms and body out as much as she could because she wanted to get the first one. Hoping her hand would go through it and she would get the first point. She wasn't sure what she would even ask of Sol. It wasn't as though she had anything in mind, but Blue was mildly competitive, and so she was eager to get them.
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PostSubject: Re: Living the Impossible Dream (SOL)   

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Living the Impossible Dream (SOL)
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