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 I don't ever want to see a sewer again.... {Tag: Vanessa}

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PostSubject: I don't ever want to see a sewer again.... {Tag: Vanessa}   Tue May 29, 2012 11:49 pm

The massive iron door closed in their faces and that ended the job. Malik held the plastic wrapped and bundled wad of cash in his hands. ”Thank the Divine that’s over,” he said with an exhale and then coughed. It had been a very wild night thanks to the job they were working. It was an escort job, and since there was a need for their services, it was promised to be a difficult job. The VIP was supposed to be brought into the city, and a great deal of people didn’t want him to make it alive. The plan was to meet them outside the wall, and then bring him in through the city using the city’s infrastructure.

They’d been running around in the city’s sewers for over six hours, dodging bullets, killing mercenaries, and doing their best to protect the VIP so they could cash in on the job. It was finally over, the VIP was handed off, and they had their payment in hand. Malik took a moment to close his eyes and take that micro vacation away from the here and now to refresh him. He had Vanessa watching his back, and there was no need for anyone else to come after them, so he could risk it. He opened his eyes and found himself back in the sewers with his nose still burning. ”There are times when it is a very BAD thing to have heightened senses….. this is one of them.”

His clothes were filthy, his equipment needed to be cleaned, and he needed a shower. Quick hands shifted through practiced motions to switch out his clips. He wanted a full clip in the gun for the trip above ground even if the job was supposed to be over. You never knew when you were going to run across a sore loser who didn’t know when the game was over. He quickly trudged through the sludge with his gun at the ready. It was a one mile trek to the first exit point that was safe for them to use without compromising the VIP’s delivery point. While they moved Malik spoke to Vanessa while not taking his eyes off of his surroundings.

”I’m thinking…. I want a shower….no…. I need a shower.” his arm raised to point at a dark place in the hallway that could easily hide a gunman. ”Everyone will be fine on their own without us for a night. Wanna get a hotel room, my treat? Hot shower, real bed, room service.” he stopped listing all of the benefits for a hotel room because he was just talking himself into his own idea. Finally he saw the first access point that would let them exit the city’s sewer system. He moved over to it and quickly checked the area near it while Vanessa covered him.

His eyes moved along ground leading up to the ladder searching for trip wires. Carefully approaching it he scanned the ladder up for pressure sensors, and then the manhole cover that sealed them off. It was all clear and he looked back down to give Vanessa the all clear signal. A clenched fist opening, and then an extended finger circling before moving upward, was the signal he gave. He waited until she repositioned herself to cover him and the placed his hand against the metal disc. ”So, what do you say?”

The moment the question was out of his lips, Malik pressed his hand upward and slid the manhole cover to the side. The heavy metal disc was light for his inhuman strength so he easily moved it aside and then aimed his gun outward. Once he was sure it was clear he pulled his body through the hole and set up to provide Vanessa cover for her exit. The two of them were a good team that had been tested by fire time and time again. It didn’t matter if they were on the job or not, Malik never took keeping her safe lightly. He would always watch her back. ”You know, in this light, you look like such a dirty girl.” Even if he was being serious he still had a sense of humor.
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PostSubject: Re: I don't ever want to see a sewer again.... {Tag: Vanessa}   Mon Jul 09, 2012 1:11 am

This was one of those jobs where Vanessa was glad she didn't have the heightened senses of her Werelion partner. She could only imagine how long it was going to take him to get all of those disgusting smells out of his nose. She was also incredibly glad she hadn't worn her new boots for this, and she had every intention of burning the ones she was currently wearing as no amount of cleaning would ever get that smell out of the leather again. These boots had had a good life however, they'd served her well and they had earned their good, if revolting, death. Vanessa had never been so glad to hand off a VIP before, if that moron had opened his mouth one more time she was tempted to shut it for him and just drag him the rest of the way.

She chuckled softly as Malik echoed her own thoughts about being glad she didn't have heightened senses. Honestly she rarely ever counted her robotic eye as a heightened sense, seeing as it wasn't a natural part of her. Also, she could forget something she'd seen...it was much harder to forget a smell. Vanessa would wait until Malik had finished reloading before pulling Lucy's clip and replacing it with a fresh one from her thigh holster. Raif wasn't made for missions like this that dealt with such close quarters. He became more of a hindrance then actually being helpful. Lucy and Damon could handle this job perfectly fine on their own. Once she was finished reloading, she scanned the tunnel not only with her natural eyesight, but also with her IR to discern heat patterns.

