A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Friends in Low Places

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PostSubject: Friends in Low Places   Sun May 27, 2012 3:39 pm

"Your not going in that, are you?" Delvin asked as he adjusted his tie for the twelfth time. Styx looked over at the crime lord from where he lounged in an easy chair. Delvin wasn't a tall man, only standing at five foot even. Still the man had been a dangerous leader for the human armies during the war. A skilled water mage, Delvin had several nasty spells that let him control the blood in a person's body. And when your enemies watch a few of their friends have their blood flash into steam they tend to break fairly easily. Yet despite his many years fighting the Others, Delvin didn't hate them. He had even married a dwarf after the peace had been declared, one that found herself attracted to the 'tall' man that wasn't a giant most humans were. Though if Solomon remembered correctly, Hallie still pestered Delvin about getting that hair growth treatment so he could have a 'proper beard' instead of being clean shaven.

"I always wear something like this to these little get together Delvin, I like being comfortable when I go out." Where Delvin was dressed in an expensive suit, what Solomon was wearing were more like street clothing. Of course he had special clothing made of heat resistant materials so the street cloths were in fact much more expensive then they looked. And he had looked into getting a suit made of the materials once, the price put him off that idea though considering how little he wore suits. He had much better uses for his money then clothing that would make him look like a dressed up monkey.

Delvin sighed and shook his head. "A meeting of all the crime syndicates of every major city and you dress like a common street thug. I never understand how you get away with it. If I showed up like that then no one would take me seriously."

Solomon laughed as he spoke. "Ah but this is all part of my carefully constructed image. Where you are the leader of a powerful Syndicate, albeit one of the smaller ones, I am an independent contractor who happens to be very good at what he does. And well known enough that a crime boss of your stature would want me around to make sure everything goes smoothly. Gods know there will be enough mercs watching things to make sure the various factions don't start trouble. And I don't doubt that the LP and TG will have their eyes on things as well. No one would want a Syndicate war to spring up while we're still recovering from the Enlightenment. To easy for the war between us to spread to the rest of the populous."

Delvin grunted and nodded, looking over to Styx. [color=green]"Damn Strait, now lets get out of here. We have a party to get too."[/color.] Styx stood and walked with Delvin down to where a limo waited to take them to the meeting of the Syndicates.

An hour later

They arrived at one of the clubs owned by a man named Dominique Xavier, who on the surface seemed to only be the owner of a number of successful night clubs. In actuality the man was a hundred year old vampire and this club was one of many fronts for his clan to conduct business with the rest of the world. Of course only a few knew the true nature of the owner. Even among the bosses meeting here tonight probably only about one in ten had any inkling of what Dom truly was. Styx knew, and that knowledge had almost gotten him killed when he had first found out. But soon the Dom and his clan figured out the thief didn't care as long as the Vamps didn't come after Styx and his friends. Though a few of the clan no doubt held some grudges over those he had killed defending his own life.

The limo dropped them off at the main entrance and the thief couldn't help but smirk at the long line of people waiting to get into the club. A number of people glared in either envy or disgust as Delvin and Styx were led up to the main entrance and let in immediately. Though mixed in the glares were a few looks of curiosity and maybe even desire. Styx was obviously out of place and almost no one dressed like he was would have been let into a place like this under normal circumstances. All those waiting in line were dressed in the latest of fashions or obviously had money to spare. Solomon looked like he was walking in with a tee-shirt, jeans and a light jacket. If he was getting in like that he must be special and a few of those in line were wondering just how so.

As soon as they were in the club the pulsing of music found it's way into the criminal's body. It set a vibration down to his bones and stirred his blood as he grinned. He had a number of good times in clubs like this, and found a number of pleasant evening companions as well. But he was here for work and was in a relationship so he didn't have any intent of seeking out an evening companion amidst the throng. Though he could allow himself to look, the only man that did not notice beauty when it was around him was a dead man.

Delvin and Styx made their way to a stairway with two men standing in front of it who were dressed in suits. Not so concealed guns hung in shoulder holsters where they were meant to act as deterrents for trouble and people trying to get by. Solomon doubted them men standing there really needed them though, he was certain both were Vamps and could probably tear most trouble makers apart with their bare hands. However the guns helped those with less brains figure out that they shouldn't mess with the guards and so they were a good thing in the thief's opinion. Neither men said anything as they strolled up the stairs to the VIP area reserved for the meeting criminal bosses.

If there was ever a scene of decadence, it was here. Many of the bosses had an entourage with them. Armed mercs and toughs to represent the strength they could bring to bear on an enemy. Pretties, hanger-ons, and yes men to make a show of influence. And even the occasional politician that could survive being seen in the company of these men and women, who had enough influence that as long as they weren't outright implicated in a crime then they didn't have to worry about being seen in the company of criminals. And into all of this, Delvin had only brought Styx with him openly. It was a carefully sent message to the other bosses because he did the same every year. And every year some poor schmuck took the bait and thought that Delvin must be weak and easy meat.

When they tried to bully in on Delvin's turf the Criminal Lord would ruthlessly put down the aggressor and absorb all their old businesses. In this way Delvin had managed to grow his empire without stepping on too many toes. And any that did grumble all the man had to do was say he had been attacked first. Most of those here were smart enough to know they could well bleed themselves dry going against Delvin, especially since most never saw the crime boss' true weapon.

When Delvin had left the military, he had been a commander in the special forces in the war. With the war over there were a number of soldiers that had been out of work and in need of a place to go. Instead of leaving such a vast resource untapped, Delvin had gotten in touch with all the old war buddies he could find and gotten men that both trusted and respected him. And in turn he got loyal soldiers that he made sure were given everything they needed to succeed. All that Delvin asked was they maintain the same discipline and level of ability that they maintained in their army days and be ready to go at a moment notice. With them behind the Criminal boss, few would be opponents stood a chance.

As it stood, Styx knew that Delvin had about ten of his men down on the main level mixed in with the regular club patrons just in case he needed the backup. None of the other bosses would even know they were there if nothing bad happened, but if there was trouble it helped to know that Delvin and Styx had backup at hand. All Styx had to do was make sure that Delvin reached his guys if something happened. Not that the water mage needed any help in that matter really. People that underestimated Delvin in the combat department were in for an unpleasant surprise when he cut loose.

"Well why don't you go mingle, I have to talk to Mr. Xavier for a moment." Delvin waved his hand for Solomon to mix in with the others and the thief took the hint. He was here to be seen, though he wasn't suppose to let on why he it was he was to be seen. Such was the game of power in the underworld. So the thief went to one of the lounge chairs and sprawled in it, looking around at all those that took note of what seemed to be common street clothing. He would flash a smile to any of the pretties that glanced his way with a curious eye and waved cheerfully to some of the mercs that scowled at him. He wasn't afraid of any common hired gun, he knew what he could do and his rep didn't fully cover everything in that regard. Though some of what he did was known, after all one doesn't collapse an entire city block without it being heard.

When a waiter came around Styx ordered a beer and then looked to see if there was anyone he had interest in talking too. Because besides being here to be seen he didn't have any other duty really if things went as planned. And the evening was going to be very boring if all he did was lounge in this chair to be looked at.
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Friends in Low Places
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