A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Arwyn Alia Lu'karn

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PostSubject: Arwyn Alia Lu'karn   Sat Jun 09, 2012 2:01 pm

• Arwyn • Alia • Lu’karn •

Name: Arwyn Alia Lu’karn
Nickname: Lady of Light, Terra’s Princess
Age: 215 years
Weight: 120 lbs.
Height: 5’ 9”

Eye color: Mossy Green w/ specks of Gold
Hair color: Golden Blond
Race: Elven – Light Court
Residence: Elyria
Nationality: Elyrian
Affiliation: No affiliation
Occupation: Shaman

Face Claim: Amanda Seyfried

• all in the details •

By nature her people are slender and Arwyn is no different. She stands only a few inches under six foot with a build that is petite, feminine and toned. Her hair is a shade slightly darker than platinum with a distinct golden undertone and hangs just above the curve of her derriere. Mossy green eyes, rimmed by lashes that flutter tell of her longevity. Flawless ivory complexion, rosy cheeks and full, pouty lips.

Benevolent by nature, Arwyn is one of those rare creatures who tries and often succeeds at finding beauty in all the world. She is a firm believer good conquers all and that one day Terra will be restored to her former glory. Her passions define her as a free spirit only tamed by the thought of a world in destruction. She does not easily rile and bears no lasting grudges. Her only major pet peeve is seeing someone deliberately destroying Mother Terra.

The Four Princes: By power of the elements, Arwyn has control over four riders of Terra. They are the princes of their elements and protectors of Terra's children. These are sentient beings created wholly from their element.

**Each Prince is summoned by their spoken name. Arwyn can harness their powers for a maximum of 15 minutes. Per each five minute she goes over, she begins to weaken considerably until her energy has drained enough to put her in a comatose state for the next 24 hours.

-- Har'dro (Earth): The prince of Earth, with his powers to help create is the healer that helps Arwyn to rebirth Terra to her former glory. By his gift she is able to grow a new world more quickly than Terra may grow herself.

-- Niar (Water): The prince of Water. He is the feeder of Terra. He helps her to grow by giving to Terra that which she must have to thrive…to survive. Arwyn can bring down upon the land a shower to flood and control the tide to her will.

-- Su'aco (Wind): The prince of Wind, by his ability to control the movement of Terra is protector of its children. Arwyn is gifted through him to control which way it blows.

-- Chath (Fire): The prince of Fire, who is perhaps the most fickle of all and the least used of these four riders. He can be a protector but more than that he is a destroyer. Arwyn sees only destruction by his gift and therefore is very reluctant to see him come.

Element Manipulation: Allows the user to manipulate the elements of Fire, Air, and Water by force of will. Some common uses of this ability are: Animating the substance, causing it to change phase of matter.

Elemental Transformation: After her separating herself from the Princes, Arwyn's direct connect to the elements has grown to the point that she can transform her body into the element itself. Each time she takes on the form of an element, she loses connection to the other element and can no longer manipulate them, but she gains greater power in the intense elemental form.

Elemental Transmutation: The user has the ability to transform the basic elements into a chemical structure. This does not involve reforming their atomic structure, only by infusing the element with a form of magic. Because it does not directly affect the structure of the element, it causes no harm to Terra. Once she stops exerting her magic over the element they instantly return to their normal form.

• Air into Noxious Gas
• Water into Acid

Greater Earth Manipulation: This ability allows the user to manipulate and shape earth, stone, and metal according to her will. The more effort expended the greater the amount affected by this ability. Using this ability on extremely large amounts of earth or metal is very taxing on the caster.

Stone and Metal Empathy: An empathic connection to the ground, structures, and objects crafted of stone and metal. In the case of the ground or landscape the user is aware of the composition of the area within twenty feet of him. She is inherently aware of details such as the presence of fault lines and mineral deposits. In the case of objects the user is aware of composition, construction, and details such as weak points, impurities, and flaws in construction.

Earth Transformation: The user’s body becomes solid yet moving stone or metal (her choice). While in this form she has greater durability consistent with the properties of the material she has become. She also exhibits increase physical strength, making her able to dead lift up to 2000lbs.

Telescopic Vision: Some, but not all Elves are blessed with such a gift. Because of her deep rooted connection with Terra, Arwyn has been granted the ability to see objects with great ease up to 12,000 feet away.

Ecological Empathy: The ability to sense the overall well-being and conditions of one's immediate environment and natural setting stemming from a psychic sensitivity to nature.

L'thi Haska (Animal Talking): With the exception of those animals who make no sound, Arwyn can verbally communicate with any species. Much like holding a conversation with another person, without the embarrassment of making animal noises. For those animals who make no sound, the communication is purely mental and translated by imagery through the minds of the species.

Herbalist, Dancing, Sewing, Sword fighting, Gardening

• the tale of a lifetime•

Gwyndel Lu'karn, cousin to the Queen of the Light Court and consort to a nobleman within the Shadow Court was little more than a sociopath. Greedy and arrogant, she used her life at court to elevate her status within both Light and Shadow; her cousin, the Queen and her lover, the Nobleman both being her rise to prestige. Conceived under the effects of a love potion, Gwyndel was born without the capability of ever feeling a true love for herself. Instead she was cynical and deceitful. Larquin Del'ssin, her lover, was just as hateful and therefore just as abusive to those around him. Both of them fonder of the finer things, more so than they were each other or of the child that they conceived together, Arwyn; their only connecting bond.

A child born of two malicious beings, the golden-haired child grew up not with the same hate that consumed her parents, but an unconditional love that was gifted to her from Terra herself. At age 20, she was suddenly released from the bonds that tied her to both Gwyndel and Larquin as the two died from poison ingestion. Whispers at court rumored that both the Queen of the Light Court and the Emperor of the Shadow Court had order their demise on the premises of plotting to revolt against the separate powers. An act of treason that could not be proved, however the rising excitement of a rebel against the Courts was, for the time being hushed with the two deaths. Arwyn, who had love for both of her parents, felt an inner relief that she no longer had to endure their presence.

Orphaned and a favorite of the Queen, Arwyn lacked for nothing in her early years. She was not ignorant of the intrigue that life at court held, but mostly she turned a blind eye to the goings on. Focusing solely on her academics and emboldening her abilities with the elements to help re-grow Terra to her former glory. What shaped her growth was realizing that instead of having only a miniscule control over the elements, Arwyn could call on the very Princes’ themselves. Using their direct powers to assist her in her advancement as a Shaman.

The Four Princes’ of Terra: Har’dro, Niar, Su’aco and Chath; sentient beings of the elements who, by the Mother Terra, control the shifting ways of the world. As a Shaman with such power, that had not been seen since ages long past and only existed in ancient records, this made Arwyn a powerful ally as well as a dangerous enemy to others. Protected by the Queen of the Light Court so that she did not end up with the same fate as her parents, Arwyn has spent most of her life in seclusion from others. Her most common place of interest is the wood land that lies just beyond the city of Elyria. Otherwise she has locked herself within the greenhouse at the palace.

Arwyn is capable of learning many new skills/abilities at any given time. She adapts well to her surroundings.

Is this a Canon?: No

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?: Svetlana Kozlovski

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Arwyn Alia Lu'karn
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