Nessa listened to Malik, careful to look where he pointed. She took a moment to answer him, waiting till she'd discerned it was safe. "It would be nice to have an actual shower and some real food for a change. I love Dash but by the divine that girl cannot cook." She had never been so glad to see a ladder in her life, being underground was never her favorite thing. She preferred heights maybe that was why she got along with the fur balls so well. Cats were instinctively ambush predators, choosing stealth and heights to attack their prey. Covering Malik as he climbed the ladder felt like the easiest thing she had to do all night, watching the tunnel for signs of movement. Thankfully there was none, and it seemed everyone involved tonight had gone their separate ways and she wouldn't have to end anyone else for being a moron.

As soon as he gave her the all clear, she holstered Lucy and practically leapt up the ladder in her hurry to escape the sewer. She caught his teasing words and turned her silver eyes to him, pulling Lucy out of her holster and pointing it directly at Malik's shoulder with a coy smile on her face. "Why don't you save that for later and just close the hole so no one gives us any more surprises tonight." Her red hair had been pulled back into a messy bun, wisps of it falling free to frame her face. When she'd been a soldier, that bun would have been far more severe, and no wisp of her hair would have ever thought to have fallen free. But she wasn't a soldier anymore, something it had taken her quite some time to start accepting.
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PostSubject: Re: I don't ever want to see a sewer again.... {Tag: Vanessa}   Tue Jul 17, 2012 2:27 pm

Even though he enjoyed the fluid efficiency with which Vanessa moved, Malik did not crack a smile. He had seen her scale a cliff side without safety gear, bare handed, with Raif strapped across her back, as easily as if she had been born with claws. She was trained to climb so she could get the high ground advantage for a good shot. Vanessa was an angel of death from on high. One did not smile when he saw death, he respected it. The sniper's training was evident even when she was doing something as climbing a simple ladder to get out of a sewer.

Once she was out of the hole, however, was a different story. He made his playful comment and Vanessa was kind enough to put him right back in check. She was right, they weren't safe just yet. Without missing a step Malik started to sweep around the area in a two by two pattern, knowing that Vanessa would recognize it and fall into step. He checked the low ground while she checked the high ground, searching for ambushes and snipers that may have been waiting for them. After securing the alley, Malik quietly said, "Clear." With that he fell back into the corner of the alleyway so that his eyes were watching the only direction that trouble could come from, and he set his rifle down.

With his hands free, Malik quickly began to remove his combat gear. Plastic clasps were squeezed so that they popped free, and he slipped the combat vest and backpack off of his shoulders. Next hands went to the zipper of the full bodied overalls that were tightly tied around the ankles of his boots and his wrists. They knew that the sewers were going to be involved so they wore the necessary gear to keep from getting completely soiled. Finally he pulled out a duffle bag from one of the pockets on his combat vest, and stuffed everything inside of it. Once his gear was secured away he slipped a hand gun beneath his baggy shirt, then moved over to the pleasant surprise he noticed when he was sweeping the alley. One of the buildings had an external faucet meant for a garden hose. He spun the valve and clean water started to pour out of it. That brought a smile because now they could wash their hands and faces.

The trip through Librium's streets was an easy one. The streets were crowded and most people were too focused on what it was they were doing to worry about others. A quick one mile trek brought the pair of them away from the exit point, and gave them enough ground to make sure that they weren't being followed. Their finish line was the Grand Lux hotel and its pristine interior. A few of the other guests turned their heads at the smell when the two of them walked in, but Malik could care less. What he wanted was within his reach and he couldn't wait. After a quick cash transaction and a false name was given, the new Mr. and Mrs. Lanford were on their way to their room. As promised Malik paid for the room and made sure there was a king sized bed to stretch out on.

The room was on the ninth floor, in the middle of the hallway. He unlocked the door, held it for Vanessa, then secured it behind him. Before closing it, he hung the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door knob. A whistle passed his lips as he looked around the plush decor "Now this is comfort. I don't even want to touch anything until after I get a shower." Malik set his bag down on the floor and pulled open the draw string. On the large table beside him, he placed his weapons, and then pulled a plastic bundle from inside his backpack. Inside the airtight seal was a complete set of clothing that they both packed for the mission's end. With guns and clothes laid out, Malik drew the string on the duffle bag tightly closed and stood up. "Rock, Paper, Scissors for who gets the shower first?" he asked her as he pulled his shirt over his head to reveal the scars on his well toned torso.
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PostSubject: Re: I don't ever want to see a sewer again.... {Tag: Vanessa}   Sat Jul 28, 2012 5:03 pm

Perhaps that was why she got along so well in a pack of Felines...because she was trained to think like one...like an ambush predator from on high. They did it by instinct, she did it to survive, tomato, tomahto right? As a team, Malik and Vanessa were nearly flawless. She had the eyes and the reflexes and the womanly wiles, and he had the strength and the senses to catch what she missed. Apart...they were formidable, together they were unstoppable.

