A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Donnica Talos

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PostSubject: Donnica Talos   Tue May 29, 2012 4:35 am

• Donnica • Kirstra • Talos •

Name: Donnica Kirstra Talos
Nickname: Don, Princess of Darkness, Evil Bitch
Age: 42
Weight: 154 lbs
Height: 5'9"

Eye color: Dark brown, glows Purple when using her powers
Hair color: Black
Race: Human, transitioning to Shade
Residence: Somewhere lavish
Nationality: Southern European
Affiliation: Herself
Occupation:Dark Witch

Face Claim: Nicole Scherzinger

• all in the details •

Donnica comes from the line of Talos witches who merged with the Mystics of the Middle East and Indonesia. As such, she has a rather dark complexion. Deep olive colored flesh, deep brown eyes and striking black hair complete the look of what some might call the classic villianess. Preferring tight fitting garments that would better showcase her feminine wiles in dark colors to accent her already dark features. Her nails she keeps purposefully long and sharp, painted black with glittering purple tips. She uses purple as an accent as it is her power color, making her feel more empowered and helping her focus her energies. On her right wrist she usually wears a set of silver bracelets with purple and black gems. She wears a matching necklace, the center stone is obsidian the glows purple when she uses her powers, as do her eyes.

From the moment Donnica was born, she was told she was the most powerful witch the Talos family has ever bred. This stuck with her, giving her a confidence that would be unparalleled. Taught to put herself and her family above everything else, everything she does has a purpose and usually it's to benefit herself. She is the type of Evil that simply does what she does to watch the world burn. Using people is a staple of her personality, and she has even started a contest with herself to see just how twisted about it she could be. She chooses her minions very carefully, and failure is not something you should admit to her...ever. Keeping her happy is definitely in your best interest. While she has no wish to take over the world, amassing massive amounts of wealth and power are certainly high on her list.

Donnica is a Witch, as such most of her spells require much ceremony and ritual. Due to her heritage from the middle east, the spells that require spoken word she usually utters in Arabic, though there are a couple of the more powerful spells handed down to her from her ancestors she says in Latin. Due to her transition from human to Shade, she is also experiencing the beginnings of her new powers as a Shade. She hasn't gained a proper handle on these abilities yet and it tends to be more frustrating then helpful.

Shade Powers

Mana Sight: Donnica is beginning to sense and see the flows of mana throughout Terra. She can also see when another magic user is gathering power to use their abilities or cast a spell. This could help her find power spots to further empower her spells and help her recharge the further into her transition she gets.

Touch Telepathy: This is only the beginning stages, though once she figures out she has this ability her personality will force her to use it to further her deceptions. It will be faint at first, only able to glean the most powerful of surface thoughts from those she touches.

Also, should she use too much power, or feel certain powerful emotions like anger, parts of her body will begin to dematerialize into a dark purple mist. This is actually her body furthering her transition into a Dark Shade. The effects are not permanent, but should she ever turn entirely to energy, she will have finished her transition and be subject to all of the rules of the Dark Shades.

Low Level Spells

Raven Speak: The Talos women have always had ravens as familiars. They are used as spies and messengers. There is nothing supernatural about the ravens, simply the witches ability to communicate with them. A witch can only bond with one raven at a time, they can then see what the Raven sees and hear what the Raven hears. She will feel it if the Raven is killed however, which is quite the unpleasant experience. Distance can dull the connection and make what Donnica sees and hears blurry and distorted.

Scrying: Donnica must possess an inanimate object of great value to the person she is wanting to find. By focusing on the object, she can get a general sense of their location. Distance can make this more difficult. Should Donnica possess a sample of their blood, she will be able to find her target's location exactly.

Bone Casting: Each member of the Talos family has a rune scribed bag which contains the finger bones of their ancestors. As Donnica is a direct descendent of Ulayney Talos, her bag contains the bones of some of the most powerful witches that Terra has ever seen. Each bone is scribed with runes and symbols depicting who the bone bonce belonged to. By throwing or "casting" these bones onto a flat surface, Donnica can discern future events much like a fortune teller. These can be hard to decipher however and only work for Donnica.

Energy Siphon: Donnica can lay a spell into an inanimate object, charming it to siphon energy from whoever is touching it and directly to her to power her spells. She can activate these as she needs, though distance makes it more difficult. She cannot kill her victims this way as the spell won't let her take too much. Her victims will feel immense fatigue and a draining sensation. Most will need to rest to regain their energy, lest they be susceptible to illnesses.

