A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 The Shades

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PostSubject: The Shades   Wed Jun 06, 2012 6:19 am

Light and Dark Shades

The Shades are a race of very mysterious beings made up almost entirely of Mana and Energy. They come from every race found on Terra, they are the true melting pot, the epitome of what the Terran Guard has tried to achieve. They rarely involve themselves in the affairs of Mortals, though they can be...persuaded.

Shades are not born, they are created. Every Shade was once a Mortal living a very normal and mortal life on Terra. At some point in their lives, their mortal body is accosted by great amounts of Mana and Power, so much so that they should have been destroyed. By some miracle their body is transformed from organic matter into energy. Some races see this as the greatest form of evolution, that the Shades have evolved past the need for body. At other times a Shade is created over a long period of transition and constant infusion of Mana. This is far rarer but the result is the same.

There are two kinds of Shades: Light and Dark. At the moment of their transition from Mortal to Shade, it is their emotional state which decides what they will become. If a mortal is sacrificing themselves for the good of others, they will become a Light Shade, regardless of whether or not they were the one's using the magic or simply stepped into a spell to save another. A Dark Shade is created when a mortal chooses selfishness. A Mage taking on too much power in order to destroy the world. An Elf trying to give himself more power.

The natural form of a Shade could be called a cloud of energy, the colors of which can be decided by the Shade themselves, though some fluctuate depending on the emotions the Shade is feeling. They have no need for mortal food, but they do need Mana to survive. Shades can usually be found near Ley lines and often find "power" spots to call home. As such a Shade can see the lines and flows of Mana as they cris-cross Terra. They can see the Mana a Mage uses in their spells, before the spell takes on a physical form. For instance, if the Mage were using a spell to create a fireball, a Shade would see and know this as the Mage is gathering the Mana needed to create the spell.

Shades themselves have the ability to take their incorporeal, cloud like natural state and form it into a solid form such as a humanoid body. In this way they can continue to interact with the mortal world as they once did before their transition or "Ascension" as they call it. However, the shape that they take must have the same mass as their natural foggy state. They also cannot hold their substantial forms indefinitely. Every 16 hours or so they will need to revert back to their natural form. Which ever form they take will be marked with their own personal symbol, decided upon the instant they start their transition, usually tribal in design.

Shades retain the knowledge and memories of their Mortal life, they will retain the emotions and morals they had. Shades have loose ties to the Courts of Light and Shadow, their loyalties are usually to themselves and each other above all else. While one might think of Shades as a unified group, and they tend to portray this facade well, they are actually constantly at war with each other. The Light Shades wish to use their power to better the world and the races, while the Dark Shades wish to use their power to rule the mortals as gods. While the Light Shades have always tried to selflessly better humanity, often times with the worst results, the Dark Shades have tried to do what they could do further the war, manipulating the races into positions of power. We are the puppets, and the Shades hold our strings.

Shades have weaknesses however. "What made us, can unmake us." This is the mantra that keeps the Shades from simply taking over, as they are beings of mana they are capable of channeling more magical power then a mortal, however the same events that caused their Ascension can also unmake them. They can burn themselves out if they try to take on too much power, which is really the only thing that keeps the Shades in check, their fear of becoming nothingness.

During the war, some mortal Mages managed to figure out a spell that could trap a Shade. Once they managed to find one that was, they could then use the Shade as a type of Mana Battery to power their spells instead of risking themselves. This of course could have catastrophic repercussions should the trapped Shade ever by freed.

In their natural state, Shades can communicate with a type of Telepathy, able to project their thoughts and images into the minds of those they are trying to speak to, and they can glean surface thoughts from the mortals so long as their fog is touching the mortal's skin. They cannot delve into the mortal's mind, only glean what the mortal is thinking at that very moment. Dark Shades have become incredibly clever in wording their questions so the Mortal is almost forced to think about their pasts and their hidden secrets. Shades are tricky creatures, most only wishing to continue existing as everything they once knew and loved died out centuries ago. It almost impossible to get a direct answer out of a Shade, even then they can twist the truth until you don't know which way is up.

Mortals transitioning to Shade will have a difficult time, their emotions can affect everything from the magic they try to use to the flows of mana around them. High stress can cause them to become incorporeal, though perhaps not all at once. The more magic they use, the more their Ascension will draw close. Certain aspects of the power they will hold as a Shade will bleed through, being able to glean surface thoughts with a touch, being able to see the flows of mana across the world. They will most likely not be constant, but the closer they come to Ascension, the more these powers will be useful.

For those shades who once used hand signals for their spells, they will need their corporeal forms in order to cast them again. Shades can learn to use magic while in their incorporeal state, but most tend to simply stick with what they already know.
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The Shades
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