As soon as Malik turned from her and fell into formation, she slid into the routine with all the muscle memory her years of training had awarded her. They cleared the area, assisted by her robotic eye and it's many functions which put her above any human trying to do a sweep for hostiles. "Clear." She stated, echoing his own words. Their combat gear was different, seeing as Nessa rarely went without her leather and Kevlar mixed combat suit, due to their close quarters in the sewers however, she had also donned a series of heavy Kevlar armor pieces to protect her most vital bits from stray bullets and the odd knife slashing. Over that she'd donned a full body covering to try and protect her beloved combat suit from the sewers. Reaching down, she unhooked the straps from the heels on her boots and pulled the zipper up her leg and all the way up her body to her arm. This allowed her to step out of it in one fluid motion.

Everything Vanessa did, she planned for speed, agility. The ability to go from one disguise to another faster then you could blink. Removing her Kevlar vest, she turned it inside out and removed the change of clothes she'd strapped to the inside. A black skirt that would match her combat suit and make it look like a pair of leggings was wrapped around her hips and zipped up the side. Next came a long sleeved gray shirt that would cover her suit, yet remain baggy enough to hide her holsters. In the span of a few moments, Vanessa went from hardcore possible assassin, to a regular woman. The sound of water caught her attention and she turned to face Malik while pulled her hair out of it's bun.

She tousled her hair for a moment, letting it fall where it may and giving it that 'bedroom' look. She waited until Malik was done before washing her own hands and face, using a small mirror from her Kevlar vest to check her reflection. Nessa finished packing her things away into her duffel bag and slung it over her shoulder. She checked to make sure her knives were easily accessible before joining Malik as they made their exit. Now they were simply two normal people walking the streets on their way home.

Just like Malik, she ignored the stares as they entered the hotel, her grey eyes observing their surroundings. This job may be over, but she knew they had other enemies who were stupid enough to try something in public like this. It almost felt like she was holding her breath until the moment Malik closed the door to their hotel room. While he was busy taking in the landscape, Vanessa was peeling out of her outfit. She tossed her duffel on the bed and headed for the bathroom. A trail of discarded clothing in her wake, a shirt here, a boot there. The last to go was her combat suit, which zipped down the front. As skin tight as it was she easily peeled out of it and simply left it on the floor next to Lucy. She didn't care if Malik saw her, that train had left the station years ago.

"I think you're a bit late for that Furball!" She called from the bathroom as she turned the water on.
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PostSubject: Re: I don't ever want to see a sewer again.... {Tag: Vanessa}   Wed Aug 01, 2012 3:43 pm

Malik paused for a moment in his task of unpacking his gear when he heard the rustle of clothing.  His brown eyes turned towards Vanessa and watched as she peeled the baggy shirt over her head.  The corner of his mouth pulled up slightly when he saw the hair fall down over the much tighter layer beneath.    His hands set back into motion using what he saw from the edge of his vision as a guide, but kept his eyes on Vanessa.  That line between them had been crossed a long time ago and many times since.  It was never the awkward dynamic that happened between a man and a woman.  They were both soldiers with a mutual respect for one another, who happened to have something that the other wanted or needed from time to time. The dependable trust that existed between them kept that relationship from ever going sour.  They could always rely on one another no matter what.  

Hearing her call him Furball made that pull at the corner spread all the way across his lips, as she peeled back the final layer that protected skin from harm and his eyes.  "Well..... I tried to be a gentleman..... " he said as he put down the gun he held in his hand and picked up the 9mm and tossed it onto the floor next to Lucy at the opening of the bathroom.  He strode over, pulling the shirt out of his pants and then over his head.  "Didn't play the game, privacy is forfeit." he mumbled in a self satisfied tone.  Malik's belt buckle jingled after being undone, as he toed off his boots and socks,  and he pushed both remaining garments down to the floor.  He stepped out of them and into the bathroom completely naked.  

He could see the outline of Vanessa's body through the frosted glass of the shower door.  The water was already running, and steam was starting to build up inside.  His hand gripped the aluminum handle, and pulled the door open just enough for him to slip inside.  His eyes started at Vanessa's feet, and slowly worked their way up her legs, over her muscular backside, along her defined back, and rested on the nape of her neck.  Water cascaded down over her head, drenching  her hair, and down her back.  He was a man and she was very much a woman, but those thoughts were unable to take hold in him just yet.  He felt filthy, and the smell of the sewer still lingered on both of them.  At the moment, all Malik wanted was to get clean.  