Siren's Call: By focusing power into her voice, Donnica can cause whoever hears her to want to do whatever she is asking. Obviously, the strength of will of her victims will be a deciding factor, as well as the morality of her request. She couldn't ask someone to kill someone else unless they already wanted to kill them.

Levitation: Donnica can use her power to lift an object and cause it to move. The larger and heavier an object is, the more difficult it is to lift and control. She cannot lift anything larger or heavier then herself. This spell is usually accompanied with hand gestures for larger items like pulling out a chair or closing a door.

Dark Orb: Donnica can summon an orb about the size of a baseball. This orb gives off an odd glow that will illuminate her surroundings. However, it will consume any natural light much as a fire consumes air.

Calling Down the Moon: This is an old tradition passed down through the Talos line, as well as many other witches. On the night of the full moon, Donnica can draw the energy of the moon into her soul, refreshing her mind and spirit. It's like drinking coffee...but for witches.

Mid Level Spells

Mana Burn: As a self defense mechanism, Donnica can take some of the mana she has stored up, or siphoned from others, and turn it into fire in an aura around her body. This spell is very short lived, no more then 30 seconds. The fire will glow purple and be hot enough to burn anyone or anything she touches, accept whatever she was touching before she started the spell and continues to touch during the spell.

Protective Circle: Donnica can cast a protective circle around herself, depending on the amount of power she uses will determine the size of the circle. Anyone or anything meaning her harm will not be able to pass through it. She usually casts this spell before attempting to summon a fiend or spirits from the other side though it will protect her well against spells from other mages and to a certain extent physical assaults like gun fire. Physical assaults require a lot of focus and could still get through the protective circle.

Astral Projection: This is a spell Donnica uses when a situation could be too risky to go herself. She can Astrally Project herself into a room, though it is limited to a distance of half a mile. Her real body will be vulnerable however ,as all of her focus will be on holding the projection. The projection will have limited usage of her low level abilities and will dissipate if magically attacked.

Mind Meld: This spell tends to do more harm then good, but seeing as Donnica only cares about herself she usually says the risk is worth it. Whether o not her victim is offering what she wants freely or not, Donnica can delve into their mind and search for a memory by placing her hands on either side of their head. This requires much focus so for those not willingly undergoing this interrogation, she usually incapacitates her victims some how. The process is painful for her victim and possibly damaging.

Wail of the Banshee: Much like her Siren's Call, Donnica focuses power into her voice, but rather then enchanting, her voice becomes dangerous. Shrieking at the top of her lungs, she can break glass, ear drums, and possibly harm anyone standing right in front of her. This is a self defense mechanism she uses in order to distract her enemies and hopefully escape.

Dark Fireball: This is a more powerful version of her Dark Orb spell. She can throw balls of Dark Fire which consume all light around them. As it needs the light to continue burning, when all the light is gone it will eventually burn out, much like a fire without oxygen. Light magic can also put out the fires or Donnica herself can recall the flames.

High Level Spells

Summoning: This spell takes a lot of preparation, but it is one of the spells that the Talos family is infamous for. Donnica can reach through the veil and pull through a fiend. She can then release them out into the world to wreak their havoc and destruction as they see fit. Sometimes she even finds them a vessel. This spell will leave her drained to the point that she will need to sleep, and due to her transitioning to a Dark Shade possibly find a power sight to recharge her mana as well. She usually black mails the fiend into doing something for her at a later date, as it is possible for her to banish the fiend back to where she found them. With this spell it is possible for Donnica to summon a Celestial, though their righteous prattle usually makes her want to puke.

Banishing: What witch would willingly summon a fiend and not have a way to make them regret the great gift she is giving them? While they do not use this spell as often as they summon fiends, it is still powerful and a well kept secret amongst the family. They were once approached by the Divine Collective to learn it as it would leave the Fiend's vessel in tact. Of course the Talos women simply laughed at them and sent them on their way. This spell doesn't need quite as much preparation but it will leave her weakened and tired. There is a chance that once pulled out of their vessel, the fiend will be able to escape depending on how tired Donnica is. This spell can also be used to banish a Celestial, though this is much harder for her.