Reaching to the side he took hold of the bottle of shampoo, one of the many toiletries that the hotel provided to its guests, and flipped the top open after giving it a shake.  He cupped his hand and filled it with a generous pile of the floral smelling gel.  Malik took a step towards Vanessa, rubbing his hands together to spread it between them, and placed both large hands at either side of her head to guided it out of the stream of water.  Gently his hands started to stroke down the length of her hair, spreading the gel evenly along the strands.  Malik took great care in his slow movements, enjoying the feel of her hair slipping through his hands.  Finally he gathered it up, laid the excess atop her head, and pushed fingers through the dense mesh to reach her scalp.  Once there he began to gently massage her scalp, and work up a lather through her hair.  

Almost immediately the stench of human waste that had stained her hair vanished in a cloud of flowers and other spring scents.  Malik drew in a deep breath of much fresher air since they had left the sewers.  The kneading motion that his hand's made was a gesture that spoke to the instincts of his soul, and soothed him in a way that he never saw fit to question.  Touching someone else was almost as good as being on the receiving end of their touch.  It was enough to cause some of the tension to melt away from his shoulders finally.  HHis back and shoulders were still a collection of bunches and knots, but it was a start in the right direction.  "You wash my back, I'll wash yours." he rumbled into her ear as he pulled her head back to lay against his chest as he continued to massage his strong hands and fingers thorough her hair and over her scalp.
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PostSubject: Re: I don't ever want to see a sewer again.... {Tag: Vanessa}   Sun Aug 05, 2012 3:43 pm

Once the water was hot enough, and Vanessa wanted it as hot as she could stand so it could burn the smell off her flesh, she stepped into the shower and slid the door closed behind her. It wasn't that she was being rude not leaving it open for Malik, it was simply a force of habit she didn't stop to think about. Also, Malik was a grown man and perfectly capable of opening his own damn doors. She moved under the spray of water, putting her head directly under it and closing her gray eyes and simply let the water caress her, washing away all the things she'd down this night.

Killing didn't truly worry her anymore, once upon a time it might have made her ache a bit but she'd lost track of how many she'd killed over her career. She was a sniper, and her targets never had names, barely had faces...it was her job and she got paid well to do it. Until the governments managed to figure things out and get their people back under control there would always be a place for people like Vanessa and Malik. No, the killing didn't bother her anymore, some day there would be a bullet with her name on it and everything would be put right once more. She could hear the shower door being opened but she didn't turn to look at Malik, she'd memorized the sound of his footsteps years ago. Nessa was perfectly aware that Malik would take a moment to look her over, admire her. She was not unmarred, tiny scars marred her flesh, marks of her rather violent past. Vanessa Sirnos was good, but she was still human, and there would always be someone better then she was. The knife wound she'd received during their bar fight had healed well, the soreness had faded weeks ago, but her thigh would always hold the scar of that night.

She felt Malik's heat against her back before he touched her, as a Were he burned hotter then a human. Then came the touch of his hands against her head. Vanessa didn't move, she simply allowed Malik to do as he wanted. It had taken her a long time to adjust to the constant touching of her feline companions. She'd been more of the lone wolf type, completing her missions alone with few help from outsiders. It had been extremely odd for her when Malik asked her to join his Pride after the War. In the beginning she'd fought them, refused to let them touch her like they did. Now she returned their affections, accept when they were in public. In public she would allow them to touch her as they needed but she kept to herself for the most part.

The smell of the shampoo was almost too girly for Vanessa, she wasn't exactly what most people would call a lady, and she was more apt to tear a dress to pieces then put it on. As his fingertip massaged her scalp, she felt the tension of tonights adventure seeping out of her, leaving her tired body to wash away in the hot water. Moments like this were things she had never dreamed would be possibly for her. The Pride had become her family, something she never had, and something she felt she didn't deserve. She was a monster, a cold blooded killer, and no monster deserved the attentions that Malik was lavishing on her.

At his words, her lips curled into a smile, though she kept the dirty remark that rested on the tip of her tongue from escape her mouth. This was a moment she didn't want to ruin.
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PostSubject: Re: I don't ever want to see a sewer again.... {Tag: Vanessa}   

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I don't ever want to see a sewer again.... {Tag: Vanessa}
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