Shadow Bond: This spell allows Donnica to literally remove someone's shadow and trap it in a crystal. She keeps a collection of these on a bracelet on her left wrist. Once she has taken a shadow, she can use it to torture her victims into doing as she wants. Her favorite is holding the charm over an open flame. Her victim will feel like they're on fire without any of the physical signs. Should the charm be smashed, the shadow will instantly return to it's owner.

Dark Firestorm: This is the highest level of her Dark Fire spells. With this spell she can launch a wall of Dark Fire out away from her. It is a last resort spell however as she will most likely pass out after using this spell. It is essentially the nuclear weapon of Talos family spells. The fire storm can be blocked by powerful light spells, earth and stone, and powerful shielding spells. The Dark Fire tends to have a mind of it's own, as if possessed and it can be difficult to put out the flames until they have consumed all they touch.

Donnica is not only one of the most powerful witches, but her power is matched with a cunning mind and a sharper blade. The Talos women learned centuries ago that women are always underestimated, which gives them the upper hand. They have used their power, magical or otherwise, to worm their way into some of the greatest kingdoms and households that history can name. Donnica is no different. What she doesn't know, she will gladly learn to get what she wants. She carries with her a pair of twin daggers, the hilts of which each hold a large amethyst and the blades are carved with ancient runes depicting the Talos name and crest. She keeps them on her person at almost all times, and she can use them just as well as she uses her magic. She can speak a variety of languages, English, Elven, Arabic, Italian, French, Latin and a smattering of others. She has been trained in the more modern arts of warfare and politics. Taught to keep an eye out for possible avenues to further the Talos family.

• the tale of a lifetime•

From the time of the Dark Ages, there have been the Talos Witches. Using their powers and their dark magic to further their line and gather even more power. The only things a Talos Witch cares about is herself...and her family. While most Talos women do not marry, some do, and when they do, they do not take their mate's name. They remain a Talos. They have been the power behind the thrones, the priestesses and sorceresses the world has feared to have a around, but feared to insult more. It is from this line of empowered and independent women that Donnica was born. The most memorable Talos witch was Ulayney Talos, some say she was the first. Others say she was simply a woman who got tired of living in a man's world. Ulayney and her daughters could make kings kneel and beg for mercy. Throughout the ages, the Talos women became dark secrets you only whispered should you have need of them. Altering the way they lived, the Talos became infamous for doing things other magic users would frown upon. They became a type of magical mercenary and their prices were always high and usually came with fine print.

With every passing generation, the Talos would choose mates who would further empower their blood. And with every generation, their family would grow stronger. Eventually they would bring the blood of the Children of Terra into their line, the Shadow Court finding the vicious human females intriguing. They soon learned the error of their ways.

And then came the Great Conflagration. The Talos women found themselves on the winning edge. With their power they had no need to join the war, so instead they played Fiend's Advocate. Their wealth grew, as did their infamy. From a young age, Donnica was trained to be vicious, meticulous and cunning. Using her dark arts and pretty face to get everything she wanted. Her training was harsh, but her power was great. She summoned her first Fiend at the age of 14, and banished it once she was done torturing it. She was taught that everyone was simply a tool to be used to better herself. Her only true companions were her younger sisters, Damani and Danette. While they had separate fathers, the girls never seemed to care.

At the age of 18, Donnica fulfilled her duty as a Talos and mothered a daughter, Dulcina. Dulcina's father was a member of the Shadow Court, a Highborn Elf who's lust for power matched her own. Donnica chooses her consorts very carefully, as she knows that if she is plotting to betray them, they are most certainly plotting to betray her. She did not live so long without keeping a wary eye on her back for a hidden dagger.

When Enlightenment came, Donnica found herself facing a problem no Talos witch had foreseen. She was pulled through one of the rifts that ravaged the land, along with her sister Damani. For the last twelve years, they have fought to survive, amassing powers beyond their wildest dreams in their attempts to open a Rift and return to Terra and their family. Should they succeed, they will find that little is left of the Talos family, as it has been scattered to the four corners of the world. A world...that is no longer at war...and she can't have that now can she?

Donnica is created to be a plot point, something for the members of DR to band together against and ultimately defeat. She will not be easy, and she won't hold back.

Is this a Canon?: No

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:Vanessa Sirnos, Neona Tiran, and Iris Kelrina
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PostSubject: Re: Donnica Talos   Sat Jul 14, 2012 6:47 am

I do believe the big bad witch is ready for approval my lovelies.
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Donnica Talos
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